Take a break and discover yourself !

It was a dry, but windy day, and Mr. Midnight and Sir Winston were both sitting next to one another in the middle of the garden. They just sat there,  gazing at the sky and  dreamily watching “life go by” as the wind ruffled their fur. After about 15 minutes of sitting silently  (a very long time when sitting motionless!) Mr. Midnight decided it was about time he broke the silence.  He quickly licked his paw,  attending to an itch behind his right ear, and spoke to Sir Winston.

MM-Avatar       It´s not bad for the time of year is it Sir Winston.  The “air angels” feel great ruffling my fur. I love it when they massage my body.

SW-Avatar       You´re getting to be like daddy – an Englishman.  People from that country also love talking about the weather, but yes, it´s certainly a fine day.  A pity the humans can´t slow down like us cats because then they would also be able to notice how much is actually “going on” in life.

MM-Avatar       I don´t think the humans have much capacity left to observe how wonderful life really is.  Most of them are too stressed up to even notice the beauty of life what with their electronic gadgetry, their obsessions for that flimsy stuff with numbers printed upon them and their fascinations for habitually living their lives as “victims” of society.  Oh yes, they love wallowing in their victimhood role.

SW-Avatar       “Modern” humans never seem to be satisfied either.

MM-Avatar       I suppose that’s because they are unable to live their lives in true freedom.  Their societies, especially their Governments, are very good at destroying possible avenues to live life in “true freedom”.

Most humans seem to be scared stiff of “change” and love being told what to do.  Their Governments have an easy task of manipulating their people because they continually use the theme of “fear” to be able to do what they want with them.

For example, fear about terrorists – hence the craze for monitoring everything with their obsessions for total electronic observation.

SW-Avatar       George Orwell´s 1984 here we come !!!

MM-Avatar       Fear about not being able to decrease debt levels is another example,   hence the German Governments stringent act of maintaining high tax levels for the majority (but not for the really rich or large international companies!) even though the German tax revenue  breaks taxation records year after year.

There´s fear about foreign human beings taking jobs away from local residents – hence the growing unease and troubles in modern society.

And there seems to be a lot of fear that one may have to work a few years longer than in the past, and so on and so on, to name just a few areas of “living in angst”.

SW-Avatar       My goodness. Do you think “modern” humans are really so insecure Mr. Midnight?

MM-Avatar       It looks that way to me.

SW-Avatar       Perhaps humans should also go and sit in the garden for 15 minutes every now and then.  They would soon find out how to calm down a little.

MM-Avatar       You´re right there Sir Winston.  As a rule, “modern” human beings are not very good at taking care of themselves are they.  If they could only grasp the importance of at least creating a small island once a day in which to slow down and to discover who they really are and what they really want from life.

SW-Avatar       Some humans do seem to be on the right path but sadly, the majority are too engrossed in their modern  gadgetry or of tending  to their busy schedules.

You´d never see a cat madly running around all over the place.  We´re aware of how to lead a satisfying life!

MM-Avatar       And that is to live life in the moment because in the moment is where life happens!

SW-Avatar       Exactly.   Humans – please take a break, enjoy your lives and take the time to discover yourself.

You only have one life (in this life) you know.    🙂



(C) Copyright MAGS 2015

What we believe, will be!

It was a very hot day, one of the hottest, and Mr Midnight and Sir Winston were  lying in a small  hole in the hedge, trying to get some shade.  Although they were both  rather sleepy, they passed time  by having a small conversation with one another.
DSCN0661      Can I ask you something SIr Winston?
DSCN0674      Of course Mr Midnight.

What´s on your mind?
MM-Avatar      Actually, there isn´t much on my mind because I only have  a small brain inside my small head  Sir Winston, but  I would like  to know if you are happy with yourself. I mean, really content with your “lot-in-life”.
SW-Avatar      Why shouldn´t I be?  Do I give  the impression of being  troubled in some way?
MM-Avatar       No, not at all; and I dont want you to take offence, but  I was just wondering because I think that you have a funny, perculiar body form and was curious to know if  you are  satisfied with your appearance?
SW-Avatar       That´s a bit of a cheeky question you little rascal. What´s wrong with the shape of my body?  I´m aware that I am not as sleek and good-looking as yourself Mr Midnight, but I am just as flexible and as fast when the need be.

