Individualism, oddities and errors.

A wet Sunday afternoon and with nothing much else to do today, Mr Midnight, Sir Winston and myself decided that we would spend an hour or two in the “hobby room” and sort through a pile of my old postage stamps.

       Here´s an album full of misfits, oddities and rarities.  It could be quite interesting. I haven´t looked at this collection for a while.

       Can we please have a look at them, daddy?  The stamp-collecting thing is so fascinating.

       Well, I´m not too bothered about them to tell you the truth. I can´t see the fascination for collecting old pieces of paper. I´d sooner have a snooze I think.

       Come on Mr Midnight. Shake a leg or two or three and try and show a bit of interest. You could learn something.

       Alright then. Let´s have a butchers. Try and impress me if you can.

       Here´s a stamp from the American / British Zone of Germany from 1 September, 1946.  It has the catalogue number 90 and has been perforated twice.

       What´s perforated daddy?

       It´s the way a postage stamp has been cut out. The teeth of the stamp above have been cut twice.

       What a silly thing to do.

       But it looks funny, doesn´t it.

       And look at this one. This stamp is from 26th June 1943 and has the catalogue number 851.  It doesn´t have any perforations; er sorry Mr Midnight, it has no teeth.

       That´s weird, isn´t it. Fancy having a postage stamp with no teeth.

       I´m quite fond of these two stamps because they have the “cent” number missing and part of the text on the left-hand side. Obviously, the ink ran out. The first stamp is what the stamp should look like.

       They really are beauties, aren´t they. They´re not perfect but very special.

       Next up is the 1999 Block from Germany. It has been cut wrong and is quite unique. I had a bit of luck getting hold of this block at an auction.

       It´s very irregular.

       Fancy sticking that thing on your envelope. You´d be the laughing stock.

       I think that´s enough rare stamps for today don´t you?  I´ll just show you one of my personal favourites. The Otto Dix Stamp catalogued Mi.Nr 1572 (VZ). The original is on the left and I think you can spot the mistake on this stamp.

       The poor lady has lost her head. Oh dear.

       Why do you like misprints and errors? They´re all so very odd.

       Perhaps because in a way, I find them very appealing. They are all different from how they should appear and in that sense, original and individual. People don´t seem to like things that appear odd but I believe that if one is a true individual,  one may find it a bit harder to get through life but at the end of the day, one is a lot more satisfied and can enjoy life that much easier.

I find it a shame that many seem to abide by what the masses dictate and then they wonder why they are not happy in life.

We should all have the same basic rights but contrary to what our Governments inform us, we are still, all individuals with differing views, needs and requirements.

       So you humans would sooner be like us cats?  We love our freedom!

       In a way, I suppose you could be right Mr Midnight. Not all humans will want to live in true freedom because true freedom can be quite hard work. Self-responsibility is not everybody´s cup of tea but if one is a liberal being, one will respect that fact.

       Well, self-responsibility, freedom or whatever. I found daddy´s little postage stamp excursion quite interesting. I just hope he hasn´t bored too many of our readers this time around!

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Fake or genuine?

SW-Avatar      My goodness daddy, just look at these two!
I believe the numbers on the little tab suggest that they are very valuable.

What hap!    A great stroke of luck!
author-Avatar      Let me look at what you´ve found Sir Winston.
Ah yes. The stamp from Neapel from 1860.


Mr Midnight was downstairs  taking a nap and was suddenly aroused by the commotion coming from  the upstairs study.  Allowing his inquisitiveness to take hold, he raised himself, stretched and bolted upstairs  to investigate what was happening.
MM-Avatar      What´s all this racket?  I was  trying to get 40 winks and heard someone mention getting  stroked.

