The weather angels

DSCN0655       That wet stuff is always clogging my fur.  Why is our kingdom so wet at the moment Sir Winston?

DSCN0643       I`m not sure but it does help to keep our kingdom nice and luscious.  Don´t you think our little patch of kingdom looks gorgous at the moment?

DSCN0672       Well it´s certainly nice and green although I suspect it´s wet because of another reason.

DSCN0677       And what may that reason be?

MM-Avatar       It´s because of the humans again isn´t it.

SW-Avatar       You can´t blame  humans for everything Mr Midnight.  The weather angels must have something to do with it as well.

MM-Avatar       Precisely.  The weather angels always know what´s best.

Haven´t you noticed that the wet stuff usually falls out of the sky when most of the humans have their spare time and holidays?

SW-Avatar       I can´t say I have but when thinking about it, you do seem to have a point, although modern humans do seem to have a lot of spare time.  They don´t have as much free time as us cats but the probability of it getting wet on “spare days” will be quite high.

Why do you think the weather angels enjoy ruining  human  spare time activities?

MM-Avatar       It´s simple really Sir W.

Modern humans are always up to something.  They´re always doing things and can never seem to settle.

SW-Avatar       Perhaps humans have ants in their pants.  We cats can settle nicely because ants don´t like clinging to cat fur.

MM-Avatar       I think it gets wet simply to slow the modern humans down a little.  If there´s bad weather humans cannot get out of doors so easily. Therefore, the weather angels help humans to try and relax a little at home.

As you already know Sir Winston, there is a lot to learn by relaxing and doing nothinig.

If the modern humans aren´t going to take a closer look at us cats and adopt a bit more of our cat mentality then the weather angels will help sort things by slowing them all down a little.

I just wished humans would realise that journeying on the voyage of self-discovery is worth more than most humans seem to think.  That´s why the weather angels come in handy.  It´s a shame I have to get wet so often in the process though.

SW-Avatar       The air angels send us all that wind every now and again.  I suppose they do that to blow all of that “energy rubbish” away.

MM-Avatar      Yep, you bet.  The good old weather angels. They´re always helping to keep the planet in shape. We can´t rely on the human race to sort things out can we.  They´ve still got so much to learn.

SW-Avatar       Well I´m all up for it.  I like the weather angels and I like to feel the wet stuff on my body.

What a beautiful kingdom we have.  The weather angels certainly have green fingers!


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The most important things in life

Mr Midnight and Sir Winston were  huddled together under the hedge watching the passers-by.

MM-Avatar       I can´t make head nor tail of it  Sir W.  They all look terribly stressed up and importantly busy and they  don´t seem to be enjoying what they´re doing.

What a way to go about things.

SW-Avatar       They have to rush about like that otherwise they would not be able to get all of their things done. I must admit though, they do look rather funny don´t they, especially the way they rush about the place with their heads sunk into their modern gadgetry.

I have  heard rumours in the animal kingdom that the human species is now “on the turn” and instead of evolution, devolution is now the sign of the times.

MM-Avatar       I think you´re right there Sir W.  They have adopted a slouch because of walking hunched forward all the time.  Purrrhaps they want to copy  us cats and wish to walk on all fours again like in the old days.

Look Sir Winston!   Just look at that bloke trying to get out of that large, shiny, smelly moving thing.

SW-Avatar       That things called a “sports car” Mr Midnight and it costs an awful lot of printed numbered paper to own such an item.  Daddy hasn´t got a machine like that has he.

MM-Avatar       That´s possibly because daddy has to take care of the two of us.

Anyway,  surely that grumpy , sad-looking bloke should look a little happier.  After all, his “moving thing”  looks fancy enough.

SW-Avatar       I suspect he isn´t happy because of all of his illnesses.

MM-Avatar       I´ve also noticed the black holes in the poor chaps aura.  Humans shouldn´t worship their printed paper with numbers on them – it inadvertently makes them all ill.

SW-Avatar       They love the stuff don´t they.  They believe it gives them security.  They´ve also invented “Insurance” which is supposed to give added security.

MM-Avatar       Insurance?  What´s that?

SW-Avatar       It´s something humans pay-up front so that when things get bad, they get their money back with which to sort out their problem.

MM-Avatar       Sounds great Sir W.  Purrrhaps it should be called “Unsurance” because although hardly ever admitting it, humans are so unsure of themselves.

SW-Avatar       Or “Reassurance”, because that´s obviously the motivating reason for wanting to spend ones money on such a thing.

MM-Avatar       I still can´t get to grips with the fact that that sad-looking man should look so unhappy while owning such a machine.  He must have worked very hard to be able to buy such a thing. Purrrhaps he´s sad because he can´t take it with him when he goes on his final journey.

The universe doesn´t allow fast, smelly sports machines to be taken on that final journey.

SW-Avatar       If you ask a human what they most desire in life the majority would most likely say “money” because humans are obsessed with the stuff.

MM-Avatar       Whats the most important things in life for us cats Sir W.?

SW-Avatar       I´d say health, love and happiness.

MM-Avatar       And then there´s thankfulness and being allowed to be who we really are.

SW-Avatar       “Money” cannot buy any of those things.

A shame so many people  place so much emphasis upon money instead of them asking themselves what they really want from life.

MM-Avatar       If you can be who you are, have your health, are loved, are happy and satisfied, and possess a sprinkling of thankfulness in your soul, what more can you want?

Come on people, get it together and concentrate on the real things in life and discover what life has to offer.

You´d be a lot more happier if you did.

See you all later.  Bye for now.


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A Cattitude of gratitude

??????????      Listen Sir Winston.  I think I can hear him coming down the stairs.  Purrrhaps he´s coming into the cellar to give us some nice food.

??????????       I wouldn´t bank on it.  The light shining through the cellar skylight in still quite bright.  My instinct tells me we´ve still got to wait a bit.

MM-Avatar       But my tummy´s rumbling so it must be dinner time, although I must admit, he doesn´t usually come down into the cellar at this hour.

SW-Avatar       It´s not necessarily daddy coming down the stairs. It could be anybody, but listen, the footsteps are getting louder.

