Growth – Is it necessary?

       Daddy, why is everyone always talking about growth these days?

      I didn`t think they were Mr Midnight. It never really occurred to me but thinking about it, I think you must be right.

When reading the newspaper, watching television or dabbling about on the internet, one notices quite a fascination for all things related to growth.

       But always wanting to grow is not normal is it?

      I suppose you´re right Sir Winston. We human beings seem to have fashioned the art of always wanting (and needing) to grow.

       Well, I don´t think you humans have “fashioned the art” of growth at all daddy. Just look at the state the world is in at the moment. Your growth fascinations seem to be wrecking the planet at a considerable rate.

       We pussycats like to grow as well as you human beings, but there also has to be times of consolidation and stagnation. Otherwise things are going to get out of paw.

       I agree with you. We do seem to have lost our way a little as regards living in a balanced environment. I suppose a lot has to do with the fact that the individual does not seem to believe that their actions also play a small part of the development of society and our planet. We all conveniently, seem to disassociate ourselves from the very thought of our behaviour also having an effect on our societies and environment.

       I suppose it´s a human thing daddy, but such an approach does appear rather radical, especially as the human race appears to place so much emphasis on believing that it is superior to all other beings.

      If the worlds citizens carry on pushing their figures for more growth year after year then our worlds resources are not going to be able to cope with such behaviour much longer. The only growth I like is spiritual growth.

      The planet seems to have already started to “go on strike”. It´s no wonder really. Perhaps planet Earth is learning something from you human beings as well. Is there a message to be learned?

      Many of us human beings love playing the victim of society (especially when our chips are down) but if we think about what we already have accomplished, most of us could be quite satisfied, at least those living in our part of the world.

      You all just have to get your thinking caps on and get the planet in a better state. One often talks about fairness and how important it is to leave the planet in a better state for your children but to be honest, I don´t think anyone really gives a monkeys about such a notion. Behavioural patterns dictate a different stance to life.

      Oh well, at least there is something other than Corona to occupy the mind – if anyone has the time at least.

Meow, meow from me.

       Purr, purr from me

       And kind regards from myself.    🙂

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Intolerance, authoritarianism and nationalism

It was a wet sunday afternoon and Mr Midnight, Sir Winston and myself had decided to go upstairs into the study to make a comfortable afternoon. I made a fresh cup of my favourite darjeeling (Steinthal First flush) and then went upstairs with my two lads close behind. After a while, our topic of conversation turned to a topic which was becoming more and more prominent every day in the world news.

Here is a jist of our conversation:-

       I don´t understand it all. So much victimhood and dissatisfaction uncontrollably seems to spread around the “modern” world like a mad virus.

       I think that´s partly due to the new craze of the times.  That crazy thing called Nationalism.

       There´s lots of information here in these books daddy about your human thing called Nationalism.

I think Nationalism is an evil.

It causes wars, its roots lie in xenophobia and racism, it is a recent phenomenon – an invention of the last few centuries – which has been of immense service to demagogues and tyrants but to no one else.

       Quite true Sir Winston. Disguised as patriotism and love of one´s country, it trades on the unreason of mass psychology to make a variety of horrors seem acceptable, even honourable.

       I see what you  mean daddy.  Here´s an example:  if someone said to you, “I am going to send your son to kill the boy next door”, you would quite rightly hotly protest. But let him seduce you with  “Queen and Country!”, “The Fatherland!”, “My Country right or wrong!” and you will find yourself permitting him to send all our sons to kill not just the sons of other people, but other people indiscrimanately – which is what your bombs and bullets do.

It´s a mad, mad world out there!

       Look daddy in this book. That not very nice gentleman, Mr Hitler, once said, “The effectiveness of the truly national leader consists in preventing his people from dividing their attention, and keeping it fixed on a common enemy”.

       That man was truly off his rocker wasn´t he. How ill can one get.

