Trying to explain Covid19 to cats. :)

      Is that Corona thingamabob also dangerous for us Cats daddy?

      I don’t believe anyone really knows Mr Midnight. To the best of my knowledge, pussycats, as is the case with all animals, can also transmit Covid19.

      What’s Covid19, daddy?  You human beings love fancy names. We cats don’t understand what a Covid19 or Corona is.

      We do not intend to confuse you animals, Sir Winston. There are so many different types of illness on our planet that as a human, one must categorize viruses into different types with which to better understand how they work.

      Covid19 sounds a bit daft, daddy. I am aware that it is not a very nice thing, but why don’t they call it something a little nicer. Covid19, I mean, really, what a horrible name for something.

      The ´Co´, in Covid, means ´Corona´.

      And what is Corona when it is at home?

      I believe ´Corona´is derived from the Latin word corona, meaninig crown or wreath. The virus itself looks like a spiky ball with crown like thorns on its surface.

The ´Vi´in the word ´Covid´stems from the word `virus´, and the ´d´ from the word ´disease´.  The disease was formerly known as ´2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV). The number 19 is simply the year in which the virus officially became active (2019).

      That’s a clever way of labelling something. You humans are so clever. I hope you sort your virus thingy out soon because otherwise, people will no doubt, start going mad.

Please be careful people and look after yourselves.

      Mr Midnight and myself hope you all take the present situation seriously so that you can all start getting back to more of a normal lifestyle again.  We cats know how much you humans suffer at the moment.

Take care.

(C) MAGS 2021.

Going Backwards

       Daddy, is it true what Sir Winstons been saying?

He´s upset me a little because I believed I lived in a wonderful kingdom with lots of great opportunities and great things happening.

       What´s he been saying to you then Mr Midnight? Perhaps he´s telling tall stories.

       I honestly didn´t want to upset you Mr Midnight. I was only stating what I had discovered the other day.

       Can you stop beating about the bush Sir Winston and inform us of what you´ve discovered?

       I found one of those shiny metal things lying on the living room table and next to it that booklet thing had fallen onto the floor and  had come to rest upturned displaying lots of words.

       You mean your curiosity go the better of you and you pulled the thing accidently onto the floor.

       Well it was only a CD so it doesn´t really matter.

What were the words or lyrics about Sir Winston.

       Well I was a bit baffled at first because just like Mr Midnight, I also assumed with live in a beautiful world. I love my little patch of the planet.

       Get to the point Sir Winston!

       The booklet was from that new album from daddy´s favourite band – Depeche Mode.

The album is called “Spirit” and I read the lyrics from the first song on the album.

Here they are:-


We are not there yet
We have not evolved
We have no respect
We have lost control
We’re going backwards
Ignoring the realities
Going backwards
Are you counting all the casualties?
We are not there yet
Where we need to be
We are still in debt
To our insanities
We’re going backwards
Turning back our history
Going backwards
Piling on the misery
We can track it all with satellites
See it all in plain sight
Watch men die in real time
But we have nothing inside
We feel nothing inside
We are not there yet
We have lost our soul
The course has been set
We’re digging our own hole
We’re going backwards
Armed with new technology
Going backwards
To a caveman mentality
We can emulate on consoles
Killings we can control
With senses that have been dulled
Because there’s nothing inside
       I can see why you made Mr Midnight sad.  The whole album is written in this manner which personally, I find quite good because sadly, we human beings often choose to ignore our surroundings.
I´m glad to see that some people are switched on.
You see, we humans know an awful lot about how our planet works but hardly any of us wish to take responsibility to rectify our path. We seem to believe that somebody else other than ourselves is going to make things better.
       Then you humans are just as naive as us cats believing we live in a wonderful kingdom.
Although our little world appears to be perferct, in reality, it is actually falling to pieces.
       Some of you are trying to mend things though aren´t you daddy?
       There are some, yes, but the majority (myself sometimes included!) often wish to ignore our reality.
Human beings will often conveniently ignore reality until something disastrous happens and then when things have quietened down again we will often carry on as though nothing has happened.
The lyrics above really do hit the nail on the head.
       Well I´m not going to stop believing in you human beings. I´m sure one day you´re all going to get it right.
       And I´ll second that opinion Mr Midnight!
(C) Copyright MAGS 2017
Lyrics  “Going Backwards”  (C) Martin L. Gore 2017


Freedom to roam

MM-Avatar       What was all that hullabuloo last night Sir Winston?

