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Your own true self

DSCN0658       Can you remember anything at all?  It seems a very long time ago.

DSCN0664       I haven´t the foggiest idea of what you´re going on about Mr. Midnight.  I wish you´d ask things with a proper “lead-up” instead of just jumping in with half a question half the time. Could you kindly explain?

DSCN0663       You know what I mean. You know, before we came into this world as what English speaking people call “a cat”.

I have no recollections but I “feel” so much vibrancy and the flow of energy surrounding me is truly amazing.  I also  instinctively know that the  energy comes from a very long way back.

DSCN0652       Ah, I see what you mean.  You mean the soft, warm flow of energy radiating from somewhere within you which interacts with the energy surrounding us.

I´m not 100% certain but I do know that that golden glow is very ancient and guides me through my present life.

It´s wonderful isn´t it and it´s  nice to know that we´ll never really know for sure in this life.

DSCN0655       I can even taste the energy in my fur.

It´s something very special which exists in everything in the universe.  And to think that we´ve experienced it so many times before.

Do you think humans are aware of the energy and all the possibilities which surround them Sir Winston?

DSCN0631       I very much doubt it.  Humans are “too fixed in their ways”.  I bet some are still  open for other possibilities though.

Daddy tells me many stories about his experiences and some of those stories border on the exact same knowledge that us cats and other animals possess.

MM-Avatar       But the energies are truly fantastic.  If one is open to life, one becomes very susceptible to the wonders of life.  One has to be careful though.  Although one can protect oneself, one has to be careful that one doesn´t “soak-up”  too much negative energy generated from other beings.

SW-Avatar       Too right Mr. Midnight. Many of us so-called “domesticated” animals have to be careful we do not take-in too much negative energy from our human masters.

I think that´s why humans like us. Domesticated animals help calm humans by taking human negative energies away from them.   And then we animals get lumbered with their energy – that is, if one hasn´t protected oneself properly.

MM-Avatar       Daddy has also mentioned something about energy between humans.  He said that sometimes after having a conversation with somebody, he occasionally felt so tired.   That´s the same experience I often have.  Some “beings” tire me out with their energy.

SW-Avatar       That´s most probably because the “lower energy” will always be attracted to the “higher frequency” and will thus, unconsciously deplete the higher energies sources.

MM-Avatar       Well at least I know how to protect myself from such “bad energies”.

I just put my purple bubble around me and remain being my “true-self”.

SW-Avatar       That´s easy to say if you know who your true-self really is.

From my observations, many humans just seem to live life with a facade.  They live their lives how they have been told they should do, based on expectations from others, but are they really their true selves?  That is the question.

MM-Avatar       And that is probably why there is a lot of “negative energy” floating around at the moment.

The majority of people are not really satisfied or happy with their lives.

SW-Avatar       Then it´s time to start discovering oneself isn´t it.

MM-Avatar       Purrrhaps those feeling a lot of negative energy at the moment chose the experience before they came back down to Earth again.  If they did, then everything’s all hunky dory isn´t it.

Thank goodness I wanted to experience life as a cat this time around. My energies are totally switched on.

SW-Avatar       Well not everybody can choose to be a cat can they.

MM-Avatar      Give me four Sir Winston!  It´s great being a cat!      DSCN0621


Take a break and discover yourself !

It was a dry, but windy day, and Mr. Midnight and Sir Winston were both sitting next to one another in the middle of the garden. They just sat there,  gazing at the sky and  dreamily watching “life go by” as the wind ruffled their fur. After about 15 minutes of sitting silently  (a very long time when sitting motionless!) Mr. Midnight decided it was about time he broke the silence.  He quickly licked his paw,  attending to an itch behind his right ear, and spoke to Sir Winston.

MM-Avatar       It´s not bad for the time of year is it Sir Winston.  The “air angels” feel great ruffling my fur. I love it when they massage my body.

SW-Avatar       You´re getting to be like daddy – an Englishman.  People from that country also love talking about the weather, but yes, it´s certainly a fine day.  A pity the humans can´t slow down like us cats because then they would also be able to notice how much is actually “going on” in life.

MM-Avatar       I don´t think the humans have much capacity left to observe how wonderful life really is.  Most of them are too stressed up to even notice the beauty of life what with their electronic gadgetry, their obsessions for that flimsy stuff with numbers printed upon them and their fascinations for habitually living their lives as “victims” of society.  Oh yes, they love wallowing in their victimhood role.

SW-Avatar       “Modern” humans never seem to be satisfied either.

MM-Avatar       I suppose that’s because they are unable to live their lives in true freedom.  Their societies, especially their Governments, are very good at destroying possible avenues to live life in “true freedom”.