       Here´s a quote from Goethe who once remarked that nationalistic feelings “are at their strongest and most violent where there is the lowest degree of culture”.

       That Mr Goethe was a smart fellow wasn´t he.

       But he also proves that nationalistic tendencies are not only a sign of our present times because he died quite a few years ago.

       Nationalists take certain unexceptionable desires and muddle them with unacceptable ones.  We individually wish to run our own affairs; that is unexceptionable.  Most of us value the culture which shaped our development and gave us our sense of personal and group identity; that too is unexceptionable. But the nationalist persuades us that the existence of other groups and cultures somehow puts these things at risk, and that the only way to protect them is to see ourselves as members of a distinct collective, defined by ethnicity, geography, or sameness of language or religion, and to build a wall around ourselves to keep out “foreigners”.

It is not enough that the others are other; we have to see them as a threat –  at the very least to “our way of life”, perhaps to our jobs, even to our daughters.

       Your human idea of nationalism suggests that of a “nation”. The word is meaningless: all “nations” are mongrel, a mixture of so many immigrations and mixings of people over time that the very idea of ethnicity is largely comical, except in places where the boast has to be either that the community there remained so remote or disengaged, or so conquered, for the greater part of history, that it succeeded in keeping its gene pool “pure” ( a cynic might say “inbred”).

       I do hope you humans get your act together because we all, even little pussy cats, have the same basic wishes in life; namely to live in peace and be loved.

       I´m going down stairs now to get another cuppa. All this stuff about nationalism on a Sunday afternoon has dried my mouth out.

       I couldn´t agree with you more daddy. Our topic this time round is very dull and dry. I think  I will join you and have a large bowl of milk.

       I´m all up for that, but before we go, allow me to quote some wise words from a Mr George Bernard Shaw.

He said; “Patriotism is, fundamentally, a conviction that a particular country is the best in the world because you were born in it….”

His words certainly make me think!


(C) Copyright MAGS 2017

* This article was based on an extract from the book “The Meaning of Things” by A C Grayling.

Freedom to roam

MM-Avatar       What was all that hullabuloo last night Sir Winston?

You were making a right racket.  When I came out to investigate what you were up to there was no sign of you.

SW-Avatar       I had some business to attend to.

I couldn´t help the noise because I was acting with my natural instincts.

MM-Avatar       But there were more of you than just yourself. One couldn´t help over hear all the hissing and fighting.

SW-Avatar       Precisely.

There were two of us.  That great big cat from up the road decided to pass through my territory and my natural instincts got the better of me.

MM-Avatar       I know it´s unusual for a cat but I´m not really too bothered about who comes and goes through our neighbourhood.  The green kingdom is for everyone Sir Winston.

From what I´ve heard, freedom to roam is also a big human issue at the moment. Lots of humans are frightened they are going to be taken over by other “foreign” individuals. It seems to be the sign-of-the-times.

SW-Avatar       I just can´t help squabbling Mr Midnight.  Everytime another pussycat sneaks through my territory I feel I have to protect my kingdom in some way. I know it´s daft but my natural instincts will not leave me alone in such circumstances.

I suppose it has something to do with the fact that I need to be free.

MM-Avatar       Freedom is certainly worth fighting for and indeed, when we have freedom in our lives we often so easily forget how our freedom came to be.

Freedom is definetly worth fighting for – but everynight Sir Winston?

Don´t you get tired of all that fighting?  I cherish the fact that I am free but fighting is too stressy for me and doesn´t fit to my cool image.

SW-Avatar       I´m trying to get a hold of myself. Just give me some time and I`m sure I´ll sort out my habit.

I believe Human beings in the Western world believe that they live in freedom but when one examines the sad traits of their governments; all the spying Governments do behind their citizens backs and all the rules, regulations and vicious propaganda attached to modern society, one could easily see a different picture.

Democracy seems to have taken a turn for the worse and populism and authoritarianism are also making their way around the globe.

