Christmas Greetings!

MM-Avatar  SW-Avatar   The both of us wish you folks out there a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We hope you are all keeping fine and that you had a great year (your virus thingy not included).

Unfortunately, our daddy had a difficult year, hence the lapse of our presence in the internet, but we will try to help him to keep our blog on the move in the coming year.

Thank you for your patience and once again, have a purrfect 2022 !

Bye for now,  from Mr MIdnight, Sir Winston and our daddy.    🙂

Seasonal greetings from the cats

      Hello everybody. I just wanted to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a great New Year 2021!

      The same from me as well, especially after you humans having had such a rotten 2020 what with your virus thingy and everything.

      Don’t mention the virus thing, Sir Winston. The poor human beings have had a lot on their plates this last year and now they want to at least, try and enjoy their Christmas do.

      I didn’t mean to be rude or anything. I am just thankful that I don’t have to wear one of those funny-looking mouth protectors. I hope the poor humans look after themselves as best they can and that they can at least switch off a little bit at Christmas time. I like Christmas time. Daddy makes the house look really nice.  🙂

      I must say, if the human Governments made us cats have to wear those things as well then the world would really be in a mess. Who’s ever seen a cat wearing such a device. If it helps the humans save lives then it’s a good thing, and I suppose if we cats could also contribute to saving human lives, we naturally, would do so by wearing a mask thing.

I am just so thankful that the virus and those Government people leave us cats alone. The humans will sort their problem out.

I hope they can enjoy Christmas as much as we usually do.

      Here’s a picture from some of our friends to help you humans cheer up a bit.

      They do look an odd bunch, don’t they?

Sir Winston and myself wish all of you a very Happy Christmas and a positive, fantastic 2021.

      And Mr Midnight and I would also like to once again, thank all of you who have occasionally, visited our blog. We really do appreciate your short stay at our place.


(C) MAGS 2020

Merry Christmas !

      Thank you for having read some of our postings through 2019.

      We very much appreciate it and hope you enjoyed some of our little escapades.

      And because we are so thankful, Sir Winston and I decided to spend the whole day trawling your internet thingamabob and we managed to find this little video.

      We dedicate it to all people of the planet and to animals all over the world.

     I hope you all have a very merry Christmas with your loved ones and a great 2020!  Hope to see you in the new year.

Thank you for looking at our blog.

Kind regards and meow, meow.

Happy 1st Advent from my two cats!

Sir Winston has just gone out into the garden to see if he can find anything of interest.  It´s quite cold today but he loves his solitude on a Sunday morning.

As he went out, he asked Mr Midnight to wish all of our blog readers a very nice 1st Advents Sunday.

He´s really looking forward to Christmas.  🙂

  Mr Midnight wishes you all a very nice 1st Advent and wants to send you all a big thank you for reading our stuff in 2019.  “Schönen 1st Advent”  !   🙂

Jingle Bells, animal style.

       The three of us want to wish all of you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019!

We especially wish to thank all of those kind people who have followed our blog over the past year and Mr Midnight, Sir Winston and myself really love to receive your comments!

Thank you so much for your support and patience with our topics.

As a little treat, Mr Midnight and Sir Winston thought it would be nice if they showed you a short Christmas video they managed to find while trawling the internet.

They both said that all animals want to wish human beings a very nice festive season, although Mr Midnight pointed out that most animals haven´t really got a clue as to what Christmas is all about. Animals don´t really need Christmas, he said, but it´s nice for animals to observe humans being a bit kinder and happier with one another.

Here´s the link:-

(You may have to “copy and paste” into the browser)


See you all hopefully, next year!

Copyright (C) MAGS 2018

Merry Christmas to you all!

MM-Avatar  SW-Avatar  author-Avatar   We want to thank all those lovely people out there who have helped support us this past year.

SW-Avatar       Thank you very much.

I suspect it wasn´t always easy reading our posts because we love to write meaningful things about life and we realise we´re not always much help.

MM-Avatar        If you manage to stick around next year, we´ll try and get better. Us cats are not keen on “giving-up”.

I also wish to purrsonally wish you all a Merry Christmas, whatever that is, and a Happy New Year 2017!

author-Avatar       You must have forgotten, again, Mr Midnight.

I`ve told you so many times that Christmas is a human, Christian festival which celebrates the birth of Jesus.

Gifts are exchanged and the message about  “Peace on Earth” is spread.

MM-Avatar       Peace on Earth?

