On the go.

      Daddy, why is the human race always on the go?  You can’t seem to stay in one place for five minutes.

I know you call yourselves the “human race” – but why are you all often racing about? Life isn’t a race you know.

      I guess we are just as yourselves, inquisitive creatures, and we just follow our instincts searching out territory unknown.

      But when one is always on the go, one hasn’t the time to delve into the really important things in life – namely, to discover oneself. Surely, finding out one’s true identity is worth while.

      I suppose that if we genuinely wanted to discover our true selves, then all sorts of skeletons would come out of the closet. I suspect that most of us would understandably, be frightened to death of discovering our true identity. It appears much easier to adopt a persona who is likeable and who fits in with what our environments and society wish to make us believe who we are.

     Mr Midnight, we cats are also often on the go. We often wander aimlessly in and out of our living quarters all day.

      But, that’s what pussycats do. We sit at the door, waiting patiently for it to open. We then stick our heads out to see what is happening and then, we return to where we were before. And then we do it all again.

When I asked why humans were always on the go, I meant, why do human beings always have to travel the world so much. After all, they seem to be worried about climate change and the planets resources becoming scarce. No wonder illnesses easily spread and the human world appears to be in chaos at the moment. It’s not all due to their incompetent world leaders.

If I was a human being, I would like to think that even I could make a small difference to our planets chaotic changes.

      Our planet and nature does not appear to have a problem with change. The planet balances itself out by adapting to its surroundings. It is we humans who have problems with all this sudden change. Change is always difficult for humans.

      Then why don’t you get yourselves sorted? There is no better time than at the moment to get started.

Does your evolutionary path somehow, stop you all in the process to adapt to your surroundings? I know some of you are trying, albeit at a very slow pace, but if you wish to live comfortable lifestyles as we cats do, then the modern individual must start to get their act together.

      Purrrhaps the path the human beings are on is the correct path Sir Winston. Maybe the path they have taken is supposed to become difficult and hard. There is perhaps something for them all to learn at the end of it all.

      It all seems a bit daft to my cat logic.

I’m sure you’ll all sort it at some point. I still believe in the human race because I am of the opinion that you are an intelligent species.

Time will tell.

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The equilibrium of Earthly energies (Cat Wisdom)

      Well, that’s cat logic for you, Sir Winston!

We’re not purrrfect creatures, but we’re quite switched on to our surroundings and the course our environment is set upon.

      I always knew that in the long run, the human race would sort itself out.

Our green environment never has a problem with climate change – it just adapts to change; it’s the poor human beings again, who have to suffer from what’s happening.

      Well, the poor human beings seem to have catalysed the whole process – and they are still carrying on with the process. I thought human beings were supposed to be intelligent creatures. At least that’s what I heard on the grapevine.

      It all has something to do with energy Mr Midnight.

      Oh, I’m aware of the energy Sir Winston.

      Just take a look at all those political, so-called “World Leaders”. They haven’t a clue, have they? They are mostly driven by fear and greed, and for the love of power. Ethics and genuine solutions to our world problems do not seem to genuinely be on a politicians radar.

      Ah yes, the old patriarchal stance of yesteryear. We don’t need to worry too much Sir Winston because their “sort” is dying out. Obviously, they will not die out in our lifetime but still, such egoistical systems will eventually die out. The universe has all the time in the world.

      The yin and yang of life, eh Mr Midnight.

The energies of such egoistical, populist, disrespectful, autocratic, “rulers” and their followers cannot last because their ignorance will become balanced by humanistic values and good properties.

I suppose it has something to do with the equilibrium of the universe.

      Everything conceivable is available in a perfect universe – good properties, as well as negative properties.

Now that many Western walks of life appear to have become dominated by disrespect for one another and have adapted populist attitudes, egoistical stances and an ignorance for one’s own activities, at the same time, there are also many who now shake the foundations of such establishments by demonstrating the need for more compassion, empathy and respect for our societies.