That is why freedom must never become taken for granted.

MM-Avatar       A Mr Thomas Jefferson once said that “Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom”.

How true his words ring in the 21st Century.

SW-Avatar       Here is a quote from a favourite past person of mine;  Mr Edmund Burke.

He once said, “A state without the means of some change is without the means of its conservation”.

He also said “the greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse” and “you can never plan the future by the past”.

My favourite quote from this gentleman is; “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.

MM-Avatar       A lot of our so-called human world “leaders” could learn a thing or two from that gentleman.  It´s a shame he died so many years ago.

Oh well, we´ll just have to make the best of things I suppose.

SW-Avatar       And I promise I will try and stop my antics everytime a foreign cat steps into our vicinity.

Freedom must often be fought for but I´ll try and respect anothers freedom.

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A Liebster Award Nomination!


My two lovable lads, Mr Midnight and Sir Winston, and naturally myself, are humbly honoured to have been nominated for a Liebster Award.  We were all over the moon and Mr Midnight couldn´t stop partying (or should I say pawtying!) when he heard the news. Sir Winston and myself eventually had to join in and so the three of us had a right good old time. Although we only write once a month, it´s a good feeling to know that some people appreciate what we write.

We have been nominated by and the three of us wish to thank her from the bottom of our hearts.

She´s just started out on the blogging scene but writes terribly good stuff so all you bloggers out there please go visit her blog!

Here are the rules for the Liebster Award:-


And here are the questions posed from

  1. What are you passionate about?
  2. What is your favourite animal? (Wild or domesticated)
  3. What is your favourite food/meal?
  4. If you had all the money in the world, what would you do with it?
  5. What’s your favourite past time?
  6. What is your favourite genre of books?
  7. If you could go on holiday anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
  8. What is your happiest memory?
  9. What is your religion/belief system?
  10. What does love mean to you?

And here are my answers:-

  1. Strangely enough, philately. I know it´s kind of old-fashioned in the digital age but I believe if everyone on the planet collected stamps and owned a stamp album then the human race would be in better shape than it is today (just joking!).
  2. Apart from my two lads, Mr Midnight and Sir Winston (in case you already didn´t know they are cats) I was always in love with panda bears.
  3. I´m particularly fond of asian food because it´s so creative and nutritious. One is also more likely to find more choice if one is vegetarian.
  4. It wouldn´t be much use to me because then nobody else would have any more with which to exchange things. I would therefore have a busy time giving it all away! I would try and get rid of it as quickly as possible because somebody may come and kidnap my two kitties (or even myself!). I wouldn´t want that.
  5. I have many pastimes; as already mentioned philately, jogging, music (both listening and playing keyboards), writing (blog/  my first book attempt two years ago, “Nice Place, Shame about the Human Race”, available on Amazon), computer games (flight simulation is always cool) and enjoying nature.
  6. Books about life in general (philosophy, beliefs, etc.), historical and biographies.
  7. I´m a great fan of all things Asian so I would probably go to Malaysia or some small Thai island.
  8. Having had a proper childhood; you know, where one is allowed to be oneself without any pressures and can play without serious competition and not have to worry about anything.
  9. There´s not enough time here for this question but I do believe that “All things are connected”.  If there is a God then that God is not “out there” somewhere but within each and everyone of us regardless of which part of the world we come from.
  10. For me, True Love means an unrelenting respect for ALL LIVING THINGS, whether botanical, animal or human. Love has no capacity for greed, jealousy, egoism, arrogance or intolerance.

Now we have 11 random facts about myself.


