Too much information

The sun had at long last, decided to show its face,  and after having excitedly  chased one another around the garden  for twenty minutes or so, Mr Midnight and Sir Winston both  then retired to “higher ground” with which to relax and watch the passers-by.

MM-Avatar I can´t believe that it´s warmed up a bit Sir Winston.  All that wet stuff blocking my breathing apparatus and making me make strange noises was becoming irritating. I don´t like being irritated!  It´s  certainly a hard life  being a Black Forest cat.

SW-Avatar Just enjoy the warm rays and how they  penetrate your fur Mr Midnight. Honestly, you´re getting just like daddy.  He´s from a place they call “England” and he´s always going on about what humans call “the weather”.  Apparently, people who come from that part of the world just love talking about the weather. Just relax,  feel the warmth and enjoy the moment.


They  sat on the top of the hill  and observed what was going on beneath them.

There was quite a lot of noise and movement below.  People of all ages rushing by,  a bus collecting children from  school and parked cars attempting to leave their parking spaces at what seemed,  to be all at the same time.     It was as though the sun  had brought everyone out of their “hiding place”.


MM-Avatar Look at all that hassle down there Sir Winston.  They live very chaotic lives.  That warm, bright thing in the sky seems to  make humans scatter-brained, especially after such a long period of wetness and darkness.

SW-Avatar Well it´s hardly surprising after having been “cooped-up” in their homes for over half a year!


While half-listening to Sir Winston,  Mr Midnight noticed that  many humans had devices glued to their ears and absent-mindedly  wondered what those things could be.


MM-Avatar  I´ve often noticed growths  growing out of the side of human heads.  Do you think that humans also have sensitive hearing just  as we do Sir Winston?

SW-Avatar I very much doubt it Mr Midnight.  I don´t think humans hear  well at all.  Just listen to all that racket they´re making down there. They´re not even aware of how loud they are.   If they were sensitive to noise they wouldn´t make such a terrific din. They seem to love loud things.

I must confess,  I´m not sure  what those strange devices  are  glued to their ears. All that I know is that they are not always attached to their heads so they must be some kind of hearing aid or something with which to keep the cold out of their ears.

Look, there´s daddy emptying the rubbish in the garden. Let´s run over the road and ask him. He should know.


They both raised their bodies, yawned,  made themselves as long as possible by stretching,  and then ran down the hill, over the road and into the garden to ask their question.


MM-Avatar Hi Daddy, Sir Winston and myself would like to know what those lumps are which occasionally grow on the side of human heads. Even Sir Winston is at a loss for words.

author-Avatar I´m not quite sure what you mean. I haven´t noticed any “lumps” growing anywhere.

SW-Avatar Human beings  seem to have it attached to their ears most of the time and then they wander uncontrollably around the place gibbering what appears to be   garbage.

MM-Avatar Could the device be some kind of hallucinating drug?  If so, it seems to be very dangerous. They  don´t seem to watch where they are walking and their  speech  exceeds  normal levels of loudness.

It´s really weird.

author-Avatar Ah yes, I know what you mean. Those things  are called  mobile phones  and I suppose in a certain way, you could call them a drug because they are very addictive.

SW-Avatar And why do you need mobile phones?

author-Avatar In which to speak with one another and with which to share tidbits of information.

MM-Avatar Have humans got so much to talk about?  Humans must be very important beings  because they have them tuned in most of the time. You obviously, all have very much to say.

author-Avatar Yes, we appear to have a lot to say,  but most of the time our conversations  tend to hold  little substance or border on banality.  The main thing seems to be that we are available at all times, virtually 24/7. It possibly makes us all feel that much  safer.

MM-Avatar Are humans so insecure?   It all seems to be a bit of a waste of time if you don´t really have anything to say,  and it does appear to be rather stressful.  It´s no wonder that humans appear to be unable to cope with life´s burdens. You make your life a living hell.

SW-Avatar But there is nothing wrong with such technology if the quality of the conversation or information  is of a high calibre.   Humans are  free to do what they so wish with their spare time  but they should also,  possibly  try to  understand the dangers of technological addictions. The natural surroundings in which we live also have so much to offer.

