Peace on Earth

MM-Avatar       Peace on earth.  What´s all that about daddy?

author-Avatar       It´s something we humans have always been striving for. Good will to all men and peace on earth.

SW-Avatar       Well you´re going to start an argument already if you go about wishing good will to all men. What about the women present?

author-Avatar       I see what you mean Sir Winston and I must agree, to mention the human race as a collective by using the word “men” is a little old-fashioned.

MM-Avatar       And it´s your christmas time again so peace on earth must be high on your human agendas. What a nice way to celebrate that Jesus blokes birthday.

SW-Avatar       Peace on earth – how easy you all seem to forget; or have you humans forgotten the true meaning of the word “peace”.

MM-Avatar       Yes people; Peace on earth is not done by simply  muttering a few kind words at the end of the year in a crowded, cold building with a cross stuck on the roof you know.

One should live by those words the WHOLE YEAR.

author-Avatar       Can you two refrain from moaning about the human race?  I know we´ve still got so much to learn.

MM-Avatar       Sorry daddy.  I just couldn´t fathom out why peace on earth is so imprtant among you humans when the majority of you don´t seem to have a clue as to the true meaning of peace on earth.  I´ll try to be more patient.

SW-Avatar       You all have love within your hearts but most of you seem frightend to show your love.

author-Avatar       Christmas time is a good starting point with which to spread a little more love and kindness.

MM-Avatar       And then you could all make a New Years resolution to try and maintain spreading a bit of love about more often. Your lives would get easier and your world would become a better place.

SW-Avatar       I think that´s obvious Mr M. but the human race often tends to close it´s eyes to “the obvious”.

Anyway, we don´t wish to waffle on and on with our last blog for 2015 so we´ll keep this one short.

The three of us would like to wish you all a very happy christmas and a loving New Year.

MM-Avatar       And a special thank you to all of those who have followed a bit of our blog this year. We´re truly grateful.

MM-Avatar SW-Avatar author-Avatar

M E R R Y    C H R I S T M A S   A N D   A   G R E A T   2 0 1 6   !


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A matter of the heart.

??????????       Well if you ask me, I find it all rather silly.  Fancy going to such lengths to discover THE TRUTH. If they were a bit more nicer to one another  then they wouldn´t have to experience such a fatal trial. There´s too many “broken hearts” and not enough love on the planet.

??????????       It´s the human way Mr. Midnight.  Humans would sooner experience their sufferings and stay on their “comfortable” known path than to move to “uncertain” pastures green and accept “change” as a possibility for remedy.

Don´t be too harsh with the humans Mr. Midnight.

10559817_908418939172062_2675612140325727190_n       Hello, hello, hello.  What´s going off here then?  Are you criticising the human world again?

MM-Avatar       No daddy.  I wouldn´t dream of it.  😉

To tell you the truth, I actually feel quite sorry for you all.   Humans do seem to get themselves into a pickle.  I thought you all thought you were so intelligent.

SW-Avatar       Mr. Midnight has just finished reading that article in the “health” section of your newspaper. It states that the main cause of death for human beings are illnesses related to the heart.

MM-Avatar       Humans seem to attract heart attacks and other heart related diseases so easily.  It´s no wonder really.

author-Avatar       I don´t think I like the gist of your words Mr. M.   What do you mean by “it´s no wonder”?

SW-Avatar       He doesn´t mean to be rude or anything daddy.  I understand what he means.  How many animals do you know manage to die from heart diseases?

author-Avatar       I suppose animals usually die of either “old age”, abuse, stress, habitat destruction or some form of pollution.  There are many ways an animal can die.

MM-Avatar       Your smelly moving machines are also something to watch out for.  Honestly, the way some of you humans drive those things.

SW-Avatar       Animals very rarely die from  heart disease.  Heart disease is more of a human thing.

author-Avatar       Perhaps because of hereditary reasons or because we decide to avoid taking care of our bodies properly.

SW-Avatar       Yes, they are also good causes for concern but they are not what Mr. Midnight was suggesting.

author-Avatar       Could you please enlighten me then?   I´m kind of curious to know you answer.

MM-Avatar       Curiosity killed the cat.  That´s another way to go.  😉

Let me fill you in:-

Since the dawn of human existence, human beings have always searched for peace and yet,  there has never been peace on earth.

If “true peace” does not reside within our hearts  (genuine love)  then the outcome is almost certain.

It´s very easy to love ones family and close friends but genuine love goes much further than that.

If true love is absent from the heart then “the heart” may eventually become ill, hence heart diseases being the Top Cause of human illnesses.

The human world does not “love one another”; at least not in the true sense of “loving”.  Humans seem to be incapable of  genuinely “loving” one another.

author-Avatar       It´s sometimes very hard to find  genuine peace and to love life (and ones surroundings) from the heart.

So you´re saying that if we genuinely love our surroundings and our time on this planet then we could avoid experiencing heart problems.