MM-Avatar       I´m sorry Sir WInston. I didn´t want to offend. It´s just that you have a totally different appearance to myself and I didn´t want you  suffering in any way.
SW-Avatar       Well, I am unable to keep my  weight  and at the same time,  sling food down my throat at  the rate you tend to  do  everyday, but I am totally satisfied with my life thank you very much.
I believe that I am perfect.  What you see, is me; Sir WInston.  The cat with a slight pouch and the occasional swagger to his walk.
MM-Avatar       I think you have more of  a tendency to trot  than walk Sir Winston,  but I also  find you purrfect.
SW-Avatar       Are we using those “silly” fashionable words again Mr Midnight?  Thanks for the compliment though.
MM-Avatar        Just  as  yourself SIr Winston, I like to be who I am, and I find the use of  trendy words really fitting to my cool character .  🙂
We do have comfortable lives don´t we Sir Winston. I believe that I am also purrfect and that I have everything I need for a happy life.
SW-Avatar       Yes; we have daddy who likes to feed and love us. We have plenty  of clean air to breath. We are healthy and  can wander wherever we wish . . . .
MM-Avatar        …..apart from if we happen  to wander two-doors down.  That new cat doesn´t like us enetering it´s territory. It´s a bit of an odd bod – probably foreign; I´m not quite sure. It doesn´t like speaking to  strangers.   I suppose when we get to know it better then we´ll  be alright.  Purrhaps I should take it  some fish from one of our bowls as a house-warming present?
SW-Avatar        That could be a good solution. We just have to believe that he, or she, is a friendly cat and that they are only nervous because of having moved kingdoms.  The cats behaviour has nothing to do with us.
MM-Avatar        ……we also have nice drinking water Sir Winston. I love that stuff, especially on a hot day. It´s not as nice as your Greek yogurt or the  milk that I have for breakfast, but it´s still delicious stuff. I even  lapped some of it up  out of the rain barrel at the back of the house the other day. That water is especially delicious. I believe that it´s got added ingredients.
SW-Avatar       You can bet that it´s got added ingredients Mr Midnight. When the humans have had their hands on it, it usually has catastrophic results. I´d keep away from that barrel if I were you. You know how “dicky” your stomach  sometimes is.
MM-Avatar        I know that I´m safe drinking that water because I simply  believe that I´m going to reach a ripe, old age.
SW-Avatar       Well that´s good. Your logic and intuition is right on key. Positive thoughts attract positive situations.
That is one of the main problems with the human race.  They live their lives too negatively.
MM-Avatar       How´d you mean SIr WInston. Daddy´s sometimes in a bit of a mood but I wouldn´t go as far as  to say that he was a negative person.
SW-Avatar       Well as we are  both aware, daddy is not quite normal is he.  🙂