Energies keep their equilibrium and will always counterbalance each other.

      Even though our world is experiencing rapid, negative change at the moment, it is also quite exciting because, at the end of the day, all will become balanced and in order again.

      It looks like it’s going to be a very long day then Sir Winston.   🙂

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It’s all in the moment

MM-Avatar      Hi daddy!  What’s going off?

author-Avatar       I have decided to try and get a little further with building my family tree, Mr Midnight.

MM-Avatar       Isn’t that one of those flashy green things which move about when the air angels touch them in the green kingdom?  You wouldn’t get one of those things in this little room, daddy.

You humans are sometimes baffling.

SW-Avatar       I don’t think daddy means a real tree, Mr Mids. I think he’s planning to build a tree on paper.

author-Avatar       Well, not exactly, Sir Winston. You were correct in your assumption that I am building a tree on paper, but because you are a cat,  it is not a tree which you will know much about.

Basically, a family tree is a kind of chart showing all past members of a family from their descent in history.

MM-Avatar       So you don’t have to water it then?

author-Avatar       If you did, you would spoil it, Mr Midnight.

In a way I suspect that I am a little bit like you two cats – inquisitive.  I am trying to find out where my anscetors, or past members of my family,  come from, purely out of inquisitiveness.

MM-Avatar       Well, that seems like a complete waste of time to me, daddy. The good people are not here anymore.  What a strange way to pass the time.

SW-Avatar       Well, I find it most interesting.

MM-Avatar       You would, Sir Winston. You are somewhat of a fuddy duddy, aren’t you.

SW-Avatar       How far have you managed to get, daddy?  I’d like to know.

author-Avatar       Up until now, among many others, I have managed to find a Morton Clarke who was born in England in 1420.  That’s quite a long time ago. That’s 21 generations ago.

MM-Avatar       We cats do not know what generations are, daddy. Is a generation something to do with your “time” measurement thingy? That chappie you mentioned appears to be an old gent.

author-Avatar      Generations are different age gaps relating to our ancestors. Mr Clarke would be 600 years old if he still lived.

SW-Avatar       You human beings do like living in the past. Pussycats enjoy living in the moment because it is in the moment where life happens.

MM-Avatar       Sir Winston is correct, daddy. It’s the moment which matters. Not the past. We pussies can’t remember a thing about our past and we don’t need a tree thingamabob to try and remember. Still, if it gives you pleasure.

By the way, Mr Dog next door obviously still needs a tree, but obviously, for other reasons.  😉

SW-Avatar       Doggies could learn a thing or two from us pussycats!

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       What have you got there Sir Winston? You look as though you need a little help.

Sir Winston placed the small twig he was holding in his mouth onto the grass and replied:-

       I´ve just found this small woody thing underneath the hedge. It was among others but this is the only one I could comfortably fit in my mouth.

       For a moment I thought you had turned into a dog Sir W.  Doggies like carrying long woody things in their mouth. Whatever were you thinking?

       It smelled so beautiful; you know, so fresh and somehow, so appealing. It is part of our kingdom and I thought it would be nice to have it near me for a while. Our kingdom is so wonderful!

      I can understand your fascination with our little kingdom Sir W. but it is not very cat-like to carry long, woody things around in your mouth.

       And who makes the rules in our kingdom?

       We do. Well, daddy does a good job of shaping our kingdom for us so I suppose he makes some rules as well, but we are free to do what we like and roam wherever we want within our beautiful, green kingdom.

       I was just appreciating how nice it is to live on this beautiful planet. The wooden, sticky things help remind me of how lucky I am to be able to live here.

      I love the air angels deep within my body. When I breathe deep they send energy and rejuvenate my soul. The air angels are so majestic. One has to appreciate them, doesn’t one?

      I suspect that not all creatures of our planet are as lucky as ourselves. I really do appreciate my life and all that surrounds me, even though sometimes, life appears difficult. It makes me feel so happy to be a part of this world.