SW-Avatar      I´ve found two valuable postage stamps among daddy´s  philatelic objects Mr Midnight, and I just said how it was a stroke of luck.
MM-Avatar      You once told me that this “Phil”  fellow was a bloke who enjoyed scrutinizing old pieces of paper with numbers and pictures upon them.  Sounds like a right bunch of laughs if you ask me.
author-Avatar      Sir Winston was very excited because he noticed that the catalogue price  tag was very high.
MM-Avatar      Does that mean that we can now afford to buy lots of food sticks and you can avoid purchasing those red and yellow tins of cat-food?
author-Avatar        I´m sorry Mr Midnight, no it doesn´t.
Sir Winston digged out the two Neapel stamps (catalogued number 8)  which are from 1860, and he seemed to have got overwhelmed by things.
MM-Avatar      Catalogued?  What do cats have to do with pieces of old paper? The word “catalogued” sounds  dangerous to my ears.
SW-Avatar       It´s just a funny english word Mr Midnight and means that a thing has been systematically listed.  Humans love doing things like that. The word has nothing to do with cats.
author-Avatar       It´s a shame, but if the stamps were real, they would each  have a catalogue value of 12000 Euros.  Unfortunately,  I find it hard to  believe that the stamps are real.
MM-Avatar       Why not? It would be nice to have some extra paper with numbers on them with which to purchase more provisions.
author-Avatar       I  believe that they are not genuine simply because I find them to be  too perfect. I would have to have them expertised if I wanted to know if they were genuine or not.
SW-Avatar       Expertised?  What does that mean.
author-Avatar       It means that somebody with expert, professional know-how,  would have to take a look at them and hopefully, issue me  a certificate proving that they were genuine. I would then be able to sell them at an auction if I so wished.

MM-Avatar       Purrhaps they are genuine fakes.  🙂
SW-Avatar      But why do some people go too such great lengths to produce  an item which is not real and has no proper value?   Isn´t that what english speaking humans  call deception or is the production of such things a hobby or something?
MM-Avatar      You´re both losing me again. Deception?

As for hobbies, cats don´t need such activities. Hobbies are reserved for humans who have spare time to kill.
I think  I´m going back downstairs.  If there´s nothing  to be gained out of this strange conversation then I think I´ll leave you both for the time being.  See you later guys.
SW-Avatar       Poor Mr Midnight. He´s always thinking about his stomach.
Anyway, where were we? Ah yes, deception.
This deception thing seems to be a strong characteristic of human behaviour. Most human beings will obviously, not lower themselves to such activities, but there seems to be quite a few who are willing to go through life with such a mentality.
author-Avatar       It´s possibly part and parcel of normal human development. There will always be some who are willing to decieve others and at the same time, not have a bad conscience about their actions.
SW-Avatar      But  are they  not aware of one of  the  most important  “rules of life”?
author-Avatar       You mean;   what we do to others,  comes back to us?  I hardly think so.   From my observations, many still do not understand that goodness attracts goodness, as does the reverse.
Most people of the Christian faith  know of such a rule  written in the Bible.           Mark, chapter 12, verse 31. It reads;  “Love thy neighbour as yourself

The problem seems to be that the words are not “felt” by the individual, but simpy read as words.  If one did understand this very  basic rule, I believe that  our planet would stand a chance of discovering  genuine empathy, thus making the path free for real peace on earth.
SW-Avatar       You humans do seem to have the knack of being unable to live in peace.
author-Avatar      I also believe that it is important to discover who we really are and what OUR truth may be.  Most present day modern humans  seem to either  simply  take for granted  what past generations thought or blindly believe in what modern society believes  to be “known” as the truth.   Modern societies beliefs are not necessarily the “real truth”  but are simply the thoughts of  what others believe, or believed,  to be the truth.  Ideas, thoughts and beliefs are often copied without much of the individuals own thoughts being put to use in the process.
SW-Avatar       So you´re implying that  humans have a great  tendency  to copy one another with many of them, not using their own heads to discover what their own truth may be?
author-Avatar       I suppose I am SIr WInston.

If we´re not aware of who we really are then how are we to know what is true, and what is false?

Humans tend to place too much emphasis upon experiences and the knowledge of past generations in which to “master” present day life.  Naturally, one does not have to throw past knowledge and rituals  “over-board”, but relying upon “past-performance” as a scale for “present-day activities”  puts pressure on our present social systems.  In my opinion, that is why the “civilised”, modern world is crumbling all around us.