  1. I believe one should not take oneself too seriously.
  2. I love creativity.
  3. I work as a teacher and professional hairdresser.
  4. As mentioned above, I wrote a book called “Nice Place, Shame about the Human Race” a few years back and have nearly finished my “cat” book.
  5. I love to visit the Alsace in France.
  6. 5 or 6 hour hikes are good for my soul.
  7. My favourite drink is tea, especially a “Steinthal” daarjeeling (without milk!).
  8. I have been a vegetarian for over 25 years and am still very healthy!
  9. Autumn is my favourite time of year.
  10. I love deep-meaningful conversation with open-minded people.
  11. In my opinion, Depeche Mode is the best band in the whole wide world!   🙂

Here are my nominations for the Liebster Award by some very talented people.






If you wish to do the Liebster Award here are your questions:-

1 Do you believe the human race will ever be able to live in peace and why?

2 What time of day do you enjoy the most?

3 What is your favourite beverage?

4 Are there any places you´ve visited which you can recommend?

5 What positive characteristics do you look for in a person?

6 Do you have a favourite film and if so, what is it called?

7 Your favourite music band or solo artist?

8 Do you know a quote from somebody which inspires you and if so, please name the quote.

9 What do you believe happens when you leave this life?

10 Your favourite meal?


The three of us wish you all the very best and if you decide to do the Liebster Award, we hope you have a lot of fun doing it.


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Have you heard the news?

Mr Midnight and Sir Winston were curled up in their baskets in the cellar. It was the time of year that they hated the most. It was usually wet and very, very cold and today was no exception. The winter months made sure that they stuck to the perimeters of the house and only occasionally did they venture out into the freezing cold in which to quickly visit the toilet facilities. To pass time, Mr Midnight decided to have a conversation with Sir Winston.
MM-Avatar        Have you heard the news Sir W?
SW-Avatar        What news? There´s always news going off somewhere, especially when humans are involved.
MM-Avatar        It´s the talk of the town, well in our case, the talk of the village.
SW-Avatar        And what is this special news?
MM-Avatar        Apparently, we´re being taken over by other cats!
SW-Avatar        What are you talking about. I haven´t seen any evidence of a take-over.
MM-Avatar        It´s what they´re all saying. Our kingdom is peacefully, being invaded.
SW-Avatar        And who are they?
MM-Avatar       I´m not sure but I hear murmurings wherever I go. I hope things don´t suddenly change and we have to forfit our lifestyles. Our part of the world felt quite safe up until now.
SW-Avatar        Well just like all cats, I´m also not one for change, but I´m sure there´s nothing to worry about Mr Midnight. Can you enlighten me as to where you managed to find this titbit of news?
MM-Avatar       It´s just general murmurings among the cat population. I´ve heard something been mentioned about the droves of exotic cats now reaching our shores – something about Purrrsian cats I think.
Are Purrrsian cats happy creatures, thus needing to purr a lot?
SW-Avatar        You mean Persian cats. They are our brothers and sisters from the Orient. I´m not sure if they have a loud purr but their name originates from their original kingdom of residence; a place humans used to call Persia. Daddy´s books say that Persia is now called Iran.
MM-Avatar        A nice name for a kingdom.  It´s better than being called Youwalked.
SW-Avatar        I get it. I Ran; You Walked. Quite hilarious Mr M.
MM-Avatar        And what about all those neat looking Russian Blues? I´ve heard they started settling in our neck of the woods years ago. I can´t understand a word those two Russian cats down the road say. It´s all gobbledegook to me.
Are they called  Russian Blue cats because they´re often feeling down or something. I have the blues sometimes but not to the extent of Vladimir and Olga down the road.
SW-Avatar        Haven´t you noticed their colouring? They´re  blue cats. They are no more “down” than we are sometimes. As a matter of fact, I think they enjoy the freezing cold climate we´re having at the moment. Their ancestors come from Russia and Russia is not generally known for its warmth.
MM-Avatar        And what about the hordes of Orientals arriving day after day. They say they´re all over the place.
SW-Avatar        You mean the Siamese and Burmese cats. They´re also our brothers and sisters.
MM-Avatar        Why are they called Siamese and Burmese cats Sir Winston?  I´m just a normal cat and have no particular name.
SW-Avatar        Humans call them Siamese cats because they come from a country which humans used to call Siam. It´s now changed and is called Thailand which basically means “land of the free”.
MM-Avatar        That sounds like a great place to live, especially for a cat.  Cats love their freedom.
SW-Avatar        And the Burmese is called a Burmese because . . . . . . .
MM-Avatar        . . . . . don´t tell me, let me guess! – because Burmese cats used to come from a country called Burmese.
SW-Avatar        Not quite, according to daddy´s history book, they used to call the country Burma. Humans then changed the name of the country to Myanmar.
MM-Avatar        Sounds logical.   😉
All this chopping and changing!  I suppose it´s all for the best. After all, we get to know new feeding habits and can learn new languages, you know, different ways to purr, and we don´t have to deal with the problems of differing religions like the humans do because we cats don´t need  religion. We just know how the universe works.
SW-Avatar        Humans have been changing their boundaries and names of their kingdoms since they walked the planet so you see, I don´t think you need to worry about our brothers and sisters from far-away places settling in our kingdom. The planet is large enough for all of us. Change is a natural thing Mr Midnight, we just have to accept the fact.
MM-Avatar        If I manage to see a few exotic new cats in the neighbourhood I´ll give them a helping paw.
Let’s get a bit of shut-eye. I think I can sleep a little better now.