Most humans seem to be scared stiff of “change” and love being told what to do.  Their Governments have an easy task of manipulating their people because they continually use the theme of “fear” to be able to do what they want with them.

For example, fear about terrorists – hence the craze for monitoring everything with their obsessions for total electronic observation.

SW-Avatar       George Orwell´s 1984 here we come !!!

MM-Avatar       Fear about not being able to decrease debt levels is another example,   hence the German Governments stringent act of maintaining high tax levels for the majority (but not for the really rich or large international companies!) even though the German tax revenue  breaks taxation records year after year.

There´s fear about foreign human beings taking jobs away from local residents – hence the growing unease and troubles in modern society.

And there seems to be a lot of fear that one may have to work a few years longer than in the past, and so on and so on, to name just a few areas of “living in angst”.

SW-Avatar       My goodness. Do you think “modern” humans are really so insecure Mr. Midnight?

MM-Avatar       It looks that way to me.

SW-Avatar       Perhaps humans should also go and sit in the garden for 15 minutes every now and then.  They would soon find out how to calm down a little.

MM-Avatar       You´re right there Sir Winston.  As a rule, “modern” human beings are not very good at taking care of themselves are they.  If they could only grasp the importance of at least creating a small island once a day in which to slow down and to discover who they really are and what they really want from life.

SW-Avatar       Some humans do seem to be on the right path but sadly, the majority are too engrossed in their modern  gadgetry or of tending  to their busy schedules.

You´d never see a cat madly running around all over the place.  We´re aware of how to lead a satisfying life!

MM-Avatar       And that is to live life in the moment because in the moment is where life happens!

SW-Avatar       Exactly.   Humans – please take a break, enjoy your lives and take the time to discover yourself.

You only have one life (in this life) you know.    🙂



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The secret to happiness (from a cats point of view).

MM-Avatar       I like human beings.  They make me laugh.  They are sometimes so comical but at the same time, I often feel sorry for them.

SW-Avatar       I´m quite fond of them too but why do you feel sorry for them?

MM-Avatar       They seem to be always searching for something but hardly ever seem to find what they are so desperately searching for.  That´s kind of sad isn´t it.

SW-Avatar       Could you be more specific Mr. Midnight.  I´m not quite following you.  I haven´t noticed anything out of the ordinary – after all, they are ONLY human beings.

MM-Avatar       Well I´m quite aware that humans are not as open towards life as we cats and other animals but shouldn´t humans not at least be satisfied about the way they  go about things.  After all, they choose to live their lives in such a way.  They do have a choice.  We cats have to accept their “strange” ways of living.

SW-Avatar       Humans are rather poor creatures aren´t they. They make all the calls and are often dissatisfied with the outcome.  I suppose one can´t help feeling sorry for them.

They have all the possibilities in the world with which to make themselves happy but they often fail to reach this normal state of existence. It seems that they avoid expecting the best in life. They obviously do not trust themselves otherwise the very idea of “expecting the best in life” would be taken for granted.

Do you know what seems to be missing?

MM-Avatar       Of course.  Happiness!

Humans are often quite  negative in their approach to things and when they do have a good time, it appears to be quite superficial.

SW-Avatar       And as you so rightly put it, the poor things appear to be on a constant search for their  “Raison d’être“.

MM-Avatar       What´s a Raison d’être Sir W?    It sounds rather purrrculiar to me.

SW-Avatar       It would Mr. Midnight.  It´s a French word.  Humans from a place called France speak such a language. Raison d’être simply means “reason for existence”.

MM-Avatar       Well thank goodness daddy comes from that gloomy, damp place they call England.  I understand his manner of speaking.  By the way, what´s the word for “a cat” in that Frenchy country?

SW-Avatar       Le Chat

MM-Avatar       I´m not into all that chatting and stuff. Modern humans also  seem to love their chatting, twittering, blogging and whatever.  French cats are obviously very sociable but the life they lead does sound rather tiring.  All that interfurrrence!

I suspect that continual chattering and talking can be fun but I suppose it depends upon what one decides to talk about.

SW-Avatar       Humans do appear to rabbit on and on don´t they.  They just love “doing things”.

MM-Avatar       And usually very loud things!

SW-Avatar       I think it´s because humans tend to go through life  “thinking” things too much  most of  the time.

MM-Avatar       So you´re saying that humans should switch  their “thinking caps”  off once in a while?

SW-Avatar       I think I must be.  If they did  they would stand a better  chance of being  more in-touch with themselves instead of them  continually surrounding their lives with chronic  interference.

You see, they all seem to want to be happy but the majority seem incapable of relieving themselves from their habitual “thinking modus”.