In a certain way, one could pronounce that the modern human being has a tendency to often live life  as a  fake  (convieniently prefering to avoid reality and their own true,  real identity)  because of unconsciously,  living the life of  somebody who  perhaps,  they are not.

If what I say has any basis for truth,   one could declare that a person not living in accordance to their “genuine-self”  would be living a fake life  – at least as regards  themselves.   On the other hand, the actions and behaviour of modern society is possibly “normal procedure” for the human race in which case, we are all on the right path. It´s just a pity we have to destroy so much in the process.

Am I starting to lose you Sir Winston?  Some of what I say must sound like gibberish.  Thank goodness Mr Midnights not around.
SW-Avatar        I´m just about coping daddy. It´s no wonder many of you are suffering.

Faking, being untrue to oneself,  avoiding your  surroundings and at the same time,  placing little  value upon being genuine;  all this seems to be a mentality,  typical for modern humans.
But why take it out on poor postage stamps? They are such pretty things.
author-Avatar       Probably because some humans believe that they can get away with their actions and make fast money.
Here´s a stamp which has been expertised. Although very small, you can notice the examiners mark and  catalogue information (such as watermark and catalogue number) in the bottom left-hand corners.

Scannen      FRONT

Scannen0001      REVERSE
SW-Avatar      That´s great!  So these four stamps are really genuine.   🙂
author-Avatar       That´s right.  I also have two other stamps lying around somewhere which I will someday, send to the examiners. They are the 1853, 1 Cent and 4 Cents  British Guiana postage stamps.

They are quite rare and I have a “feeling” that the 1 Cent stamp could be genuine. I´ll have to wait and see.
SW-Avatar      Can I have a look at it daddy?
author-Avatar       Of course. Here they are.


SW-Avatar       If these two stamps  were real, would Mr Midnight´s food rations be increased?
author-Avatar       Possibly, although it does depend on if he´s a good boy and if I decide to sell them both. Let´s keep quiet about these two Sir Winston. We don´t want to stir false hopes for Mr Midnight do we.
SW-Avatar        Sure thing. My lips are sealed.    🙂

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The “flying thing” and electricity pylons

author-Avatar   Sir Winston and myself were upstairs in the attic.  Our attic is a  rather large place and has  been comfortably  renovated so as to make a couple of extra rooms.  One of these rooms has been converted into a study, and it is the study,  where Sir Winston and myself often “hang-out”.

We  heard a commotion coming from below.

MM-Avatar   Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!


Mr Midnight darted up the stairs (taking two steps at a time) , sprinted across the attic floor towards the study and with over-excitement and excess speed, he crashed into a pile of empty removal boxes which had been neatly stacked in the corner.  The pupils in  his  eyes were as black as the night and after gathering his senses, he hasted into the study with which to inform us of his excitement.


MM-Avatar   Daddy! Daddy!,    I´ve seen the great  village flying thing!

I was basking in the sun  on the balcony when the majestic creature swooped over my head!  What a sight!   Fantastic!

author-Avatar   I´m not following you Mr Midnight (as usual) 🙂

What does he mean Sir Winston?  Mr Midnight often seems to talk in riddles.

SW-Avatar   I apologise for Mr Midnights lack of articulation.  His main interests in life seem to be aimed at either eating or sleeping.  You see what can happen if you don´t get a decent education!

He means he has seen the village stork.


About four or five years ago  a pair of storks visited our village.  Since then, they have decided to visit our village year after year; arriving in March and leaving in September.  Mr Midnight is often fascinated by the sight of them and on  rare occassions when they fly over our house, he will often go beserk with joy.


MM-Avatar   It´s such a gracious being and lives in  freedom.  I love it!  It must be great to feel so free.

SW-Avatar   You are  ALREADY free Mr Midnight.  Cats do what they want to do. It´s part of our nature.  Unlike humans, we do live in freedom. (At least those of us who are  not having to live a life of suffering because of nobody wanting  to take us home with them).

I feel sorry for human beings because although many believe that they live in freedom, the majority do not.   With which to  earn their money, they must  visit places of which most do not want to go.  They are tied to the rules and  regulations of their communities and their Governments are continually lying to them.