MM-Avatar       Well I bet it´s daddy´s footsteps and when  he enters  our “daytime living quarters” he´s going to open one of those nice, round shiny objects which contain our evening meal.

I´ve had a go at opening one of them before but my claws just slide around the side.  It´s no use. I just have to be patient and wait for daddy to open one of them.  Fancy putting a cats  “evening meal” into a round, shiny object.  It´s no wonder I can´t open the bloomin thing.

SW-Avatar       I´ve noticed those things as well Mr. Midnight.  He´s stacked them all neatly in the corner.  Daddy calls the things “tins of cat food”.

There must be a tree or field somewhere where the tins grow.  That´s why daddy stacks them in the corner next to his potatoes.  He once told me  potatoes like dark places so that must also be the reason why he places those tins in the cellar as well.

MM-Avatar       Whoevers coming down the stairs  seems to be going into the loud machine room.  You´re obviously correct in your assumption Sir W.  It´s not dinner time yet.

SW-Avatar       I hate that room, although it does smell quite pleasant when the humans have finished using their machines.

Thank goodness we cats don´t need machines like that.  We wash ourselves all the time so that our fur doesn´t get into such a state as  humans clothes seem to do.

MM-Avatar       I´m used to being patient but I am a bit frustrated that he´s not coming down yet.  I´m starving!

SW-Avatar       Oh quit your complaining Mr. Midnight. Your life is nice and cushty.  You´ve obviously forgotten.

We´ve got a warm roof over our heads, we receive lots of stroking and we have a constant supply of food in our bowls.

MM-Avatar       But not at the moment we don´t!

SW-Avatar       Daddy will see to it – you don´t have to worry.  Honestly,  sometimes you´re such a fusspot.

You should adopt an attitude of gratitude.

MM-Avatar       Yes,  you´re right Sir W.  As a rule I am a very thankful cat but I do sometimes forget how good I´ve got it.  I must have caught a dose of some of that modern human illness stuff.

SW-Avatar       Don´t let that creep into your soul Mr. Midnight. It eats you up.  That´s why so many “modern” humans tend to life dissatisfying lives.  They forget how good they have it in life.

A gratitude attitude will save the day.  Modern humans (and some cats!) should never forget what they have already achieved in life and how nice they actually have it.

MM-Avatar       I guess we all sometimes become blind to our surroundings.

Thanks Sir Winston.  Even though daddy is not always punctual with our meals, I´m glad that he looks after us nicely.

What a life we lead!

I hope he comes soon though.  My tummy is rumbling overtime!.


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The quiz

10559817_908418939172062_2675612140325727190_n       Must we Sir Winston?   I´d much sooner read my magazine if you don´t mind.

??????????       And I´m not so keen on Sir Winston´s word quiz games either.  I´d rather lounge about on this comfy chair and watch that wet stuff falling from the sky through the window.

??????????     Come on the both of you. Don´t be  spoil sports.  It´s a good way to pass the time.

DSCN0964  10559817_908418939172062_2675612140325727190_n   Oh very well. If we must.

SW-Avatar       I´ll help give you both some clues.  The word I´m thinking of has something to do with a number, the topic of music and seems to be a characteristic of the times.

MM-Avatar       They´re not really clues are they Sir Winston.  They could mean anything.

author-Avatar       How about the number 9 and the song “Love potion number 9”.

MM-Avatar       I haven´t the foggiest idea what you´re going on about daddy.

Cats have 9 lives (apparently).  That´s the only thing I know about the number 9.      🙂

SW-Avatar       Daddy´s close with the number but try a bit harder with the music.

MM-Avatar       The number “8”.

SW-Avatar       No. Wrong.

author-Avatar       Then it must be the number “10”.

SW-Avatar       Correct.  And now add the “music” part.  It´s something one does to music.

MM-Avatar       Fall to sleep.  😉

The same way I´m going to go when I carry on with your astounding, exciting quiz game Sir Winston.

SW-Avatar      Come on lads. What else can you do to music.

author-Avatar       “Dance” ?

SW-Avatar       Fantastic. Great way to go daddy.

MM-Avatar       Does that mean we can stop now?  We´ve solved it.

SW-Avatar       I haven´t finished yet Mr. M.  What do we get when we add the two words together.

author-Avatar       “Ten Dance”.

SW-Avatar       Precisely.  I´ll help give another clue.

The word we´re looking for is the  “tendency” of modern day society.

author-Avatar       A play on words. How very nice.

MM-Avatar       I understand something else about “playing”.  For example, playing with a ball of string.  Sir Winston´s word games are not my bowl of milk.

SW-Avatar       What´s the Greek word in the English language for “ten”.

author-Avatar       “Deca”.

SW-Avatar       And the thing you do to music?

author-Avatar       “Dance” ?

MM-Avatar       “DecaDance”.

author-Avatar       I think Sir Winston´s word is “decadence”.

SW-Avatar       Yes!!!!   You´ve got it.  Well done!

MM-Avatar       Thank goodness for that.  I´m glad you worked it out daddy because otherwise we´d still be racking our brains.  Sir Winston doesn´t give up easily.

author-Avatar       So you´re implying that modern day society tends to live in decadence?

SW-Avatar       To a certain extent, yes.  Most “modern” humans  will naturally disagree with me but if one opens ones eyes, one will see what I mean.

author-Avatar       Such as?

SW-Avatar       Modern day society´s behaviour  for displaying low morals and a great love for money, superficial pleasure the search for fame.  In other words, there seems to be a decay in  values.  Although most will not be aware, the human “modern” world is full of many examples.

MM-Avatar       I know of another negative human attribute.  People are often unconsciously rude to one another – for example, in their choice of words and their inabilities to keep their emotions under control.  If one is not balanced and “in ones centre” then  instability is on the cards.

I should know, I nearly fell off the fence the other day because of feeling imbalanced.  😉

SW-Avatar       Most modern humans always want more and more money.  Humans greedily devour so much of the stuff.

Just because humans have  “created  their laws”  and  made something “legal” doesn´t necessarily make it a humane act  to believe that one should possess  so much money.

Many of you humans earn loads of money and you all seem to think that you have “earned” it.  There are “natural” boundaries though.

