A bit of civility

Mr Midnight ran up the hill which overlooked the house and called out; “Catch me if you can Sir Winston”!

      I can’t run any quicker Mr Midnight. Slow down a bit, will you?

Mr Midnight suddenly came to a grinding halt and waited for Sir Winston to catch up with him.

     I’m glad you made it Sir W.  You certainly took your time.

After both having finished their cat washes, they then both sat next to one another and admired the view.

      It’s great up here isn’t it Mr Midnight. I love admiring the view. It’s especially nice sitting next to you so that we can enjoy the view together.

      The feelings mutual Sir W.

I have a lot of respect for you, especially as you had to clamber up that great big hill with all your weight with which to admire such a wonderful sight.

I know you’re not as nimble as myself so I appreciate your effort in wanting to sit next to me on this beautiful green hill.

      Thank you for being so civil Mr Midnight. Civility is a special attribute in this day and age.

      I’ve also noticed that Sir Winston.

The Western world is not undergoing an immoral age as some may suggest, but in fact, it appears to have lost civility.

      A deficit of good manners is quite apparent.

Moral values are higher than they have ever been but there seems to be a decay of what makes the human social machine function – there is a breakdown of mutual tolerance and respect that allows room in a complex plural society for individuals to live their lives in peace.

      I’m glad I am a pussycat. I live my life in peace. I love sleeping!

      I think civility is based on etiquette and politeness which aid to treat one another with consideration. It creates social and psychological space for people  (and cats!) to live their own lives and make their own choices.

The loss of civility means that social feeling has been replaced by defensiveness, with groups circling their wagons around ‘identity’ concepts of nationality, ethnicity and religion, protecting themselves by putting up barriers against others. Society fragments into sub-groups whose members hope thereby to shield themselves against the abrasive, selfishness and disregard of others.

      My goodness. What a world we live in.

I will continue to be civil to you Sir Winston. We cats can at least try to share a bit of civility about a bit.

I’m sure one day, civility will become important again for the humans. I have noticed some of them trying to be civil.

      We cats are patient beings. As always, we’ll just have to wait and stick it out Mr Midnight.

(C) Copyright MAGS 2020


Freedom to roam

MM-Avatar       What was all that hullabuloo last night Sir Winston?

You were making a right racket.  When I came out to investigate what you were up to there was no sign of you.

SW-Avatar       I had some business to attend to.

I couldn´t help the noise because I was acting with my natural instincts.

MM-Avatar       But there were more of you than just yourself. One couldn´t help over hear all the hissing and fighting.

SW-Avatar       Precisely.

There were two of us.  That great big cat from up the road decided to pass through my territory and my natural instincts got the better of me.

MM-Avatar       I know it´s unusual for a cat but I´m not really too bothered about who comes and goes through our neighbourhood.  The green kingdom is for everyone Sir Winston.

From what I´ve heard, freedom to roam is also a big human issue at the moment. Lots of humans are frightened they are going to be taken over by other “foreign” individuals. It seems to be the sign-of-the-times.

SW-Avatar       I just can´t help squabbling Mr Midnight.  Everytime another pussycat sneaks through my territory I feel I have to protect my kingdom in some way. I know it´s daft but my natural instincts will not leave me alone in such circumstances.

I suppose it has something to do with the fact that I need to be free.

MM-Avatar       Freedom is certainly worth fighting for and indeed, when we have freedom in our lives we often so easily forget how our freedom came to be.

Freedom is definetly worth fighting for – but everynight Sir Winston?

Don´t you get tired of all that fighting?  I cherish the fact that I am free but fighting is too stressy for me and doesn´t fit to my cool image.

SW-Avatar       I´m trying to get a hold of myself. Just give me some time and I`m sure I´ll sort out my habit.

I believe Human beings in the Western world believe that they live in freedom but when one examines the sad traits of their governments; all the spying Governments do behind their citizens backs and all the rules, regulations and vicious propaganda attached to modern society, one could easily see a different picture.