MM-Avatar Many of you seem to have become “slaves to your  machines”.

author-Avatar I guess that these days,  it´s  rather difficult  to decipher what is to be termed as “quality” information. We are surrounded by so much input that the human body does tend to get bombarded with so much useless information.  It´s virtually impossible  deciding  what´s “quality information” and what is not.

SW-Avatar Through evolutionary development, human beings have advanced at a great pace but the human brain,  as oppose to recent  technological advancements, hasn´t really sufficiently kept up with the new “state-of-the-art” technology.  For  normal, human beings, ………

MM-Avatar . . . . . . . are there any “normal” human beings?

SW-Avatar . . . . technology seems to have over-taken everybody.  Technology and the “information-flood” overloads your bodily systems which frequently seems to result in grave  stress patterns. There is too much information to digest and not enough  time to sort it all out.

author-Avatar And if being truthful Sir Winston, we should also ask ourselves; who is going to read our blog if humans suddenly  start digesting only “useful” , “quality” information?

MM-Avatar SW-Avatar  Oh yes. Sorry, we didn´t think about that.  Perhaps humans should leave things  just as they are.

Carry on with your addictions folks !    🙂

MM-Avatar Sir Winston would like  to have the last word (as usual,  but I´ll allow  him this time because he´s more diplomatic than myself and much better at explaining things).

Sir Winston 1  Enjoy your time on this planet. If  you do things that give you pleasure (and do not harm another) then you should do it. If playing about with telephones is your hobby,   then do it. Life is to be enjoyed!

If you like reading our blog and it gives you pleasure, then  please continue to do so. If you don´t enjoy our  little discussions, you are free to go your way. We obviously, want you to stay tuned and hope that we do not over-burden you with “our information”.

MM-Avatar I hope you managed to save the day Sir Winston. Our information is NOT addictive and may be used at all times! 🙂

Bad weather and nothing much to do.

Mr Midnight and Sir Winston sat together  on the top step of the porch and   frustratingly stared out  at the rain  as it gently  “kissed”  the ground.

MM-Avatar  I´m not so keen on all this wet stuff continually  “clogging”  up my fur.  It´s been like this for what seems like an eternity.  How am I suppossed to get about if what humans call “the weather”  is always dark and wet?

SW-Avatar Daddy said something about it having been cold and wet in the Black Forest since September of what he calls, last year.

MM-Avatar Well there has certainly been very little of that warm,  bright thing in the sky having stroked my back with its rays this year. Why do you think it´s always bad weather these days  Sir Winston?  Even the humans are getting mardy.

SW-Avatar Maybe it´s always been like that. You know, change.

I´ve often heard humans call this weather phenomena “climate change”,  but if this “climate change” is true, they don´t seem to want to attempt to do anything about it.  There must also be natural factors involved as to why we have had to  sit on the porch so many times this year, but this “climate change”  thing  seems to have  been catalysed by humans to a large degree.

MM-Avatar What have cats got to do with climate change?    Catalysed?  That sounds quite disturbing. Does it mean that a cat has been liquidated?  Poor cat!

SW-Avatar No, no, Mr Midnight!. Don´t worry.   A cat has not died.

Catalyse basically means “to speed up” or accelerate a process; thus, humans have contributed a great deal to the present outcome of this climate change thing through their lifestyles and attitudes.

Climate change would have happened anyway, but most probably  at a much slower pace.

By the way Mr Midnight, the word “liquidated” is a long word for you to use. I´m not used to hearing such long words from you.

MM-Avatar Well I´m not just a pretty face you you know!

Can I now  blame daddy for the atrocious weather conditions – afterall, he is  human?

SW-Avatar I suppose you can and you can´t.  Although he seems to be quite concious of his activities,  he can´t  step out of the vicious circle of his environment so easily.  On the other hand, the rapid  change in weather conditions, as is probably the case with natural disasters, although being horrific for those involved, could also be part of a natural cleansing process.  At present,  we seem to have lots of rain in the Black Forest, most probably  because things need to get “clean” again. (Energywise). The same could also be said for the heavy winds we seem to be experiencing.  All the “rubbish” (bad energy) gets blown away with which to help “cleanse” the world.