From what I´ve seen, there´s not much evidence about “peace on earth” taking place.

Are you sure your Christmas thingy is working properly.

SW-Avatar       The good people are trying there hardest Mr Midnight.  These things take time.

Anyway, I thought you liked a good party?

MM-Avatar       I´m always up for a Pawty!

Are we also allowed to celebrate this guy´s birthday?

If so, let´s Paaaawwwwty !!!!!!!

author-Avatar       My two furry friends wanted to spread a bit of christmas cheer so they have decided to post a Youtube video from their friends.

Enjoy and once again, all the best wishes for the coming New Year!


Peace on Earth

MM-Avatar       Peace on earth.  What´s all that about daddy?

author-Avatar       It´s something we humans have always been striving for. Good will to all men and peace on earth.

SW-Avatar       Well you´re going to start an argument already if you go about wishing good will to all men. What about the women present?

author-Avatar       I see what you mean Sir Winston and I must agree, to mention the human race as a collective by using the word “men” is a little old-fashioned.

MM-Avatar       And it´s your christmas time again so peace on earth must be high on your human agendas. What a nice way to celebrate that Jesus blokes birthday.

SW-Avatar       Peace on earth – how easy you all seem to forget; or have you humans forgotten the true meaning of the word “peace”.

MM-Avatar       Yes people; Peace on earth is not done by simply  muttering a few kind words at the end of the year in a crowded, cold building with a cross stuck on the roof you know.

One should live by those words the WHOLE YEAR.

author-Avatar       Can you two refrain from moaning about the human race?  I know we´ve still got so much to learn.

MM-Avatar       Sorry daddy.  I just couldn´t fathom out why peace on earth is so imprtant among you humans when the majority of you don´t seem to have a clue as to the true meaning of peace on earth.  I´ll try to be more patient.

SW-Avatar       You all have love within your hearts but most of you seem frightend to show your love.

author-Avatar       Christmas time is a good starting point with which to spread a little more love and kindness.

MM-Avatar       And then you could all make a New Years resolution to try and maintain spreading a bit of love about more often. Your lives would get easier and your world would become a better place.

SW-Avatar       I think that´s obvious Mr M. but the human race often tends to close it´s eyes to “the obvious”.

Anyway, we don´t wish to waffle on and on with our last blog for 2015 so we´ll keep this one short.

The three of us would like to wish you all a very happy christmas and a loving New Year.

MM-Avatar       And a special thank you to all of those who have followed a bit of our blog this year. We´re truly grateful.

MM-Avatar SW-Avatar author-Avatar

M E R R Y    C H R I S T M A S   A N D   A   G R E A T   2 0 1 6   !


Copyright (C) MAGS 2015

Christmas time again :)

MM-Avatar       Here we go again Sir W.   It´s that time of year again.

SW-Avatar       You mean when the majority who belong that Christian organisation thingy attempt to be nice to one another?

MM-Avatar       That´s right.  They obviously seem to forget the message from the previous year.  That´s most probably  why they have to keep on repeating their festivities every so often.

SW-Avatar       But I thought this Christmas thingummy was all in honour of that Jesus chappies birthday or something.

MM-Avatar       I believe it is; and the fact that one should spread good news and great joy at this festive time.

Love is in the air – at least for a week or so.  😉

SW-Avatar       Well I think many humans seem to have lost “the spirit of Christmas”.  Modern human lifestyles seem to have erased the magic of life.

MM-Avatar       How´d you mean Sir Winston?  Don´t be too harsh with the humans.

SW-Avatar       Daddy was only saying a couple of days ago that he remembers having seen some of that Christmas cake and Christmas biscuit stuff  in the shops as early as September.  Now I don´t know what “September” is but it seems to be quite a long time ago.  If Christmas goodies get sold so early it´s no wonder people aren´t “up to it” when the time is ripe.

MM-Avatar       Daddy was also saying that many of the people he spoke with said that they were not buying any pressies this year.  People wanted to give those flimsy piece of paper things with numbers printed  on them as presents.

That´s not really very nice is it.  I mean, humans love their paper with numbers on them but it´s not exactly “Christmassy” is it.

SW-Avatar       It´s not romantic and doesn´t really have anything to do with style, but if it´s what makes  people happy.  You know modern society is obsessed with all things commercial and material.