© Mags January 2016

Joy and Satisfaction

MM-Avatar “The visitors” have now gone back to where they originally came from and Sir Winston and myself now have our small kingdom back to normal.  Actually, I enjoyed their stay – they were a little loud sometimes and spoke in a strange language, but it was nice to have so many diferrent hands stroking my fur. Sir Winston made sure he steered clear of any confrontations with the guests and would often sneak off into the cellar where we  spend most of our nights. However, he did keep me awake most of the time with his constant inquisitive questioning as to our guests activities and their habits. I wish he were as brave as myself and had found out for himself. Still, at least it couldn´t have been that bad for him if he was so interested in their activities.

I´m now sitting on my favourite spot on the porch, tail wrapped around my feet (to keep my paws warm from this years April warmth!) and am taking in the (damp) smells of my wonderful kingdom. A feeling of joy sweeps through my body.


Suddenly, peeking from around the house  corner, a familiar face notices  Mr Midnight on the porch and with his furry friend in tow, Sir Winston gently saunters over to Mr Midnight with  his friend scurrying madly behind, with which to  greet him.


SW-Avatar Hi Mr Midnight, let me introduce  you to squirrel. He´s my best friend.

squirrel2 Hello Mr Midnight. Nice to meet you.

MM-Avatar Nice to meet you as well  squirrel. Mr Midnight wondered why Sir Winston seemed to like going about with such strange characters.

Why are you so nervous squirrel?

squirrel2 I´m not nervous Mr Midnight. I´m just happy and full of joy because I´d lost my nuts, but because of  help from Sir Winston, I´ve managed to find them again. I love to be out and about in nature and through over-excitement about being joyful about my life, I forgot where I placed my nuts. Now  that I´ve found them again, I´m even more joyous!


Mr Midnight thought that not only had he lost his nuts, but also his marbles.


MM-Avatar  Well it´s nice that things have turned full-circle and that you´ve gone from a state of joy into an  even larger state of joy. What a life you lead.

SW-Avatar Living life in joy and satisfaction seems to be a difficult task to master for human beings – but daddy occasionally shows this “joy” thing, especially after him  having been  jogging for over an hour.

MM-Avatar Seems a bit peculiar to want to move about for such a long period of time with which to experience “joy” . It must be a human thing.

author-Avatar Did someone mention that I was peculiar?  I´ve heard this been said before.