MM-Avatar But it still  looks as though  the humans are going to destroy our planet. That´s not very nice.

SW-Avatar I don´t think so Mr Midnight – at least not entirely.

Can you recall the vibrations we feel – you know,  the movement of our planet when we sit on the grass for example?  Those vibrations are part of the universe and the universe is something much greater than humans.  We are all part of the universe (cats, dogs, humans and fish etc.)………..

MM-Avatar I like fish.

SW-Avatar………..and the universe is in constant rotation and change.  Not even humans are able to do anything about this fact. Most humans are not even aware of the universe which surrounds them anyway.  As regards  our planet, the only factor we can rely upon, is the factor of change.

MM-Avatar Which is something humans and cats are not particularly fond of.

SW-Avatar A very long time ago, some human cultures were more in-touch with the universe than “advanced” cultures of today. For example;  last year, (21.12.2012) many human earth inhabitants believed that the world was going to end.

MM-Avatar That´s ridiculous. Why would it want to “stop” on the 21.12.2012?

SW-Avatar I have no idea Mr Midnight, humans seem to love tragedy.  Humans based their belief on an ancient  Mayan calander which indeed, did predict the “end of an era”, with many believing it to be the end of the world.  Because of the human races tendencies and fascinations for sensation and  gloom and doom messages,  many obviously wanted to sooner  believe  in negativity.

If having checked other sources, one could also have come to the conclusion that the 21.12.2012 was indeed, not the end of the world but the dawn of a new era – that of the Age of Aquarius, and also having something to do with the 26000 year energy cycle.

MM-Avatar Well I know all about that Sir Winston – it is embedded in my soul and guides my instinct, but I don´t think we should discuss it here because what is obvious to us cats (and other animals), is not very obvious to most human beings.

SW-Avatar You´re quite right Mr Midnight. We don´t wish to frighten the readers away.

MM-Avatar Let´s continue watching the wet stuff fall out of the sky for a while and then go downstairs into the cellar and grab  a few food sticks.  It´s nice and cozy down there.  I´m getting used to the Black  Forest coldness and wetness anyway.

SW-Avatar OK. Give me 5 Mr Midnight!  That sounds like a great idea.


(C) mags 2013

Bureaucracy and reality

      “Bureaucracy is the art of making the possible impossible”.    

                   ( Javier Pascual Salcedo)

author-Avatar I found this line to be so appropriate for many of todays  governmental bungling activities that I had to place it in my book, “Nice Place, Shame About the Human Race” at the top of Chapter 20;  “Advanced Germany? Lobbyism and Nursery-School Politics”.  In my opinion, it simply sums up the mentalities of most of our Western Governments.

SW-Avatar But why do humans need this bureaucracy thing if it makes your lives that much harder?

author-Avatar Well to some extent Sir Winston, I believe the need for  bureaucracy is beneficial for  society – it creates structures, protects the individual and helps produce fairness among society.  At least that is what I think it is  supposed  to do.  Problems seem to arise with beaureaucracy  because  those making the bureaucratic rules have a tendency to loose touch with reality and seem to revel in their (mis)use of appointed power.

SW-Avatar Why can´t humans just use their natural instincts to protect themselves and to steer them through life as to what is to be found as “fair” ?Mr Midnight and my feline friends do it all the time.  To my knowledge, I am unaware of  cat bureaucracy.   We live in the moment and get on with our lives.

author-Avatar Possibly because many “modern” humans seem to have lost most of their natural instincts. After having lived in artificial environments  for so long, many  seem to now not  know how to live in any other way.  One will often moan about ones surroundings,  but through  convenience, will carry on adhering to structures of yesterday and avoid much needed reforms.