The problem with the “lying rulers” is that the majority of  “normal” humans  appear to be  either too lazy to do anything about the situation or they have simply given up thinking for themselves and seeking their own “truths” .

I would even go as far as to say that most humans do not really want to live in  real freedom.  True freedom seems to  be inconvenient  because  many humans  would then  have to start making their own  decisions  and take responsibility for their actions but then again, this may indeed, be the path of the human race.

MM-Avatar   At least most of us cats are free and Mr Stork seems to do alright for himself.   Where does Mr Stork live Sir Winston?

SW-Avatar   Storks often build their homes in high places.  Their homes are usually large constructions and are made out of   small spiky things  which are found littered around our kingdom.  I´m not quite sure where “our” Stork lives because as you are aware, I do not  like to venture much farther than the end of the hard surface where the noisy, smelly  things go.

author-Avatar   The hard surface thingy is called “a road” Sir Winston.  The stork has built its nest close to the river  at the other side of the village,  on one of the arms  protruding  from an  electricity pylon.

MM-Avatar   Now you´re losing me daddy. What´s  a “nest” and what is an electricity pylon?  The pylon thing sounds quite  frightening and the “protruding” word   somehow gives me the creeps.

author-Avatar      A nest is what English-speaking human beings call a home for a bird. As you should already  be aware from previous postings  Mr Midnight, a bird is what you call “a flying thing”. An electricity pylon is a man-made structure  which is built like a large tree and  which among other things,  helps to  distribute light to our house when it is dark  and keeps all our household modern appliances functioning.  Do you understand?

MM-Avatar   I think so.  A pylon is an important object which helps you get my food out of those strange, metal packages.

author-Avatar   Yes, something like that.

MM-Avatar   Anyway, what are you both up to?

SW-Avatar   Until your excited, dramatic appearance, I was lying comfortably under daddy´s desk examining some of his postal exhibits.

MM-Avatar    I really can´t understand the fascination for pieces of paper with small pictures printed upon them,  although I do find some of them nice. Can you find that nice camel stamp daddy?

author-Avatar  We´ve already shown the readers  your camel stamp  in a previous blog posting Mr Midnight. We don´t want to become  tiresome  and bore our readers  to death do we.  It´s bad enough already what with talking about storks and  electricity pylons.


The two “lads” settled down under the desk and started to examine a pile of unsorted stamps which I had recently  purchased at an auction. I started to catalogue some East German stamps.


MM-Avatar   I´ll help you sort some of daddy´s stamps   Sir Winston.  Some of them are  so old and they pong a little. I really  can´t understand the obsession  for doing this. Why does daddy  like these old things so much?

SW-Avatar   Perhaps because he enjoys  living in the past. I must say, I also  find them absorbing. It´s a little bit like  meditation.

MM-Avatar   Yes, you could say that Sir Winston. Stamps usually  make me  want to fall to sleep aswell!


We had spent about half-an-hour sifting through our collectables when all of a sudden,  Mr Midnight sprang up and   meowed loudly.

MM-Avatar    –  LOOK !   A funny looking stamp!!   A stamp just like Mr Storks house!!!!!
author-Avatar    Let me have a look.
SW-Avatar   And me please!
author-Avatar   My goodness Mr Midnight. It looks like you have found a “stamp error”.   Where´s my  German rarities catalogue?
SW-Avatar    It´s behind you daddy. Open your eyes!


I immediately found the page in the catalogue describing Mr Midnights discovery.
He had found a 1947 stamp from Saarland. It was the 75 Pf stamp bearing the catalogue number 222 I    and was the error  “Storchennest auf Turmdach” (Storks nest on Tower).


author-Avatar    What a great find Mr Midnight. Well done. It´s a remarkable piece because it´s still joined to another 75 Pf stamp not  showing  the error.
MM-Avatar   Storks seem to be quite popular at the moment. Little pieces of paper collecting is not such a bad idea after all. Can we show the readers my find daddy?
author-Avatar   Oh all right. I don´t wish to bore them but your discovery is a remarkable find.  By the way,  just in case as  Sir Winston has already  pointed out,  you can´t see so well, the “nest” is on the right stamp on the top  of the right tower.