He tends to take a different path in life than most of his fellow human beings.  He takes his time  to find his own truth to many of lifes problems  and now that he´s slowly grasping what the universe has to offer, he´s cast aside most of his negative, human thinking and become a much more balanced, happier human.
MM-Avatar        It must have been hard going for him. From my observations, humans don´t usually  seem to get it, do they?
SW-Avatar        I think that most of them just need more time. They are too preoccupied with their modern gadgetry and their fears of the unknown. There will come a time when some of them will “see the light” and then act as we animals do; with respect for one another and living  in real   peace.
Mr Midnight – don´t even mention it. I know that the word “peace” is similar to the word “peas”.  We had all that in the last blog.
MM-Avatar        I was only smirking about your last  comment. I wasn´t going to say anything. 😉
SW-Avatar       Humans are way too negative.  They often believe that they are either the wrong shape, have not enough of those paper things with numbers on them,  have some strange illness or are simply the victim of their surroundings.
What we believe – wil be!
It´s a shame  they can´t change their programming into a more productive,  positive mode.
MM-Avatar       I like Depeche Mode; as does daddy!  🙂
SW-Avatar       We´re not discussing  the topic of  music Mr Midnight!
I can´t understand that when something good is happening to somebody, other human beings  will then  often tell that person to be careful or to watch out, just in case something happens.  If one goes through life harbouring  such a philosophy, something negative is bound to happen.
MM-Avatar       Maybe that´s what humans really want.  Deep in their souls, they really want to experience negative situations.
SW-Avatar       I didn´t think of that. You´re probably right.
Most of them want to be healthy, wealthy or have the ideal partner, but they choose to believe that none of the above is possible without having to  put  a lot  of effort or suffering into it.  Adult human beings tend to lose their inner-child and their ability to go “playfully” through life. Instead, they would seem to sooner  brood  serious thoughts   and  put themselves under enourmous amounts of pressure. It´s sad isn´t it.
What we believe, simply  happens!. 🙂
From what I´ve noticed about human beings, when  human souls come into this world, the majority obviously need to  experience   suffering as their  prime goal in life.  That´s  not a bad thing because out of suffering a soul can learn and develop.
MM-Avatar        Just imagine being happy all the time. It would be like constantly living  on cat food-sticks (drugs). We´d always be on a high. There would be no real incentive to develop our spirit if everything was always hunky dory,  Just look what happened to Cheshire Cat. He couldn´t  stop smiling and he looked a fool.
SW-Avatar       The problem for humans seems to be that the majority will always take the so-called “easy” path  in life which  undoubtedly, often  leads  to eventual  pain and illness.
Although most humans seem to accept and embrace illness with ease, believing it to be a normal part of life,  in actual fact, as you already know because of being a cat Mr MIdnight,  things are exactly  the opposite way around.  Unless the soul has opted to experience pain and illness, the normal human condition is actually to be healthy and satisfied.
If a human continually,  conveniently avoids tackling the  necessary major lessons on their path in life, then the inevitable outcome can only be illness.  All major lessons in life are challenging and will not be easy to master, however,  conveniently giving-up  and looking the other way, will not necessarily help a soul attain  its goal in life.

The body doesn´t  become ill just because of somebody having bad-luck in life.
MM-Avatar       And what about animal souls?  They sometimes get ill as well.

SW-Avatar        Domesticated animals will always take  energy off their humans. The majority of wild animals also live in a “human-world” and if they are  susceptible to bad energy or sensitive in some way, they too, will also pick-up human energies. They  will then  suffer and become ill but then  again, their soul chose to experience  life in such a  way.

MM-Avatar        What you just said is quite clear to us animals but must be difficult for the majority of readers to understand.  We´d better leave this topic as quickly as possible.
I saw some pictures  in those “reading things” daddy takes to his “fur-trimming” place.
SW-Avatar       You mean those magazines he takes to  his hair-salon.
MM-Avatar       Yes, his hair salon.

On the front cover it´s always the same. A thin, good-looking lady,  with the same “big-looking” lady in a smaller picture on the left-hand side and a headline stating”  I lost 30 kilos in 6 weeks” (or words to that effect). 😉
What´s the continual obsession with body size?

Shouldn´t humans  believe that they are the right size and concentrate on thinking positively?

If they  believed  that they were purrfect, they would discover  their inner beauty and  “weight issues” would not be a problem anymore.
It´s the same with all topics of life. Thinking positively attracts a positive outcome.  We cats and other animals already have the knowledge  but humans  seem to always be out on a limb as regards positively believing in themselves.
SW-Avatar        I´m proud of you Mr Midnight. Your wisdom is growing.
I suppose the main problem for humans is simply their lack of belief. They would sooner believe in what has been dictated by others instead of going for it, and searching for their own truth and being happy.
MM-Avatar        Well, there´s not a lot that  we can do for them is there.
SW-Avatar       Not really. In a way, they are poor creatures. They believe that  they are the masters of the planet but  they are so far off from discovering the real key to life.
DSCN0667   DSCN0664      We wish you all the best of luck on your ventures and hope that some of you out there will attempt to gain a positive frame of mind towards creating yourselves a much happier life.
Do what we do; the animals.  When left to our own devices, we smile, enjoy, and smile.
We know, apart from the Cheshire Cat variety, it is often difficult for humans  to detect animal smiles – but when left in our environments  – we do!  🙂
What you believe, will be!

Try it. If your “programming” has made you  somewhat scepticle, take small steps at a time.   You all have the time if you use it!   🙂

copyright (C) mags 2013

War and peas

SW-Avatar     Just go steady with that milk Mr Midnight, you´ll give yourself indigestion (again!).
You´re  making a right mess as well.  Just look at all those milk splashes surrounding your bowl.
Daddy will have to wipe up again and you know how much he loves cleaning up when you´ve finished your supper.