       And when we are happy, we purr positively, which attracts good things to our soul. Appreciation is indeed, a wonderful attribute and certainly helps us cats get through life that much easier.

       Do you think human beings are so appreciative of their present life situations Mr Midnight?

From what I’ve seen on that picture box in the corner of the comfy room, the human world appears to be in turmoil and dissatisfaction at the moment.

      Speaking as a cat, I believe that even when things appear to not go right in our lives, appreciating what we still have will help change the energies for a better situation. Even though we may be in dire straits, appreciating the positive things that still surrounds us will help alleviate our negative situation to a certain degree. Of course, I am only a pussy cat and therefore, sometimes naive.

       Well, I`m just happy that I live here with you and daddy and am able to enjoy my life in our small kingdom.

Life really is truly remarkable if we allow it.

Hope to see you all next month. Kind regards from Sir Winston.

       And big meows from small Mr Midnight!

     Boys!  Dinner is ready. Come and get it.

Yummy Yummy Yum!!!!!

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Is it so serious?

MM-Avatar       Sir Winston, why do you think the older humans have to take life so serious?

SW-Avatar      Perhaps because they believe that as they get older, they must act out there role as adults in a more serious manner, otherwise they will not be accepted properly in their societies.

MM-Avatar      But, such a notion is just codswallop Sir Winston. Fancy believing in such a way. No wonder humans get their illnesses later on in life.

We cats, on the other paw, also get slower as we get older, but most of us still keep our playfulness and inquisitiveness in tact.

SW-Avatar       It is rather sad, isn’t it. Still, if believing in such a way makes them happy.

MM-Avatar       But it doesn’t, does it.  Most of the poor dears appear frightened to death in life as they get older. They wouldn’t admit to such a fact, but after my observations, they do make me feel sorry for them.

SW-Avatar       Life always poses us with difficulties but in my opinion, many problems in life can be better tackled when one takes life not too seriously.

I mean, take the other day for instance.  There I was, sitting on the porch, trying to turn over my food bowl which had somehow, turned upside down, when eventually, a nice gentleman in a yellow coat came to the door and sorted my food bowl out for me.  He informed me that the air angels must have whipped it over. I was starving and had been trying for ages to alleviate the problem.

MM-Avatar       It was very windy last week.

SW-Avatar       Although I had been trying to nudge it back over for a very long time, I kept my calm and thought of the escapade as being a game where I had to deactivate the little bomb before it exploded my bowl to bits. It was a great adventure and I even got to know a nice gentleman in a yellow coat.

MM-Avatar       That must have been the postman delivering daddy’s bills. He’s a very friendly chap towards us cats. He obviously likes us.

In a way, he’s also like a cat.

SW-Avatar       How`d you mean, Mr Midnight?

MM-Avatar       Well, he’s out in all wind and weather and he never complains. He just seems to take the day as it comes – a bit like us pussycats.

You wouldn’t see a pussycat fretting about what’s going to happen next week, next month, or whenever, would you?  We live in the moment and to a certain extent, the postman also lives in the moment. He seems to take things as they come.

SW-Avatar       That is, until he gets home. Then he most probably behaves like all the other adult humans. But that’s another story.

MM-Avatar       In the children’s book, “The Small Prince”, it states that “All great people were once children – but few can remember.”

SW-Avatar       What a wonderful saying.

Take life more playfully and not too seriously. Things are not always as bad as we make them out to be.

Take care dear reader.

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Cat musings about Covid19

      I was talking to Ivan the Russian Blue yesterday Sir Winston, and he informed me that the humans are still struggling with their vaccination programs. Their virus thingummy seems to have them all under control, the poor dears.

     Well, Suzy the Siamese told me that she had heard in her native part of the woods, a place they call Asia, I believe, that they had things under control as regards their virus. I think their Chinese people invented a vaccine to help the poor humans.