Democracy seems to have taken a turn for the worse and populism and authoritarianism are also making their way around the globe.

That is why freedom must never become taken for granted.

MM-Avatar       A Mr Thomas Jefferson once said that “Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom”.

How true his words ring in the 21st Century.

SW-Avatar       Here is a quote from a favourite past person of mine;  Mr Edmund Burke.

He once said, “A state without the means of some change is without the means of its conservation”.

He also said “the greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse” and “you can never plan the future by the past”.

My favourite quote from this gentleman is; “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.

MM-Avatar       A lot of our so-called human world “leaders” could learn a thing or two from that gentleman.  It´s a shame he died so many years ago.

Oh well, we´ll just have to make the best of things I suppose.

SW-Avatar       And I promise I will try and stop my antics everytime a foreign cat steps into our vicinity.

Freedom must often be fought for but I´ll try and respect anothers freedom.

Copyright MAGS 2017


Merry Christmas to you all!

MM-Avatar  SW-Avatar  author-Avatar   We want to thank all those lovely people out there who have helped support us this past year.

SW-Avatar       Thank you very much.

I suspect it wasn´t always easy reading our posts because we love to write meaningful things about life and we realise we´re not always much help.

MM-Avatar        If you manage to stick around next year, we´ll try and get better. Us cats are not keen on “giving-up”.

I also wish to purrsonally wish you all a Merry Christmas, whatever that is, and a Happy New Year 2017!

author-Avatar       You must have forgotten, again, Mr Midnight.

I`ve told you so many times that Christmas is a human, Christian festival which celebrates the birth of Jesus.

Gifts are exchanged and the message about  “Peace on Earth” is spread.

MM-Avatar       Peace on Earth?

From what I´ve seen, there´s not much evidence about “peace on earth” taking place.

Are you sure your Christmas thingy is working properly.

SW-Avatar       The good people are trying there hardest Mr Midnight.  These things take time.

Anyway, I thought you liked a good party?

MM-Avatar       I´m always up for a Pawty!

Are we also allowed to celebrate this guy´s birthday?

If so, let´s Paaaawwwwty !!!!!!!

author-Avatar       My two furry friends wanted to spread a bit of christmas cheer so they have decided to post a Youtube video from their friends.

Enjoy and once again, all the best wishes for the coming New Year!


How to stop complaining, grumbling and moaning.

Mr Midnight had started  wearing a purple latex band around one of his legs and he was now proudly parading around the garden so that Sir Winston could see it.

SW-Avatar       What have you got tied to your leg Mr Midnight? It looks quite funny.

MM-Avatar       It´s a new therapy I´m practicing.

As you already know, I`m not too keen on bands around cats necks and things like that, even though they sometimes have little bells attached to them, but I wanted to start this therapy thing I read about.

SW-Avatar       But why the colourful band?

Does it help your blood pressure or something?

MM-Avatar       In a way, I suppose it does help my blood pressure Sir W.

You´re aware that I have a tendency to moan about things a lot, especially what the humans manage to do to our planet, and so the band helps me to cool down a little.

SW-Avatar       I`m not quite with you Mr Midnight.

Can you explain yourself a little better?

MM-Avatar       The other day I was lolling about, killing 8 or 10 hours before daddy usually makes the evening meal, when I happened to notice a book by daddy´s bedside.  I didn´t have much else to do so before I had another little nap I thought I would try and read a few words of it.

SW-Avatar       I´m not quite sure you should have been in daddy´s bedroom Mr Midnight. You know what a fuddy duddy he is about us cats going into his sleeping quarters.

MM-Avatar       Well if you don´t tell him I won´t.

SW-Avatar       Won´t he think it odd that you´re wearing a band around your leg, especially if its been quoted in his book?

MM-Avatar       I´ll cross that bridge when I get to it.  Anyway, don´t you want to know what the book is all about?