In a sense, your passion for money and obsessions for hoarding the stuff is a decadent characteristic of human development.

author-Avatar       I am sometimes of the opinion that  Germany has the most rules and regulations than any other country in the world but you wouldn´t believe it when watching some of the “natives”.  I suppose it´s the same all over.

What´s the point in having rules if hardly anybody  abides by them?  In my neck of the woods most seem to  believe that they have their “rights” no matter if they are caught committing an offence or not.  For example,  some love using  loud machines on Sundays (it is prohibited on Sundays in Germany) or when people  aggressively drive their motor vehicle and blindly ignore speed restrictions (often with a mobile phone glued to their ear).

There doesn´t seem to be any point having  laws  if the majority wish to ignore such laws.  It all seems to be another case for decadence.

MM-Avatar       And what about how humans treat their natural environments?   The “modern” human is set in their ways believing it to be an automatic birth right to be able to travel around  the world however many times they need or to take part in your consumer frenzies.

author-Avatar       There´s also  many other  cases for decadence and ignorant behaviour.

SW-Avatar       But human ignorance and intolerance is usually based on human “fears”.  That´s right – fears.  You´re all scared to death of one another and of life.  You just don´t admit it – because it´s too painful.

Just look at many of your societies world views. You only seem to sort your fears out  with your wars.  That´s a very decadent trait.

author-Avatar       Our behaviour seems to be part and parcel of human development.  We do not know any better.

MM-Avatar       If your decadence makes you happy – carry on with your behaviour.

SW-Avatar       Although, shouldn´t some of you attempt to amend your habits. After all, what one sows, one reaps, as one of your famous religious books so wisely states.

author-Avatar       We are all on our separate paths and I believe eventually, we will all discover the real reason for our time on this planet.

Come on. Let´s change the subject.  We can talk about “manners” and the concepts of possessing style next time.

Who wants a round of milk and some cat biscuits?



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Your true self

SW-Avatar       It´s tricky but i´ll get it in the end.

MM-Avatar      Here you are; try using this wooden thing to poke it out.

SW-Avatar       How am I supposed to get my paws around that Mr. Midnight?  You can´t even properly hold the thing yourself.

MM-Avatar       I´m only trying to be of service.  Fancy knocking it behind the warmth generating thing on the wall.

author-Avatar       Hi boys.  What´s happening?  Have you lost something?

SW-Avatar       We were both feeling a little bored, what with the water dropping out of the sky all the time, and so I decided to have a “kick-about” with that sweetie wrapper you scrunched into a ball last night while playing with us.

author-Avatar       At least you managed to find out where  the wrapper got to.  And now you´ve got  it  stuck behind the radiator?

MM-Avatar       We can´t help it daddy.  It´s raining cats and dogs outside.

SW-Avatar       That´s a strange expression Mr. Midnight. Where´d you pick it up?

MM-Avatar       Mr cool Dog from next door uses the term quite a lot.  I love copying his cool habits.  But when  thinking  about it, I don´t want to copy ALL of his habits. He´s got some very embarrassing habits you know.

SW-Avatar       Well he´s a dog.  He´s bound to have some strange habits.  I do love watching him in a morning though, you know, when he takes his human for a walk.  He loves to lead and show his human who´s in control.  He´s so sure of himself.  I couldn´t behave like that.

MM-Avatar       I don´t particularly want to behave like that.  If I had to take daddy for a walk everyday I´d get tired very quickly.  We cats are not supposed to take humans for walks. That´s a dogs thing, although I´ve also heard that dogs are supposed to walk behind their masters.   Still, Mr Dog is very cool and he does love doing things quite the opposite.

author-Avatar       I´ve managed to remove your “ball” from behind the radiator.

SW-Avatar       Thanks daddy.  My legs were not long enough to stretch behind the radiator.

author-Avatar       No problem. Perhaps you should play in the living room next time. The study is rather small.

MM-Avatar       We will daddy.  There´s not enough room to swing a cat in the study.

SW-Avatar       I beg your pardon Mr Midnight.  Which of us two is going to get swung around the study?

MM-Avatar       It´s only a figure of speech Sir Winston. Keep your britches on. Nobody´s swinging anybody today.

author-Avatar       Mr. Midnight means that there is not enough room to play in the study.  Don´t worry Sir Winston.  I think Mr. Midnight´s copying Mr Dog again.

MM-Avatar       I don´t know what britches are anyway.  It just sounds like a nice word.

author-Avatar       Britches (or breeches) are knee-length trousers so I don´t think Sir Winston has to worry about keeping his britches on.  He doesn´t wear any.  🙂

SW-Avatar       Fancy copying other peoples words when you´re not sure what they mean.  It seems  rather daft if you ask me.

MM-Avatar       Well I´m glad that  daddy let the cat out of the sack because now I´m more the wiser.   🙂

SW-Avatar       And what´s with all these strange “cat” expressions.   You wouldn´t get me in a sack.

author-Avatar       Mr Dog  has certainly got  his influence upon you Mr. Midnight.  You´re starting to frighten Sir Winston.

Like I´ve already said.  If you´re going to use words and sentences you should be aware of what they actually mean.  It´s neither cool or hip to use words when one is not aware of  their real  meaning.

MM-Avatar       But people do things like that all the time.  I just wanted to try and “slip into the groove” of your society.

People love cool things.

author-Avatar       But there should also be some authenticity to your “cool” actions.

Why not create YOUR OWN cool image instead of copying from others?

MM-Avatar       It could be a little bit like hard work but thank you daddy, I´ll chew your wise words over.

??????????        If you find daddy´s words too dry when chewing them over have a bowl of milk afterwards.   That always works wonders.   😉

??????????          I´m not the same as Mr Dog but I can still be cool – but in my own, special way.

SW-Avatar       That sounds like a very good idea Mr. Midnight. Discover your own individuality and give us all a break from those terrible, human cat expressions.

MM-Avatar       And you stop being such a scaredy cat Sir Winston.  Words can´t harm you.

author-Avatar       I think they can! Words are more powerful than you think.