MM-Avatar       But if humans stopped “thinking” then they wouldn´t develop would they.

SW-Avatar       And so they should carry on “thinking”.  I was only trying to make the point that  “thinking” too much  easily detracts  from a  souls true source.

Thoughts are an accumulation of experiences and input from various sources . . . .

MM-Avatar       . . . .tomato sauce?  That´s yummy!

SW-Avatar       Please remain serious for a moment Mr. Midnight. Allow me to carry on, I wanted to explain.

Humans react the way they do because of their accumulated experiences and because of  what their cultures expect of them.  Humans are led to believe that what others tell them (authority etc.)   is the truth and  ONLY the  truth.  Please don´t get me wrong Mr. Midnight, “thinking” is a necessity for human development but by placing too much emphasis upon getting through life by “thinking” all the time, one automatically avoids the absolute necessity to “feel”  life as well.

Feelings are the instinctive force within every living creature.  Instinct is a natural state of “feeling”.  If humans were able to truly “feel” more in life,  then they wouldn´t have to keep searching for that something which is apparently missing in their lives.  All of the wisdom  of our universe is buried deep within every living soul.  One really doesn´t need to go searching the never-ending, vast spectrum of the universe.  All of its secrets are to be found within every living soul – especially the souls of humans.

MM-Avatar       Wow, that´s fantastic Sir W.!  All  the answers to life lay waiting within each individual.  You wouldn´t believe it by looking at them would you.  Human beings only need to discover the beauty of THEIR TRUE SELF and hey presto – their lives get sweeter!

SW-Avatar       Well that seems to be the problem Mr. Midnight.  As oppose to other creatures on the planet human beings  generally avoid displaying any deep signs of  “feeling” – especially when they are  in public.  I think it´s because they feel that they could get hurt in some way.

MM-Avatar       They don´t seem to have much of a problem when they want to display their negative emotions and feelings or their  positive emotions when they visit a sporting event, such as when at a  football match when the players kiss one another when scoring a goal.

SW-Avatar       Although I´m not into human dictatorship philosophy, if I was President of the Planet, I would make it a rule that everybody must own a stamp album.  That way, the poor human race would be able to calm down and be forced to relax a little.

I am, only joking of course!    Humour is also one of the special ingredients for happiness.  Please don´t lose your humour as well!

MM-Avatar       Poor things, they must be scared to death.  They obviously do not trust themselves. They are always suffering aren´t they.

If they could only tap into their “feeling modus” more often and leave their “thinking caps” at home once in a while they would be amazed at the results.  Their long onward searching journey would come to a sudden end and then they could just be happy – by “being” and “feeling”.

SW-Avatar       Doors would suddenly open-up and they would eventually discover true empathy, satisfaction in life, compassion and love in  forms they never thought possible.

MM-Avatar       Do you think daddy is going to open the kitchen door Sir W. because my tummy´s rumbling again.  It must be because of all those thoughts about feeling.   🙂

SW-Avatar       If it makes you happy, I´m sure daddy will find a snack for you.


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The path of least resistance

DSCN0674       Are you sure you can manage Mr. Midnight?   The whole idea seems barmy and far  too  precarious for my liking.

MM-Avatar      If you could just pipe down for a second I would be able to concentrate better.  It´s not easy you know.

SW-Avatar       I can see that.  You wouldn´t get me up there at this hour in the morning.  The fence keeps swaying from side to side.  Don´t fall down!

MM-Avatar        I won´t fall down if you kindly refrain from distracting me.


Sir Winston could understand the fun in wanting to walk along the top of the fence but he couldn´t understand why Mr. Midnight had chosen to do it on such a windy day.  The wood panel fence looked rather flimsy and was obviously, not very stable.


SW-Avatar       Well done Mr. Midnight, you´ve nearly reached the other side. Just watch you don´t knock those low lying branches with your tail.  They could spring back and catch you unawares!


Mr. Midnight ignored Sir Winstons wise words.  If Sir Winston could do it any better then why doesn´t  he have a go, he thought to himself.  At that exact moment he then reached the otherside of the fence and he sprang onto the low roof of the garden shed.


MM-Avatar       There you go Sir W.  Easy peasy pudding and pie!  I made it.

SW-Avatar       Well it looked a lot of fun but why you had to go and take such a difficult path to get to the shed I´ll never know.  You could have just trotted over the lawn and sprang up onto the rain barrel next to the shed.  It would have been a lot easier.

MM-Avatar       Why does everything have to be easy in life?

It´s more fun taking the “high road” than the low and the view from the top of the fence is a lot better than if I went across the green stuff.  The fence is so narrow and scary but the feat made me feel alive.