MM-Avatar       I don´t think the idea is to receive large presents or wads of paper stuff but they could still show appreciation for one another buy giving a small gift as a token of their love for one another.  That way, it could help   some Christmas magic to come back into their lives again.    Still, as you´ve already said,  if it makes them all happy.

SW-Avatar       It doesn´t though does it.  From my vantage point on the fence, most people seem to be rather  unhappy in life, although they would rarely openly admit such a fact.

I believe most “modern” humans live their lives spoilt for choice and because of all of their possibilities, the magic of life seems to get left behind and  disappears out of their lives.

MM-Avatar       I found it nice the last time we had Christmas because daddy picked me up and allowed me to plonk that angel figure thingy on top of the shiny, bright spikey thing.  The combination of his warm hands supporting my body and the joy of me placing that “thing” on the top spike gave me a warm glow inside.

SW-Avatar       You experienced what humans call “love” Mr. Midnight.  I get that all the time when daddy strokes my fur or when he opens one of those tin things with food inside.

By the way, the spikey thing is called a Christmas tree Mr. Midnight.  It looks the same as those growing outside in our kingdom, but it doesn´t smell quite the same.

MM-Avatar       I´ve noticed that as well Sir W.  It smells a little fusty doesn´t it.  It´s about time daddy purchased a new one.  He´s had his “tree” for years.

SW-Avatar       Daddy is from a place they call England and he therefore,  seems to  love artificial Christmas trees.

MM-Avatar       But we´ve got loads of the things growing  here in the Black Forest.  He could lob one of those down and stick it in the living room.

SW-Avatar       I think he believes in preserving the planet as best he can.  He finds it a shame when two weeks later, all the “rubbish” (Christmas trees) have to be collected  from the local refuse company.  He finds it all a waste I think.

MM-Avatar       So we´ll just have to make do with our English artificial tree.  I suppose the main thing is that “love is in the air” in our house.  That “fusty smell” from the tree will dissipate with our strong love for one another.  🙂

SW-Avatar MM-Avatar       In daddy´s name, and from the both of us, we want to wish all of our loyal following a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.  Take care of yourselves and spread the magic!


20141019_111527  M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S   T O   Y O U   A L L  ! ! ! !




(C) Copyright MAGS 2014




Christmas magic :)

MM-Avatar       That´s an odd looking spiky thing daddy.  It doesn´t smell like one of the things from out of our kingdom.  It´s nice though,  what with all those shiny papery bits and bright coloured balls hanging on the ends of the stick things.

I can see my face in the ball and look – the ball´s starting to move – let me get my claws on it!       🙂

author-Avatar       Mr Midnight will you kindly stop messing about.  Of course the baubles are swinging from side to side – I´m trying to  put these fairy lights on the tree!

MM-Avatar       Baubles?   Fairy lights?  Do you still believe in fairies daddy?  Are fairy lights kind of like “landing lights” for fairies?  It looks like we´re going to pawwwwty!

author-Avatar       Fairy lights are all part of the magic of christmas.  Some households use candles instead of fairy lights to decorate their christmas tree but with you two moping around the house,  candles are out of the question.

MM-Avatar       Well the tree certainly looks pretty.  I like the dangly, silver shiny stuff  hanging from the stick bits.

SW-Avatar       Your funny bright tree doesn´t smell or look like the ones out in the garden.  Does it have something to do with the fairy lights?

author-Avatar       No Sir Winston.  I always use an imitation Christmas tree and the fairy lights were  invented by an American guy (Mr Edison) in 1882.  I´m not sure why the lights are called “fairy lights” – possibly because from a distance, they resemble fairies dancing about.

MM-Avatar       So you have seen a fairy then?

author-Avatar       Aah, I see what you mean Mr Midnight.  No I`ve never seen a fairy but I imagine them to look something like the lights on the Christmas tree.

SW-Avatar       . . . . . . and I suppose you like imitation things because of your English upbringing?

author-Avatar       As oppose  to the  German Christmas tradition of using a real fir tree for a christmas tree,  my English roots seem to dictate that I use an “authentic”  imitation tree.  I always find it a shame that immediately after christmas,  loads of unwanted christmas trees are then  thrown out to be gathered by the local refuse company.  It all seems such a waste.  At least our imitation tree surffices for a few years.

MM-Avatar        . . . . . or a few decades! Some of the prickly-sticking-out things are protruding at outlandish  angles.  The thing seems to have seen better years.  Still, I suppose that it´s original what with nobody else having such a strange, antiquated  thing in their living-room.