SW-Avatar Mr Midnight was only trying to work out why anyone would want to put in so much work with which to experience “joy”.

author-Avatar Well I don´t find jogging to be an act of work – it actually relaxes my mind and body. It´s such a great feeling to experience ones “self” in our hectic world and having freedom and being able to appreciate how lucky one is to be able to do what one so wishes, satisfies and spreads joy through my soul.

squirrel2MM-AvatarSW-Avatar We do that all the time! (but without the jogging thing!)

author-Avatar I believe you do,  but we humans like to make a meal out of things. We often find it difficult to be satisfied and the pleasure of experiencing  joy seems to be something many prefer to keep locked up.We all seem to love victimhood and will often bathe in the convenience of believing  we are victim to life´s persuasions.   It is the little things in life that can give a lot of satisfaction and joy, but these things are often conveniently cast aside for more superficial activities and adventures.

MM-Avatar Did somebody mention something about a meal?

SW-Avatar I am most thankful that I am able to live with daddy and Mr Midnight. I am quite satisfied with the food he puts in our bowl and I look forward to him coming home at the end of the day so that he can stroke me nicely. It is indeed the little things which can give so much joy. Obviously, larger things can also spread a lot of joy- but only if one really appreciates what has come ones way.

Because daddy  has his own small business (with which to keep Mr Midnight and myself happy) , he works quite a lot and is unable to take  much holiday, but he told me that this situation has arisen because of  the choices  he had  made in life.  He is satisfied with the outcome of things but because of his lack of holiday, he ocassionally likes to visit stamp auctions (online) in which to indulge in a little fun.

MM-Avatar What is a stamp auction?

SW-Avatar I believe that it is a place where one exchanges pieces of paper with numbers on them for other pieces of paper with pictures and numbers on them Mr Midnight.

MM-Avatar Sounds like great fun!  What a way to relax and have fun!

SW-Avatar Well the other day daddy managed to win on one of his bids and you should have seen the expression on his face after he had been notified. He was over the moon. He really looked forward to receiving his items and simply emitted rays of satisfaction and joy. He was as excited as a child at christmas time.

MM-Avatar What´s  christmas time Sir Winston?

SW-Avatar It´s the birthday of some famous wise  guy from ancient times. Can´t you remember having played in all of that crinkly, glistening paper every now and again?

author-Avatar It´s nice to feel like a child sometimes. All this serious stuff really gets on my nerves sometimes. That´s why I choose to live in abundance, have fun every now and again and try to live a joyful life. When you´re happy, you´re satisfied.

SW-Avatar But if humans were always satisfied with life, no matter what the circumstances (disasters, inefficiency, etc.), then the state of being satisfied is surely a negative one? Afterall, the human races yearnings for improvement, advancement and discovery would be quashed if always being satisfied. There would be no reason to change anything.

author-Avatar You are possibly correct in your assessment  Sir Winston because the modern human race seems to be in a constant state of dissatisfaction.

Most seem to be obsessed about not having enough of those little pieces of paper with numbers printed upon them. It consumes most of their energies.

MM-Avatar ….. are stamps and stamp auctions really all that important to the human race daddy?

author-Avatar No Mr Midnight, not philately and stamp auctions – money is the drug.

MM-Avatar Who is Phil? Is money akin to  my food sticks –  a drug?

author-Avatar Philately is the study of stamps and postal history. Food sticks are not drugs.

In my opinion, the human races obsessions for making  money have inadvertently,  taken away a  lot of joy from our existence. There are those who enjoy their money but most are trapped within the mechanics of trying to discover happiness and joy through making enough money. The end result is usually dissatisfaction.

For example, in Germany, it is the “sign-of-the-times” to go on strike because of having noticed that one has less “Net Wage” in ones pocket as in previous times. While this is usually quite rightly the case, and I must stress that  one must be able to live off ones  wage, most people tend to avoid looking at reality  and will constantly,  bitterly  target their dissatisfactions and frustrations towards  their employer. There are no doubt, “bad employers”, but the majority of employers (in Germany) will try to operate as fairly as  possible within the parameters  set by the government.