You were making a right racket.  When I came out to investigate what you were up to there was no sign of you.

SW-Avatar       I had some business to attend to.

I couldn´t help the noise because I was acting with my natural instincts.

MM-Avatar       But there were more of you than just yourself. One couldn´t help over hear all the hissing and fighting.

SW-Avatar       Precisely.

There were two of us.  That great big cat from up the road decided to pass through my territory and my natural instincts got the better of me.

MM-Avatar       I know it´s unusual for a cat but I´m not really too bothered about who comes and goes through our neighbourhood.  The green kingdom is for everyone Sir Winston.

From what I´ve heard, freedom to roam is also a big human issue at the moment. Lots of humans are frightened they are going to be taken over by other “foreign” individuals. It seems to be the sign-of-the-times.

SW-Avatar       I just can´t help squabbling Mr Midnight.  Everytime another pussycat sneaks through my territory I feel I have to protect my kingdom in some way. I know it´s daft but my natural instincts will not leave me alone in such circumstances.

I suppose it has something to do with the fact that I need to be free.

MM-Avatar       Freedom is certainly worth fighting for and indeed, when we have freedom in our lives we often so easily forget how our freedom came to be.

Freedom is definetly worth fighting for – but everynight Sir Winston?

Don´t you get tired of all that fighting?  I cherish the fact that I am free but fighting is too stressy for me and doesn´t fit to my cool image.

SW-Avatar       I´m trying to get a hold of myself. Just give me some time and I`m sure I´ll sort out my habit.

I believe Human beings in the Western world believe that they live in freedom but when one examines the sad traits of their governments; all the spying Governments do behind their citizens backs and all the rules, regulations and vicious propaganda attached to modern society, one could easily see a different picture.

Democracy seems to have taken a turn for the worse and populism and authoritarianism are also making their way around the globe.

That is why freedom must never become taken for granted.

MM-Avatar       A Mr Thomas Jefferson once said that “Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom”.

How true his words ring in the 21st Century.

SW-Avatar       Here is a quote from a favourite past person of mine;  Mr Edmund Burke.

He once said, “A state without the means of some change is without the means of its conservation”.

He also said “the greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse” and “you can never plan the future by the past”.

My favourite quote from this gentleman is; “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.

MM-Avatar       A lot of our so-called human world “leaders” could learn a thing or two from that gentleman.  It´s a shame he died so many years ago.

Oh well, we´ll just have to make the best of things I suppose.

SW-Avatar       And I promise I will try and stop my antics everytime a foreign cat steps into our vicinity.

Freedom must often be fought for but I´ll try and respect anothers freedom.

Copyright MAGS 2017


Tend to your body – you only have one!

DSCN0652       What are you up to Mr. Midnight?

DSCN0678       I´m just resting after having completed my “energy block release” exercises.  I´ll be with you in a sec.

SW-Avatar       Oh I love practicing the art of “energy flow”.   What´s your favourite position Mr. Midnight.

MM1       I don´t have a specific favourite position. I love doing them all.

I suppose if I were pushed for an answer, I´d say the “lying on my back and slowly rolling left and right” exercise was one of my favourites.  It´s nice for my spine, keeps me flexible and allows  energy to flow freely.

DSCN0630       And what about the “bum up in the air, tail pointed towards the sky, weight distributed towards the rear and front  paws stretched forwards as far as they can go” exercise.  That´s a classic. That really gets one in the flow.

MM-Avatar       That´s not a bad one Sir. W.  It´s a little bit like the “standing on all fours technique with the aim of hunching your back as high as it can go with which to  stretch the leggies” exercise.  It works wonders for me.

There´s also the “left leg wrapped over the right shoulder blade and pointed upwards towards the sky” technique. One can alternate legs just as one feels. It´s not quite as popular but it works all the same.

One can also lay on ones side to stretch leggies and paws in opposite directions as far as they will go”   The energy release is fantastic and the  free flowing energy one feels afterwards is amazing.

SW-Avatar        I love doing my exercises on some sort of comfy mat or something but then again, I am a very sensitive cat.

It´s a shame most humans haven´t  yet copped on to the ancient wisdom of “shaping your body for your health”.

Humans seem to believe that they get ill out of the blue and that there is nothing they can do about it – apart from swallowing some of those  small white pills or whatever every so often.

MM-Avatar       Leaving hereditary disorders aside, I think most humans believe they get ill out of the blue  because they observably,  often avoid self-responsibility and they love  wallowing in their role of “victim of society”.