SW-Avatar That is a very dangerous course of action. As you already know daddy, I don´t like things being moved about in the house  too much either but that is part and parcel of “life”.  Whether we like it or not, life is always on the move. It never stops and will always force changes.

author-Avatar Well many “modern”  humans still need time to get to grips with that idea Sir Winston. Change remains  uncomfortable for many. They would obviously much  sooner carry on avoiding our changing  surroundings and continue to live their lives as though living in the european boom years of the 1960s /70s.  When things get ugly,  they then fail to understand why they may have lost their job or lifestyles, and will then  moan about the incompetences of others.   Such a tactic is possibly only human nature. Because bureaucratic institutions are also only human, they too,  will often fail to understand the need for change and adptation to more realistic policies.

SW-Avatar It sounds as though humans are frightened of the future. You seem to stick in your past because the past is what you all know. The future is always uncertain. To tell you the truth, I can´t think towards the future. Cats (as is the same with all animals) only live in the moment.

author-Avatar Which is a great way of living Sir Winston but humans do need to plan their futures. Its just a shame that we always tend to  trip up over our shoes in the process – such as  wanting to move forward, but at the same time,   placing too much emphasis upon policies made from times past.

SW-Avatar At the time, those past policies may have been correct, but a review and possible reform in some areas of those past policies must be seriously adopted if your “human race” is to succeed into the future. We cats love to stretch and keep our bodies flexible. Why is the human race not as flexible with its ideas and actions?

author-Avatar We obviously need  anguish and hardship with which to function properly.

MM-Avatar Sounds whacky to me.

author-Avatar Take the European financial crisis for example.  I don´t know how long our financial crisis has now been on the go but there is not even a hint of a solution to our euro dilemmas in sight. Months fly by and our European governing bodies seem to stagger from one dilemma to the next. One area of concern is half-heartedly patched up and two more “holes in the system” appear.  If the roots of the dilemma are not sorted, (bank system being the main culprits) how is the ongoing euro crisis ever going to find a solution? Virtually month for month, a new country is added to the long list of countries requiring european financial bail outs. It´s a right mess.

It appears to be a   modern  human mentality  to want to “have something” without having done ones homework and weighed up all the pros and cons before executing ones policies. The “Euro” campaign was never properly thought out (having very few safety mechanisms).  Bureaucratic “mega-developments”; such as Germany´s “Stuttgart 21” project (a very expensive underground main railway station development) or the “way-out-of-control” financial disaster of the new Berlin Airport project being just a couple of  major financial disaster calamities of our “ruling elite”.

SW-Avatar Have you all gone completely mad? How can you want to stick in the past and want to live your lifestyles in the present, when your surroundings are changing at a rapid pace?

author-Avatar I think we have become blind to reality.

As of yet, the German citizen has not really been confronted with the hard austerity measures having been  put in place in many neighbouring European countries, (thank goodness)  with many still choosing to continue to live their lives  in a dreamy world of yesteryear. Indeed, until something happens, why should we all start to panic?

The truth of the matter is that there are sadly still many areas of the German workplace who believe that they are victims to society and  have an automatic  right to receive even higher  rates of pay. There is nothing to be said against moderation but the trend does seem to be one of  “take as much as you can get”, regardless of job security or not. I suppose the crying and moaning will come at the dawn of realisation that one may have bitten off more than one can chew.

SW-Avatar Can you give me an example for this “greediness”?

author-Avatar One extreme example could be the present strike wave in Germany; in particularly the one involving the German  car making industry.

Porsche, a sports car manufacturer, as well as Mercedes Benz have been particularly hard hit. The two companies are just down the road from me (Stuttgart area). The Unions want  5.5 %  more pay (12 month contract).

This may appear acceptable but Porsche has voluntarily given their workforce (every worker) a bonus payment of 7600 Euro (2011)  and 8111 Euro (for 2012) on top of their normal wage. This procedure is now quite common practice  in German car-making circles with Audi also issuing bonuses of about 8000 Euro to its workforce.

Has something somewhere gone completely out of hand?  Why would one  want to bite the hand that feeds?

Its nice that some companies try and take care of their workforce but I cannot understand how  so many people can get so  greedy and want  to strike when they are well looked after and the rest of Europe is thrown into financial turmoil.