SW-Avatar       You often appear to take the narrowest path in life and the fence is indeed, very narrow.

MM-Avatar       Habitually, humans tend to take the wide and fast road in life. That´s why they seem to develop so slowly.  They believe they haven´t any time to lose and  usually prefer to take what is believed to be the “easiest path” in life.

SW-Avatar       You mean the path of least resistance?

I´ve often noticed that with humans.  They seem to believe that if they can cut corners  then  they will reach their goals more satisfyingly.

MM-Avatar       Which I believe is a load of codswallop.

The easiest path just gets you to where ever you want to go that much faster. It doesn´t necessarily mean that one has understood or  mastered the task at hand. The easy path just means that one reaches ones goal by putting in as little effort as possible,  which although appearing logical, will not always be the best path.

A line from my favourite music band, Depeche Mode, states that “the narrowest path is the holiest”

SW-Avatar       Well there´s certainly a lot of holes in that fence Mr. Midnight. You´d think daddy would get it sorted wouldn´t you.

MM-Avatar       I don´t mean the fence Sir W.

If people take the path of least resistance then they aren´t going to learn very much in life are they.   I mean, one has to put time and effort into something to properly understand its real meaning and to gain  genuine satisfaction.

If one takes the path of least resistance, at the end of the day, that easiest path may in actual fact, have been the steepest.  It´s easy to be lazy and convenient early on in life but when in ones twilight years,  that trodden so-called “easier path” may in fact,  turn out to be the hardest path ever taken.

SW-Avatar       So you´re saying that “the path of least resistance” is in actual fact, possibly the path with the most resistance?

MM-Avatar       I think to a certain extent,  you have it in a nutshell.  The easiest path is possibly  only the easiest at the beginning.   It´s  sometimes better to  hit the harder road and to do ones homework properly than to try and cut corners in life.

SW-Avatar       Perhaps that´s why many humans tend to  get very ill in their later years.  It´s not because of their bodies getting older but because of their convenient habits and attitudes of yesteryear.

Poor things. You have to feel sorry for them don´t you.

MM-Avatar       That´s why I wanted to walk the narrow ledge of the fence.  It was a challenge and I´ve gained experience.  It would have been easy to run across the soft, green stuff to get to the shed.  Where´s all the excitement in that?

SW-Avatar       I suppose you´re right Mr. Midnight.

Although sometimes,  life can be quite  tiring,  it´s often worth the effort to occasionally take a challenge in which to discover the real secrets of life.

I think I´ll have a go now.  I may be a bit heavier and more cumbersome than you are Mr. Midnight, but that´s all part of the challenge isn´t it.

Make way for Sir Winston, the incredible, balancing  Black Forest cat!


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Comfy places

SW-Avatar       What did you want to go and do that for?  This lovely box has turned upside down leaving us with no possiblilty of escape.

MM-Avatar       I wanted to clamber into it and must have caught myself on the sides of the box.  Did you see the flip it made?  Great wasn´t it.  It flew into the air and landed beautifully on top of us both.  Now we´re trapped inside this cosy box.

I love boxes!  They´re one of the better things in life  which the humans have invented.

SW-Avatar       I´m not saying that  it was a bad idea – afterall, boxes small or large, or also my hobby, but I found the box better when it was sitting with its base on the carpet.

MM-Avatar      Now we´ve managed to get a roof over our heads.  🙂

SW-Avatar       But we already had the house roof over our heads before we started.

Oh never mind.  I guess it´s all  rather exciting.  Have you switched  your “night lights” on?

MM-Avatar       You bet!  You can´t beat the old  night modus eyes.  I love this box Sir Winston.  There´s just enough room for the both of us if you budge over a little.  It´s nice to feel cardboard pressed against my back.

SW-Avatar       I think it smells rather musty.  I wonder where this box has been.

MM-Avatar       From the smell of things, I´d say that it contained some of those old bits of paper  which daddy collects.

SW-Avatar       You mean his postage stamps.  Judging by the smell and the fact that I´ve just put my foot on one  which must have been trapped within the flaps  of the box, I think you may be right.

MM-Avatar       Oh dear, I hope It wasn´t one of his favourite ones. I won´t say anything if you don´t.

SW-Avatar       A deal. My lips are sealed.

MM-Avatar       Give me five!


SW-Avatar       It´s nice in this box but it´s getting a little bit stuffy.  Can´t you make a breathing hole in the side or something?

MM-Avatar       No sweat!.  Let me get my teeth around that beautiful dry cardboard.


10 minutes passed by.


MM-Avatar       Shush Sir Winston.  I spy a human leg through the hole I´ve just made.  We don´t want to get its attention do we.