MM-Avatar       Well I´m going to think about what daddy said about being individual and cool, which reminds me. Purrrhaps I may also have a bite to eat with which to accompany my “chewing of words” activity.

SW3       And I´m  going to chill  a bit more  and  not take life so seriously.  After all, if you wish to enjoy life to the full one must be authentic  and  true to oneself.


The secret to happiness (from a cats point of view).

MM-Avatar       I like human beings.  They make me laugh.  They are sometimes so comical but at the same time, I often feel sorry for them.

SW-Avatar       I´m quite fond of them too but why do you feel sorry for them?

MM-Avatar       They seem to be always searching for something but hardly ever seem to find what they are so desperately searching for.  That´s kind of sad isn´t it.

SW-Avatar       Could you be more specific Mr. Midnight.  I´m not quite following you.  I haven´t noticed anything out of the ordinary – after all, they are ONLY human beings.

MM-Avatar       Well I´m quite aware that humans are not as open towards life as we cats and other animals but shouldn´t humans not at least be satisfied about the way they  go about things.  After all, they choose to live their lives in such a way.  They do have a choice.  We cats have to accept their “strange” ways of living.

SW-Avatar       Humans are rather poor creatures aren´t they. They make all the calls and are often dissatisfied with the outcome.  I suppose one can´t help feeling sorry for them.

They have all the possibilities in the world with which to make themselves happy but they often fail to reach this normal state of existence. It seems that they avoid expecting the best in life. They obviously do not trust themselves otherwise the very idea of “expecting the best in life” would be taken for granted.

Do you know what seems to be missing?

MM-Avatar       Of course.  Happiness!

Humans are often quite  negative in their approach to things and when they do have a good time, it appears to be quite superficial.

SW-Avatar       And as you so rightly put it, the poor things appear to be on a constant search for their  “Raison d’être“.

MM-Avatar       What´s a Raison d’être Sir W?    It sounds rather purrrculiar to me.

SW-Avatar       It would Mr. Midnight.  It´s a French word.  Humans from a place called France speak such a language. Raison d’être simply means “reason for existence”.

MM-Avatar       Well thank goodness daddy comes from that gloomy, damp place they call England.  I understand his manner of speaking.  By the way, what´s the word for “a cat” in that Frenchy country?

SW-Avatar       Le Chat

MM-Avatar       I´m not into all that chatting and stuff. Modern humans also  seem to love their chatting, twittering, blogging and whatever.  French cats are obviously very sociable but the life they lead does sound rather tiring.  All that interfurrrence!

I suspect that continual chattering and talking can be fun but I suppose it depends upon what one decides to talk about.

SW-Avatar       Humans do appear to rabbit on and on don´t they.  They just love “doing things”.

MM-Avatar       And usually very loud things!

SW-Avatar       I think it´s because humans tend to go through life  “thinking” things too much  most of  the time.

MM-Avatar       So you´re saying that humans should switch  their “thinking caps”  off once in a while?

SW-Avatar       I think I must be.  If they did  they would stand a better  chance of being  more in-touch with themselves instead of them  continually surrounding their lives with chronic  interference.

You see, they all seem to want to be happy but the majority seem incapable of relieving themselves from their habitual “thinking modus”.

MM-Avatar       But if humans stopped “thinking” then they wouldn´t develop would they.

SW-Avatar       And so they should carry on “thinking”.  I was only trying to make the point that  “thinking” too much  easily detracts  from a  souls true source.

Thoughts are an accumulation of experiences and input from various sources . . . .

MM-Avatar       . . . .tomato sauce?  That´s yummy!

SW-Avatar       Please remain serious for a moment Mr. Midnight. Allow me to carry on, I wanted to explain.

Humans react the way they do because of their accumulated experiences and because of  what their cultures expect of them.  Humans are led to believe that what others tell them (authority etc.)   is the truth and  ONLY the  truth.  Please don´t get me wrong Mr. Midnight, “thinking” is a necessity for human development but by placing too much emphasis upon getting through life by “thinking” all the time, one automatically avoids the absolute necessity to “feel”  life as well.

Feelings are the instinctive force within every living creature.  Instinct is a natural state of “feeling”.  If humans were able to truly “feel” more in life,  then they wouldn´t have to keep searching for that something which is apparently missing in their lives.  All of the wisdom  of our universe is buried deep within every living soul.  One really doesn´t need to go searching the never-ending, vast spectrum of the universe.  All of its secrets are to be found within every living soul – especially the souls of humans.

MM-Avatar       Wow, that´s fantastic Sir W.!  All  the answers to life lay waiting within each individual.  You wouldn´t believe it by looking at them would you.  Human beings only need to discover the beauty of THEIR TRUE SELF and hey presto – their lives get sweeter!

SW-Avatar       Well that seems to be the problem Mr. Midnight.  As oppose to other creatures on the planet human beings  generally avoid displaying any deep signs of  “feeling” – especially when they are  in public.  I think it´s because they feel that they could get hurt in some way.

MM-Avatar       They don´t seem to have much of a problem when they want to display their negative emotions and feelings or their  positive emotions when they visit a sporting event, such as when at a  football match when the players kiss one another when scoring a goal.

SW-Avatar       Although I´m not into human dictatorship philosophy, if I was President of the Planet, I would make it a rule that everybody must own a stamp album.  That way, the poor human race would be able to calm down and be forced to relax a little.

I am, only joking of course!    Humour is also one of the special ingredients for happiness.  Please don´t lose your humour as well!

MM-Avatar       Poor things, they must be scared to death.  They obviously do not trust themselves. They are always suffering aren´t they.

If they could only tap into their “feeling modus” more often and leave their “thinking caps” at home once in a while they would be amazed at the results.  Their long onward searching journey would come to a sudden end and then they could just be happy – by “being” and “feeling”.

SW-Avatar       Doors would suddenly open-up and they would eventually discover true empathy, satisfaction in life, compassion and love in  forms they never thought possible.

MM-Avatar       Do you think daddy is going to open the kitchen door Sir W. because my tummy´s rumbling again.  It must be because of all those thoughts about feeling.   🙂

SW-Avatar       If it makes you happy, I´m sure daddy will find a snack for you.