What happens to the workers at those car plants  when there is nobody left (no money left) to purchase those nice motor cars?

Will they also feel that they are victims?

SW-Avatar That´s amazing.  Are there other examples for your greediness and living outside of reality?

author-Avatar There are loads Sir Winston but I will only mention one final comment.

It is a shame that people do not look at their wage slip properly. In Germany, there is so much tax taken out of the pockets of the general-public that many find that they have less to spend then they used to have.

SW-Avatar That would explain the obsessions for striking.

author-Avatar Whereas it is the “Net” wage which will  most interest the employee, it is the “Gross” wage which is actually paid out. Through  propoganda transmitted on various German  media channels, the German  general-public now  has the impression that the German State is poor and has little money with which to attend to all of its duties.  This fact is simply false.

The tax yield of the German State has constantly risen, especially  over the last 5 years, to an astronomical figure of over 600 billion Euros.

Is it no wonder that one finds it difficult to get by on a high wage?

MM-Avatar Daddy I´m getting hungry. Can we talk about something more pleasant next time?  I have hardly had a chance to say anything and now I´m off to look for my food-sticks.

author-Avatar O.K. Mr Midnight,  although Sir Winston kept grilling me with his inquisitiveness.

SW-Avatar See you next time (if you want) 🙂

Take good care of yourselves!

author-Avatar Today is the 1st of  May – a public bank holiday in  Germany, which although being related to the celtic  festival of Beltane and the Germanic festival of Walpurgis with  pagan origins,  had first been made  a German  public bank holiday in 1933 by the Third Reich.


A national bank holiday postcard from 1934. (From my philatelic collection).

This now  allows me a little extra time to write another short piece on my blog. The motto of the day by the German Trade Unions  on this “Tag der Arbeit”  is the worthy causes relating to  the “Euro crisis” and solidarity.

MM-Avatar I   don´t understand the fascination for wanting to collect brown pieces of hard paper with disturbing pictures upon them. The gentlemen on the postcard  don´t even  seem to be having a good time. Their faces are as long as a wet weekend.  Just look at all the happiness and joy on their  faces. I thought you said it was a public holiday?

author-Avatar The postcard is from a different period of time Mr Midnight. In those days there was not much fun and games, although by the expressions on their faces, the postcard could also have been taken from today (but obviously without the ominous flags of the past flying  in the background).

MM-Avatar Are there any postcards with gloomy looking cats printed upon them from yesteryear? I can´t imagine that my ancestors never had much fun and games.

author-Avatar I suspect that cats have always had fun. You avoid living complicated lifestyles and know how to look after yourselves properly.


Mr Midnight unexpectedly felt an itch on  his back and with his  legs spread-eagled, he quickly started licking the irritating area with which to relieve himself. At the same time, Sir Winston crawled out from underneath the security of the sofa and noticing Mr Midnights intensive “care-program”, he too, plopped down infront of me and started washing himself behind his ears and over his head with his paw.


SW-Avatar It´s most important to look after oneself  properly daddy. I love to keep myself  nice and clean and my body actively flexible for lifes many situations.

author-Avatar That sounds quite reasonable Sir Winston and  I must admit, unlike  us humans,  you cats do tend to  take care of yourselves properly. You keep yourselves clean. You eat only what you need to eat (occasionally Mr Midnight does over-indulge a little although his figure still stays the same, the lucky devil). You take plenty of exercise and most importantly, you sleep enough with which to regenerate your body cells.

We humans are supposedly, the most intelligent creatures  upon the planet, but we do seem to  have massive problems in getting the basics right.

MM-Avatar Sorry for having to attend to that itch. I couldn´t quite  locate the little whippersnapper. Now where were we?

author-Avatar Basically, I was just talking about the difficulties  human beings have of  taking care of themselves properly. Even when  we have a public holiday, most of us find it  difficult to relax. We seem to always be working.

SW-Avatar I have read that  humans now seem to like contracting your new illness called burnout syndrome. It seems to be   getting quite popular.