Mr Midnight paused for a moment,  gazed  sheepishly  at Sir Winston,  and then continued to lap up the rest of the milk in his bowl.
“I don´t know why he´s so  tetchy tonight”, Mr Midnight thought.
“He knows that my tongue cannot reach as far as his. That´s why I have to use  my scooping technique to clean the bowl of milk.  Daddy doesn´t seem to understand that deep bowls  do not work for some cats”.


SW-Avatar      Honestly Mr Midnight, I can´t take you anywhere can I? You´re always hastily gulping things down.  Where´s all  your manners and etiquette?


Mr Midnight licked the last drops of milk from his bowl and then washed behind his ears. After a couple of seconds he then replied……


MM-Avatar     You know  you shouldn´t ask questions when cats are still eating or drinking. How am I supposed to answer you when my mouth is full of delicious goodies.  Talking with your mouth full is  bad manners  Sir Winston!


Sir Winston gently shook his head from side to side, got up,  and then wandered off into the living room to have a ten minute stroke before going out for the night.

He often wondered about Mr Midnight. He was getting ever so cheeky.
He found  daddy sitting on the sofa and after  meowing  in his usual, loud manner, he  sprang onto his lap with which to receive those  stroking hands and his massage before going out for  the night.  Mr Midnight suddenly appeared at the other end of the sofa and he also, sprang up onto the sofa and joined daddy, snuggling up to his right leg.


author-Avatar      Be careful Sir Winston!. You hurt me when you start padding  your  paws with extended claws.  Settle down.

MM-Avatar      “Padding paws with extended claws”.  That sounds like a great title for a song track daddy! It has something   menacing  to it.

Sir Winston changed his position many times until he had  found a position which  suited him.
SW-Avatar      Sorry daddy. I always forget that I shouldn´t  stick my claws out.  You humans are ever so sensitive.  🙂
What are you up to daddy?

author-Avatar     I´m watching the late night news Sir Winston.
MM-Avatar     It looks quite  distressing to me. It´s very hectic and the moving images usually portray  lots of sad human beings.  Is that what you call entertainment daddy?
author-Avatar      Not really Mr Midnight but in a round about way, I suppose one could call it entertainment. It´s quite  sad though  isn´t it.
MM-Avatar SW-Avatar     Yes it jolly well is.

Nobody seems to understand anybody. Everybody is shouting at one another. Those people who make  your rules are always confused and frightened to speak the truth.
author-Avatar      To tell you the truth, one does  get used to it.  Although most of the news features are serious, I find that the only way with which to deal with the news is to try and not take it  too seriously – especially the politicians.  They´re just comedians  telling half-truths and  bad jokes. One cannot take them seriously. They´re all the same.

SW-Avatar      That´s probably  why a lot of you human beings have decided to avoid going to the polling stations whenever you have an election.  In Europe, present day attendance figures at general elections are usually quite dismal.  There is obviously  little faith in your system.
MM-Avatar       Is a polling station a place where one has to  bring a barge pole?  I think you mentioned something about poles in a previous blog posting.
author-Avatar       Yes, we have already mentioned  barge poles Mr Midnight and I don´t think this is the time and place with which to open another discussion upon the subject. Can we please stick to what Sir Winston and myself were talking about?  You´ve bought us both out of our patter now.
MM-Avatar       Sorry daddy. I only wanted to contribute   to the discussion.
author-Avatar       It´s alright. No harm done. 🙂

SW-Avatar       Well according to the news pictures,  there does seem to be a lot of harm being committed  on our planet.  Human beings appear to love creating  wars and tragedy.
author-Avatar       I´m afraid that´s about the truth of it Sir Winston.  The human race does have  a miserable track-record as regards living in peace.
MM-Avatar      Some peas?  I´m actually, quite partial to peas,   so if you have any to spare,  I wouldn´t mind if I do.
author-Avatar       I don´t have any peas at the moment  Mr Midnight, and peace  seems to also,  be a rare commodity.
SW-Avatar       The news in our country  is always giving the impression that  Germany is a financially, poor country. That is the message which is continually being sent out – and the majority seem to believe such baloney.  That is why it´s easy for your German rulers to continue raising taxes even though if observing past financial tax revenues, your country has taken record taxes year after year.