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Kick the habit!

DSCN0673      Why don´t you just ignore it Sir Winston?  You´re always up to your old tricks.  Staring at it for ages is not going to change anything now is it.  Use your noodle and a bit of logical common sense.

By the way, noodles are quite difficult for us cats to eat.  I can´t see the fun in slurping down long spaghetti noodles. They tend to get wrapped around my whiskers and then daddy complains about the awful mess. Still, I´ve got to give him something to moan about haven´t I!     🙂

SW-Avatar      One can also use the word  “noggin” or  “noddle”  as oppose to  using the word “noodle” when referring to the head or brain Mr Midnight.  You´re also trapped within your habits – you´ve always got food on your mind.

MM-Avatar      I´d sooner have food in my stomach than on my mind.   🙂

I can´t help thinking about food.  You´re right – it must be  a habit.

SW-Avatar      Be quiet Mr Midnight, the twig´s  changed position again.   It could spell danger.

MM-Avatar      Well to calm your nerves, lets go and investigate. The way some cats go on!  You´re  getting to be just like a human.

SW-Avatar      But I´m afraid.  I think we should just wait a while and then go and  see if anything has happened.

MM-Avatar      Come on, lets strike while the irons hot, as English people often say. I´m not hanging around out here in this windy weather.  It keeps ruffling my fur and I´ve only just finished styling my cool furstyle.


The wind  had started to pick up and the  rustle of garden  leaves  gave the garden a magical, mystical,  slightly scary  atmosphere.  The late Autumn evening was illuminated by a full moon and fast-moving clouds made shadows dance across the lawn.  An owl hooted  far afield in what seemed to intensify the atmosphere.


MM-Avatar      Mr Midnight thought:-

Blooming heck.  That flying thing´s making a hell of a racket.  It´ll frighten poor Sir Winston.  He´s under enough pressure as it is without him getting burnout from a noisy flying thing.

Actually, some of the time I feel like I´m a flying thing  –  I believe a pigeon is what humans call it.  Some days  I feel like a pigeon,  and on others,  like a statue, as the human saying goes.   Oh well, that´s  life.

With Sir Winston  it seems to be  the other way around.  He often believes  that he´s a statue and seldom a pigeon.  Apart from daddy,  he allows virtually anything and everybody  to  get him down. He lets people, and strange objects!, walk all over him.  It´s about time he concentrated on throwing away his negative past habits and fears  and started to  buck his ideas up a bit.

SW-Avatar    I´m ready when you are Mr Midnight.  Just go steady and take your time.


Without much thought,  Mr Midnight crept straight up to the pile of twigs and started prodding them with his paws.


SW-Avatar      Is it safe?

MM-Avatar      Of course it is.  It was only the wind blowing the hard, prickly things. There´s nothing to worry about.

SW-Avatar      I knew all the time, I was only testing you.

MM-Avatar      Yeah, right Sir Winston.  Only testing me.  Always excuses.

You´re slowly turning into a human.  Humans  have their  habits and most of them are terrified of  casting their past, negative habits aside.  If they only new what lay in store for them if they ceased being led by their negative thoughts and  habits.

SW-Avatar      Well I´m trying my very  best.  At least I´m aware that I have a problem.  My fears often arise in such scary  situations.  I think that my fears are from my past and that over the years, they have become much  larger.

MM-Avatar      That´s precisely the problem Sir Winston.  Your fears are from the past and  not necessarily, part of  reality.  Your fears are a “recording” of your experiences from a similar occassion in the past.  Your fears create a world that is not real,  but don´t worry Sir Winston, at least you acknowledge the fact in which case, I may be able to help you.

The pattern of your behaviour is just a habit which needs to be kicked.

SW-Avatar      Thanks a lot Mr Midnight.  It´s nice to have a friend who stays by your side in whatever circumstance.  I really want to kick the habit of diving under the hedge everytime the sticks move on what seems, their own accord.  It is very stressful.

MM-Avatar      I´ll help you step out of your established disposition of the mind.  You can rely on me.  I´ve learnt a lot from watching the humans.  Most of them seem to be totally out of their minds – blindly following their established habits and negative trains of thought.

If a habit is pawsitive – keep it. If not – get rid of it before it gets rid of you.  Negative habits disguise the true self because whether you believe it or not – all living beings,  when left to their own devices, are free of negativity.  I know, it´s hard to believe, especially when observing humans, but bad habits eventually eat away the soul and create a living hell for the “being” involved.

SW-Avatar      Wow!  Heavy stuff Mr Midnight.  I can certainly learn a thing or two from you.   🙂

MM-Avatar      Well if you didn´t dive under the hedge everytime you saw a human, you´d know as well.  Observation is one of my main pastimes.  There is always something to learn.

First, we´ll have to find a way with which to boost your self-confidence and then we´ll go on from there.  I´ll help you “kick the bucket”!  🙂

SW-Avatar       Sorry. . . . . .   “kick the bucket”!  Didn´t you mean “kick the habit”   You´re a right boost to my self-confidence Mr Midnight.

MM-Avatar      I wanted to slip a little pun in so that you don´t take  all  this too seriously.  Life is not serious you know.  Humans tend to  take themselves far too seriously when in actual fact, their lives would become  much easier if they avoided taking themselves too seriously.

SW-Avatar      OK,  I´m game if your game.  Let´s go for it!   Lets kick the habit.  🙂

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Food, Glorious Food

MM-Avatar       It seems alright to me Sir Winston. It´s the same delicious taste as always.

SW-Avatar       Exactly.  It always tastes good doesn´t it.  Intensive, full of aromatic odours and rich in colour; and  that appears to be the problem – humans have faffed about with it.

MM-Avatar       But it´s so tasty.  In my opinion, they´ve done a good job this time.

SW-Avatar       And what about nutrition?  What about your health?

MM-Avatar       I´m not with you Sir Winston. If you don´t eat, you´ll die.

SW-Avatar       And if you eat what the humans “dish-up”  you´ll probably die a death worse than death itself.

Listen,  I can hear daddy coming.  I´ll ask him what he thinks.

author-Avatar       Hello boys.  Haven´t you finished yet?  That´s most unusual. I bet you´ve both been talking with your mouths full or you´ve  been playing  with your food again.