MM-Avatar       Leaving out the subject of hereditary diseases; you´ve hit the nail on the head.

SW-Avatar       People – please don´t misunderstand.  Mr. M. does not mean that everybody with a heart condition is incapable of  loving properly but that if humans as a whole, took more time to genuinely open their hearts, then heart conditions could be avoided and be a thing of the past.  Obviously, it´s all a matter of opinion.

MM-Avatar       All illnesses have their reasoning. Purrrhaps it´s time to set off on an adventure within oneself to discover how to banish those illnesses.

It´s completely up to you lot.

For myself, I decide to stay healthy – that is if one of those smelly, moving things doesn´t  mow me down first.   😉


(C) MAGS 2014


Look after yourself first. :)

Mr Midnight and Sir Winston were  curled up together on the large mat in the bathroom.  The bathroom is usually the warmest room of the house  (kitchen excepted)  and our bathroom is no exception.  “The lads” love  the warmth from the floor-central heating and the added bonus of having a  large, fluffy mat cosily wedged underneath their purrrson.  They both believe that the very idea of being able to chill out in the bathroom is something not to be missed.

By the way, can a cat be classified as a person?  If not, excuse the pun above.


MM-Avatar       Why must he use that awfully loud  fur drying machine every morning Sir Winston?  It makes a right racket.

SW-Avatar       I suppose because some humans like to clean their hair in a morning.  Daddy certainly sticks to  a rigid cleaning plan.

MM-Avatar       But we´re cleaning our fur all the time and we don´t need such  loud appliances.  Can´t he just leave it to dry naturally?

SW-Avatar       It´s called ” human groomin”.

You know that humans love to use loud machines – especially in the morning.  Their modern appliances are quite disturbing for us cats.  Thank goodness daddy doesn´t like the banter on the radio first thing in a morning.  The radio´s enough to drive anyone round the bend.

MM-Avatar       Quite true.  Whatever happened to starting a day with peace  and quiet and an added slice of decorum first thing in the morning?  No wonder people tend to be worn out what with all that interfurrrence going off all the time.

Do you think daddy´s pleased with his appearance?  I think he looks quite funny, what with his fur sticking out at all angles under the sun.


SW-Avatar       Are you satisfied with your appearance now daddy?  Mr MIdnight was enquiring.

author-Avatar        Thank you, I think I look quite presentable.

MM-Avatar        I love the way your fur sticks out all over the place daddy. It´s quite comical.

author-Avatar       Thanks Mr Midnight.  I´m glad I´m here to amuse the troops!

SW-Avatar       But why go to all that trouble everyday?  I think you look alright as you are;  at least for your age.

author-Avatar       My, my.  We´re full of compliments this morning aren´t we.

I want to feel comfortable before setting foot outside the door and I believe that if one attends to “human groomin” as you so eloquently put it Sir Winston,  one adds value to ones appearance.  A healthy constitution and a tidy, well-groomed appearance, boosts self-confidence and aids make life that much  easier.   Afterall, you should both understand, you´re looking after yourselves all the time.

The inner values of a person are important but I believe  the outer values also reflect a part of the mentality and character (inner values) of a person.

SW-Avatar       But don´t you get into trouble for looking how you do?  Narcissim is believed  to be a negative attribute in human beliefs.  Many believe that it is egoistic or selfish.

author-Avatar       I wouldn´t  go as far as to call myself “narcissistic” Sir Winston.  I´m not always looking at myself in mirrors and things.  I just like to present myself as best I can.

MM-Avatar       It´s alright to love oneself daddy.  We cats are still in command of our intuition and my instinct tells me that it´s  alright to love oneself.  I´m loving myself all the time.    🙂

author-Avatar       If one stated such  thoughts out loud among humans  one would usually be negatively  branded.  It´s  seems to be a human missconception that one is not really allowed to love oneself.  People normally  believe that one is selfish or egocentric if one cares for oneself too much.

SW-Avatar       But it´s a necessity to  love oneself !

If humans want to love somebody properly then they must first, love themselves.  How can a human love somebody else when they are incapable of loving and taking care of themselves?

author-Avatar       Precisely.  For example, a stewardess in an aeroplane always informs her passangers that in the event of an emergency, one should place an oxygen-mask over ones face BEFORE  assisting small children. One puts oneself in a better position if having  looked after oneself first.

MM-Avatar       I don´t follow you daddy.  What´s this aeroplane thingamajig?

author-Avatar       Sorry Mr Midnight.  It´s another means for humans to get from A to B. I wanted to give an example for looking after oneself first in which to aid others.

MM-Avatar       I think I get the jist of it although you are quite confusing sometimes.

SW-Avatar        Daddy used the aeroplane example  as a metaphor for “loving oneself” before others.

You have to love yourself!

One should take time to look after oneself because one would not only be looking after oneself, but also others.