SW-Avatar       And why not. By the time you´ve managed to eat your way out of this box it´ll be time for our evening meal and then you´ll have indegestion again from having swallowed little bits of cardboard.

If we both lean onto the side of the box we may be able to roll it over.

MM-Avatar       Oh what fun.  Let´s go for it.  Give me another five!


SW-Avatar       It´s too cramped in here  to keep giving “high fives”.  Let´s do all that later.  Come on, lets  lean on the sides of the box.


After having wrestled with the box for a long time they both managed to relieve themselves of its burden.


SW-Avatar       I´m totally whacked.  All that excitement and hard work has made me rather sleepy.

MM-Avatar       I don´t know what you´re moaning for – I was the one who was doing most of the work!


They both sat next to one another and eyed the human legs.


MM-Avatar       Those legs belong to daddy.  I think he´s taking a nap on the sofa.  He seems to like his comfy sofa.

I´m going to go over  and curl up next to him.  His body heat is great for my bones. Humans are purrrfect heat generators.

SW-Avatar       And I´m going to jump up onto his lap and pad my paws into him.  I love sitting on humans, but only humans who aren´t strangers. Humans make perfect chairs – they are so comfy.

MM-Avatar       Honestly Sir Winston.  You are purrrculiar!

Don´t pad your claws in too deep will you.  You know that humans aren´t too fond of it, although I can´t figure out why.  I love spreading my paws and digging deep.

We live a very comfortable life don´t we Sir Winston.

author-Avatar       Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh – your claws!!!!!!!!

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Breathe !

The fresh easterly wind ruffled Sir Winstons fur but he didn´t seem to mind.  He  sat, as still as a statue,  in the middle of the garden with his back turned towards  Mr Midnights vantage point.

Mr Midnight contemplated that Sir Winston was most purrrculiar; most purrrculiar indeed.

He believed that sitting in chilly drafts was bad for your health and that he wouldn´t do a daft thing like that  – not for all the food-sticks on the planet.

Goofy Sir Winston; whatever will he be up to next, he thought.

Because he couldn´t understand Sir Winstons strange behaviour he decided it was time to find out what all this “funny” stuff was all about. He´d observed that  Sir Winston had been faffing about all week with his “silent positions”  and now Mr Midnights inquisitive nature had finally taken hold.  He was going to get to the bottom of it all.

He stretched, yawned, then jumped down from the porch steps and casually meandered over to where Sir Winston quietly sat.

Not wanting to disturb him, Mr Midnight politely whispered . . . . . .

DSCN0629        Sir Winston,  are you alright?


Nothing happened.


Mr Midnight spoke a little louder.

MM-Avatar       Sir Winston old boy, may I enquire if  everything is all  Ship-shape and Bristol fashion with you?  You seem to be so . . . . . er,   detached from yourself.


There was no motion from Sir Winston.  He sat as still as ever.

MM-Avatar       Are you still alive?   It´s getting a bit nippy in this cold wind.  I don´t think you should be out here;  you´ll get pawwly if you carry on like this.


Not knowing what to do next,  Mr Midnight decided to prod Sir Winston with one of his paws.

DSCN0631       What did you do that for?   I was happily breathing-in life.

MM-Avatar       I was getting worried.  You looked so spaced-out.  I´m not used to that.  You started to frighten me a little.

By the way, what do you mean by you were breathing-in life?

SW-Avatar     I was practicing my breathing technique.  I think humans call it “meditation” or mindfulness  or something.

I don´t know why humans have to “label” everything, because there is really nothing to it.  One just has to “breathe”; concentrating on the air flowing through ones nose and  when it is released through the mouth.

MM-Avatar       I thought we just breathed air and didn´t  have to think  about it.

SW-Avatar       You don´t have to think about it Mr Midnight.  Cats live in the moment anyway and we´re always “breathing-in life” but  I´ve been trying to perfect myself these last couple of weeks.

MM-Avatar       Purrrfect yourself?  Whatever for?  If you ask me, you´ll catch your death sitting in the middle of the garden on a cold windy day such as today.

SW-Avatar       When I concentrate on my breathing I can feel the air flowing through my body and the sweet taste of life.  I am aware of my lungs moving in and out and after a time, I become oblivious to my surroundings. I can only “feel” my body.  I am “in the moment” and nothing can disturb my inner peace – apart from when somebody prods me in my back with their paw.  🙂

MM-Avatar       Sorry for disturbing you Sir Winston. I didn´t mean to.

I don´t know where you get such ideas  from but your “breathing technique” seems to work wonders.  The humans don´t seem to breathe properly at all so you can´t have gotten the idea off them.  Did Mr Dog from next door inform you?