      Ivan said that his native people had also invented a vaccine which they have named ‘Sputnik V`.

I am not sure what a ‘Sputnik’ is but I’m sure Ivan knows what he’s talking about.

      I was under the impression that a ‘Sputnik` was some kind of satellite. It must have been difficult creating such a thing to put into the bodies of humans.

     I don’t know what a Sputnik is either, Sir Winston. Human beings do have fancy names for their things, don`t they.

      Perhaps you should ask Ivan if he knows what a Sputnik is. After all, initially, he does come from that part of the world.

      Can you remember Karen, the British Shorthair cat, Sir Winston?

     Oh yes, I know her. What is she up to these days?  She`s a great laugh.

      I met her as I was creeping around the back of the  next-door neighbours shed a couple of nights ago. After a general chit chat, we also got onto the subject of Covid19.

      Well, you can’t go about your daily routine these days without hearing something about Corona. I think the humans have banished all other illnesses and we only have one illness left these days.

      You’re right there Sir W. Anyway, Karen told me that in her country, the UK and Sweden had invented Astra Zeneca to help the poor humans. What’s an Astra? What’s a Zeneca?

      How about asking Marius the Norwegian Forest cat who lives two streets away?  He’s not from Sweden but Norway I believe, is near enough. Perhaps he knows.

      I don’t see him very often because he`s always in the forest. I’m afraid of the forest. It’s too spooky for my liking.

      I had heard on the grapevine that Astra deviates from the  Latin word ‘Astrum` , which means star, and that Zeneca means ‘one from the stars’.  I think they called it that because their Corona, as the name suggests, is shaped like a star or crown. I could be wrong though. You know how vague things are on the grapevine.

      It’s amazing that the humans can see the Coronavirus thingy. I thought we cats had good eyesight but the humans must see much more clearly than we cats. By the way, I would much prefer a bowl of milk to a grapevine, Sir Winston.

      Bob, the American Shorthair and Persian Afra said that there was also a vaccine called Moderna on the market. It seems to be working quite well. I met them both last week as I was playing with the leaves in the school garden over the road. They also mentioned  substances called BioNthech-Pfizer and Johnson& Johnson.

      Those two are very knowledgeable. They are always very well informed.

I must say, the humans seem to be getting their act together. Personally, I would be thankful when I am not inundated with Corona news every day. It’s serious stuff, but life still has to go on as normal as possible – at least for pussycats.  🙂

(C) Copyright MAGS 2021

Go your own way!

A small path ran up to the main entrance to Mr Midnight’s and Sir Winston’s place of abode.  Across the road directly opposite,  large boulders had been placed in a large half-circle in which to help make the parking bay at the school  look a little nicer.

In warm weather, Mr. Midnight loved to lay on top of the boulders, especially the ones directly opposite his house because he had a great vantage point of what was happening around where he lived. From his vantage point,  Mr Midnight could see  Sir Winston having what looked like  a nap on the porch entrance steps.

Sir Winston must have had some inclination that Mr. Midnight was watching him because he suddenly raised himself from his comfy sitting position on the porch, stretched himself and wandered over towards Mr. Midnight.

DSCN0647       I wonder what Mr. Midnight’s thinking?  I´ll go over and find out.


Sir Winston sprang down the steps, trotted over the garden in a zig-zag fashion, darted behind the garden shed, scurried under the hole in the hedge, raced across the road and after having sniffed around some of the parked cars, he clambered up the slight hill and sat on the boulder next to Mr. Midnight.


MM-Avatar       You took your time didn’t you?

SW-Avatar       Well, I have all the time in the world.  I only came over to find out what you were up to.

MM-Avatar       Nothing much.  I´m having a lazy day.  I was just observing the occasional stranger passing through my territory.

Did you know that Mr. Dog always cuts across the garden when he wishes to visit our house?  He doesn’t use the pathway up to the door.  I don´t know what his master thinks about it all. It’s terribly bad manners you know.