SW-Avatar       Well there´s that, and then  there´s  the modern human races fascinations and obsessions for money. As long as somebody can earn something somewhere then most of the time, logic and intuition will often be thrown out of the window.  The main thing seems to be that one has enough money in ones pocket.

They are so easily distracted by the stuff with most having numbed themselves to the real reasons for a happy life.

MM-Avatar       It´s a good thing we cats don´t have any pockets. We don´t need money.  Daddy has a pocket but he doesn´t seem to fill his pockets very often.

SW-Avatar       But how can humans be so silly?  Everyone knows that blockages occur in the body if one doesn´t look after oneself properly.  The energy has to flow.  One only has one body.  Humans seem to believe that they have no control over their bodies.

I thought that humans were supposed to be so intelligent.

MM-Avatar       I don´t think they have much time.  They are all too busy with their gadgets.

Humans are not really fond of looking after themselves are they.

From my observations on the fence; they hardly move anywhere (always using those smelly machines), they eat a lot of rubbish with bits of chemicals added, they avoid getting a good nights sleep (TV and Internet more important), create stress wherever they go and unconsciously, destroy our environment.

When having lived such a life and the illnesses eventually start to  creep in, they then complain about their aches and pains and swallow even more chemicals in which to make themselves feel better.

SW-Avatar       What a life eh.  The poor modern humans seem to live their lives totally out of contact with their bodies and their environment.  It´s no wonder they´re all ill.  I do feel sorry for them though.

MM-Avatar       Well they only have to amend their beliefs about “as you get older you become ill” and take more responsibility for themselves.  PURRRhaps they should just observe animals more often.  We´re  “switched on” to life.

SW-Avatar       Don´t be too harsh on them Mr M.  They´ll learn one day.  In the mean time I´m going to get on with some of my exercises and then I think I´ll go and have 40 or 60 winks.

MM-Avatar      Aah, the magic and power  of regenerative sleep!   I think i´ll come and join you in the basket.  🙂


(C) Copyright MAGS 2014






The decline of good manners

DSCN0634       I was always of the opinion that humans loved their rules and regulations Sir Winston.

Come on. Let´s go inside and ask daddy what he thinks about it all.

MM-Avatar       Daddy, daddy.  We were both outside, basking on the boulders over-looking the place where you humans put your smelly machines by the school, when we happened to notice how selfish  you humans sometimes can be.  I mean despite all of your rules and regulations, most of you avoid abiding by them.

SW-Avatar       What´s the point in creating rules when you don´t abide by them?

Oh yes, most of you believe that you are correct in your actions but because most of you are  busy and  rushing about all the time you all seem to forget one very important aspect to living in a community – that of possessing decent manners.

author-Avatar       Has something attracted your attention?

MM-Avatar       Well we find it quite interesting that you humans seem to expect things from everybody else but you hardly manage to live by those standards yourselves.

SW-Avatar       Actually, the scenes we  observed were really quite comical.

Your motor vehicles were all “parked” at the school at strange angles;  some  owners obviously requiring two parking spaces in which to park their vehicle.  All of a sudden,  the humans who drive those smelly things all tried to leave at the same time with hardly anybody  happening to show respect or  courtesy towards the other.  From our vantage point atop the boulders it looked like mayhem and madness.

MM-Avatar       I would have thought that thoughtful behaviour would be common decency in such a situation but you humans appear to be frightened of being the last or frightened somebody else could get the better of you.  No wonder most of you only seem to think about yourselves most of the time.  We cats are much more considerate towards one another. 🙂

author-Avatar       You both could be correct in your assessment.

The “modern” human world does seem to have sadly  lost most of its principles as to what is to be termed as having good manners.

MM-Avatar       Well a good start towards setting the right tone would be if you could  all manage to smile a bit more when in public – that is if you could steer your eyes away from your mobile phone thingys.

We cats can´t smile very well although Cheshire Cat did have a go once by grinning all the time.

author-Avatar       I think human beings should all take a refresher course in how to behave properly in public. Here´s part of an article I found on the internet the other day. I found it on Daily Mail online.  Here´s the link:-

And here´s what they had to say:-

“Emma Soames, editor-at-large, Saga Magazine, said: ‘Despite many of us saying we judge others by their manners it seems that we all need to take a refresher course in acceptable manners.

‘It’s startling that so many people avoid holding doors open and giving up seats on public transport and don’t seem able to detach themselves from their smartphones to give people, even their friends, the courtesy of their undivided attention.’