SW-Avatar       Well actually,  although Mr Dog and his owners have recently just got back from a tour  in a region of our planet they call the Himalaya, such notions are ingrained within each and every soul.  Mr Dog just told me how much more “in-touch”  with their souls some of the inhabitants of that area of the world seem to be.  He mentioned  that many of them belong to a club called “puddhism” or something like that.  Some of the stuff they teach seems to be some kind of great  philosophy.

MM-Avatar       “Puddhism”?   I´ve never heard of such a club.  Do they eat puddings dumped in nice milk?

SW-Avatar       I could have sworn that he said “puddhism” but i´ll ask him again when I next see him.

MM-Avatar       Purrrhaps humans don´t like  breathing  properly because they are too frightened of life.  I´ve noticed that they often breathe quite shallow.  They don´t seem to breathe in deep enough.

SW-Avatar       I´ve noticed that too,  which is one of the reasons why I decided to try and master my breathing technqiue.

Life is so wonderful and it gives me great feelings to be able to  “soak it up” into  the depths of my own body.

Although life is often quite scary – I love it.   Without life, where would we be?

MM-Avatar       That´s a bit of an obvious question Sir Winston.   If we didn´t have life,  we´d be dead – but only until the next time around.  🙂

SW-Avatar       Well we won´t go onto that subject  now Mr Midnight.  We don´t want to confuse the poor humans anymore than necessary.  It´s a wonder they read our blog anyway, poor souls.   🙂

MM-Avatar       Paw humans.  Who are you kiddin?   They only think that they are paw.  Just look at all of that  wealth buried deep in their hearts.   It´s a shame they don´t share some of it occasionally.

Here´s a piece of advice from a cat to a human:  – breathe deep more often.  That way, you´ll calm your nerves and stir the wealth lying trapped within your bodies.

SW-Avatar       It´s true humans!  My stress levels have reduced enormously!  🙂

MM-Avatar  SW-Avatar       Your lives can be so fantastic.  You just have to allow it to happen.

B R E A T H E  !  !  !  !

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Look after yourself first. :)

Mr Midnight and Sir Winston were  curled up together on the large mat in the bathroom.  The bathroom is usually the warmest room of the house  (kitchen excepted)  and our bathroom is no exception.  “The lads” love  the warmth from the floor-central heating and the added bonus of having a  large, fluffy mat cosily wedged underneath their purrrson.  They both believe that the very idea of being able to chill out in the bathroom is something not to be missed.

By the way, can a cat be classified as a person?  If not, excuse the pun above.


MM-Avatar       Why must he use that awfully loud  fur drying machine every morning Sir Winston?  It makes a right racket.

SW-Avatar       I suppose because some humans like to clean their hair in a morning.  Daddy certainly sticks to  a rigid cleaning plan.

MM-Avatar       But we´re cleaning our fur all the time and we don´t need such  loud appliances.  Can´t he just leave it to dry naturally?

SW-Avatar       It´s called ” human groomin”.

You know that humans love to use loud machines – especially in the morning.  Their modern appliances are quite disturbing for us cats.  Thank goodness daddy doesn´t like the banter on the radio first thing in a morning.  The radio´s enough to drive anyone round the bend.

MM-Avatar       Quite true.  Whatever happened to starting a day with peace  and quiet and an added slice of decorum first thing in the morning?  No wonder people tend to be worn out what with all that interfurrrence going off all the time.

Do you think daddy´s pleased with his appearance?  I think he looks quite funny, what with his fur sticking out at all angles under the sun.


SW-Avatar       Are you satisfied with your appearance now daddy?  Mr MIdnight was enquiring.

author-Avatar        Thank you, I think I look quite presentable.

MM-Avatar        I love the way your fur sticks out all over the place daddy. It´s quite comical.

author-Avatar       Thanks Mr Midnight.  I´m glad I´m here to amuse the troops!

SW-Avatar       But why go to all that trouble everyday?  I think you look alright as you are;  at least for your age.

author-Avatar       My, my.  We´re full of compliments this morning aren´t we.

I want to feel comfortable before setting foot outside the door and I believe that if one attends to “human groomin” as you so eloquently put it Sir Winston,  one adds value to ones appearance.  A healthy constitution and a tidy, well-groomed appearance, boosts self-confidence and aids make life that much  easier.   Afterall, you should both understand, you´re looking after yourselves all the time.

The inner values of a person are important but I believe  the outer values also reflect a part of the mentality and character (inner values) of a person.

SW-Avatar       But don´t you get into trouble for looking how you do?  Narcissim is believed  to be a negative attribute in human beliefs.  Many believe that it is egoistic or selfish.

author-Avatar       I wouldn´t  go as far as to call myself “narcissistic” Sir Winston.  I´m not always looking at myself in mirrors and things.  I just like to present myself as best I can.