Everybody wants to be loved but before we can recieve love, we have to give love. I think that if we want to share and give love  then one must  know exactly what love is – by having given “love” to ourselves.   If we don´t look after ourselves properly  then we will not be in a position to  “give” or show proper love to somebody else.

MM-Avatar       If you humans have difficulty loving yourselves then just observe us cats every now and again.  We´re always loving ourselves – and that´s why we receive so much love from life.

SW-Avatar       Make the first step in discovering true love and love yourself first!

It is allowed you know.   🙂

As long as loving yourself stays in a positive, healthy state  you don´t have to feel ashamed or  guilty.

MM-Avatar       All this talk about love has given me an appetite. The way to a cats heart is through his stomach.

Can we go to the kitchen and eat some food sticks please?

(C) mags 2014

Christmas magic :)

MM-Avatar       That´s an odd looking spiky thing daddy.  It doesn´t smell like one of the things from out of our kingdom.  It´s nice though,  what with all those shiny papery bits and bright coloured balls hanging on the ends of the stick things.

I can see my face in the ball and look – the ball´s starting to move – let me get my claws on it!       🙂

author-Avatar       Mr Midnight will you kindly stop messing about.  Of course the baubles are swinging from side to side – I´m trying to  put these fairy lights on the tree!

MM-Avatar       Baubles?   Fairy lights?  Do you still believe in fairies daddy?  Are fairy lights kind of like “landing lights” for fairies?  It looks like we´re going to pawwwwty!

author-Avatar       Fairy lights are all part of the magic of christmas.  Some households use candles instead of fairy lights to decorate their christmas tree but with you two moping around the house,  candles are out of the question.

MM-Avatar       Well the tree certainly looks pretty.  I like the dangly, silver shiny stuff  hanging from the stick bits.

SW-Avatar       Your funny bright tree doesn´t smell or look like the ones out in the garden.  Does it have something to do with the fairy lights?

author-Avatar       No Sir Winston.  I always use an imitation Christmas tree and the fairy lights were  invented by an American guy (Mr Edison) in 1882.  I´m not sure why the lights are called “fairy lights” – possibly because from a distance, they resemble fairies dancing about.

MM-Avatar       So you have seen a fairy then?

author-Avatar       Aah, I see what you mean Mr Midnight.  No I`ve never seen a fairy but I imagine them to look something like the lights on the Christmas tree.

SW-Avatar       . . . . . . and I suppose you like imitation things because of your English upbringing?

author-Avatar       As oppose  to the  German Christmas tradition of using a real fir tree for a christmas tree,  my English roots seem to dictate that I use an “authentic”  imitation tree.  I always find it a shame that immediately after christmas,  loads of unwanted christmas trees are then  thrown out to be gathered by the local refuse company.  It all seems such a waste.  At least our imitation tree surffices for a few years.

MM-Avatar        . . . . . or a few decades! Some of the prickly-sticking-out things are protruding at outlandish  angles.  The thing seems to have seen better years.  Still, I suppose that it´s original what with nobody else having such a strange, antiquated  thing in their living-room.

They have loads of fir trees here in the Black Forest.  It´s no wonder  they´re practically giving them away when people like daddy always intend to  use tat like he´s putting up.  I happen to like “tat” – it rhymes with “cat”.    🙂

author-Avatar       If the both of you were a bit more patient you would  find  that the branches will be properly sorted when I´ve finished decorating it.   The poor things only been out of the box for ten minutes!

SW-Avatar       Are you  going to remove  the dust from the branches daddy?

author-Avatar       Yes Sir Winston.  When I get round to it.  Christmas can be rather stressy, especially with you two keeping  a careful eye on things.

MM-Avatar      What´s this “christmassy” thing anyway?   I noticed the same fuss last year.  Humans suddenly started being nice to one another and a buzz of  magical energy filled the air.  It was great.  I think you even gave me some food out of one of those golden tins.

SW-Avatar       Christian humans celebrate Christmas because of that famous chap having being born.  Birthdays are so nice.

MM-Avatar       You mean that bloke who´s responsible for the terrific din everyday? You know, all that banging and clanging of metal at all hours, night and day.  We cats can´t get any shut-eye because of his goings-on.

author-Avatar       I´ve told you before Mr Midnight. It´s called Church bell ringing  and the person in who´s honour we celebrate  Christmas is called Jesus.

SW-Avatar       He seems such an agreeable type.  So sympathetic.  I like the way you humans celebrate Christmas.  Roughly four weeks a year,  apart from when humans have their football world championships,  “modern” people are really nice  towards one another and are happy instead of being grumpy or  disatisfied.   At this time of year, most seem to find some peace in their hearts and allow the “magic of life” to surround them.

author-Avatar       I´ve noticed the same thing Sir Winston.  Collectively, humans do have it within them to achieve great things but most of the time, we tend to winge and moan about all things under the sun.

MM-Avatar       If only it was possible to capture the energy of Christmas, or the energy surrounding football world championships, with which to use that positive energy throughout the year.  The human race could achieve  almost anything.  What a great life we would ALL lead.