SW  Sifting through piles of postage stamps is quite  exhausting. I think I´ll crash-out on this nice plastic bag if you don´t mind.

MM-Avatar   And I`m going  to dream about  storks and electricity pylons.  🙂

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Taking things too seriously (Eurovision Song Contest and Philately)

author-Avatar  Last night,  Mr Midnight, Sir Winston and myself did something we very rarely do.  We sat on the sofa and watched the Eurovision Song Contest.

MM-Avatar ……and I must say that I was bored to tears and that it is an occurence which I will not repeat. If it hadn´t have been for the nice food-sticks lying on the table then I would have gone out earlier. Humans  tend to take things  too seriously.

author-Avatar What do you mean by claiming  we tend to take things too seriously?

MM-Avatar That German reporter bloke (Herr Peter Urban)  kept on complaining that the German contestant was not as bad as she had been made out to be.  As it became even more apparent that the poor girl was going to be near the bottom of the ranking table, Mr Urban seemed to not understand the world anymore.

The show is only light human entertainment. One shouldn´t take it all so seriously. As a matter of fact, humans shouldn´t take themselves too seriously either.

Daddy is now  used to his country (England) losing at the Eurovision (and at most other sporting events as well) and seems to be now immune from such defeats. He just doesn´t take things too seriously.(most of the time)  😉

author-Avatar Well I couldn´t agree more Mr Midnight. I think  I´ll be joining you next year if you decide to go out instead of watching the show.

SW-Avatar I found it quite interesting with some of the acts having a bit of professionalism about them – but there again, my high-demands of what is to be termed  as  being quality, demanding music,  generally  ascend  much higher than what I saw last night. I think my favourites were Italy, Holland and Norway.

author-Avatar I also found Italy to have a certain amount of sophistication within the music.

MM-Avatar Well as you already know, I wasn´t keen on hardly any of it.  Most singers tended to “shout” or “scream” their message as though singing as loud (and screechingly) as possibile means that you are a better singer. In my opinion it is the power behind  a singers voice which gives quality to a song and the art of singing powerfully (with a certain softness) seems to be a task many are incapable of. Still, I don´t take it all too seriously so it doesn´t matter.

SW-Avatar I believe that Mr Midnight is correct in thinking that what seems to count in this contest is how loud you are.  Other factors of which the majority of the audience seem to love,  seems to be the colourful special effects, the lightly clad ladies and the shambles of the televoting system.

MM-Avatar You can say that again Sir Winston!  What  a shambles!  It´s all seems to be like a great big kindergarten (naturally without the lightly clad ladies!).

author-Avatar I suppose that  if one doesn´t take it all so seriously the Eurovision can be acceptable to watch. I vow virtually every year to never watch it again but when May comes around  (and I have no other appointments) it will  usually take me within its grasp.

SW-Avatar If they want to get a bit more professionalism and higher standards  into the show  then they should at least change the voting system and strip away some of  the razzamattaz so that the “Song” is in the foreground of things.Dancing, acrobatics and acts which lean towards a more “idiotic” sense of song may appeal to the masses  but have hardly anything to do with the main object of the show – that of finding out who has the best “Song”. But maybe the Eurovision committee doesn´t want the show to become  too professional.  Some of its viewers may not understand it anymore.

Out of the 26 competitors, 5 were  Scandinavian countries and 11 were from Eastern or South Eastern European  countries.  At least the voting audience do not  take this Song Contest seriously because most seem to  only vote for their neighbouring countries. With such a large dominance of North European and East European countries; it´s no wonder that last nights  voting was heavily swayed towards Scandinavian or eastern european countries. It´s the same every year, regardless of what countries are involved.

Mr Urban – don´t take this contest to heart!  The Eurovision Song Contest is just for fun and not a music institution for high standards of quality. (Although some of the acts are still professional)

.MM-Avatar I understand that originally, the Eurovision Song Contest originated as a platform  with which to help unknown musicians find stardom. Nowadays, anybody seems to be able to get on the show (especially those having influential people behind them).

author-Avatar Next time the Eurovision is on, I`m going to sort through some of my philatelic items instead. Its certainly more fun and a nice way with which to close the day.

