What is YOUR truth?

It was a beautiful chilly autumn evening and Mr Midnight and Sir Winston were in the garden sitting atop the garden shed admiring the view.

SW-Avatar       The air angels are very kind to us this evening Mr Midnight.  The air is so fresh and invigorating. My whole body feels so alive with energy.

MM-Avatar      I think it´s a bit nippy. Mr whiskers are freezing themselves to death!

The warm glowing thing in the sky has gone away and they´ve now switched on the lights in the sky. They seem to switch them on a lot earlier these days.

SW-Avatar       Nobody switches anything on Mr Midnight.

When the sun goes away the bright things in the sky twinkle a lot better that´s all.

How´d you come by such “knowledge”?

MM-Avatar       Mr Russian Blue from down the road, you know, Vladimir, believes that the night twinklers have something to do with the humans.

SW-Avatar       Well he´s either having you on or he really does believe in what he says.

MM-Avatar       I thought Russian cats were very intelligent because Russian humans are often going up into the sky to explore what´s out there.

SW-Avatar       What he believes appears a little unorthodox for my ears.

MM-Avatar       But I thought the Russian people were Russian Unorthodox followers.

SW-Avatar       You mean Russian Orthodox!

That´s the main belief of Russian humans; at least I think it is.

MM-Avatar       So the “twinklers” in the night sky are not switched on by humans.

Well you live and learn.

SW-Avatar       The “twinklers” as you so finely put it are a natural occurrence. I remember reading a book not so long ago which informed me the “twinklers” are in fact, called stars and that there are many star constellations surrounding our planet.

I think the modern star constellations come to us from the ancient Greeks.

MM-Avatar       That sounds a little unorthodox Sir Winston.

So you´re saying the Greeks are Unorthodox?

SW-Avatar       Not at all!  Your´re confusing things again. The Greeks simply named the star patterns although the constellations are thought to be much older.

The Greek people believe in the Greek Orthodox beliefs.

MM-Avatar       Now you´re confusing me. The Russians are Orthodox, the Greeks believe in Orthodox.

Which belief is the correct one?

SW-Avatar       Well speaking as a cat, I´m not quite sure but I think that human religions basically all come down to the same thing. Namely that all is one.

Humans just like to make things complicated that´s all.

You see, as a rule, people go on believing what their ancestors taught them to be true.  In a way I suppose following such a strategy in life is comforting.

There isn´t necessarily any reference to the truth in what people believe but their beliefs help solve humans having to search for their own truths. Although I understand religion helps humans, religion can also often get in the way of “opening ones mind” to other possibilities.

There is a star constellation known as the Pleiades, or Seven Sisters, which is a star cluster in the constellation of Taurus.

MM-Avatar       Totally confused but go on anyway!

SW-Avatar       Here´s a  picture of the Pleiades with it´s Greek labels.

disasterarchpleiadesru       pleiades

Now take a look at this!

We happen to live in an interesting part of the world, namely the Black Forest.

Here´s a picture of the Pleiades which happen to be “reproduced” on earth in 5 mountains of the Black Forest. The mountains are in the exact location as the diagram of the Pleiades and are part of the highest mountains in the Black Forest.


Now some say that the mountains  are 5 stars of the Pleiades which have crashed to Earth thus pertaining that it will be the end of the world.

The Celts may have also used the so-called “Belchen-System” (5 mountains as a tripoint of France, Germany and Switzerland) as a solar calender so there may have been a lot goings off in our part of the woods all those years ago.

Here´s a picture of the Belchen System.


MM-Avatar       It´s certainly very interesting Sir Winston but I find it all very hard to believe. Especially because some people associate the layout of the mountains in a gloom and doom scenario.

That´s not how the Earth and the universe functions – or is it?

SW-Avatar       You see, we have many interesting things happening here on this planet but most seem to only believe in certain possibilities passed down from past generations.

Isn´t life there to explore?

Isn´t it exciting to want to discover ones own truths or are we all so conveniently time consumed that  “other options” are simply not important?

What is YOUR OWN truth?

MM-Avatar       At this present moment in time “my truth” is informing me that it´s time for something to eat! My tummy´s rumbling like mad. I only ate about 20 minutes ago!

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The “flying thing” and electricity pylons

author-Avatar   Sir Winston and myself were upstairs in the attic.  Our attic is a  rather large place and has  been comfortably  renovated so as to make a couple of extra rooms.  One of these rooms has been converted into a study, and it is the study,  where Sir Winston and myself often “hang-out”.

We  heard a commotion coming from below.

MM-Avatar   Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!


Mr Midnight darted up the stairs (taking two steps at a time) , sprinted across the attic floor towards the study and with over-excitement and excess speed, he crashed into a pile of empty removal boxes which had been neatly stacked in the corner.  The pupils in  his  eyes were as black as the night and after gathering his senses, he hasted into the study with which to inform us of his excitement.