More than a third of adults say they would tell people off for bad manners, with that figure rising to almost half of over 55s, this age group is also most likely to judge someone on the standard of their manners.’

1. Chewing with your mouth closed

2. Not having your phone at the table

3. Thanking people who have invited you to dinner

4. Not playing on games consoles at the table

5. Waiting for all meals to arrive before starting

6. Using your knife and fork correctly

7. Not clearing up plates while someone is still eating

8. Bringing wine or flowers to a dinner party as a gift to the host

9. Making an effort to make conversation

10. Keeping elbows off the table

11. Asking to leave the table when you’ve finished

12. Finishing all food before you leave the table

SW-Avatar       Well at least some of you humans are on the ball.

As we have already mentioned, we cats don´t need any of your human manners but then again, we´re still in contact with our intuition.  You humans should use your manners more often because you are very social creatures and you would all make your lives a bit easier if you were more polite and respectful towards one another.

author-Avatar       I must agree that it is nice to know that some people ARE strong believers of good manners.

To finish off, here´s a small diagram from the Daily Mail Online feature which illustrates “Manners” in the UK.

blog manners

If you can´t read it properly, either click on the diagram or  insert the Daily Mail link into your browser.

MM-Avatar       Don´t get too down-hearted folks.  Just let it all hang out and show the folks YOUR decent manners.  You´ll be amazed at the results!   😉


(C) Copyright mags 2014

Take good care of yourselves!

author-Avatar Today is the 1st of  May – a public bank holiday in  Germany, which although being related to the celtic  festival of Beltane and the Germanic festival of Walpurgis with  pagan origins,  had first been made  a German  public bank holiday in 1933 by the Third Reich.


A national bank holiday postcard from 1934. (From my philatelic collection).

This now  allows me a little extra time to write another short piece on my blog. The motto of the day by the German Trade Unions  on this “Tag der Arbeit”  is the worthy causes relating to  the “Euro crisis” and solidarity.

MM-Avatar I   don´t understand the fascination for wanting to collect brown pieces of hard paper with disturbing pictures upon them. The gentlemen on the postcard  don´t even  seem to be having a good time. Their faces are as long as a wet weekend.  Just look at all the happiness and joy on their  faces. I thought you said it was a public holiday?

author-Avatar The postcard is from a different period of time Mr Midnight. In those days there was not much fun and games, although by the expressions on their faces, the postcard could also have been taken from today (but obviously without the ominous flags of the past flying  in the background).

MM-Avatar Are there any postcards with gloomy looking cats printed upon them from yesteryear? I can´t imagine that my ancestors never had much fun and games.

author-Avatar I suspect that cats have always had fun. You avoid living complicated lifestyles and know how to look after yourselves properly.


Mr Midnight unexpectedly felt an itch on  his back and with his  legs spread-eagled, he quickly started licking the irritating area with which to relieve himself. At the same time, Sir Winston crawled out from underneath the security of the sofa and noticing Mr Midnights intensive “care-program”, he too, plopped down infront of me and started washing himself behind his ears and over his head with his paw.


SW-Avatar It´s most important to look after oneself  properly daddy. I love to keep myself  nice and clean and my body actively flexible for lifes many situations.

author-Avatar That sounds quite reasonable Sir Winston and  I must admit, unlike  us humans,  you cats do tend to  take care of yourselves properly. You keep yourselves clean. You eat only what you need to eat (occasionally Mr Midnight does over-indulge a little although his figure still stays the same, the lucky devil). You take plenty of exercise and most importantly, you sleep enough with which to regenerate your body cells.

We humans are supposedly, the most intelligent creatures  upon the planet, but we do seem to  have massive problems in getting the basics right.

MM-Avatar Sorry for having to attend to that itch. I couldn´t quite  locate the little whippersnapper. Now where were we?

author-Avatar Basically, I was just talking about the difficulties  human beings have of  taking care of themselves properly. Even when  we have a public holiday, most of us find it  difficult to relax. We seem to always be working.

SW-Avatar I have read that  humans now seem to like contracting your new illness called burnout syndrome. It seems to be   getting quite popular.

MM-Avatar I´m sorry to have to keep asking questions but what the hell is burnout?

author-Avatar It´s an emotional illness that eats you up from within because of prolonged stress situations, nervousness and tiredness being just a couple characteristics being related to this illness. Put  simply, one is  overwhelmed by lifes persuasions that one literally “burns-up” .