For the moment, I suppose we will all have to remain content with just  four weeks a year of positive insight.

SW-Avatar       I can´t quite fathom it.  Most of you celebrate the spirit of Christmas but the majority of you do not abide by what you celebrate.  Do you not listen to the wise wisdom of your teachings?   What´s the point in wishing for peace on earth at the end of the year when the majority of you seem to not live with peace in your hearts.

Oh yes,  the majority of humans  may believe that they have peace in their  hearts but without judging anybody,  their behavioural patterns throughout the year and daddy´s newspaper dictate a different picture. Prejudice, egoism, jealousy, materialism,  lack of tolerance and broad mindedness, greed for money and power and a disregard for basic manners to name just a few characteristics.  Even though you may not be aware, to some extent,  most of you humans seem to be  corrupted by some of these characteristics.

Doesn´t this Jesus chap  give you an added  incentive to really want to change your ways in which to give peace a real  chance?

Peace on earth can only occur when the last man  (human) on earth has found true peace in their hearts.  You will truly know when you´ve discovered that peace because it will then be impossible to disrespectfully think bad things towards others or  act selfishly.

MM-Avatar       Wow Sir Winston,  that would be a great Christmas present wouldn´t it.  You know, the humans not just talking about peace but actually  managing to find true peace in their hearts and acting accordingly.  🙂

I´ll not give up believing that someday, this dream may happen.  Until then I think I´ll help daddy with that long, thin, silvery stuff.

author-Avatar       The human race is on its way boys.  The path it decides to take will be the correct path, however it turns out to be.

SW-Avatar       Precisely, one receives what one needs.

Can I have a go at putting the star on the top of the tree?

MM-Avatar       I would rather plonk an angel on the top of the tree.  What do you think daddy?

author-Avatar       After I´ve finished decorating the tinsel I suggest we place the angel on the tree top one week  and the star the following week.  Would that be OK for you two?

MM-Avatar SW-Avatar       Fine daddy.  A good idea.  🙂

MM-Avatar  SW-Avatar  author-Avatar       We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.  A very special thank you to all of you who have followed our adventures in 2013.  We wish you all the very, very best in the festive season and look forward to continuing our adventures in 2014.

In Peace, Love and Respect from your Mr Fred Midnight, Sir George Francis Winston and myself.


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Before it´s time to go.

The village clock had just struck four and Sir Winston was already awake.  A dim, early morning light shone through the skylight of the cellar and  Sir Winston  could just make out the dark figure of Mr Midnight curled up in his basket next to him.  It had stopped raining and the air smelt clean and fresh, somehow charged with new life – and that was one of the reasons for Sir Winstons sleeping dilemma – the smell of what he thought, “New Life”.

He loved this time of year;  when  the autumn leaves were falling from the trees – aah, all the fun they´d had  recently when playing in those things. The light  had also changed.  Somehow,   a magical,  intensive cool, clearness swept the air and hues of gold and red contrasted against deep blue skies – apart from when being covered in a blanket of dreary grey.    🙂   They both hated fog because it played havoc with their fur.

Sir Winston had heard that dreary Victorian slate grey skies were quite typical from the place where daddy was born and raised.

Most of Sir Winstons other  playmates had now disappeared.  Where were the buzzing things?  He loved to watch the erratic flight paths of the buzzing things.  Even Mr Squirrel was now unavailable, what with him busy sorting and storing his Winter rations.  A pity he couldn´t find his stored edibles half the time, Sir Winston thought.

Yes, it was a special time of year – a time for recollection and a time for his kingdom to find rest and fall into a deep, winters sleep.

Winter was breathing at  the door.


SW-Avatar       Mr Midnight.  Are you awake?

MM-Avatar       Huhhh?  What you say?

SW-Avatar       I asked if you were awake yet.

MM-Avatar       Not yet. Still sleeping.  🙂

What´s up?    Is it breakfast time already?

SW-Avatar       I´ve been thinking and I want to tell you something Mr Midnight.

MM-Avatar       Well I´m all ears (and fur).

Anyway, you stirred me out of a horrific dream.

There was this large bowl with a big dollop of cream floating in some cat-milk. The bowl kept hovering infront of me and everytime I stuck my tongue out to lick it, the bowl got larger – but I couldn´t taste anything.  Terrible nightmare. Very frustrating.

SW-Avatar       I didn´t wish to disturb you but I´ve been doing some serious thinking.

MM-Avatar       Well lets hear it then. It better be good – you know I only sleep about 16 hours a day (so daddy says).  🙂

SW-Avatar       I just want to thank you Mr Midnight, for being my friend and to tell you that I LOVE YOU.

MM-Avatar       That´s a bit out of the blue isn´t it? I know you love me, I love you too, so why the sudden urge to tell me?

SW-Avatar       It´s important that you hear it from my lips.