SW-Avatar       Oh yes, please do go on.

MM-Avatar       The book is called “A Complaint Free World” from a Mr Will Bowen and is about how to stop complaining and to live the life you always wanted.

Basically, it´s a 21 day challenge and you know how much I love challenges.

SW-Avatar       Too right Mr M.

MM-Avatar       It´s all about creating a positive lifestyle.

Moaning and complaining about things attracts negative energy and negative energy blocks the body, even attracting and reinforcing our negativity which in the long run, often creates all sorts of illness.

Although most of us are not aware, we all complain quite a lot – even us cats!

So according to the book,  everytime I moan, complain, nag or groan I have to swap my leg band onto the other leg with the goal of not swapping the band for 21 days!

Everytime I swap the band it makes me aware that I´m complaining again.

Obviously, human beings swap their band from wrist to wrist.

Because these strap things are not really made for cats I have to cheat a little sometimes. I hope Mr Bowen is alright with that. If I moan or complain about something then I catch myself moaning and will therefore moan a second time so that I may keep my band on the same leg! I think the main idea is that I´m conscious of the fact I´m moaning.

SW-Avatar       So if we can get rid of our complaining then we help our bodies to detox from negativity in which to become happy again.  It sounds like a great idea and a lot of fun is involved.

MM-Avatar       Here´s the website incase any of you out there happens to be interested:-



http://www.willbowen.com  (As I´ve already said, he´s the chappie who set the whole thing in motion).

SW-Avatar       It looks like I´ve got to go and get one of those bands. They are a pretty colour aren´t they.

It´s up to you folks. Do you want to live a happy life or not?

If you ask me, you´ve nothing to lose.

All our love from Mr Midnight and Sir Winston.


(C) Copyright MAGS 2016


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Be yourself!

??????????       Have you heard the latest news about Mr. Dog Sir W?

??????????       Do you mean Mr. Dog from next door Mr. Midnight?

If you do, I haven´t seen him for ages.

MM-Avatar       Precisely!

I´ve heard the poor fellows had a hell of a rough time. That´s why we haven´t been able to have a chin wag with him for such a long time.

SW-Avatar       Why, what happened to him?

MM-Avatar       Apparently he got very sick and his master nearly had to allow him to go back on his journey home again.

SW-Avatar       That would have been a shame because he hasn´t been on the planet this time for too long has he.

MM-Avatar       But if you´ve learnt all of what you are supposed to learn this time around then it´s simply time to go.

SW-Avatar       So why is he still with us then?

MM-Avatar       He obviously either unconciously wanted to feel the experience of suffering a little or he still has something to experience in this life.

All souls are aware of what their mission is all about.

SW-Avatar       So how did he manage to get so poorly?

MM-Avatar       That´s simple really.  His soul chose to be a dog in this life and you know what dogs are like.

All living beings use the energy that surrounds them and we animals will often take on energies from humans but if you also happen to be a dog, then you will usually obdiently always follow instruction from your human master.

SW-Avatar       Thank goodness I´m a cat this time round.  We´re not very good at behaving how the humans wish us to behave.

MM-Avatar       Well it´s not a catty attitude is it.  One is not supposed to obediently obey what others dictate.

One has ones duties towards others but one shouldn´t have to bow down to anothers will.

Such a notion is more of a human thing.

SW-Avatar       But how do you think Mr. Dog managed to heal his illness?

MM-Avatar       Apparently, Mrs. Sparrow said that Mr. Dogs master believes he saved his life by pumping chemicals into his body. I´m not quite sure what chemicals are but they sound quite frightening but because I´m a cat, I know the real truth to his recovery.

SW-Avatar       I think I know what you´re talking about but please go on.

MM-Avatar       Mr Dog decided to stop taking in all that instruction and all those thousands of rules and regulations from his master and he started to BE HIMSELF.