I believe one could say that many seem to  have become brain-washed.

MM-Avatar      Your rulers can´t seem to get enough money and power,  and  most of your  people seem to be   too convenient in their ways to do anything about it.  In some poor countries of our world,  people will go  onto the streets to demonstrate their cause but in the comfortable West, people tend to  only go out on the street when  their lifestyles become cramped  and  they feel that they are personally,  losing out on something.   There isn´t   much of a movement towards a greater cause.

What seems to count is that the individual gets as much  out of your system as possible.  The brewing storm of reality that lay dormant through popular evasion, will at some point hit home and consequently, the modern individual will start to  winge about the circumstances.

By the way, what was that about macaroni? I love pasta and sauce, especially cheese sauce and macaroni 🙂
SW-Avatar      I said baloney Mr Midnight, not macaroni.  Forget your stomach for once please.
The human  “system” and your lifestyles are  so  out of date and most of your  people are too frightened to change anything. Their  fear  is quite understandable because in some countries of our planet, some political leaders  suppress their people.  Some   politicians have even  greedily  changed their country´s electoral  constitution to suit themselves (and  have gotten away with it)  while also   possessing a blatant disrespect for human-rights by  having  introduced legislation  abolishing all  forms of opposition and “doing-away” with  basic human rights.

One such well-known figure  could be a man  called Mr P.

MM-Avatar      Does he like peas then?

SW-Avatar      Stop Put in yer oar in all the time Mr Midnight!

I`m sorry.

You made me lose  control for a moment and for a second,  I simply lost it. Your continual interuptions cheese me off  Mr Midnight.   How are we to remain serious if you keep going on about barge poles and peas?  Please, stop and think about our poor readers who have to read such drivel.

MM-Avatar      Cheese is also a pleasant variation to what we normally have for dinner. I occasionally even have cheese dreams.

I apologise for my rude interruptions. It won´t happen again. 🙂

DSCN0647      Thank you.  🙂  And now back to where we left off.
author-Avatar     I suppose that as long as some are  profiting from the  “system” and   the general populace remain  satisfied with their  comfortable  past habits with  fear of change imbedded in their souls, there is not a lot that we can do about our present situation.
SW-Avatar      But your education system is failing, your social security systems are at a dead end, most  of your  current legislation is from yesteryear and  demographic development is rapidly changing.

Isn´t anybody interested?
author-Avatar       I don´t really think so.  Having to think so far ahead is too tiring for the majority.

Human beings only seem to learn out of catastrophic events. (And even then only sometimes!) 🙂 Up until that point, we continue on our habitual path, mostly of yesteryear.

We will then moan about the outcome afterwards.

MM-Avatar      Sounds loony  to me! 😉
SW-Avatar      Don´t get sardonic Mr Midnight, this is serious stuff.
author-Avatar     In my opinion,  our societies  are unable to “go with the times”  because of either focusing  too much on the past or the future.  Living in the moment is where life happens.  Our present surroundings are  simply a product of  our past behaviour – that is why we have so many problems. We tend to avoid  going  with the  flow.
SW-Avatar      It´s exactly the same with the individual.  Your  present surroundings simply reflect the choices you  made in life.
author-Avatar       To a certain extent, that´s  correct Sir Winston;  and because human-beings tend to evade self-responsibility and  love to bathe in the victimhood modus,  their  problems will usually  become larger. One cannot continually evade reality  just because  of reality  appearing  painful or frightening. In the long run, we won´t  be happier.  It may seem  a lot easier to create an artificial reality but our future will become very uncertain.
MM-Avatar       Our world is in a constant state of movement.  A shame that you humans still haven´t understood this basic fact.

SW-Avatar       Those pictures on the box are distressing. Why don´t you all try and make the first step towards gaining peace by trying to forgive one another?
MM-Avatar       I think that´s too much to ask for Sir Winston.
You forgave me the other day didn´t you.