MM-Avatar Good grief, do you think Sir Winstons friend from the last posting, squirrel, has burnout. He´s nervous most of the time.

SW-Avatar I think squirrels are allowed to have burnout because it is part of their nature.

author-Avatar Well I´m not sure about that Sir Winston but if you´re correct, squirrel does seem to be able to cope with his burnout.

MM-Avatar You never hear about “burnt-out” cats. Why do you all have to take life so seriously and be obsessed about collecting those paper things with numbers printed upon them.

SW-Avatar You should all learn to try and take care of yourselves.

author-Avatar Music sometimes works to calm the senses.

SW-Avatar “Music” is  the word you use for making a (pleasant or not so pleasant) noise with strange looking objects. Although I am a bit of a fan of daddies artist, Ryuichi Sakamoto, I know of another artist by the name of “The Three Degrees”. (whatever that should mean)       🙂

In 1975. they wrote a piece of music called “Take good care of yourself”. If humans like music so much, why do they not digest the wisdom of some of the lyrics they like?

author-Avatar Possibly because we forget things very quickly and are too wrapped up in our working environments. We have a lot of wisdom but often choose not to use it.

MM-Avatar Well that sounds whacky to me. You think you know everything and choose not to use it. Very sensible.

Chill out and try to  be as cool as us cats.

SW-Avatar Humans need time to sort things out Mr Midnight. One day, they may get “it”.

author-Avatar Although having  not much relevance to economics and the workplace, our “little talk”  reminds me of a formula I learnt at school in physics.

MM-Avatar I´m not even going to ask what physics means!    😉

author-Avatar Work = Force  x Distance.  In physics, the factor “Work” is expressed in Joules, Force in Newtons and Distance in Meters.

MM-Avatar You´ve lost me already. I think Sir Winston has to take over. Maybe he can explain this “physics” stuff  to me later.

SW-Avatar Can I take over daddy? I think I know what you want to say.

author-Avatar Go ahead Sir Winston.

SW-Avatar If today is the “Tag der Arbeit”, (Day of Work), then we could try and use the formula in a diferrent way. For example:-

The factor “Work” is displayed on the left hand side and has a factor of 100%.

The factors “Force ” and  “Distance” are displayed on the righthand  side and together, equal 100%.  The equation must remain balanced.

We could define  the “work” factor as being the total amount of pay we receive for our labours.

“”Force” is the amount of effort we put into our labours and “Distance” could be the length of time we work attending to our labours.

Thus: To receive our 100% wage we have to put in a certain amount of effort and time. (A 100% wage could be the figure we agreed on when having attained employment.)

If the “work” factor is increased (because of demands for more money) then would it not be logical to assume that either the “time” factor, or the effort we put in, must also be increased with which to maintain an even status-quo?

author-Avatar I couldn´t have put it better myself Sir Winston, although what we have just stated is rather basic and requires other factors and variables.

SW-Avatar But at least to a certain degree, it would explain why so many humans have now contracted this burnout syndrome.  Many place their dissatisfactions and burnout problems solely on the workplace and avoid the possibility that spare time and family matters are ALSO a contributing factor towards contracting burnout.

author-Avatar If we want more money from our employers, then as the example above may illustrate, we may have to put more effort into our labours which at some future point, may result in an overload of bodily functions and burnout.

Because our societies are based on creating money, our labouring must also be financed by somebody, somewhere.  Nothing is for  free in the societies we have created but  perhaps we should try and not place so much importance upon always wanting more money.  If being honest, it doesn´t seem to make us really happy does it.

MM-Avatar You have totally baffled me so I think I´m going to have a light snack and then I am going to get some “shut-eye”.

SW-Avatar Please people, take care of yourselves. Chill out, slow down, and be kind to yourselves a little more.

author-Avatar Thanks for your time. Until next time, bye for now.

Joy and Satisfaction

MM-Avatar “The visitors” have now gone back to where they originally came from and Sir Winston and myself now have our small kingdom back to normal.  Actually, I enjoyed their stay – they were a little loud sometimes and spoke in a strange language, but it was nice to have so many diferrent hands stroking my fur. Sir Winston made sure he steered clear of any confrontations with the guests and would often sneak off into the cellar where we  spend most of our nights. However, he did keep me awake most of the time with his constant inquisitive questioning as to our guests activities and their habits. I wish he were as brave as myself and had found out for himself. Still, at least it couldn´t have been that bad for him if he was so interested in their activities.