They have loads of fir trees here in the Black Forest.  It´s no wonder  they´re practically giving them away when people like daddy always intend to  use tat like he´s putting up.  I happen to like “tat” – it rhymes with “cat”.    🙂

author-Avatar       If the both of you were a bit more patient you would  find  that the branches will be properly sorted when I´ve finished decorating it.   The poor things only been out of the box for ten minutes!

SW-Avatar       Are you  going to remove  the dust from the branches daddy?

author-Avatar       Yes Sir Winston.  When I get round to it.  Christmas can be rather stressy, especially with you two keeping  a careful eye on things.

MM-Avatar      What´s this “christmassy” thing anyway?   I noticed the same fuss last year.  Humans suddenly started being nice to one another and a buzz of  magical energy filled the air.  It was great.  I think you even gave me some food out of one of those golden tins.

SW-Avatar       Christian humans celebrate Christmas because of that famous chap having being born.  Birthdays are so nice.

MM-Avatar       You mean that bloke who´s responsible for the terrific din everyday? You know, all that banging and clanging of metal at all hours, night and day.  We cats can´t get any shut-eye because of his goings-on.

author-Avatar       I´ve told you before Mr Midnight. It´s called Church bell ringing  and the person in who´s honour we celebrate  Christmas is called Jesus.

SW-Avatar       He seems such an agreeable type.  So sympathetic.  I like the way you humans celebrate Christmas.  Roughly four weeks a year,  apart from when humans have their football world championships,  “modern” people are really nice  towards one another and are happy instead of being grumpy or  disatisfied.   At this time of year, most seem to find some peace in their hearts and allow the “magic of life” to surround them.

author-Avatar       I´ve noticed the same thing Sir Winston.  Collectively, humans do have it within them to achieve great things but most of the time, we tend to winge and moan about all things under the sun.

MM-Avatar       If only it was possible to capture the energy of Christmas, or the energy surrounding football world championships, with which to use that positive energy throughout the year.  The human race could achieve  almost anything.  What a great life we would ALL lead.

For the moment, I suppose we will all have to remain content with just  four weeks a year of positive insight.

SW-Avatar       I can´t quite fathom it.  Most of you celebrate the spirit of Christmas but the majority of you do not abide by what you celebrate.  Do you not listen to the wise wisdom of your teachings?   What´s the point in wishing for peace on earth at the end of the year when the majority of you seem to not live with peace in your hearts.

Oh yes,  the majority of humans  may believe that they have peace in their  hearts but without judging anybody,  their behavioural patterns throughout the year and daddy´s newspaper dictate a different picture. Prejudice, egoism, jealousy, materialism,  lack of tolerance and broad mindedness, greed for money and power and a disregard for basic manners to name just a few characteristics.  Even though you may not be aware, to some extent,  most of you humans seem to be  corrupted by some of these characteristics.

Doesn´t this Jesus chap  give you an added  incentive to really want to change your ways in which to give peace a real  chance?

Peace on earth can only occur when the last man  (human) on earth has found true peace in their hearts.  You will truly know when you´ve discovered that peace because it will then be impossible to disrespectfully think bad things towards others or  act selfishly.

MM-Avatar       Wow Sir Winston,  that would be a great Christmas present wouldn´t it.  You know, the humans not just talking about peace but actually  managing to find true peace in their hearts and acting accordingly.  🙂

I´ll not give up believing that someday, this dream may happen.  Until then I think I´ll help daddy with that long, thin, silvery stuff.

author-Avatar       The human race is on its way boys.  The path it decides to take will be the correct path, however it turns out to be.

SW-Avatar       Precisely, one receives what one needs.

Can I have a go at putting the star on the top of the tree?

MM-Avatar       I would rather plonk an angel on the top of the tree.  What do you think daddy?

author-Avatar       After I´ve finished decorating the tinsel I suggest we place the angel on the tree top one week  and the star the following week.  Would that be OK for you two?

MM-Avatar SW-Avatar       Fine daddy.  A good idea.  🙂

MM-Avatar  SW-Avatar  author-Avatar       We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.  A very special thank you to all of you who have followed our adventures in 2013.  We wish you all the very, very best in the festive season and look forward to continuing our adventures in 2014.

In Peace, Love and Respect from your Mr Fred Midnight, Sir George Francis Winston and myself.


(C) Copyright mags 2013

Are you deprived of holiday?

author-Avatar       It´ll  be holiday time very shortly.

