Food, Glorious Food

MM-Avatar       It seems alright to me Sir Winston. It´s the same delicious taste as always.

SW-Avatar       Exactly.  It always tastes good doesn´t it.  Intensive, full of aromatic odours and rich in colour; and  that appears to be the problem – humans have faffed about with it.

MM-Avatar       But it´s so tasty.  In my opinion, they´ve done a good job this time.

SW-Avatar       And what about nutrition?  What about your health?

MM-Avatar       I´m not with you Sir Winston. If you don´t eat, you´ll die.

SW-Avatar       And if you eat what the humans “dish-up”  you´ll probably die a death worse than death itself.

Listen,  I can hear daddy coming.  I´ll ask him what he thinks.

author-Avatar       Hello boys.  Haven´t you finished yet?  That´s most unusual. I bet you´ve both been talking with your mouths full or you´ve  been playing  with your food again.

MM-Avatar       Well according to Sir Winston; you can talk.  🙂  Apparently,  humans are always playing about with  food.

SW-Avatar       I was scrutinizing some of your magazines the other day and I managed to understand part of an article about human food consumption. I was just informing Mr Midnight about how much our food has been tampered and  messed about with.

author-Avatar       Oh, I see.  Yes, sadly, modern  humans  tend to have  little respect for “clean” foods – money being a prime motivator for our bad habits.    Most of us have to eat the “garbage” which is served.

MM-Avatar       But it tastes alright to me daddy.  Isn´t it as good as it´s made out to be?

author-Avatar       Just as Sir Winston was saying, if being critical, most  food items sold at supermarkets today are  not really fit for human consumption – at least not in large quantities.  There are possibilities  to find “clean” food but a consumers life is made terribly difficult because of the stance of the food industry, their lobbies and through weak Governments.

SW-Avatar       Why´s that?

author-Avatar       Because it´s not  really in the interests of food corporations and Governments to look after their clients/citizens.  Societies addictions for worshipping money are usually in the foreground of many day to day operations.  As long as the majority remain conveniently unaware of the “trash”  which  lands on their dinner plates,  the above mentioned institutions will always get away with their activities.

MM-Avatar       But the packaging is very colourful – having pretty pictures adorning the box.  🙂

SW-Avatar       . . . . . and nice words are used; such as “natural”, “organic” or “no artificial colouring” or “flavours”.

author-Avatar       Which makes you want to buy the product doesn´t it. Advertising is very powerful.  Just tell the consumer what they wish to hear and the majority will go out and buy it.

So many food-stuffs are “contaminated” with chemicals (such as pesticides or antibiotics), are Gen manipulated or contain artificial additives.

Even the August edition of “National Geographic” claims that the average American eats 22.7 teaspoons of sugar each day (without dipping into the sugar bowl).  A lot of  sugar remains hidden in convenience foods and because “convenience” appears to be the sign-of-the-times, many people will eventually get sick.   Europeans will have a similar sugar consumption rate as the Americans.

MM-Avatar       Which leads to  W 8 problems.  🙂

author-Avatar       W 8 problems?

SW-Avatar       He means “Weight problems”.  He´s trying to be cool again.

author-Avatar       Weight problems will obviously,  be one of the “after-effects” of having lived an unconcious lifestyle. All sorts of health matters can occur.

SW-Avatar       But humans may need to consume so much sweetness  because their lives are not “sweet” enough.  Continual, unhealthy eating habits could stem from thoughts  of believing that one is “victim” to society.  Surrounding oneself with “sweetness” would be a logical consequence.

author-Avatar       There could be some truth in what you´re saying Sir Winston.

MM-Avatar       So why do the majority of us cats manage to stay flexible and nice and slim?

author-Avatar       I would have thought because when you´re not sleeping, you´re always on the move.  Most humans do not  move very much – at least not on their own accord.  Some sort of  transportation method other than our own two feet  must usually be at hand. Modern humans tend to be  very unflexible – both in their movements and in their flexibility and adaption towards change.

I suppose it´s a modern, human thing.

SW-Avatar       But you humans should be careful what you eat.  Your food is not the same as it was.  You may have more selection than in times past, but human  eating habits are nearly as bad as Mr Midnights.  He wolfs his food down without even managing to savour the taste. From what I´ve heard from “Wild Cat” down the road, humans tend to slumber on the sofa  infront of the telly and  at the same time,  shovel  food down their necks.  It´s no wonder you need to take a tablet for indigestion if you don´t allow your bodies to eat and digest properly.

You´re not cats you know.  Humans should eat together sat at a table  and not hunched over a bowl infront of the telly.

Cats eat sitting crouched over a bowl – humans shouldn´t have to do that.

Still, the individual knows best.

MM-Avatar        Purrhaps humans think that they´re animals like us.  They want to copy what we do.  🙂

I think I´ll get back to my meal now.  It´s a pity there´s no side-salad with it.  I like radishes and things – but only if they haven´t received any human additives.  🙂

Bon Appetite !

Copyright (C)  mags 2013

Why write a blog?

author-Avatar A good question I asked myself, especially coming from somebody as myself. I suppose one of the reasons for beginning this blog  was because of  having repeatedly been politely  informed from my inner  circle of friends and family that I should at long last, “get up-to-date” and move on into the 21st century.
It is not that I am against all forms of modernity but that I prefer to go at my own speed in life and will thus,  typically avoid  treading the path of the mainstream.

MM-Avatar I can only agree. If you want to be happy in life then you can only walk your own path.  By the way, My name is Mr Fred Midnight, but my daddy calls me Mr Midnight. When he wants me in at night it saves him having to call out such a long name. It could otherwise get quite ridiculous.

SW-Avatar I don´t know what you´re moaning about, I´m  known by the name of Sir George Francis Winston but daddy just calls me Sir Winston. I´m only ever mentioned with such a long name when appearing on official documents – such as when having to visit the vets (I really love that place).

By the way I also agree about going at your own speed in life but am not so sure about having to get up to date. As a human, one must possibly  move with the times, but not at the expense of ones health or when not having properly thought things through – I do a lot of thinking.

author-Avatar  May I get back to explaining my blog boys?

The other reason for me to write a blog is quite obvious – with which to extract some of the topics and themes from my book entitled “Nice place, shame about the human race” and philosophise a little on the many areas of our modern existence. It would be lovely to receive some feedback from others but for now, I shall have to make do with philosophising with my two furry friends.

SW-Avatar I´m sure Mr Midnight doesn´t mind and I look forward to a few interesting discussions. After all, both of us have a lot of time on our hands!

MM-Avatar Daddy, my tummy´s rumbling. Is it time for a light snack?

author-Avatar OK.  Enough of my brief explanation for blogging. Time to go and look for some food sticks.

In my next blog we´ll examine the issues about “Time” and how we spend our time.

Thank you for your time.