I´m now sitting on my favourite spot on the porch, tail wrapped around my feet (to keep my paws warm from this years April warmth!) and am taking in the (damp) smells of my wonderful kingdom. A feeling of joy sweeps through my body.


Suddenly, peeking from around the house  corner, a familiar face notices  Mr Midnight on the porch and with his furry friend in tow, Sir Winston gently saunters over to Mr Midnight with  his friend scurrying madly behind, with which to  greet him.


SW-Avatar Hi Mr Midnight, let me introduce  you to squirrel. He´s my best friend.

squirrel2 Hello Mr Midnight. Nice to meet you.

MM-Avatar Nice to meet you as well  squirrel. Mr Midnight wondered why Sir Winston seemed to like going about with such strange characters.

Why are you so nervous squirrel?

squirrel2 I´m not nervous Mr Midnight. I´m just happy and full of joy because I´d lost my nuts, but because of  help from Sir Winston, I´ve managed to find them again. I love to be out and about in nature and through over-excitement about being joyful about my life, I forgot where I placed my nuts. Now  that I´ve found them again, I´m even more joyous!


Mr Midnight thought that not only had he lost his nuts, but also his marbles.


MM-Avatar  Well it´s nice that things have turned full-circle and that you´ve gone from a state of joy into an  even larger state of joy. What a life you lead.

SW-Avatar Living life in joy and satisfaction seems to be a difficult task to master for human beings – but daddy occasionally shows this “joy” thing, especially after him  having been  jogging for over an hour.

MM-Avatar Seems a bit peculiar to want to move about for such a long period of time with which to experience “joy” . It must be a human thing.

author-Avatar Did someone mention that I was peculiar?  I´ve heard this been said before.

SW-Avatar Mr Midnight was only trying to work out why anyone would want to put in so much work with which to experience “joy”.

author-Avatar Well I don´t find jogging to be an act of work – it actually relaxes my mind and body. It´s such a great feeling to experience ones “self” in our hectic world and having freedom and being able to appreciate how lucky one is to be able to do what one so wishes, satisfies and spreads joy through my soul.

squirrel2MM-AvatarSW-Avatar We do that all the time! (but without the jogging thing!)

author-Avatar I believe you do,  but we humans like to make a meal out of things. We often find it difficult to be satisfied and the pleasure of experiencing  joy seems to be something many prefer to keep locked up.We all seem to love victimhood and will often bathe in the convenience of believing  we are victim to life´s persuasions.   It is the little things in life that can give a lot of satisfaction and joy, but these things are often conveniently cast aside for more superficial activities and adventures.

MM-Avatar Did somebody mention something about a meal?

SW-Avatar I am most thankful that I am able to live with daddy and Mr Midnight. I am quite satisfied with the food he puts in our bowl and I look forward to him coming home at the end of the day so that he can stroke me nicely. It is indeed the little things which can give so much joy. Obviously, larger things can also spread a lot of joy- but only if one really appreciates what has come ones way.

Because daddy  has his own small business (with which to keep Mr Midnight and myself happy) , he works quite a lot and is unable to take  much holiday, but he told me that this situation has arisen because of  the choices  he had  made in life.  He is satisfied with the outcome of things but because of his lack of holiday, he ocassionally likes to visit stamp auctions (online) in which to indulge in a little fun.

MM-Avatar What is a stamp auction?

SW-Avatar I believe that it is a place where one exchanges pieces of paper with numbers on them for other pieces of paper with pictures and numbers on them Mr Midnight.

MM-Avatar Sounds like great fun!  What a way to relax and have fun!

SW-Avatar Well the other day daddy managed to win on one of his bids and you should have seen the expression on his face after he had been notified. He was over the moon. He really looked forward to receiving his items and simply emitted rays of satisfaction and joy. He was as excited as a child at christmas time.

MM-Avatar What´s  christmas time Sir Winston?

SW-Avatar It´s the birthday of some famous wise  guy from ancient times. Can´t you remember having played in all of that crinkly, glistening paper every now and again?

author-Avatar It´s nice to feel like a child sometimes. All this serious stuff really gets on my nerves sometimes. That´s why I choose to live in abundance, have fun every now and again and try to live a joyful life. When you´re happy, you´re satisfied.

SW-Avatar But if humans were always satisfied with life, no matter what the circumstances (disasters, inefficiency, etc.), then the state of being satisfied is surely a negative one? Afterall, the human races yearnings for improvement, advancement and discovery would be quashed if always being satisfied. There would be no reason to change anything.

author-Avatar You are possibly correct in your assessment  Sir Winston because the modern human race seems to be in a constant state of dissatisfaction.