I craftily, ate some of Sir Winston´s food as he was looking the other way. He caught me and didn´t make a song and dance about it. He forgave me for my little sin. 🙂
He is a caring companion.  🙂
SW-Avatar      Forgiveness is the first step towards peace. You all want peace but would sooner rely upon the next man to get the ball rolling.  How tragic.
A Buddist saying states that “However loving the soul is in this life, then the more beautiful it will be in the next”

MM-Avatar      Nice words Sir Winston. I´m not sure  if any  human beings will be able to understand them  and I don´t know   where you manage to dig out  all of those wise words of wisdom, but very well put! 🙂
Forgiveness is certainly, one of the keys to a happier life.
Another key to a happier life is the key that opens that nice metal packaging of salmon which is standing in the kitchen.
author-Avatar I think it´s time that you two both went out now. Mr Midnight, you´ve had enough to eat  already and Sir Winston has started clawing me again with his “padding”.
Come on boys, out you go!

(C) mags 2013

Joy and Satisfaction

MM-Avatar “The visitors” have now gone back to where they originally came from and Sir Winston and myself now have our small kingdom back to normal.  Actually, I enjoyed their stay – they were a little loud sometimes and spoke in a strange language, but it was nice to have so many diferrent hands stroking my fur. Sir Winston made sure he steered clear of any confrontations with the guests and would often sneak off into the cellar where we  spend most of our nights. However, he did keep me awake most of the time with his constant inquisitive questioning as to our guests activities and their habits. I wish he were as brave as myself and had found out for himself. Still, at least it couldn´t have been that bad for him if he was so interested in their activities.

I´m now sitting on my favourite spot on the porch, tail wrapped around my feet (to keep my paws warm from this years April warmth!) and am taking in the (damp) smells of my wonderful kingdom. A feeling of joy sweeps through my body.


Suddenly, peeking from around the house  corner, a familiar face notices  Mr Midnight on the porch and with his furry friend in tow, Sir Winston gently saunters over to Mr Midnight with  his friend scurrying madly behind, with which to  greet him.


SW-Avatar Hi Mr Midnight, let me introduce  you to squirrel. He´s my best friend.

squirrel2 Hello Mr Midnight. Nice to meet you.

MM-Avatar Nice to meet you as well  squirrel. Mr Midnight wondered why Sir Winston seemed to like going about with such strange characters.

Why are you so nervous squirrel?

squirrel2 I´m not nervous Mr Midnight. I´m just happy and full of joy because I´d lost my nuts, but because of  help from Sir Winston, I´ve managed to find them again. I love to be out and about in nature and through over-excitement about being joyful about my life, I forgot where I placed my nuts. Now  that I´ve found them again, I´m even more joyous!


Mr Midnight thought that not only had he lost his nuts, but also his marbles.


MM-Avatar  Well it´s nice that things have turned full-circle and that you´ve gone from a state of joy into an  even larger state of joy. What a life you lead.

SW-Avatar Living life in joy and satisfaction seems to be a difficult task to master for human beings – but daddy occasionally shows this “joy” thing, especially after him  having been  jogging for over an hour.

MM-Avatar Seems a bit peculiar to want to move about for such a long period of time with which to experience “joy” . It must be a human thing.

author-Avatar Did someone mention that I was peculiar?  I´ve heard this been said before.

SW-Avatar Mr Midnight was only trying to work out why anyone would want to put in so much work with which to experience “joy”.

author-Avatar Well I don´t find jogging to be an act of work – it actually relaxes my mind and body. It´s such a great feeling to experience ones “self” in our hectic world and having freedom and being able to appreciate how lucky one is to be able to do what one so wishes, satisfies and spreads joy through my soul.

squirrel2MM-AvatarSW-Avatar We do that all the time! (but without the jogging thing!)

author-Avatar I believe you do,  but we humans like to make a meal out of things. We often find it difficult to be satisfied and the pleasure of experiencing  joy seems to be something many prefer to keep locked up.We all seem to love victimhood and will often bathe in the convenience of believing  we are victim to life´s persuasions.   It is the little things in life that can give a lot of satisfaction and joy, but these things are often conveniently cast aside for more superficial activities and adventures.

MM-Avatar Did somebody mention something about a meal?

SW-Avatar I am most thankful that I am able to live with daddy and Mr Midnight. I am quite satisfied with the food he puts in our bowl and I look forward to him coming home at the end of the day so that he can stroke me nicely. It is indeed the little things which can give so much joy. Obviously, larger things can also spread a lot of joy- but only if one really appreciates what has come ones way.