SW-Avatar Can you remember last week daddy when I accidentally trod on your stamps? I´m glad to say that you have a sense of humour.

author-Avatar At first I was a little startled,  but then I thought that worse things  happen than having a stamp pierced.   When I had managed to pull the pierced stamp off your claw I couldn´t help but be amused. You had punched  a hole through Mr Ulbricht of the old  East German regime.

SW-Avatar I believe that Mr Walter  Ulbricht was the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (East).

author-Avatar That´s correct Sir Winston.  It really made me laugh, especially when you were hobbling around the room with Mr Ulbricht clinging to your foot.

MM-Avatar Thank goodness it wasn´t one of your rare stamps daddy otherwise you may not have seen the funny side of things.

author-Avatar Thats quite  possible as well Mr Midnight but I still believe that I would have tried to have not taken  things too seriously.

MM-Avatar Can you show me that funny stamp with the camels printed on it? Before having seen this stamp, I hadn´t seen a camel before. It is a strange creature.

author-Avatar You mean the Sudan Telepgraph stamp from 1898?

MM-Avatar Yes that´s the  one.  Why don´t the readers try and guess what the third camel from the back of the queue is saying?  He is the camel who is   turning his head backwards towards the two chappies behind him. Show the stamp please daddy.

author-Avatar Mr Midnight´s favourite stamp.


MM-Avatar I think the third camel is saying something like:-

” I don´t wish to make a fuss but I think we´re going in the wrong direction!”

SW-Avatar and I think he´s saying:-

“Shouldn´t we be going over there?” or “Do any of you two chappies know who´s leading this train?”

author-Avatar I would be open to any further  suggestions.

Who said that philately is boring and for old men?  If you don´t take philately too seriously  it can be rather inspiring and a lot of fun. Of course if you do take philately seriously, it can also be inspiring and a lot of fun!

MM-Avatar I didn´t say your hobby was for old men daddy. It must have been somebody else. Still, you seem to be inspired and have bags of fun either when you take philately  seriously,  or not. What a great way to get through life!

Take good care of yourselves!

author-Avatar Today is the 1st of  May – a public bank holiday in  Germany, which although being related to the celtic  festival of Beltane and the Germanic festival of Walpurgis with  pagan origins,  had first been made  a German  public bank holiday in 1933 by the Third Reich.


A national bank holiday postcard from 1934. (From my philatelic collection).

This now  allows me a little extra time to write another short piece on my blog. The motto of the day by the German Trade Unions  on this “Tag der Arbeit”  is the worthy causes relating to  the “Euro crisis” and solidarity.

MM-Avatar I   don´t understand the fascination for wanting to collect brown pieces of hard paper with disturbing pictures upon them. The gentlemen on the postcard  don´t even  seem to be having a good time. Their faces are as long as a wet weekend.  Just look at all the happiness and joy on their  faces. I thought you said it was a public holiday?

author-Avatar The postcard is from a different period of time Mr Midnight. In those days there was not much fun and games, although by the expressions on their faces, the postcard could also have been taken from today (but obviously without the ominous flags of the past flying  in the background).

MM-Avatar Are there any postcards with gloomy looking cats printed upon them from yesteryear? I can´t imagine that my ancestors never had much fun and games.

author-Avatar I suspect that cats have always had fun. You avoid living complicated lifestyles and know how to look after yourselves properly.


Mr Midnight unexpectedly felt an itch on  his back and with his  legs spread-eagled, he quickly started licking the irritating area with which to relieve himself. At the same time, Sir Winston crawled out from underneath the security of the sofa and noticing Mr Midnights intensive “care-program”, he too, plopped down infront of me and started washing himself behind his ears and over his head with his paw.


SW-Avatar It´s most important to look after oneself  properly daddy. I love to keep myself  nice and clean and my body actively flexible for lifes many situations.

author-Avatar That sounds quite reasonable Sir Winston and  I must admit, unlike  us humans,  you cats do tend to  take care of yourselves properly. You keep yourselves clean. You eat only what you need to eat (occasionally Mr Midnight does over-indulge a little although his figure still stays the same, the lucky devil). You take plenty of exercise and most importantly, you sleep enough with which to regenerate your body cells.