Most seem to be obsessed about not having enough of those little pieces of paper with numbers printed upon them. It consumes most of their energies.

MM-Avatar ….. are stamps and stamp auctions really all that important to the human race daddy?

author-Avatar No Mr Midnight, not philately and stamp auctions – money is the drug.

MM-Avatar Who is Phil? Is money akin to  my food sticks –  a drug?

author-Avatar Philately is the study of stamps and postal history. Food sticks are not drugs.

In my opinion, the human races obsessions for making  money have inadvertently,  taken away a  lot of joy from our existence. There are those who enjoy their money but most are trapped within the mechanics of trying to discover happiness and joy through making enough money. The end result is usually dissatisfaction.

For example, in Germany, it is the “sign-of-the-times” to go on strike because of having noticed that one has less “Net Wage” in ones pocket as in previous times. While this is usually quite rightly the case, and I must stress that  one must be able to live off ones  wage, most people tend to avoid looking at reality  and will constantly,  bitterly  target their dissatisfactions and frustrations towards  their employer. There are no doubt, “bad employers”, but the majority of employers (in Germany) will try to operate as fairly as  possible within the parameters  set by the government.

What appears to be amazing is the fact that  German  tax revenue levels  break new records continuously, year after year, and the general-public constantly complain that they do not have  enough money.  At the same time, the German Government sits quietly on the sidelines and rubs its hands together  at the thought of more money flowing into its coffers when another strike has ended.

SW-Avatar But those poor people  having  gone on strike, will only receive about half or 60% of what they striked for.

author-Avatar Precisely, which sadly shows how greedy the (German)government really is. In its defence for high and assorted taxation measures, the government  will often bring up issues of trying to alleviate debt levels with which to “mask” its strategy, but incompetent government spending and burocratic bungling portray a diferrent picture – that of raking in record tax revenues, continuing to spend money like water and at the same time, to continue taking on more debt.

SW-Avatar Will  you all ever be satisfied?  Why can´t you all try and accept that a society needs stability and that  those unlucky enough to be out of work also wish to have a workplace?  Are  moderate wage increases to much to ask for? I have heard that it is quite popular  in Germany to want upto 10 or 20% more money with even a job guarentee.  It´s no wonder that most of you are dissatisfied and not enjoying your lives. Your systems and ways of living are quite ill.  Surely everybody should  have a chance to get on in life, not just the privilged or   selected  masses.

MM-Avatar Enough of this serious stuff. Me and squirrel are getting quite hungry.  I only wish that you would ALL at long last,  get it together and start to enjoy your lives a little more.

Bye for now.

squirrel2 Back to my lovely nuts.  Bye Bye.

Tolerance and respect

author-Avatar As you will already know if having read any of my  previous posts, I did intend to stop blogging for approximately two weeks. However, Mr Midnight insisted that we write one more blog because of something being on his mind.

MM-Avatar . . . . . . .well, they smell a little, are loud (often boisterous), hectic, not too fond of us cats, have disgusting habits, love complying to   rules  (human rules) and speak some foreign tongue (also usually quite loud!).

author-Avatar  . . . . and what is the problem with that?

MM-Avatar  Nothing really, but they are sometimes quite annoying, especially when they  are stressing us  cats.

SW-Avatar who are you talking about Mr Midnight, …. communists?

MM-Avatar I´m not quite sure what a communist is  Sir Winston  but if its something that annoys cats and takes away our freedom to roam in our own small patch of green – then it could be communists.

author-Avatar I believe that Mr Midnight is talking about dogs Sir Winston. He seems to be  a little frustrated today.

MM-Avatar  Well its very rare that I get frustrated about dogs because although I would not touch one with a barge-pole as I´ve heard the saying go in England, I do actually like our brothers and sisters. They were born under the same open sky as myself, have the same needs and requirements as myself  and breathe the same stuff as I do. They have the same right to be here as I do  – but they should just  try and avoid being annoying.

SW-Avatar Where are you going to find a barge-pole Mr Midnight?

MM-Avatar I´m not even sure what a pole is, yet alone a barge.

author-Avatar It´s just a figure of speech Sir Winston

SW-Avatar Well I think that we should all respect one another, regardless of where we come from, even if that means  ocassionally  having  to tolerate anothers ways of living. Just because we don´t understand anothers way of living doesn´t automatically jusitfy that we should craft false judgement.