MM-Avatar I´m sorry to have to keep asking questions but what the hell is burnout?

author-Avatar It´s an emotional illness that eats you up from within because of prolonged stress situations, nervousness and tiredness being just a couple characteristics being related to this illness. Put  simply, one is  overwhelmed by lifes persuasions that one literally “burns-up” .

MM-Avatar Good grief, do you think Sir Winstons friend from the last posting, squirrel, has burnout. He´s nervous most of the time.

SW-Avatar I think squirrels are allowed to have burnout because it is part of their nature.

author-Avatar Well I´m not sure about that Sir Winston but if you´re correct, squirrel does seem to be able to cope with his burnout.

MM-Avatar You never hear about “burnt-out” cats. Why do you all have to take life so seriously and be obsessed about collecting those paper things with numbers printed upon them.

SW-Avatar You should all learn to try and take care of yourselves.

author-Avatar Music sometimes works to calm the senses.

SW-Avatar “Music” is  the word you use for making a (pleasant or not so pleasant) noise with strange looking objects. Although I am a bit of a fan of daddies artist, Ryuichi Sakamoto, I know of another artist by the name of “The Three Degrees”. (whatever that should mean)       🙂

In 1975. they wrote a piece of music called “Take good care of yourself”. If humans like music so much, why do they not digest the wisdom of some of the lyrics they like?

author-Avatar Possibly because we forget things very quickly and are too wrapped up in our working environments. We have a lot of wisdom but often choose not to use it.

MM-Avatar Well that sounds whacky to me. You think you know everything and choose not to use it. Very sensible.

Chill out and try to  be as cool as us cats.

SW-Avatar Humans need time to sort things out Mr Midnight. One day, they may get “it”.

author-Avatar Although having  not much relevance to economics and the workplace, our “little talk”  reminds me of a formula I learnt at school in physics.

MM-Avatar I´m not even going to ask what physics means!    😉

author-Avatar Work = Force  x Distance.  In physics, the factor “Work” is expressed in Joules, Force in Newtons and Distance in Meters.

MM-Avatar You´ve lost me already. I think Sir Winston has to take over. Maybe he can explain this “physics” stuff  to me later.

SW-Avatar Can I take over daddy? I think I know what you want to say.

author-Avatar Go ahead Sir Winston.

SW-Avatar If today is the “Tag der Arbeit”, (Day of Work), then we could try and use the formula in a diferrent way. For example:-

The factor “Work” is displayed on the left hand side and has a factor of 100%.

The factors “Force ” and  “Distance” are displayed on the righthand  side and together, equal 100%.  The equation must remain balanced.

We could define  the “work” factor as being the total amount of pay we receive for our labours.

“”Force” is the amount of effort we put into our labours and “Distance” could be the length of time we work attending to our labours.

Thus: To receive our 100% wage we have to put in a certain amount of effort and time. (A 100% wage could be the figure we agreed on when having attained employment.)

If the “work” factor is increased (because of demands for more money) then would it not be logical to assume that either the “time” factor, or the effort we put in, must also be increased with which to maintain an even status-quo?

author-Avatar I couldn´t have put it better myself Sir Winston, although what we have just stated is rather basic and requires other factors and variables.

SW-Avatar But at least to a certain degree, it would explain why so many humans have now contracted this burnout syndrome.  Many place their dissatisfactions and burnout problems solely on the workplace and avoid the possibility that spare time and family matters are ALSO a contributing factor towards contracting burnout.

author-Avatar If we want more money from our employers, then as the example above may illustrate, we may have to put more effort into our labours which at some future point, may result in an overload of bodily functions and burnout.

Because our societies are based on creating money, our labouring must also be financed by somebody, somewhere.  Nothing is for  free in the societies we have created but  perhaps we should try and not place so much importance upon always wanting more money.  If being honest, it doesn´t seem to make us really happy does it.

MM-Avatar You have totally baffled me so I think I´m going to have a light snack and then I am going to get some “shut-eye”.