I’ve also noticed that you tend to take a purrrculiar path when you leave and enter the house.  Do you always nip behind the shed with which to get to the main doorway of our house? It seems a lot of messing about. I would have thought you would have taken the easiest path.

SW-Avatar       I like going that way. Nobody else goes that way.

MM-Avatar       I always prefurrr to take what seems to be the lightest path in life – you know, the most direct path.

I’ve observed that Mrs. Squirrel often goes about things from above. She loves going up and down those tall, greeny, bendy things all day. She must have loads of energy.  We cats tend to like lazing all day instead.

SW-Avatar       Yes, she climbs the tree and runs along the guttering to reach the house door.  What a funny creature.

MM-Avatar       Look!   There´s the yellow man.  Which path will he take?

SW-Avatar       That´s a postman Mr. Midnight.  They´re always in a hurry.

MM-Avatar       Look.  He´s carrying that large parcel and look!   He´s making a short cut by crossing daddy´s green stuff  and approaching the house from the other side.

SW-Avatar       I think it´s because of his heavy load.  Daddy is always purchasing postage stamp parcels from his auctions. Poor postman. You have to feel sorry for him don´t you?

The thing I like about our observations is that everyone seems to go about things differently and I must say, that´s quite unusual for human beings.  They don´t really believe in individualism like us cats because they tend to copy one another most of the time.

MM-Avatar       Well I can´t understand why you take the paths in life you sometimes take  Sir Winston but I must say that it is most important for “beings” to go their own way in life.

If you go your own way you will be more balanced and a happier “being”.  So watch out humans.  Get your act together and start believing in yourselves and do what YOU find to be true for yourself.

Go your own way!

(C) MAGS 2021

Seasonal greetings from the cats

      Hello everybody. I just wanted to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a great New Year 2021!

      The same from me as well, especially after you humans having had such a rotten 2020 what with your virus thingy and everything.

      Don’t mention the virus thing, Sir Winston. The poor human beings have had a lot on their plates this last year and now they want to at least, try and enjoy their Christmas do.

      I didn’t mean to be rude or anything. I am just thankful that I don’t have to wear one of those funny-looking mouth protectors. I hope the poor humans look after themselves as best they can and that they can at least switch off a little bit at Christmas time. I like Christmas time. Daddy makes the house look really nice.  🙂

      I must say, if the human Governments made us cats have to wear those things as well then the world would really be in a mess. Who’s ever seen a cat wearing such a device. If it helps the humans save lives then it’s a good thing, and I suppose if we cats could also contribute to saving human lives, we naturally, would do so by wearing a mask thing.

I am just so thankful that the virus and those Government people leave us cats alone. The humans will sort their problem out.

I hope they can enjoy Christmas as much as we usually do.

      Here’s a picture from some of our friends to help you humans cheer up a bit.

      They do look an odd bunch, don’t they?

Sir Winston and myself wish all of you a very Happy Christmas and a positive, fantastic 2021.

      And Mr Midnight and I would also like to once again, thank all of you who have occasionally, visited our blog. We really do appreciate your short stay at our place.


(C) MAGS 2020

Chilling – cat style

Mr Midnight and Sir Winston had had a wonderful day together.

They had just finished their 14-hour nap and after having eaten a few nibbles, they had now settled down in the garden to have a nice rest.

     Look at the shape of that one Sir Winston. It looks most peculiar. It looks a little bit like a long-shaped doggy.

      I can’t make out which one you mean Mr Midnight. Do you mean that one hovering above the church steeple?

      Don’t be silly Sir W. That one looks like a big flower with one of its petals wilting.

I mean the one over there. You know, over yonder, where that noisy human contraption is heading.

      You mean that aircraft  Mr Midnight, but I’m still unsure of which one you’re looking at. They all look rather funny today, don’t they?