MM-Avatar       It´s alright to love oneself daddy.  We cats are still in command of our intuition and my instinct tells me that it´s  alright to love oneself.  I´m loving myself all the time.    🙂

author-Avatar       If one stated such  thoughts out loud among humans  one would usually be negatively  branded.  It´s  seems to be a human missconception that one is not really allowed to love oneself.  People normally  believe that one is selfish or egocentric if one cares for oneself too much.

SW-Avatar       But it´s a necessity to  love oneself !

If humans want to love somebody properly then they must first, love themselves.  How can a human love somebody else when they are incapable of loving and taking care of themselves?

author-Avatar       Precisely.  For example, a stewardess in an aeroplane always informs her passangers that in the event of an emergency, one should place an oxygen-mask over ones face BEFORE  assisting small children. One puts oneself in a better position if having  looked after oneself first.

MM-Avatar       I don´t follow you daddy.  What´s this aeroplane thingamajig?

author-Avatar       Sorry Mr Midnight.  It´s another means for humans to get from A to B. I wanted to give an example for looking after oneself first in which to aid others.

MM-Avatar       I think I get the jist of it although you are quite confusing sometimes.

SW-Avatar        Daddy used the aeroplane example  as a metaphor for “loving oneself” before others.

You have to love yourself!

One should take time to look after oneself because one would not only be looking after oneself, but also others.

Everybody wants to be loved but before we can recieve love, we have to give love. I think that if we want to share and give love  then one must  know exactly what love is – by having given “love” to ourselves.   If we don´t look after ourselves properly  then we will not be in a position to  “give” or show proper love to somebody else.

MM-Avatar       If you humans have difficulty loving yourselves then just observe us cats every now and again.  We´re always loving ourselves – and that´s why we receive so much love from life.

SW-Avatar       Make the first step in discovering true love and love yourself first!

It is allowed you know.   🙂

As long as loving yourself stays in a positive, healthy state  you don´t have to feel ashamed or  guilty.

MM-Avatar       All this talk about love has given me an appetite. The way to a cats heart is through his stomach.

Can we go to the kitchen and eat some food sticks please?

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Style and good manners evidently not required.

DSCN0658   How are you today Mr Dog?


Mr Dog came running up to Mr Midnight, sniffed  him, and then replied;

“Not too bad, thanks Mr M.  It was great fun winding up Sir Winston the other day wasn´t it.   He really fell for it.  He´s  such a scare-baby. He should know me better by now”.

(For those unaware, the previous post explains the prank played on Sir Winston by Mr M. and Mr Dog)

MM-Avatar      He can´t help it, poor lad.  He´s had a terrible upbringing and now  he´s scared of nearly everything.  He feels safest when sitting with daddy in the study,  peering over daddy´s small printed things with pretty pictures on them.


Mr Dog gazed at Mr Midnight in a puzzled way, wondering what the hell Mr Midnight was talking about.

“What do you mean when you say small printed things with pretty pictures on them?  I don´t understand you Mr M.”

MM-Avatar      I´ve forgotten what humans call them, but they are made out of  flimsy material and are very easy to damage.  The other day, Sir Winston managed to put his paw through one of them and he pierced the gentleman on the reverse side of the “flimsy thingy”. The things have numbers printed on them. Humans love numbers you know, especially when on bits of flimsy material.   🙂


Mr Dog frowned ever so slightly  (however dogs do)  🙂   and then realised  what Mr Midnight was going on about.

“You mean postage stamps Mr M.  My owner has a few of those things but he tends to use his.  Your owner collects the things?  That´s a bit strange isn´t it?”

MM-Avatar      Sometimes, daddy and Sir Winston are a bit strange.  I can´t see the fascination for such bizarre  recreational activities myself.

Poor daddy. Poor Sir Winston. They must lead very uneventful lives if they are so easily  satisfied examining those things.

No wonder Sir Winston has  turned out the way he has.  The poor chap hasn´t got a hope in hell of ever “getting normal” if he carries on copying daddy´s example of satisfaction.   The very idea of collecting those things seems  batty  to me.

That´s why I wanted to help Sir Winston discover his self-confidence by playing that prank which appeared in the last posting.


Mr Dog changed position and moved to sit exactly opposite Mr Midnight. He then started to clean himself between his legs.

Mr Midnight,  lightly irritated, turned his head to one  side so as to avoid what he thought,  an unnecessary act of bad behaviour. He blushed ever so slightly (if black cats are able to blush)  🙂  and embarrissingly grumbled;

MM-Avatar      Must you do that before my very eyes Mr Dog. It is rather unpleasant.