We´ve had so much fun together, indeed we´re quite a team, and I just wanted you to know that in spite of our differences in the past, I`m truly proud  that I have such a sincere friend by my side.  One day, I may not be able to tell you  myself and I know  I would regret that.

MM-Avatar       The feelings mutual Sir Winston.  I LOVE YOU too. Whatever happens to us – we will always know that we were once, a great team.

Thank you for telling me Sir Winston – it means a lot to me.

When it´s time for us  to go,  we will now be able to go in peace.

SW-Avatar       Oh yes.  I wanted to make my  peace before my sweet release.

MM-Avatar       You´re right. It´s so important to tell those around us how much we love them because if left unattended,  when it´s time to go, there´s no time left to say those precious words.

SW-Avatar       That´s really quite terrible.  No time to say sorry. No time to mend the hearts we may have broken.  No time for one last kiss.

MM-Avatar       Will we be alone or with a friend? – we´ll never know because we´ll never hear lifes music end.

SW-Avatar       The future is not ours so we should live for the minute because  the moment is where life happens.

MM-Avatar       I hope that my life has been bright colours and stars and that although there may have been some sadness, on the whole, my life was full of  many magical hours.

SW-Avatar       When my time is over I want to believe that I´ve given something special to the world and will be remembered as the cat who gave much pleasure.

MM-Avatar       SW-Avatar       So, before the angels come to collect us and we  take our inevitable journey, lets  live our lives in the moment and make peace with our world.

The journey that continues after this life will then, be  that much easier.


MM-Avatar       Now,  where´s my food bowl?  All this soul-journey stuff has given me an appetite.  🙂



(C) mags 2013

“I M P A W T A N T” N O T I C E

DSCN0660      Go on Sir Winston, tell them.

Think pawsitive, believe in yourself and just get on with it!

DSCN0631      I don´t know if I can!

If you think it´s so easy, why don´t you tell them!

MM-Avatar      …..ah SIr WInston!  Have you  got a pawsonality disorder or something? It´s really no big deal. You know you´re better at explaining things than I am.

Look, here´s daddy. He´ll do it. You can rely on daddy. 🙂

author-Avatar      OK. I´ll do it.

I hereby do declare, that Sir Winston and Mr Midnight felt it only correct to inform you all,  that we will be taking a weeks break from blogging.

As some of you are already aware,  we usually post  blogs on a weekly basis, but because of me taking a one week holiday and the “lads” are  unable to operate the laptop keyboard on their own accord, we will write the next post a week later than normal.


There you are boys. It wasn´t that bad was it?

MM-Avatar       See Sir Winston. What did I say. You can rely on daddy to get things sorted out.

SW-Avatar      Let´s just hope that we don´t scare  any of our readers away. I can´t imagine the distress I would suffer if  everytime the little orange icon button on “WordPress” illuminated and somebody had made a serious negative comment.

I just hope that the people are nice and continue to write the same,  lovely messages as we´ve received in the past.

Everyone has  been so kind to us. 🙂  Thank you for either “liking” or especially, if having written a comment.  We really appreciate it. 🙂

MM-Avatar      You worry too much.  I should think that  most of them are  also away on holiday,  Humans aren´t like cats. Cats are always on holiday,  😉  and I doubt that anybody will really notice that we´ve decided to  miss a weeks blog.

Keep cool Sir Winston. Those who enjoy our stuff will forgive us and will hopefully,  carry on  following our adventures.

DSCN0661 author-Avatar  Happy summer holidays to you all !  Until next time.

Your two furry friends and a strange englishman.  🙂

Copyright (C)  mags 2013

Tolerance and respect

author-Avatar As you will already know if having read any of my  previous posts, I did intend to stop blogging for approximately two weeks. However, Mr Midnight insisted that we write one more blog because of something being on his mind.

MM-Avatar . . . . . . .well, they smell a little, are loud (often boisterous), hectic, not too fond of us cats, have disgusting habits, love complying to   rules  (human rules) and speak some foreign tongue (also usually quite loud!).

author-Avatar  . . . . and what is the problem with that?

MM-Avatar  Nothing really, but they are sometimes quite annoying, especially when they  are stressing us  cats.

SW-Avatar who are you talking about Mr Midnight, …. communists?

MM-Avatar I´m not quite sure what a communist is  Sir Winston  but if its something that annoys cats and takes away our freedom to roam in our own small patch of green – then it could be communists.

author-Avatar I believe that Mr Midnight is talking about dogs Sir Winston. He seems to be  a little frustrated today.

MM-Avatar  Well its very rare that I get frustrated about dogs because although I would not touch one with a barge-pole as I´ve heard the saying go in England, I do actually like our brothers and sisters. They were born under the same open sky as myself, have the same needs and requirements as myself  and breathe the same stuff as I do. They have the same right to be here as I do  – but they should just  try and avoid being annoying.

SW-Avatar Where are you going to find a barge-pole Mr Midnight?