What appears to be amazing is the fact that  German  tax revenue levels  break new records continuously, year after year, and the general-public constantly complain that they do not have  enough money.  At the same time, the German Government sits quietly on the sidelines and rubs its hands together  at the thought of more money flowing into its coffers when another strike has ended.

SW-Avatar But those poor people  having  gone on strike, will only receive about half or 60% of what they striked for.

author-Avatar Precisely, which sadly shows how greedy the (German)government really is. In its defence for high and assorted taxation measures, the government  will often bring up issues of trying to alleviate debt levels with which to “mask” its strategy, but incompetent government spending and burocratic bungling portray a diferrent picture – that of raking in record tax revenues, continuing to spend money like water and at the same time, to continue taking on more debt.

SW-Avatar Will  you all ever be satisfied?  Why can´t you all try and accept that a society needs stability and that  those unlucky enough to be out of work also wish to have a workplace?  Are  moderate wage increases to much to ask for? I have heard that it is quite popular  in Germany to want upto 10 or 20% more money with even a job guarentee.  It´s no wonder that most of you are dissatisfied and not enjoying your lives. Your systems and ways of living are quite ill.  Surely everybody should  have a chance to get on in life, not just the privilged or   selected  masses.

MM-Avatar Enough of this serious stuff. Me and squirrel are getting quite hungry.  I only wish that you would ALL at long last,  get it together and start to enjoy your lives a little more.

Bye for now.

squirrel2 Back to my lovely nuts.  Bye Bye.

Tolerance and respect

author-Avatar As you will already know if having read any of my  previous posts, I did intend to stop blogging for approximately two weeks. However, Mr Midnight insisted that we write one more blog because of something being on his mind.

MM-Avatar . . . . . . .well, they smell a little, are loud (often boisterous), hectic, not too fond of us cats, have disgusting habits, love complying to   rules  (human rules) and speak some foreign tongue (also usually quite loud!).

author-Avatar  . . . . and what is the problem with that?

MM-Avatar  Nothing really, but they are sometimes quite annoying, especially when they  are stressing us  cats.

SW-Avatar who are you talking about Mr Midnight, …. communists?

MM-Avatar I´m not quite sure what a communist is  Sir Winston  but if its something that annoys cats and takes away our freedom to roam in our own small patch of green – then it could be communists.

author-Avatar I believe that Mr Midnight is talking about dogs Sir Winston. He seems to be  a little frustrated today.

MM-Avatar  Well its very rare that I get frustrated about dogs because although I would not touch one with a barge-pole as I´ve heard the saying go in England, I do actually like our brothers and sisters. They were born under the same open sky as myself, have the same needs and requirements as myself  and breathe the same stuff as I do. They have the same right to be here as I do  – but they should just  try and avoid being annoying.

SW-Avatar Where are you going to find a barge-pole Mr Midnight?

MM-Avatar I´m not even sure what a pole is, yet alone a barge.

author-Avatar It´s just a figure of speech Sir Winston

SW-Avatar Well I think that we should all respect one another, regardless of where we come from, even if that means  ocassionally  having  to tolerate anothers ways of living. Just because we don´t understand anothers way of living doesn´t automatically jusitfy that we should craft false judgement.

MM-Avatar  yes, . . . .your right Sir Winston, us cats will just have to grin like a Cheshire Cat and bear it. (another odd half English saying I picked up from Daddy).

In human  words,  we are called:- a cat, el gato, un gatto,  le chat or die Katze.Human words for our favourite friends are :- un chien, un cane, el perro, a dog or Der Hund.

Notice how harmonious the words for cats appear. They are nearly all the same. Poor dogs have to make do with all sorts of concoctions for titles.