MM-Avatar       Well according to Sir Winston; you can talk.  🙂  Apparently,  humans are always playing about with  food.

SW-Avatar       I was scrutinizing some of your magazines the other day and I managed to understand part of an article about human food consumption. I was just informing Mr Midnight about how much our food has been tampered and  messed about with.

author-Avatar       Oh, I see.  Yes, sadly, modern  humans  tend to have  little respect for “clean” foods – money being a prime motivator for our bad habits.    Most of us have to eat the “garbage” which is served.

MM-Avatar       But it tastes alright to me daddy.  Isn´t it as good as it´s made out to be?

author-Avatar       Just as Sir Winston was saying, if being critical, most  food items sold at supermarkets today are  not really fit for human consumption – at least not in large quantities.  There are possibilities  to find “clean” food but a consumers life is made terribly difficult because of the stance of the food industry, their lobbies and through weak Governments.

SW-Avatar       Why´s that?

author-Avatar       Because it´s not  really in the interests of food corporations and Governments to look after their clients/citizens.  Societies addictions for worshipping money are usually in the foreground of many day to day operations.  As long as the majority remain conveniently unaware of the “trash”  which  lands on their dinner plates,  the above mentioned institutions will always get away with their activities.

MM-Avatar       But the packaging is very colourful – having pretty pictures adorning the box.  🙂

SW-Avatar       . . . . . and nice words are used; such as “natural”, “organic” or “no artificial colouring” or “flavours”.

author-Avatar       Which makes you want to buy the product doesn´t it. Advertising is very powerful.  Just tell the consumer what they wish to hear and the majority will go out and buy it.

So many food-stuffs are “contaminated” with chemicals (such as pesticides or antibiotics), are Gen manipulated or contain artificial additives.

Even the August edition of “National Geographic” claims that the average American eats 22.7 teaspoons of sugar each day (without dipping into the sugar bowl).  A lot of  sugar remains hidden in convenience foods and because “convenience” appears to be the sign-of-the-times, many people will eventually get sick.   Europeans will have a similar sugar consumption rate as the Americans.

MM-Avatar       Which leads to  W 8 problems.  🙂

author-Avatar       W 8 problems?

SW-Avatar       He means “Weight problems”.  He´s trying to be cool again.

author-Avatar       Weight problems will obviously,  be one of the “after-effects” of having lived an unconcious lifestyle. All sorts of health matters can occur.

SW-Avatar       But humans may need to consume so much sweetness  because their lives are not “sweet” enough.  Continual, unhealthy eating habits could stem from thoughts  of believing that one is “victim” to society.  Surrounding oneself with “sweetness” would be a logical consequence.

author-Avatar       There could be some truth in what you´re saying Sir Winston.

MM-Avatar       So why do the majority of us cats manage to stay flexible and nice and slim?

author-Avatar       I would have thought because when you´re not sleeping, you´re always on the move.  Most humans do not  move very much – at least not on their own accord.  Some sort of  transportation method other than our own two feet  must usually be at hand. Modern humans tend to be  very unflexible – both in their movements and in their flexibility and adaption towards change.

I suppose it´s a modern, human thing.

SW-Avatar       But you humans should be careful what you eat.  Your food is not the same as it was.  You may have more selection than in times past, but human  eating habits are nearly as bad as Mr Midnights.  He wolfs his food down without even managing to savour the taste. From what I´ve heard from “Wild Cat” down the road, humans tend to slumber on the sofa  infront of the telly and  at the same time,  shovel  food down their necks.  It´s no wonder you need to take a tablet for indigestion if you don´t allow your bodies to eat and digest properly.

You´re not cats you know.  Humans should eat together sat at a table  and not hunched over a bowl infront of the telly.

Cats eat sitting crouched over a bowl – humans shouldn´t have to do that.

Still, the individual knows best.

MM-Avatar        Purrhaps humans think that they´re animals like us.  They want to copy what we do.  🙂

I think I´ll get back to my meal now.  It´s a pity there´s no side-salad with it.  I like radishes and things – but only if they haven´t received any human additives.  🙂

Bon Appetite !

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DSCN0964  (A picture of Mr Midnight waiting for Sir Winston to sort himself out)


When nobody´s looking, Sir Winston often sneeks behind the comfy chair  which stands infront of the  large window in the living-room and playfully,  uses  his paws  to “flick-out” some of the small ball-like objects  (which are actually  earth substitute called “Seramis”)  out of  the plant-pots.   I don´t mind because at the same time, he´s inadvertently  helping to  do  the dusting underneath the sofa.   🙂

He loves flicking the balls back and forth and because his “play-area” is obviously not large enough, he often loses most of them underneath the furniture.

He was having one of those moments again.


SW-Avatar      Hey,  Mr Midnight, try and stop this if you can!


Sir Winston flicked his left paw and the “Seramis” ball sped towards Mr Midnight.


MM-Avatar      Not a bad shot Sir Winston.  You´re nearly as good as the English football team.  You should aim to be more like the German football team though – the Germans usually win at football.   🙂   Next time, try and line it up better.  I wouldn´t have to stretch myself so much if you managed to occasionally, shoot on target.  I nearly did myself an injury just then.

SW-Avatar      It´s only a bit of fun Mr Midnight.  You don´t have to do acrobatics all the time.  Just let the thing roll where it wants to and flick it back to me.  By the way, you know that I don´t like football – I´m more of a rugby cat than a football cat.

MM-Avatar      I´ve already noticed Sir Winston.  That´s why your “shots”  usually curve in the wrong direction!

Playing with daddy´s plant earth is a real barrel  of laughs Sir Winston.  Honestly, little things amuse little minds.  🙂

SW-Avatar      Well I enjoy it.  It´s a pity I can´t find half of them again afterwards though.  I think daddy removes them with that noisy, sucking machine.  You know, the thing which supposedly, cleans our house.

MM-Avatar     I´m not too keen on that machine thingy either Sir Winston.  Most of the time it makes my fur stand up on end. It gives me the creeps.