MM-Avatar       And what holiday will it be this time?

author-Avatar       Christmas Mr Midnight.  Christmas is the time when Christian humans celebrate the birth of Jesus.

MM-Avatar       You humans love taking time off don´t you.  It sounds like any old excuse to have a pawty – but I´m game for that. This Jesus guy is quite an important figure isn´t he.

SW-Avatar       You all seem to like celebrating which if kept in healthy balance, is good for the soul.  By the way daddy, don´t get irritated by Mr Midnights sly remarks about you having another holiday.

He should talk – we cats are always on holiday!

MM-Avatar       That´s true Sir Winston,  but I thought that  humans had made so many rules and that  one of them stipulated that humans HAVE to go to work.  It seems that the humans in our neck of the woods are also,  always on holiday.  Don´t they like abiding by their rules?

author-Avatar       Sadly, many humans do not enjoy going to work. Work can be quite pleasurable but many (European) humans don´t seem to like working. I suppose they feel over-worked, underpaid and deprived of time-off.

SW-Avatar       That´s rather sad daddy.  I believe that humans have to go to work for approximately 40 or so years before they are allowed to stop working.  That´s a very long time – especially if you don´t like working.

author-Avatar       Which is where all the dissatisfaction comes in. Many modern European individuals still want to ignore the fact that the majority of us will thankfully,  live much  longer than in times past and that the present retiring age MUST BE extended if we all wish  to continue enjoying our comfortable social systems.

Obviously, most modern individuals will disagree with my above statement and will want to blindly,  carry on as though everything is still all hunky-dory.

MM-Avatar       ………a chunky what?

SW-Avatar       He didn´t say anything about “chunky” things Mr Midnight. You´re always thinking about food.

author-Avatar       I´ll go and see if I can find some food for you in a minute Mr Midnight.  Please hold your horses.

MM-Avatar       I´ll do my best, although I only have four spindly legs.  🙂

author-Avatar       The 2013 Vacation Deprivation Study from Expedia and Harris Interactive paints quite an ugly picture  as regards what European individuals  feel about their vacation time and reality.  By the way, here is a link to the survey.


For example, most Europeans, especially from countries such as France, Germany, Italy and Spain, feel that they are the most vacation-deprived than anybody else. However, when reading the survey one will find that in actual fact, European countries have more vacation time than any other country in the world.

France has a whopping 30 days a year vacation with 90% of the French believing that they do not have enough holiday.

The US worker receives 14 days a year (and will take 10) and a South Korean receives 10 days a year (and will take 7)

SW-Avatar       But you all need to take time off work otherwise you´ll get poorly.

author-Avatar       Absolutely true Sir Winston and indeed, there is nothing wrong with taking a lot of holiday. The problem seems to be that the majority of Europeans believe that they are “deprived” when in actual fact, and compared to the rest of the world, we Europeans are very well off.

I just get tired of hearing everyone  (Europeans) moaning and complaining about how bad they feel they are  treated in the workplace.  Obviously, the workplace cannot always be perfect and unfortunately, there are those who suffer,  but we Europeans are still quite priviliged to be able to have so much holiday,  get paid when we are sick and have a generous sprinkling of Bank holidays into the bargain.  The continual stance of  always wanting to get  paid as much as possible will also bring about negative tendencies of possibly. having to work more for ones extra salary.

MM-Avatar       But at least there is one similarity between you European humans and us cats.   We are both, very spoiled.

author-Avatar       At least you acknowledge the fact Mr Midnight.  Modern humans seem to always take things for granted and are quite ignorant of their surroundings.

SW-Avatar       Are you not thankful for what you have?

author-Avatar       Some of us seem to be but when things get too comfortable in life (one doesn´t necessarily have to conciously be aware of the fact), modern humans tend to become disatisfied and then want even more.

Modern individuals love playing the role of “victim of society”.

MM-Avatar       Puurrhaps you European people should take a bit of time to read the study daddy informed you about and then you´ll realise how lucky you all really are.

SW-Avatar       According to the study, you´ve all got a lot of time coming up. When you´ve finished celebrating this Jesus guys birthday, perhaps you could find  time to read the survey and then be thankful for what you already have.

MM-Avatar       Happy reading. I´m off to get a food-stick.

SW-Avatar       And I think i´ll join you Mr Midnight. We´re both thankful for the time we´ve been given  on this planet.

Enjoy,  and please European humans – relax a little !    🙂