SW-Avatar       That´s roughly what I thought.  If one is allowed to be ONESELF then life is that much easier.

Although I bet his master´s grateful that Mr Dogs still around I bet he´s now baffled as to Mr Dogs sudden “strange” behaviour.

MM-Avatar       You can bet he is.  His master thought he knew his dog and now Mr Dog´s not the same as he used to be.

Mrs sparrow said that Mr Dog still obeys a few commands but he also now “listens” to the intuition from his soul.

His master must be quite irritated that Mr Dog has “changed”.

SW-Avatar       Well that´s all part and parcel of being ONESELF.

Nobody said that being oneself would always be an easy task.

Not all souls have had as much practice at being themselves as us cats.

If one manages to discover ones true self one can lose many “friends” but one can also gain many valuable, new friends.

MM-Avatar       Yes, the very idea about change will frighten most humans but it is important to live life as ones true self otherwise the door is open for all sorts of illness.

SW-Avatar MM-Avatar       Please people, take care of yourselves, you only have one life in this life you know!


(C) Copyright MAGS 2016

A Liebster Award Nomination!


My two lovable lads, Mr Midnight and Sir Winston, and naturally myself, are humbly honoured to have been nominated for a Liebster Award.  We were all over the moon and Mr Midnight couldn´t stop partying (or should I say pawtying!) when he heard the news. Sir Winston and myself eventually had to join in and so the three of us had a right good old time. Although we only write once a month, it´s a good feeling to know that some people appreciate what we write.

We have been nominated by https://crazycatmamablog.wordpress.com and the three of us wish to thank her from the bottom of our hearts.

She´s just started out on the blogging scene but writes terribly good stuff so all you bloggers out there please go visit her blog!

Here are the rules for the Liebster Award:-


And here are the questions posed from crazycatmamablog.wordpress.com.

  1. What are you passionate about?
  2. What is your favourite animal? (Wild or domesticated)
  3. What is your favourite food/meal?
  4. If you had all the money in the world, what would you do with it?
  5. What’s your favourite past time?
  6. What is your favourite genre of books?
  7. If you could go on holiday anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
  8. What is your happiest memory?
  9. What is your religion/belief system?
  10. What does love mean to you?

And here are my answers:-

  1. Strangely enough, philately. I know it´s kind of old-fashioned in the digital age but I believe if everyone on the planet collected stamps and owned a stamp album then the human race would be in better shape than it is today (just joking!).
  2. Apart from my two lads, Mr Midnight and Sir Winston (in case you already didn´t know they are cats) I was always in love with panda bears.
  3. I´m particularly fond of asian food because it´s so creative and nutritious. One is also more likely to find more choice if one is vegetarian.
  4. It wouldn´t be much use to me because then nobody else would have any more with which to exchange things. I would therefore have a busy time giving it all away! I would try and get rid of it as quickly as possible because somebody may come and kidnap my two kitties (or even myself!). I wouldn´t want that.
  5. I have many pastimes; as already mentioned philately, jogging, music (both listening and playing keyboards), writing (blog/  my first book attempt two years ago, “Nice Place, Shame about the Human Race”, available on Amazon), computer games (flight simulation is always cool) and enjoying nature.
  6. Books about life in general (philosophy, beliefs, etc.), historical and biographies.
  7. I´m a great fan of all things Asian so I would probably go to Malaysia or some small Thai island.
  8. Having had a proper childhood; you know, where one is allowed to be oneself without any pressures and can play without serious competition and not have to worry about anything.
  9. There´s not enough time here for this question but I do believe that “All things are connected”.  If there is a God then that God is not “out there” somewhere but within each and everyone of us regardless of which part of the world we come from.
  10. For me, True Love means an unrelenting respect for ALL LIVING THINGS, whether botanical, animal or human. Love has no capacity for greed, jealousy, egoism, arrogance or intolerance.

Now we have 11 random facts about myself.