SW-Avatar     Come on. let´s have one last try.  See if you can get a paw on  this!

MM-Avatar     I will if you shoot properly!


Sir Winston lined the Seramis ball up as best he could and with a swift, flick of the right paw, he shot the ball with all of his expertise.

The ball didn´t go any where near Mr Midnight.  Instead, it veered sharply to the left and rolled under the heavy, lime green sofa.


MM-Avatar     What are you playing at?  I´m getting hungry. I haven´t got all day you know – there´s other things to do; such as eating, having a wash and getting some shut-eye.

SW-Avatar      I missed.  I tried to put some back-spin on it and the thing just shot off at a completely different trajectory than I was hoping for.

MM-Avatar     I can see that.  Now go and get it and lets have enough of this nonsense.  Who´s ever heard of a cat playing about with “Seramis”?  If this ever gets out, it could ruin my reputation.


Time passed.

Mr Midnight eventually joined Sir Winston who was helplessly, still trying to get the ball out from under the sofa.


SW-Avatar      I think it´s a gonna.

MM-Avatar     It´s an infurrriating little game Sir Winston.  If we lose anymore balls, daddy´s going to crown us – and I don´t mean he´s going to worship us like the ancient Egyptians used to.

SW-Avatar     I can´t get my paw behind it. It´s rolled too far.

MM-Avatar     Well you “put” it there, so you can get it out.


Sir Winston spent ages trying to get  his ball out from under the sofa.  After having used all avenues of possibility open to him (viewing from every angle; using one paw, then both paws; using part of a leaf as leverage) he finally gave up.


SW-Avatar     It´s no good, I´ve had it.  It won´t budge a wink.  In fact, I can´t even get to the bloomin thing,  never mind budge it.

MM-Avatar      I wish you´d hurry up. It´s getting towards lunch time.  This morning, daddy  bought some of that gourmet food from the delicatessen.  I like the word “delicatessen” because the word  “cat” sits in the middle of it and “essen” means “to eat”,  in the language which they speak around here in the Black Forest.  Great stuff.   🙂

SW-Avatar       As long as the people round here don´t start  eating us cats!   Never mind your stomach Mr Midnight, you can look after  your tummy later.  What am I suppossed to do about the “ball”?  I feel like giving up.  It´s too hard.

MM-Avatar     If things were always easy, life wouldn´t be much fun now would it Sir Winston.  Don´t give up.  There must be a solution.

I think you need more  purrrsevereance. You know, that stuff which keeps you going in adverse circumstances and hopefully, in a cheery counternance if possible.

SW-Avatar     I´ve heard about that stuff. It´s not really one of my strong points.

MM-Avatar     Come on Sir Winston.  Where´s all your ambition, your determination and strength of resolve?

Now let me tell you something for a change.

The secret to purrrsevering is to understand the “learning curve”, which is a graph which rises, then drops a little and rises again in a continuous succession of “rising and dipping”.   All will be going well; then suddenly ones seems to regress and lose some of the advantage one had previously made.  This is the point where most animals (and virtually all humans) will give up.  If they only carried on with their efforts they would find out that each dip is followed by a higher rise, thus creating the overall pattern of “upwards and onwards”

SW-Avatar      Ah ha;  you mean Per ardua ad astra, as is written in Latin.

MM-Avatar      I´m not so sure about that Sir Winston, what with Latin not being one of my strong points.

The purrr bit of purrr ardua ad astra sounds quite comforting though.


Sir Winston was now  positively motivated by Mr Midnights wise words.


SW-Avatar      Thanks for the advice Mr Midnight.  I´ll have another go.


Again, Sir Winston spent ages trying to fathom out how to get the ball out from under the sofa.  He stretched as far as he could; he used all four paws as best he could – and he was still unable to get to it.


SW-Avatar      I´m not getting anywhere. What a stupid ball. Why do they make them so that they roll so easily.  It´s all a waste of time.


Sir Winston was now starting to show signs of frustration and in an annoyed manner,   he pulled himself out from underneath the sofa  and swung himself quickly round so as to face Mr Midnight who sat opposite.  With wide eyes of bewildement, they  both watched the ball roll out from underneath the sofa, as if by magic.


MM-Avatar     Thank goodness for that.  I don´t know how you worked it out but as you can see – determination and purrrseverance work wonders.  I knew I could count on you and  you´d get there in the end.

In such situations  I often think of the line which daddy told me he had “drilled into him” when at  school.

“If at first you don´t succeed, try, try again”.  A great motto and one that cats can also use. 🙂


Sir Winston was rather astonished because he knew he hadn´t done anything. He hadn´t worked it out.  He wasn´t going to tell Mr Midnight though. He thought “let him believe I mastered it.  He´s starting to get too big for his shoes – although he doesn´t wear any  shoes”.

Because Sir Winston had swiftly turned to face Mr Midnight, his tail had managed to sweep the ball in full swing, clearly hitting the ball outwards from underneath the sofa.

He knew that he had had a lot of luck but he had also learnt to not  give up so easily in the future.


MM-Avatar     Well done Sir Winston. You really are a superstar. Now lets get some grub inside us.  I´m famished.

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Fake or genuine?

SW-Avatar      My goodness daddy, just look at these two!
I believe the numbers on the little tab suggest that they are very valuable.

What hap!    A great stroke of luck!
author-Avatar      Let me look at what you´ve found Sir Winston.
Ah yes. The stamp from Neapel from 1860.


Mr Midnight was downstairs  taking a nap and was suddenly aroused by the commotion coming from  the upstairs study.  Allowing his inquisitiveness to take hold, he raised himself, stretched and bolted upstairs  to investigate what was happening.
MM-Avatar      What´s all this racket?  I was  trying to get 40 winks and heard someone mention getting  stroked.