I´m aware that you´re from another culture – but still, we  do live in the Black Forest you know.


Mr Dog stopped cleaning himself, closed his legs, and then  crouched next to Mr Midnight.

“Oh, I´m ever so sorry Mr Midnight, I forgot that you cats were so sensitive.  I didn´t realise  what I was doing. It´s my natural instinct calling.”

MM-Avatar      That may well be Mr Dog but when having a conversation,  or when guests are present,  it´s terrible bad manners to suddenly start scratching  or cleaning yourself in “certain areas” .

Why can´t you behave like us cats?   We´re always clean, sleek and we NEVER smell.


Mr Dog was a little perplexed.  He didn´t like doing the things he did in public, but on the other hand (or paw as the case may be), he couldn´t fight against his natural instinct.

“I wouldn´t be a dog if I acted like a cat now would I Mr M.?  I would look a right  fool.”

MM-Avatar      But you do look a fool Mr Dog;  lying infront of me,  displaying “all things under the sun”. It´s not exactly refined is it?

What makes you want to do those things –  and without shame?

I´m aware that dogs have little inclination  to experience  freedom as us cats  and will therefore,   often copy their human masters;  so  I must ask – did you learn such disgusting habits from your master?

Such “happenings” and “goings-off”  are not part of our household.   It´s quite nice at our place  🙂


Mr Dog was at a loss for words but eventually he replied;

“I´m sorry I offended you Mr Midnight. I´ll think twice next time.”

MM-Avatar      It´s alright. Don´t worry about it.  I can handle it.  You must stay true to  yourself. You shouldn´t have to be somebody you´re not.  Just be yourself Mr Dog – but please  try and think a bit ahead when you see me coming.  I´d be most thankful if you did.  🙂


Mr Dog started to wag his tail and small drops of slaver formed in the corners of his mouth.


“Thanks for your understanding Mr Midnight. Your comments mean a lot to me. You cats are very observant creatures.   Because of a dogs obedient nature towards its master, half the time,  we dogs don´t even  know what we´re doing.  Most of the time, humans  drive us potty.”


In which to avoid the  blinding rays of the sun, Mr dog raised himself, and then moved to sit on the other side of Mr Midnight.

“I think we dogs get some of our habits from the humans”

MM-Avatar      I can well believe it.  If you´re not used to using your own brain  you´ll obviously,  blindly follow everybody else  and do exactly what everyone tells you to do.

The other day, I was watching people go by as I was sitting on some boulders next to  the school, and I noticed that a lot of people had disgusting habits.  One person spat the stuff which is hanging out of your mouth right now, out infront of him…..


Mr Dog was once again, embarrassed, as he  wiped the saliva  drooling out of the corners of his mouth.

MM-Avatar      …………………another person had his trousers hanging half way round his backside  which is not a pretty sight, I can assure you.  Humans tend to have interesting body sizes too,  and many will often dress  themselves in the most ridiculous manner.   Sometimes, I think that cats are the only creatures with taste and style –  although that is naturally, a matter of opinion.

The things some humans get up to. The way some of them act gives the impression that many obviously  believe that they are alone on the planet.  They selfishly, just look after number 1. Humans often talk about respect but frequently, give little cause for someone to show them respect.  Humans love making rules but many seem to avoid abiding by those rules.

Daddy´s not purrfect either, but even he occassionally “moans” about the  aggressive driving skills and   lack of respect confronting him when he drives to his “fur-styling place”.

Whatever next?  Where´s the “civilised” world heading?

Some humans even scratch themselves in the most awful places – and in public!


Mr Dog replied; ” I think humans scratch themselves  because humans are related to monkeys and monkeys  scratch all the time.  If you thought dogs and humans had bad habits,  wait until you see a monkey.

MM-Avatar      No thank you Mr Dog. It´s bad enough having to watch humans (and some dogs) everyday.

Why don´t people (and dogs!)  take an example from us cats?  We´re always tidy and well-groomed. We don´t have disgusting habits – and if we did, you wouldn´t see us practicing them in public  🙂

It would be nice if  humans  looked after themselves a bit better. They should treat their bodies as a temple worthy for their soul to reside in.

Although they obviously can´t help it, from my observations, many “temples” seem to be full of rubbish.  Isn´t it time that humans had a clear  out?


Mr Dog pondered Mr Midnights words but could not come to any immediate conclusion.

“I´ll have to think that one through Mr M.  I´ll keep you informed of my progress.

See you around Mr M. and give me five to Sir W. will you?”


For legal reasons, and because of the state of Mr Dogs appearance, the three of us apologise that we were not able to use Mr Dogs  photo  in this posting.  Thank you.     🙂


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