  1. I believe one should not take oneself too seriously.
  2. I love creativity.
  3. I work as a teacher and professional hairdresser.
  4. As mentioned above, I wrote a book called “Nice Place, Shame about the Human Race” a few years back and have nearly finished my “cat” book.
  5. I love to visit the Alsace in France.
  6. 5 or 6 hour hikes are good for my soul.
  7. My favourite drink is tea, especially a “Steinthal” daarjeeling (without milk!).
  8. I have been a vegetarian for over 25 years and am still very healthy!
  9. Autumn is my favourite time of year.
  10. I love deep-meaningful conversation with open-minded people.
  11. In my opinion, Depeche Mode is the best band in the whole wide world!   🙂

Here are my nominations for the Liebster Award by some very talented people.

1 https://leilaworldblog.wordpress.com

2 https://kparkerdesign.wordpress.com

3 https://dinz1234.com

4 https://suzie81speaks.com

5 https://finecats.wordpress.com

If you wish to do the Liebster Award here are your questions:-

1 Do you believe the human race will ever be able to live in peace and why?

2 What time of day do you enjoy the most?

3 What is your favourite beverage?

4 Are there any places you´ve visited which you can recommend?

5 What positive characteristics do you look for in a person?

6 Do you have a favourite film and if so, what is it called?

7 Your favourite music band or solo artist?

8 Do you know a quote from somebody which inspires you and if so, please name the quote.

9 What do you believe happens when you leave this life?

10 Your favourite meal?


The three of us wish you all the very best and if you decide to do the Liebster Award, we hope you have a lot of fun doing it.


(C) Copyright MAGS 2016



May the force be with you

??????????       I´m feeling a little tired at the moment  Mr Midnight so could you pipe down a little longer. I´ve only had 15 hours of shut-eye and I´m still not quite with it.

DSCN2526       Sorry, did I disturb you?  I seem to have too much energy bottled up within me today. It must have been something to do with the moving pictures we saw with daddy last night. I didn´t know that humans were aware of “the force” which surrounds us.

DSCN2532       Aah, you´ve been inspired by that film we watched on  telly last night.  For human attempts I suppose it was quite good  although I didn´t understand half of it.  What was with the world domination thing and that man dressed in a silly mask supposed to be about?

??????????       You know how obsessed humans are about destroying things. I know they don´t mean too damage things but it seems to be in their genes.

The human race still has a long way to go. Purrrhaps if humans didn´t race so much they would be able to sort things out a bit easier.  They´re always on the go.

??????????       And the man in the funny black mask? What´s all that about?

DSCN0964       I think the gentleman suffers from asthma or something.  He most probably has to wear such a thing.  If you were racing about all day  and hell-bent on destroying the universe you´d probably get out of breath as well.

??????????       But it was only a film Mr Midnight. Still, perhaps you´re right and the actor suffers from some sort of illness.

The general idea of the story was quite good though wasn´t it.

??????????       It was fantastic.  Look at me, I look as though I come from “the dark side”.

??????????       And if I didn´t know you better I would agree with you.

I think It´s nice that humans make films which explain how “the force” as the humans call it, work, even though the film appears to be set in the future.

??????????       Yes, it reminds the good people that if they believe in themselves then they are able to do anything.  The force is everywhere.  One just has to use it ocassionally. One doesn´t have to wait for the future.

??????????       My force seems to be lagging at the moment Mr Midnight.  I think I need to recharge some more of my batteries.

??????????       I think I´ll join you Sir Winston.  There´s nothing like a good old recharge is there.

Speak to you again  next month humans.  May the force be with you.   🙂


Copyright MAGS 2016






Have you heard the news?