Because daddy  has his own small business (with which to keep Mr Midnight and myself happy) , he works quite a lot and is unable to take  much holiday, but he told me that this situation has arisen because of  the choices  he had  made in life.  He is satisfied with the outcome of things but because of his lack of holiday, he ocassionally likes to visit stamp auctions (online) in which to indulge in a little fun.

MM-Avatar What is a stamp auction?

SW-Avatar I believe that it is a place where one exchanges pieces of paper with numbers on them for other pieces of paper with pictures and numbers on them Mr Midnight.

MM-Avatar Sounds like great fun!  What a way to relax and have fun!

SW-Avatar Well the other day daddy managed to win on one of his bids and you should have seen the expression on his face after he had been notified. He was over the moon. He really looked forward to receiving his items and simply emitted rays of satisfaction and joy. He was as excited as a child at christmas time.

MM-Avatar What´s  christmas time Sir Winston?

SW-Avatar It´s the birthday of some famous wise  guy from ancient times. Can´t you remember having played in all of that crinkly, glistening paper every now and again?

author-Avatar It´s nice to feel like a child sometimes. All this serious stuff really gets on my nerves sometimes. That´s why I choose to live in abundance, have fun every now and again and try to live a joyful life. When you´re happy, you´re satisfied.

SW-Avatar But if humans were always satisfied with life, no matter what the circumstances (disasters, inefficiency, etc.), then the state of being satisfied is surely a negative one? Afterall, the human races yearnings for improvement, advancement and discovery would be quashed if always being satisfied. There would be no reason to change anything.

author-Avatar You are possibly correct in your assessment  Sir Winston because the modern human race seems to be in a constant state of dissatisfaction.

Most seem to be obsessed about not having enough of those little pieces of paper with numbers printed upon them. It consumes most of their energies.

MM-Avatar ….. are stamps and stamp auctions really all that important to the human race daddy?

author-Avatar No Mr Midnight, not philately and stamp auctions – money is the drug.

MM-Avatar Who is Phil? Is money akin to  my food sticks –  a drug?

author-Avatar Philately is the study of stamps and postal history. Food sticks are not drugs.

In my opinion, the human races obsessions for making  money have inadvertently,  taken away a  lot of joy from our existence. There are those who enjoy their money but most are trapped within the mechanics of trying to discover happiness and joy through making enough money. The end result is usually dissatisfaction.

For example, in Germany, it is the “sign-of-the-times” to go on strike because of having noticed that one has less “Net Wage” in ones pocket as in previous times. While this is usually quite rightly the case, and I must stress that  one must be able to live off ones  wage, most people tend to avoid looking at reality  and will constantly,  bitterly  target their dissatisfactions and frustrations towards  their employer. There are no doubt, “bad employers”, but the majority of employers (in Germany) will try to operate as fairly as  possible within the parameters  set by the government.

What appears to be amazing is the fact that  German  tax revenue levels  break new records continuously, year after year, and the general-public constantly complain that they do not have  enough money.  At the same time, the German Government sits quietly on the sidelines and rubs its hands together  at the thought of more money flowing into its coffers when another strike has ended.

SW-Avatar But those poor people  having  gone on strike, will only receive about half or 60% of what they striked for.

author-Avatar Precisely, which sadly shows how greedy the (German)government really is. In its defence for high and assorted taxation measures, the government  will often bring up issues of trying to alleviate debt levels with which to “mask” its strategy, but incompetent government spending and burocratic bungling portray a diferrent picture – that of raking in record tax revenues, continuing to spend money like water and at the same time, to continue taking on more debt.

SW-Avatar Will  you all ever be satisfied?  Why can´t you all try and accept that a society needs stability and that  those unlucky enough to be out of work also wish to have a workplace?  Are  moderate wage increases to much to ask for? I have heard that it is quite popular  in Germany to want upto 10 or 20% more money with even a job guarentee.  It´s no wonder that most of you are dissatisfied and not enjoying your lives. Your systems and ways of living are quite ill.  Surely everybody should  have a chance to get on in life, not just the privilged or   selected  masses.

MM-Avatar Enough of this serious stuff. Me and squirrel are getting quite hungry.  I only wish that you would ALL at long last,  get it together and start to enjoy your lives a little more.

Bye for now.

squirrel2 Back to my lovely nuts.  Bye Bye.