      The air angels keep moving the fluffy things about. Now my long-shaped doggy formation has turned into something that resembles a milk bowl.

You know how much I love cat milk.

      I’m obviously not quite with it today Mr Midnight. I think I needed another hour or so before having come out here in the garden. I cannot see any milk-bowl shaped fluffy thing in the sky. However, there is a fluffy thing that looks like a boat hovering near the church.

      That’s not a boat Sir W., that’s a milk bowl. Every cat could tell you that. At least you’ve managed to find my fluffy thing in the sky.

Look, it’s changing again.

      I do not wish to be impolite Mr Midnight, but I think this guessing game could go on forever. I’m rather tired you know. Gazing up into the sky is a little tiring on my neck. I love the fluffy things as much as you do Mr Midnight, but I’m not very creative today about guessing their shapes.

Could we do our chill-out game another day?

      I don’t have a problem with that Sir Winston. My little game is rather good for chilling isn’t it. In fact, I feel so chilled that your idea of taking another small nap is quite up my street.

      It’s the little things in life which give so much pleasure, isn’t it? Gazing up into the sky certainly helps to calm oneself down after a hard days slog. What a very satisfying way to spend the day. Time out is always important for us animals.

We should go cloud gazing more often.

      I suppose we should Sir Winston. After all, you often have your head in the clouds so it must be quite appealing.

(C) MAGS 2020

Mr M. and Sir W. discover some funny cat sayings

      I don’t think we should be doing this, Mr Midnight. It was foolish of daddy to leave his computer switched on when he left the house this morning.

      Don’t worry about it, Sir Winston. He won’t find out. He’ll be gone for ages, which gives us a lot of time to use the thing. Especially because it’s not really constructed for cat paws.

      The internet is a great source for information, but won’t he notice we’ve been using it because of the cookies?

      As you well know, Sir Winston, I only like the cat sauce in those shiny metal tins daddy produces once a night and as for cookies – well, they’re a little bit difficult to digest for my sensitive stomach. I’m not eating any cookies, Sir Winston.

Look, here’s a quote from a Christopher Hitchens who is an author. It reads;

“Owners of dogs will have noticed that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they will think you are God. Whereas owners of cats are compelled to realize that, if you provide them with food and water and affection, they draw the conclusion that they are God”

      Mr Hitchens must be a very wise guy, Mr Midnight.

      And here’s another great piece of advice for humans from a Bill Dana.

“I had been told that the training procedure with cats was difficult. It’s not. Mine had me trained in two days.”

      This internet thingummabob is quite good, isn’t it?  I never realised that there was so much wise stuff out there.

      You’ve just got to know where to look, Sir Winston.

How about this great saying; “Dogs come when they’re called; cats take a message and get back to you later.”

A Mary Bly said that.

      She must be a very observant person.

Can I have a go Mr Midnight? Perhaps I can find something of interest.

      Sure, just move your paws around the keyboard thingy and try not to hit two keys at the same time. It’s not easy with paws.

      Mr Stephen Baker wrote, “Cat’s hearing apparatus is built to allow the human voice to easily go in one ear and out the other”.

Great stuff.

Here’s another; “If cats could talk, they wouldn’t”. Nan Porter was obviously, also very wise.

      May I have one last look Sir Winston?

Look at this one from Arthur Bridges, it’s fantastic; “A cat isn’t fussy – just so long as you remember he likes his milk in the shallow, rose-patterned saucer and his fish on the blue plate. From which he will take it, and eat it off the floor.”

This guy, Arthur Bridges must also have been a very wise man but obviously, not very good at building bridges. What’s the point of building half a bridge? You couldn’t get to the other side, could you?

      You shouldn’t drop your “h”‘s when speaking the English language Mr Midnight. Every cat knows that.

I think it’s time to go and look for our pretty patterned saucer to see if it has got any milk in it.

Come on, let’s go.  🙂


Copyright MAGS 2020.