Mr Midnight and Sir Winston were curled up in their baskets in the cellar. It was the time of year that they hated the most. It was usually wet and very, very cold and today was no exception. The winter months made sure that they stuck to the perimeters of the house and only occasionally did they venture out into the freezing cold in which to quickly visit the toilet facilities. To pass time, Mr Midnight decided to have a conversation with Sir Winston.
MM-Avatar        Have you heard the news Sir W?
SW-Avatar        What news? There´s always news going off somewhere, especially when humans are involved.
MM-Avatar        It´s the talk of the town, well in our case, the talk of the village.
SW-Avatar        And what is this special news?
MM-Avatar        Apparently, we´re being taken over by other cats!
SW-Avatar        What are you talking about. I haven´t seen any evidence of a take-over.
MM-Avatar        It´s what they´re all saying. Our kingdom is peacefully, being invaded.
SW-Avatar        And who are they?
MM-Avatar       I´m not sure but I hear murmurings wherever I go. I hope things don´t suddenly change and we have to forfit our lifestyles. Our part of the world felt quite safe up until now.
SW-Avatar        Well just like all cats, I´m also not one for change, but I´m sure there´s nothing to worry about Mr Midnight. Can you enlighten me as to where you managed to find this titbit of news?
MM-Avatar       It´s just general murmurings among the cat population. I´ve heard something been mentioned about the droves of exotic cats now reaching our shores – something about Purrrsian cats I think.
Are Purrrsian cats happy creatures, thus needing to purr a lot?
SW-Avatar        You mean Persian cats. They are our brothers and sisters from the Orient. I´m not sure if they have a loud purr but their name originates from their original kingdom of residence; a place humans used to call Persia. Daddy´s books say that Persia is now called Iran.
MM-Avatar        A nice name for a kingdom.  It´s better than being called Youwalked.
SW-Avatar        I get it. I Ran; You Walked. Quite hilarious Mr M.
MM-Avatar        And what about all those neat looking Russian Blues? I´ve heard they started settling in our neck of the woods years ago. I can´t understand a word those two Russian cats down the road say. It´s all gobbledegook to me.
Are they called  Russian Blue cats because they´re often feeling down or something. I have the blues sometimes but not to the extent of Vladimir and Olga down the road.
SW-Avatar        Haven´t you noticed their colouring? They´re  blue cats. They are no more “down” than we are sometimes. As a matter of fact, I think they enjoy the freezing cold climate we´re having at the moment. Their ancestors come from Russia and Russia is not generally known for its warmth.
MM-Avatar        And what about the hordes of Orientals arriving day after day. They say they´re all over the place.
SW-Avatar        You mean the Siamese and Burmese cats. They´re also our brothers and sisters.
MM-Avatar        Why are they called Siamese and Burmese cats Sir Winston?  I´m just a normal cat and have no particular name.
SW-Avatar        Humans call them Siamese cats because they come from a country which humans used to call Siam. It´s now changed and is called Thailand which basically means “land of the free”.
MM-Avatar        That sounds like a great place to live, especially for a cat.  Cats love their freedom.
SW-Avatar        And the Burmese is called a Burmese because . . . . . . .
MM-Avatar        . . . . . don´t tell me, let me guess! – because Burmese cats used to come from a country called Burmese.
SW-Avatar        Not quite, according to daddy´s history book, they used to call the country Burma. Humans then changed the name of the country to Myanmar.
MM-Avatar        Sounds logical.   😉
All this chopping and changing!  I suppose it´s all for the best. After all, we get to know new feeding habits and can learn new languages, you know, different ways to purr, and we don´t have to deal with the problems of differing religions like the humans do because we cats don´t need  religion. We just know how the universe works.
SW-Avatar        Humans have been changing their boundaries and names of their kingdoms since they walked the planet so you see, I don´t think you need to worry about our brothers and sisters from far-away places settling in our kingdom. The planet is large enough for all of us. Change is a natural thing Mr Midnight, we just have to accept the fact.
MM-Avatar        If I manage to see a few exotic new cats in the neighbourhood I´ll give them a helping paw.
Let’s get a bit of shut-eye. I think I can sleep a little better now.

© Mags January 2016