We humans are supposedly, the most intelligent creatures  upon the planet, but we do seem to  have massive problems in getting the basics right.

MM-Avatar Sorry for having to attend to that itch. I couldn´t quite  locate the little whippersnapper. Now where were we?

author-Avatar Basically, I was just talking about the difficulties  human beings have of  taking care of themselves properly. Even when  we have a public holiday, most of us find it  difficult to relax. We seem to always be working.

SW-Avatar I have read that  humans now seem to like contracting your new illness called burnout syndrome. It seems to be   getting quite popular.

MM-Avatar I´m sorry to have to keep asking questions but what the hell is burnout?

author-Avatar It´s an emotional illness that eats you up from within because of prolonged stress situations, nervousness and tiredness being just a couple characteristics being related to this illness. Put  simply, one is  overwhelmed by lifes persuasions that one literally “burns-up” .

MM-Avatar Good grief, do you think Sir Winstons friend from the last posting, squirrel, has burnout. He´s nervous most of the time.

SW-Avatar I think squirrels are allowed to have burnout because it is part of their nature.

author-Avatar Well I´m not sure about that Sir Winston but if you´re correct, squirrel does seem to be able to cope with his burnout.

MM-Avatar You never hear about “burnt-out” cats. Why do you all have to take life so seriously and be obsessed about collecting those paper things with numbers printed upon them.

SW-Avatar You should all learn to try and take care of yourselves.

author-Avatar Music sometimes works to calm the senses.

SW-Avatar “Music” is  the word you use for making a (pleasant or not so pleasant) noise with strange looking objects. Although I am a bit of a fan of daddies artist, Ryuichi Sakamoto, I know of another artist by the name of “The Three Degrees”. (whatever that should mean)       🙂

In 1975. they wrote a piece of music called “Take good care of yourself”. If humans like music so much, why do they not digest the wisdom of some of the lyrics they like?

author-Avatar Possibly because we forget things very quickly and are too wrapped up in our working environments. We have a lot of wisdom but often choose not to use it.

MM-Avatar Well that sounds whacky to me. You think you know everything and choose not to use it. Very sensible.

Chill out and try to  be as cool as us cats.

SW-Avatar Humans need time to sort things out Mr Midnight. One day, they may get “it”.

author-Avatar Although having  not much relevance to economics and the workplace, our “little talk”  reminds me of a formula I learnt at school in physics.

MM-Avatar I´m not even going to ask what physics means!    😉

author-Avatar Work = Force  x Distance.  In physics, the factor “Work” is expressed in Joules, Force in Newtons and Distance in Meters.

MM-Avatar You´ve lost me already. I think Sir Winston has to take over. Maybe he can explain this “physics” stuff  to me later.

SW-Avatar Can I take over daddy? I think I know what you want to say.

author-Avatar Go ahead Sir Winston.

SW-Avatar If today is the “Tag der Arbeit”, (Day of Work), then we could try and use the formula in a diferrent way. For example:-

The factor “Work” is displayed on the left hand side and has a factor of 100%.

The factors “Force ” and  “Distance” are displayed on the righthand  side and together, equal 100%.  The equation must remain balanced.

We could define  the “work” factor as being the total amount of pay we receive for our labours.

“”Force” is the amount of effort we put into our labours and “Distance” could be the length of time we work attending to our labours.

Thus: To receive our 100% wage we have to put in a certain amount of effort and time. (A 100% wage could be the figure we agreed on when having attained employment.)

If the “work” factor is increased (because of demands for more money) then would it not be logical to assume that either the “time” factor, or the effort we put in, must also be increased with which to maintain an even status-quo?

author-Avatar I couldn´t have put it better myself Sir Winston, although what we have just stated is rather basic and requires other factors and variables.