SW-Avatar      I´ve found two valuable postage stamps among daddy´s  philatelic objects Mr Midnight, and I just said how it was a stroke of luck.
MM-Avatar      You once told me that this “Phil”  fellow was a bloke who enjoyed scrutinizing old pieces of paper with numbers and pictures upon them.  Sounds like a right bunch of laughs if you ask me.
author-Avatar      Sir Winston was very excited because he noticed that the catalogue price  tag was very high.
MM-Avatar      Does that mean that we can now afford to buy lots of food sticks and you can avoid purchasing those red and yellow tins of cat-food?
author-Avatar        I´m sorry Mr Midnight, no it doesn´t.
Sir Winston digged out the two Neapel stamps (catalogued number 8)  which are from 1860, and he seemed to have got overwhelmed by things.
MM-Avatar      Catalogued?  What do cats have to do with pieces of old paper? The word “catalogued” sounds  dangerous to my ears.
SW-Avatar       It´s just a funny english word Mr Midnight and means that a thing has been systematically listed.  Humans love doing things like that. The word has nothing to do with cats.
author-Avatar       It´s a shame, but if the stamps were real, they would each  have a catalogue value of 12000 Euros.  Unfortunately,  I find it hard to  believe that the stamps are real.
MM-Avatar       Why not? It would be nice to have some extra paper with numbers on them with which to purchase more provisions.
author-Avatar       I  believe that they are not genuine simply because I find them to be  too perfect. I would have to have them expertised if I wanted to know if they were genuine or not.
SW-Avatar       Expertised?  What does that mean.
author-Avatar       It means that somebody with expert, professional know-how,  would have to take a look at them and hopefully, issue me  a certificate proving that they were genuine. I would then be able to sell them at an auction if I so wished.

MM-Avatar       Purrhaps they are genuine fakes.  🙂
SW-Avatar      But why do some people go too such great lengths to produce  an item which is not real and has no proper value?   Isn´t that what english speaking humans  call deception or is the production of such things a hobby or something?
MM-Avatar      You´re both losing me again. Deception?

As for hobbies, cats don´t need such activities. Hobbies are reserved for humans who have spare time to kill.
I think  I´m going back downstairs.  If there´s nothing  to be gained out of this strange conversation then I think I´ll leave you both for the time being.  See you later guys.
SW-Avatar       Poor Mr Midnight. He´s always thinking about his stomach.
Anyway, where were we? Ah yes, deception.
This deception thing seems to be a strong characteristic of human behaviour. Most human beings will obviously, not lower themselves to such activities, but there seems to be quite a few who are willing to go through life with such a mentality.
author-Avatar       It´s possibly part and parcel of normal human development. There will always be some who are willing to decieve others and at the same time, not have a bad conscience about their actions.
SW-Avatar      But  are they  not aware of one of  the  most important  “rules of life”?
author-Avatar       You mean;   what we do to others,  comes back to us?  I hardly think so.   From my observations, many still do not understand that goodness attracts goodness, as does the reverse.
Most people of the Christian faith  know of such a rule  written in the Bible.           Mark, chapter 12, verse 31. It reads;  “Love thy neighbour as yourself

The problem seems to be that the words are not “felt” by the individual, but simpy read as words.  If one did understand this very  basic rule, I believe that  our planet would stand a chance of discovering  genuine empathy, thus making the path free for real peace on earth.
SW-Avatar       You humans do seem to have the knack of being unable to live in peace.
author-Avatar      I also believe that it is important to discover who we really are and what OUR truth may be.  Most present day modern humans  seem to either  simply  take for granted  what past generations thought or blindly believe in what modern society believes  to be “known” as the truth.   Modern societies beliefs are not necessarily the “real truth”  but are simply the thoughts of  what others believe, or believed,  to be the truth.  Ideas, thoughts and beliefs are often copied without much of the individuals own thoughts being put to use in the process.
SW-Avatar       So you´re implying that  humans have a great  tendency  to copy one another with many of them, not using their own heads to discover what their own truth may be?
author-Avatar       I suppose I am SIr WInston.

If we´re not aware of who we really are then how are we to know what is true, and what is false?

Humans tend to place too much emphasis upon experiences and the knowledge of past generations in which to “master” present day life.  Naturally, one does not have to throw past knowledge and rituals  “over-board”, but relying upon “past-performance” as a scale for “present-day activities”  puts pressure on our present social systems.  In my opinion, that is why the “civilised”, modern world is crumbling all around us.

In a certain way, one could pronounce that the modern human being has a tendency to often live life  as a  fake  (convieniently prefering to avoid reality and their own true,  real identity)  because of unconsciously,  living the life of  somebody who  perhaps,  they are not.

If what I say has any basis for truth,   one could declare that a person not living in accordance to their “genuine-self”  would be living a fake life  – at least as regards  themselves.   On the other hand, the actions and behaviour of modern society is possibly “normal procedure” for the human race in which case, we are all on the right path. It´s just a pity we have to destroy so much in the process.

Am I starting to lose you Sir Winston?  Some of what I say must sound like gibberish.  Thank goodness Mr Midnights not around.
SW-Avatar        I´m just about coping daddy. It´s no wonder many of you are suffering.

Faking, being untrue to oneself,  avoiding your  surroundings and at the same time,  placing little  value upon being genuine;  all this seems to be a mentality,  typical for modern humans.
But why take it out on poor postage stamps? They are such pretty things.
author-Avatar       Probably because some humans believe that they can get away with their actions and make fast money.
Here´s a stamp which has been expertised. Although very small, you can notice the examiners mark and  catalogue information (such as watermark and catalogue number) in the bottom left-hand corners.

Scannen      FRONT

Scannen0001      REVERSE
SW-Avatar      That´s great!  So these four stamps are really genuine.   🙂
author-Avatar       That´s right.  I also have two other stamps lying around somewhere which I will someday, send to the examiners. They are the 1853, 1 Cent and 4 Cents  British Guiana postage stamps.

They are quite rare and I have a “feeling” that the 1 Cent stamp could be genuine. I´ll have to wait and see.
SW-Avatar      Can I have a look at it daddy?
author-Avatar       Of course. Here they are.


SW-Avatar       If these two stamps  were real, would Mr Midnight´s food rations be increased?
author-Avatar       Possibly, although it does depend on if he´s a good boy and if I decide to sell them both. Let´s keep quiet about these two Sir Winston. We don´t want to stir false hopes for Mr Midnight do we.
SW-Avatar        Sure thing. My lips are sealed.    🙂

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