Are we aware of our actions?

author-Avatar On Sunday I went for a small walk around  Lake Titisee in the Black Forest. For obvious reasons, my two cats displayed no interest towards my planned outing and both decided to stay at home.   The place was thriving with tourists;  and as I walked through the busy tourist street I noticed quite a few  signboards standing outside coffee shops with the words  “Herzlich Willkommen” written upon them. When  literally translated, “Herzlich Willkommen”  means  something like “Heartily Welcome”.

It reminded me of the many times that I had visited localities having also  displayed such a sign at the entrance but sadly,  through bad service,  lack of motivation and the resulting  absence of  “Herzlichkeit”, they had failed to act out  the message they had been trying to transmit on their signboard.  If one genuinely wishes to heartily entertain ones guests, should one not show it?

Naturally, being “Herzlich Willkommen” is understood in some professional restaurants.

MM-Avatar What is he talking about?  It all sounds rather weird to me.

SW-Avatar I think I know what he means Mr Midnight.  It has something to do with the fact that human beings tend to do things, or say things,  and often do not live by what they preach.Can you remember that television commercial the other day where daddy commented upon him having visited that supermarket and his  food had been  literally thrown along the conveyor belt at the cash till?

MM-Avatar I can´t remember having seen a television commercial or him having complained, but there again, I may have been having a small nap at the time 🙂

author-Avatar   But I can remember. It was an advertisement for a large “quality” supermarket (not a discount store) . It´s called “Edeka” or “Neukauf” (depending upon  ones place of abode ) and their advertising slogan is called “Wir lieben Lebensmittel”. Translated this means “We love food”.

MM-Avatar Well if its true what you say about them just throwing the food along the conveyor-belt at the cash-till, then they obviously do not  love food as much as they wish to believe.

SW-Avatar I think that humans like to believe that they go about things the right way; and they may even believe in  what they say, but reality seems to paint a different picture. They appear not to be aware of their actions.

MM-Avatar Still it´s a shame that I missed the food commercial. I really like food.

author-Avatar Mr Midnight, we are not here to discuss food preferences.

SW-Avatar I can also recall having heard that humans love animals – but then they eat us. This appears cruel and is  rather  sad. If they love us – why do they eat us?

author-Avatar But you eat birds and trap mice. That is just as bad.

MM-Avatar But daddy, hunting mice is a part of our natural instinct. We can´t help doing it – I sometimes wish I could.

author-AvatarWell I suppose in a strange way, eating animals is also  human natural instinct.

SW-Avatar Possibly, but as a human being, you do have other possibilities with which to sustain yourselves. Many humans  believe that they will get ill if they  do not eat meat but by opening   ones horizons and discovering ones own truth, one may find this “wisdom” to be invalid.  Humans seem to do things simply because they have always done it and because they like doing it, regardless of the consequences toward other beings.

MM-Avatar Once again, It all sounds whacky to me. I don´t want to become a pair of house  slippers just so that humans can  warm their feet.

author-Avatar Don´t worry Mr Midnight – nothing´s going to happen to you.

I suppose that the human race  will never be able to live in Peace (something we all seem to desire) because deep down in our souls, we seem  not to live in peace (natural instinct?). We may believe that we are peaceful beings (and at our core we most likely are!), but prejudice, greed  and jealousy seem to rule our lives ( at least in small doses) and “Herzlichkeit” towards strangers  is seldom  evident. Our  trait towards destroying things  is possibly our  natural instinct and therefore, we are  not supposed to live in peace.  Our trackrecord would certainly prove this point.

SW-Avatar Not  living life  in peace  possibly helps  the human race find new solutions to problems, thus helping make the human race   become more cleverer (at least technologically) but most certainly, the human race appears  not to have  become wiser.

Perhaps only when all  humans live in respect and find peace in their own hearts will they  all be able to live in peace on this wonderful planet.  It really is no good just wishing for peace on earth when one is   not prepared to do anything about the “state of peace”   oneself.

Social peace is desirable. Personal peace is a necessity.

MM-Avatar You should  not all take life so seriously. Just chill out a little and take time to discover life for yourselves. Sir Winston and myself do it all the time.

Daddy, I believe it´s now time for something to eat. Have you got anything left in the cupboard from that nice supermarket where they apparently, love food?