SW-Avatar But at least to a certain degree, it would explain why so many humans have now contracted this burnout syndrome.  Many place their dissatisfactions and burnout problems solely on the workplace and avoid the possibility that spare time and family matters are ALSO a contributing factor towards contracting burnout.

author-Avatar If we want more money from our employers, then as the example above may illustrate, we may have to put more effort into our labours which at some future point, may result in an overload of bodily functions and burnout.

Because our societies are based on creating money, our labouring must also be financed by somebody, somewhere.  Nothing is for  free in the societies we have created but  perhaps we should try and not place so much importance upon always wanting more money.  If being honest, it doesn´t seem to make us really happy does it.

MM-Avatar You have totally baffled me so I think I´m going to have a light snack and then I am going to get some “shut-eye”.

SW-Avatar Please people, take care of yourselves. Chill out, slow down, and be kind to yourselves a little more.

author-Avatar Thanks for your time. Until next time, bye for now.

Very Inspiring Blogger Award Nomination


author-Avatar  I wasn´t going to post anything for the next two weeks because of my visitors who are arriving shortly. Sir Winston has already sneaked off into the cellar with which to prepare himself for his voluntary two week avoidance  of being too close to strangers.  He is not very social – especially towards people he does not know.

However, the lads and myself were quite honoured to have been nominated  the     “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” from                                                              chynawithay @ for our meagre efforts at attempting to make humans more aware of their environment. We were especially surprised because we have only just set off on the road to blogging.

MM-Avatar SW-Avatar  Thank you very much chynawithay @    🙂    🙂    for appreciating our Blog!

author-Avatar We are truly honoured that somebody appreciates what we put out and wish to thank the small bunch of followers and people out there who have “liked” some of our posts.

By the way, Mr Midnight asked if there was also a “food-prize” going with the  award but obviously, I had to let him down.  I will however, make it up to him  the next time I visit my local  supermarket.


The rules for the award are as follows:-

1. Display the award logo on your blog (top).
2. Link back to the person who nominated you (below logo)
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 7 other bloggers for this award and link to them (below 7 things).
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

SW-Avatar Humans love making rules. 🙂

author-Avatar Rule 3, 7 things about myself.

1.     I was born and raised in the UK. (Mr Midnight and Sir Winston are both past residents of Thuringia, Eastern Germany.)

2.     I believe in individuality and freedom; as do Mr Midnight and Sir Winston.

3.     Because of my inner desire to attempt to build more awareness for our everyday actions (attitude and behaviour), I published my first non-fiction book “Nice Place, Shame About the Human Race” in December of 2012.

4.     I love most  music genres, especially classic, light jazz and 80s pop.  Sir Winston also loves classic, particularly  Schubert and strangely enough, experimental works a la Ryuichi Sakamoto.  Mr Midnight is a devout Depeche Mode fan, especially liking the albums “Playing the Angel” and the latest one, “Delta Machine”. I think it is because he simply adores analogue keyboards and because he loves wearing black himself. 🙂

5.     I also like playing around with my keyboards.

MM-Avatar Daddy´s musical  antics usually do not have much in common with melody and harmony.  Actually, it is quite a strain on the ears!

author-Avatar Thank you Mr Midnight.

6.     I am a philatelist. I often seek solitude in discovering  past events  on little pieces of paper. My main area of interest being German philately, especially of the old German states.

7.     Jogging clears my mind for lifes many trials.


And now,  rule 4,  my Blog nominations. (not in any specific order)

1.    –  because this blog simply helps to brighten our world.

2.     –  a light read, just as though one is sitting in a coffee shop. This one is also one of Sir Winston´s favourite blogs.

3.    –  my main occupation is also in the fashion industry. A great source for ideas, individuality and also, very professional.

4. (      – this blog has a fascination for photos of fences. I love the idea because it is slightly whacky and because fences, walls and boundaries are  in the heads of most of us in  modern society. Nice idea from an interesting angle.

5.      – inspirational, with life viewed from a spiritual angle.

6.     – a nice blog and filled with encouraging wisdom.

7.     – honest, encouraging, down to earth stuff. I really enjoy reading her articles.


author-AvatarMM-AvatarSW-Avatar  The three of us thank all of you who have enjoyed reading our Blog so far. We´ll get back to you after “the visitors” have gone their seperate ways.