MM-Avatar I´m not even sure what a pole is, yet alone a barge.

author-Avatar It´s just a figure of speech Sir Winston

SW-Avatar Well I think that we should all respect one another, regardless of where we come from, even if that means  ocassionally  having  to tolerate anothers ways of living. Just because we don´t understand anothers way of living doesn´t automatically jusitfy that we should craft false judgement.

MM-Avatar  yes, . . . .your right Sir Winston, us cats will just have to grin like a Cheshire Cat and bear it. (another odd half English saying I picked up from Daddy).

In human  words,  we are called:- a cat, el gato, un gatto,  le chat or die Katze.Human words for our favourite friends are :- un chien, un cane, el perro, a dog or Der Hund.

Notice how harmonious the words for cats appear. They are nearly all the same. Poor dogs have to make do with all sorts of concoctions for titles.

SW-Avatar I believe Der Hund originates from “hound”, as does the word “dog” originate from the German word “dogge”. I may be wrong though.

author-Avatar At least Mr Midnight and yourself Sir Winston, act and “think” from your own experience, as do all other beings. We humans will also act based upon our own experience but we also  rely heavily upon what others in times past have dictated as to  being called  the truth and what the majority living in our present surroundings find to be acceptable.

SW-Avatar That appears to be a rather convenient (but disturbing)  way of going through life. Does that mean that  you never look for your own truths?

author-Avatar Unfortunately, I think it does. There are some who go on the journey of attempting to discover their own truth but the large majority, appear to be conveniently  satisfied adhering to anothers voice as to being their truth. I may be wrong in my perception though. If my statement was true, one must still accept and respect their opinion of not wishing to look for their own truth.

SW-Avatar I have heard that it is accepted  by humans to go looking for reassurance  by blindly  sending out wishes into the universe and hoping for an answer from something high and mighty. If this helps, one should definetly do this, but what if the answers to life lay not in the vastness of  the macrocosm but also, in the vastness of the microcosm.

Humans tend to be of the opinion that the larger a thing is, then the greater it is, but the microcosm is just as vast as the macrocosm.  Many truths to life may lie buried within each one of you. Your God may be inside you, in your soul, all the time. One would then  not need to send things out into the vastness when what one seeks  already lays  within your soul.

MM-Avatar I think your losing me Sir Winston. We don´t want to annoy the nice people who read our blog.

author-Avatar I believe most will be able to cope with what we have said so far. If not, please send a comment. We don´t wish to sound disrespectful.

SW-Avatar The other day, the news showed demonstrators in a place called Paris, complaining about same-sex marriages. In my country, people in high positions, as well as demonstrators, showed the same  fears by wanting to “protect the institution called marriage”. If wishing to protect something then it must be under attack.  Speaking only as a cat; there is absolutely no reason why one should have to “protect” marriage by wanting to ban such a possibility for all to be fairly wed if they need be.

Intolerence is bred on fear and will quickly erase respect. The fears aroused by the same-sex marriage debates commenced in many peoples own heads and were based on experience, lack of proper information and others past beliefs.

Fear is usually, selfmade,  and is often fuelled by others who gain an advantage out of maintaining that fear.

author-Avatar I suppose that  it is because most of us have been brought-up the way we have. We cannot know any better. Even at school we are taught that the beast, Satan, will take us if we do not adhere to our society´s muster.

MM-Avatar What´s this beast thing daddy?

author-Avatar A suppossed kind of monster that will make your (after)life a living hell.

MM-Avatar I don´t want to believe in such a thing. It sounds horrible. But if it makes you all feel better – carry on.

author-Avatar Actually Mr Midnight, there is no such thing as Satan because Satan only really means adversary  and an adversary, is just an opposing force.

Some Christian leaders tried to “expose the anti-christ” by using a formula to calculate numbers for names and titles.

Every letter receives the number “6” and is added to the next letter, thus; A=6, B=12, C= 18, etc. The sum of all number will be the numeric value  of a name or title. An Evangelist noted that Mark of Beast is 78,6,108,66,90,36,12,30,6, 114 and 120 = 666.

The calculation is true but irrelevant.

Try using the words. COMPUTER = 18,90,78,96,126,120,30,108 = 666

HUMANITY = 48,126,84,6,78,54,120,150 = 666

WITCHCRAFT = 138,54,120,18,48,18,108,6,36,120 = 666

GOD OF ISRAEL = 42,90,24,90,36,54,114,108,6,30,72 = 666

What does all this prove?


We  obviously  like to believe that what somebody(or authority)  has told  us to be  true,  that this  is the real truth.

One should  tolerate and respect anothers views by keeping an open mind but should one not also attempt to discover ones own truths?

MM-Avatar I wish I hadn´t started things now.

It´s now  time for lunch,  and then I think I´m going to go and look for a barge-pole. 🙂

Are we aware of our actions?

author-Avatar On Sunday I went for a small walk around  Lake Titisee in the Black Forest. For obvious reasons, my two cats displayed no interest towards my planned outing and both decided to stay at home.   The place was thriving with tourists;  and as I walked through the busy tourist street I noticed quite a few  signboards standing outside coffee shops with the words  “Herzlich Willkommen” written upon them. When  literally translated, “Herzlich Willkommen”  means  something like “Heartily Welcome”.