SW-Avatar Please people, take care of yourselves. Chill out, slow down, and be kind to yourselves a little more.

author-Avatar Thanks for your time. Until next time, bye for now.

Time flies when you´re having fun

author-Avatar  Chapter 5 of my book  Nice Place, Shame About the Human Race is called “Time (and Mobile-Phones). With this in mind, I thought it a good idea to carry on from where I left last time and to observe the topic of time – especially because of having once again, moved the clock forward this weekend  into “daylight saving” summertime. I will however, leave the topic of mobile-phones for another time.

Today, a 1/4 of the year is now behind us with three-quarters remaining until the end of 2013. This very  fact  appears quite unnerving. Where has all my time vanished to?  It seems  virtually  only  yesterday that   I was eating christmas pudding, admiring the lights on the christmas tree (we only had a small tree this year) and listening to “Silent Night” on the HiFi. Has time gone by so quickly because I´m getting older or because as the saying goes, “Time goes by when you´re having fun”?

SW-Avatar Well apparently, you humans seem to also make time go by when you´re not having fun as well

author-Avatar How do you mean Sir Winston?

SW-Avatar Based on my observations, most of you always appear to be totally  stressed up and to be not enjoying your time as you should. You all seem to be rushing around all the time, trying to squash as many activities into your lives  as possible. No wonder time seems to fly by very quickly.

author-Avatar Well that might be true but we all have our responsibilities and have to earn a living with which to exist.

SW-Avatar That is a matter of opinion and depends upon what is your truth. The human race chooses to live  within such parameters and fails to notice other possibilities with which to live.

MM-Avatar Maybe you should all “chill-out” a little more and not take life too seriously – just like Sir Winston and me do daddy. The dark and light cycle which  humans call a day goes by quite slowly when you´re chilled out and relaxed.

author-Avatar Well that may be the case Mr Midnight, but humans still have to go to work with which to earn some money to pay for their lifestyle – like purchasing cat food, paying vets fees and buying toy mice so that pampered cats don´t get bored in the winter evenings. 🙂

SW-Avatar That is only the case because YOU choose to do so. Mr Midnight and myself did not ask that you look after us. You choose to do so yourself. You give us food and love and we give you love in return (sometimes with a few complications included). We would be quite able to look after ourselves if left to our own devices. We possess instinct and  still live  intact with our surroundings

.MM-Avatar Sir Winston`s quite right daddy. If we had to look for food with which to survive, we would find it. I think that at least half of the modern western world would be wiped out within a year if humans had to hunt what they ate. The modern worlds artificial environments and lack of living with nature dictate such a possibility.

However, it is nice when daddy opens a tin for me or gives me a food stick to swallow. Its a lot easier and so much more relaxed.

author-Avatar There is possibly some truth in what you both say but it still doesn´t  solve the problem of  time flying by so quickly.

SW-Avatar One possible explanation for your rapid time slip could be the fact that many of you do not invest in your time wisely. Humans have another saying that Time is money but it is only a foolish person who does not invest their money wisely. If time really was money – wouldn´t it be wise to invest ones time for the future, for e.g., relaxing and slowing down in the present  with which to discover health,  happiness and satisfaction  in later years?

We cats live life “in the moment”. Most of the time, human beings seem to live life exactly the opposite – namely in the past and in the future.

author-Avatar Well its true that many humans do like to plan for future events and reminiscing  is an act of finding solitude in an otherwise, difficult world.

SW-Avatar Possibly so but at the same time, you are unable to experience the present because it is only the moment that really counts.  Life is less stressful and painful  if one goes at the speed of life or  with the flow of life,  and not at the pace of what others dictate.  It´s good to plan (at least for humans) and its nice to live in the past, but one should also attempt to master the art of living life in the moment because in the moment is where life happens.

MM-Avatar Daddy, my tummy´s rumbling!.

author-Avatar OK, we´ll stop for now, when only to feed the lads – there doesn´t appear to be enough time left!

We´ll continue next week with our little discussion. If you have any thoughts upon this weeks topic, please feel free to comment – I´ll write back.

Bye for now. from me and the “lads”

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