SW-Avatar I believe Der Hund originates from “hound”, as does the word “dog” originate from the German word “dogge”. I may be wrong though.

author-Avatar At least Mr Midnight and yourself Sir Winston, act and “think” from your own experience, as do all other beings. We humans will also act based upon our own experience but we also  rely heavily upon what others in times past have dictated as to  being called  the truth and what the majority living in our present surroundings find to be acceptable.

SW-Avatar That appears to be a rather convenient (but disturbing)  way of going through life. Does that mean that  you never look for your own truths?

author-Avatar Unfortunately, I think it does. There are some who go on the journey of attempting to discover their own truth but the large majority, appear to be conveniently  satisfied adhering to anothers voice as to being their truth. I may be wrong in my perception though. If my statement was true, one must still accept and respect their opinion of not wishing to look for their own truth.

SW-Avatar I have heard that it is accepted  by humans to go looking for reassurance  by blindly  sending out wishes into the universe and hoping for an answer from something high and mighty. If this helps, one should definetly do this, but what if the answers to life lay not in the vastness of  the macrocosm but also, in the vastness of the microcosm.

Humans tend to be of the opinion that the larger a thing is, then the greater it is, but the microcosm is just as vast as the macrocosm.  Many truths to life may lie buried within each one of you. Your God may be inside you, in your soul, all the time. One would then  not need to send things out into the vastness when what one seeks  already lays  within your soul.

MM-Avatar I think your losing me Sir Winston. We don´t want to annoy the nice people who read our blog.

author-Avatar I believe most will be able to cope with what we have said so far. If not, please send a comment. We don´t wish to sound disrespectful.

SW-Avatar The other day, the news showed demonstrators in a place called Paris, complaining about same-sex marriages. In my country, people in high positions, as well as demonstrators, showed the same  fears by wanting to “protect the institution called marriage”. If wishing to protect something then it must be under attack.  Speaking only as a cat; there is absolutely no reason why one should have to “protect” marriage by wanting to ban such a possibility for all to be fairly wed if they need be.

Intolerence is bred on fear and will quickly erase respect. The fears aroused by the same-sex marriage debates commenced in many peoples own heads and were based on experience, lack of proper information and others past beliefs.

Fear is usually, selfmade,  and is often fuelled by others who gain an advantage out of maintaining that fear.

author-Avatar I suppose that  it is because most of us have been brought-up the way we have. We cannot know any better. Even at school we are taught that the beast, Satan, will take us if we do not adhere to our society´s muster.

MM-Avatar What´s this beast thing daddy?

author-Avatar A suppossed kind of monster that will make your (after)life a living hell.

MM-Avatar I don´t want to believe in such a thing. It sounds horrible. But if it makes you all feel better – carry on.

author-Avatar Actually Mr Midnight, there is no such thing as Satan because Satan only really means adversary  and an adversary, is just an opposing force.

Some Christian leaders tried to “expose the anti-christ” by using a formula to calculate numbers for names and titles.

Every letter receives the number “6” and is added to the next letter, thus; A=6, B=12, C= 18, etc. The sum of all number will be the numeric value  of a name or title. An Evangelist noted that Mark of Beast is 78,6,108,66,90,36,12,30,6, 114 and 120 = 666.

The calculation is true but irrelevant.

Try using the words. COMPUTER = 18,90,78,96,126,120,30,108 = 666

HUMANITY = 48,126,84,6,78,54,120,150 = 666

WITCHCRAFT = 138,54,120,18,48,18,108,6,36,120 = 666

GOD OF ISRAEL = 42,90,24,90,36,54,114,108,6,30,72 = 666

What does all this prove?


We  obviously  like to believe that what somebody(or authority)  has told  us to be  true,  that this  is the real truth.

One should  tolerate and respect anothers views by keeping an open mind but should one not also attempt to discover ones own truths?

MM-Avatar I wish I hadn´t started things now.

It´s now  time for lunch,  and then I think I´m going to go and look for a barge-pole. 🙂