It reminded me of the many times that I had visited localities having also  displayed such a sign at the entrance but sadly,  through bad service,  lack of motivation and the resulting  absence of  “Herzlichkeit”, they had failed to act out  the message they had been trying to transmit on their signboard.  If one genuinely wishes to heartily entertain ones guests, should one not show it?

Naturally, being “Herzlich Willkommen” is understood in some professional restaurants.

MM-Avatar What is he talking about?  It all sounds rather weird to me.

SW-Avatar I think I know what he means Mr Midnight.  It has something to do with the fact that human beings tend to do things, or say things,  and often do not live by what they preach.Can you remember that television commercial the other day where daddy commented upon him having visited that supermarket and his  food had been  literally thrown along the conveyor belt at the cash till?

MM-Avatar I can´t remember having seen a television commercial or him having complained, but there again, I may have been having a small nap at the time 🙂

author-Avatar   But I can remember. It was an advertisement for a large “quality” supermarket (not a discount store) . It´s called “Edeka” or “Neukauf” (depending upon  ones place of abode ) and their advertising slogan is called “Wir lieben Lebensmittel”. Translated this means “We love food”.

MM-Avatar Well if its true what you say about them just throwing the food along the conveyor-belt at the cash-till, then they obviously do not  love food as much as they wish to believe.

SW-Avatar I think that humans like to believe that they go about things the right way; and they may even believe in  what they say, but reality seems to paint a different picture. They appear not to be aware of their actions.

MM-Avatar Still it´s a shame that I missed the food commercial. I really like food.

author-Avatar Mr Midnight, we are not here to discuss food preferences.

SW-Avatar I can also recall having heard that humans love animals – but then they eat us. This appears cruel and is  rather  sad. If they love us – why do they eat us?

author-Avatar But you eat birds and trap mice. That is just as bad.

MM-Avatar But daddy, hunting mice is a part of our natural instinct. We can´t help doing it – I sometimes wish I could.

author-AvatarWell I suppose in a strange way, eating animals is also  human natural instinct.

SW-Avatar Possibly, but as a human being, you do have other possibilities with which to sustain yourselves. Many humans  believe that they will get ill if they  do not eat meat but by opening   ones horizons and discovering ones own truth, one may find this “wisdom” to be invalid.  Humans seem to do things simply because they have always done it and because they like doing it, regardless of the consequences toward other beings.

MM-Avatar Once again, It all sounds whacky to me. I don´t want to become a pair of house  slippers just so that humans can  warm their feet.

author-Avatar Don´t worry Mr Midnight – nothing´s going to happen to you.

I suppose that the human race  will never be able to live in Peace (something we all seem to desire) because deep down in our souls, we seem  not to live in peace (natural instinct?). We may believe that we are peaceful beings (and at our core we most likely are!), but prejudice, greed  and jealousy seem to rule our lives ( at least in small doses) and “Herzlichkeit” towards strangers  is seldom  evident. Our  trait towards destroying things  is possibly our  natural instinct and therefore, we are  not supposed to live in peace.  Our trackrecord would certainly prove this point.

SW-Avatar Not  living life  in peace  possibly helps  the human race find new solutions to problems, thus helping make the human race   become more cleverer (at least technologically) but most certainly, the human race appears  not to have  become wiser.

Perhaps only when all  humans live in respect and find peace in their own hearts will they  all be able to live in peace on this wonderful planet.  It really is no good just wishing for peace on earth when one is   not prepared to do anything about the “state of peace”   oneself.

Social peace is desirable. Personal peace is a necessity.

MM-Avatar You should  not all take life so seriously. Just chill out a little and take time to discover life for yourselves. Sir Winston and myself do it all the time.

Daddy, I believe it´s now time for something to eat. Have you got anything left in the cupboard from that nice supermarket where they apparently, love food?

Time flies when you´re having fun

author-Avatar  Chapter 5 of my book  Nice Place, Shame About the Human Race is called “Time (and Mobile-Phones). With this in mind, I thought it a good idea to carry on from where I left last time and to observe the topic of time – especially because of having once again, moved the clock forward this weekend  into “daylight saving” summertime. I will however, leave the topic of mobile-phones for another time.

Today, a 1/4 of the year is now behind us with three-quarters remaining until the end of 2013. This very  fact  appears quite unnerving. Where has all my time vanished to?  It seems  virtually  only  yesterday that   I was eating christmas pudding, admiring the lights on the christmas tree (we only had a small tree this year) and listening to “Silent Night” on the HiFi. Has time gone by so quickly because I´m getting older or because as the saying goes, “Time goes by when you´re having fun”?

SW-Avatar Well apparently, you humans seem to also make time go by when you´re not having fun as well

author-Avatar How do you mean Sir Winston?