MM-Avatar  yes, . . . .your right Sir Winston, us cats will just have to grin like a Cheshire Cat and bear it. (another odd half English saying I picked up from Daddy).

In human  words,  we are called:- a cat, el gato, un gatto,  le chat or die Katze.Human words for our favourite friends are :- un chien, un cane, el perro, a dog or Der Hund.

Notice how harmonious the words for cats appear. They are nearly all the same. Poor dogs have to make do with all sorts of concoctions for titles.

SW-Avatar I believe Der Hund originates from “hound”, as does the word “dog” originate from the German word “dogge”. I may be wrong though.

author-Avatar At least Mr Midnight and yourself Sir Winston, act and “think” from your own experience, as do all other beings. We humans will also act based upon our own experience but we also  rely heavily upon what others in times past have dictated as to  being called  the truth and what the majority living in our present surroundings find to be acceptable.

SW-Avatar That appears to be a rather convenient (but disturbing)  way of going through life. Does that mean that  you never look for your own truths?

author-Avatar Unfortunately, I think it does. There are some who go on the journey of attempting to discover their own truth but the large majority, appear to be conveniently  satisfied adhering to anothers voice as to being their truth. I may be wrong in my perception though. If my statement was true, one must still accept and respect their opinion of not wishing to look for their own truth.

SW-Avatar I have heard that it is accepted  by humans to go looking for reassurance  by blindly  sending out wishes into the universe and hoping for an answer from something high and mighty. If this helps, one should definetly do this, but what if the answers to life lay not in the vastness of  the macrocosm but also, in the vastness of the microcosm.

Humans tend to be of the opinion that the larger a thing is, then the greater it is, but the microcosm is just as vast as the macrocosm.  Many truths to life may lie buried within each one of you. Your God may be inside you, in your soul, all the time. One would then  not need to send things out into the vastness when what one seeks  already lays  within your soul.

MM-Avatar I think your losing me Sir Winston. We don´t want to annoy the nice people who read our blog.

author-Avatar I believe most will be able to cope with what we have said so far. If not, please send a comment. We don´t wish to sound disrespectful.

SW-Avatar The other day, the news showed demonstrators in a place called Paris, complaining about same-sex marriages. In my country, people in high positions, as well as demonstrators, showed the same  fears by wanting to “protect the institution called marriage”. If wishing to protect something then it must be under attack.  Speaking only as a cat; there is absolutely no reason why one should have to “protect” marriage by wanting to ban such a possibility for all to be fairly wed if they need be.

Intolerence is bred on fear and will quickly erase respect. The fears aroused by the same-sex marriage debates commenced in many peoples own heads and were based on experience, lack of proper information and others past beliefs.

Fear is usually, selfmade,  and is often fuelled by others who gain an advantage out of maintaining that fear.

author-Avatar I suppose that  it is because most of us have been brought-up the way we have. We cannot know any better. Even at school we are taught that the beast, Satan, will take us if we do not adhere to our society´s muster.

MM-Avatar What´s this beast thing daddy?

author-Avatar A suppossed kind of monster that will make your (after)life a living hell.

MM-Avatar I don´t want to believe in such a thing. It sounds horrible. But if it makes you all feel better – carry on.

author-Avatar Actually Mr Midnight, there is no such thing as Satan because Satan only really means adversary  and an adversary, is just an opposing force.

Some Christian leaders tried to “expose the anti-christ” by using a formula to calculate numbers for names and titles.

Every letter receives the number “6” and is added to the next letter, thus; A=6, B=12, C= 18, etc. The sum of all number will be the numeric value  of a name or title. An Evangelist noted that Mark of Beast is 78,6,108,66,90,36,12,30,6, 114 and 120 = 666.

The calculation is true but irrelevant.

Try using the words. COMPUTER = 18,90,78,96,126,120,30,108 = 666

HUMANITY = 48,126,84,6,78,54,120,150 = 666

WITCHCRAFT = 138,54,120,18,48,18,108,6,36,120 = 666

GOD OF ISRAEL = 42,90,24,90,36,54,114,108,6,30,72 = 666

What does all this prove?


We  obviously  like to believe that what somebody(or authority)  has told  us to be  true,  that this  is the real truth.

One should  tolerate and respect anothers views by keeping an open mind but should one not also attempt to discover ones own truths?

MM-Avatar I wish I hadn´t started things now.

It´s now  time for lunch,  and then I think I´m going to go and look for a barge-pole. 🙂