SW-Avatar Based on my observations, most of you always appear to be totally  stressed up and to be not enjoying your time as you should. You all seem to be rushing around all the time, trying to squash as many activities into your lives  as possible. No wonder time seems to fly by very quickly.

author-Avatar Well that might be true but we all have our responsibilities and have to earn a living with which to exist.

SW-Avatar That is a matter of opinion and depends upon what is your truth. The human race chooses to live  within such parameters and fails to notice other possibilities with which to live.

MM-Avatar Maybe you should all “chill-out” a little more and not take life too seriously – just like Sir Winston and me do daddy. The dark and light cycle which  humans call a day goes by quite slowly when you´re chilled out and relaxed.

author-Avatar Well that may be the case Mr Midnight, but humans still have to go to work with which to earn some money to pay for their lifestyle – like purchasing cat food, paying vets fees and buying toy mice so that pampered cats don´t get bored in the winter evenings. 🙂

SW-Avatar That is only the case because YOU choose to do so. Mr Midnight and myself did not ask that you look after us. You choose to do so yourself. You give us food and love and we give you love in return (sometimes with a few complications included). We would be quite able to look after ourselves if left to our own devices. We possess instinct and  still live  intact with our surroundings

.MM-Avatar Sir Winston`s quite right daddy. If we had to look for food with which to survive, we would find it. I think that at least half of the modern western world would be wiped out within a year if humans had to hunt what they ate. The modern worlds artificial environments and lack of living with nature dictate such a possibility.

However, it is nice when daddy opens a tin for me or gives me a food stick to swallow. Its a lot easier and so much more relaxed.

author-Avatar There is possibly some truth in what you both say but it still doesn´t  solve the problem of  time flying by so quickly.

SW-Avatar One possible explanation for your rapid time slip could be the fact that many of you do not invest in your time wisely. Humans have another saying that Time is money but it is only a foolish person who does not invest their money wisely. If time really was money – wouldn´t it be wise to invest ones time for the future, for e.g., relaxing and slowing down in the present  with which to discover health,  happiness and satisfaction  in later years?

We cats live life “in the moment”. Most of the time, human beings seem to live life exactly the opposite – namely in the past and in the future.

author-Avatar Well its true that many humans do like to plan for future events and reminiscing  is an act of finding solitude in an otherwise, difficult world.

SW-Avatar Possibly so but at the same time, you are unable to experience the present because it is only the moment that really counts.  Life is less stressful and painful  if one goes at the speed of life or  with the flow of life,  and not at the pace of what others dictate.  It´s good to plan (at least for humans) and its nice to live in the past, but one should also attempt to master the art of living life in the moment because in the moment is where life happens.

MM-Avatar Daddy, my tummy´s rumbling!.

author-Avatar OK, we´ll stop for now, when only to feed the lads – there doesn´t appear to be enough time left!

We´ll continue next week with our little discussion. If you have any thoughts upon this weeks topic, please feel free to comment – I´ll write back.

Bye for now. from me and the “lads”

(C) mags 2013

Why write a blog?

author-Avatar A good question I asked myself, especially coming from somebody as myself. I suppose one of the reasons for beginning this blog  was because of  having repeatedly been politely  informed from my inner  circle of friends and family that I should at long last, “get up-to-date” and move on into the 21st century.
It is not that I am against all forms of modernity but that I prefer to go at my own speed in life and will thus,  typically avoid  treading the path of the mainstream.

MM-Avatar I can only agree. If you want to be happy in life then you can only walk your own path.  By the way, My name is Mr Fred Midnight, but my daddy calls me Mr Midnight. When he wants me in at night it saves him having to call out such a long name. It could otherwise get quite ridiculous.

SW-Avatar I don´t know what you´re moaning about, I´m  known by the name of Sir George Francis Winston but daddy just calls me Sir Winston. I´m only ever mentioned with such a long name when appearing on official documents – such as when having to visit the vets (I really love that place).

By the way I also agree about going at your own speed in life but am not so sure about having to get up to date. As a human, one must possibly  move with the times, but not at the expense of ones health or when not having properly thought things through – I do a lot of thinking.

author-Avatar  May I get back to explaining my blog boys?

The other reason for me to write a blog is quite obvious – with which to extract some of the topics and themes from my book entitled “Nice place, shame about the human race” and philosophise a little on the many areas of our modern existence. It would be lovely to receive some feedback from others but for now, I shall have to make do with philosophising with my two furry friends.

SW-Avatar I´m sure Mr Midnight doesn´t mind and I look forward to a few interesting discussions. After all, both of us have a lot of time on our hands!

MM-Avatar Daddy, my tummy´s rumbling. Is it time for a light snack?

author-Avatar OK.  Enough of my brief explanation for blogging. Time to go and look for some food sticks.

In my next blog we´ll examine the issues about “Time” and how we spend our time.

Thank you for your time.