MM-Avatar   Daddy! Daddy!,    I´ve seen the great  village flying thing!

I was basking in the sun  on the balcony when the majestic creature swooped over my head!  What a sight!   Fantastic!

author-Avatar   I´m not following you Mr Midnight (as usual) 🙂

What does he mean Sir Winston?  Mr Midnight often seems to talk in riddles.

SW-Avatar   I apologise for Mr Midnights lack of articulation.  His main interests in life seem to be aimed at either eating or sleeping.  You see what can happen if you don´t get a decent education!

He means he has seen the village stork.


About four or five years ago  a pair of storks visited our village.  Since then, they have decided to visit our village year after year; arriving in March and leaving in September.  Mr Midnight is often fascinated by the sight of them and on  rare occassions when they fly over our house, he will often go beserk with joy.


MM-Avatar   It´s such a gracious being and lives in  freedom.  I love it!  It must be great to feel so free.

SW-Avatar   You are  ALREADY free Mr Midnight.  Cats do what they want to do. It´s part of our nature.  Unlike humans, we do live in freedom. (At least those of us who are  not having to live a life of suffering because of nobody wanting  to take us home with them).

I feel sorry for human beings because although many believe that they live in freedom, the majority do not.   With which to  earn their money, they must  visit places of which most do not want to go.  They are tied to the rules and  regulations of their communities and their Governments are continually lying to them.

The problem with the “lying rulers” is that the majority of  “normal” humans  appear to be  either too lazy to do anything about the situation or they have simply given up thinking for themselves and seeking their own “truths” .

I would even go as far as to say that most humans do not really want to live in  real freedom.  True freedom seems to  be inconvenient  because  many humans  would then  have to start making their own  decisions  and take responsibility for their actions but then again, this may indeed, be the path of the human race.

MM-Avatar   At least most of us cats are free and Mr Stork seems to do alright for himself.   Where does Mr Stork live Sir Winston?

SW-Avatar   Storks often build their homes in high places.  Their homes are usually large constructions and are made out of   small spiky things  which are found littered around our kingdom.  I´m not quite sure where “our” Stork lives because as you are aware, I do not  like to venture much farther than the end of the hard surface where the noisy, smelly  things go.

author-Avatar   The hard surface thingy is called “a road” Sir Winston.  The stork has built its nest close to the river  at the other side of the village,  on one of the arms  protruding  from an  electricity pylon.

MM-Avatar   Now you´re losing me daddy. What´s  a “nest” and what is an electricity pylon?  The pylon thing sounds quite  frightening and the “protruding” word   somehow gives me the creeps.

author-Avatar      A nest is what English-speaking human beings call a home for a bird. As you should already  be aware from previous postings  Mr Midnight, a bird is what you call “a flying thing”. An electricity pylon is a man-made structure  which is built like a large tree and  which among other things,  helps to  distribute light to our house when it is dark  and keeps all our household modern appliances functioning.  Do you understand?

MM-Avatar   I think so.  A pylon is an important object which helps you get my food out of those strange, metal packages.

author-Avatar   Yes, something like that.

MM-Avatar   Anyway, what are you both up to?

SW-Avatar   Until your excited, dramatic appearance, I was lying comfortably under daddy´s desk examining some of his postal exhibits.

MM-Avatar    I really can´t understand the fascination for pieces of paper with small pictures printed upon them,  although I do find some of them nice. Can you find that nice camel stamp daddy?

author-Avatar  We´ve already shown the readers  your camel stamp  in a previous blog posting Mr Midnight. We don´t want to become  tiresome  and bore our readers  to death do we.  It´s bad enough already what with talking about storks and  electricity pylons.


The two “lads” settled down under the desk and started to examine a pile of unsorted stamps which I had recently  purchased at an auction. I started to catalogue some East German stamps.


MM-Avatar   I´ll help you sort some of daddy´s stamps   Sir Winston.  Some of them are  so old and they pong a little. I really  can´t understand the obsession  for doing this. Why does daddy  like these old things so much?

SW-Avatar   Perhaps because he enjoys  living in the past. I must say, I also  find them absorbing. It´s a little bit like  meditation.

MM-Avatar   Yes, you could say that Sir Winston. Stamps usually  make me  want to fall to sleep aswell!


We had spent about half-an-hour sifting through our collectables when all of a sudden,  Mr Midnight sprang up and   meowed loudly.

MM-Avatar    –  LOOK !   A funny looking stamp!!   A stamp just like Mr Storks house!!!!!
author-Avatar    Let me have a look.
SW-Avatar   And me please!
author-Avatar   My goodness Mr Midnight. It looks like you have found a “stamp error”.   Where´s my  German rarities catalogue?
SW-Avatar    It´s behind you daddy. Open your eyes!


I immediately found the page in the catalogue describing Mr Midnights discovery.
He had found a 1947 stamp from Saarland. It was the 75 Pf stamp bearing the catalogue number 222 I    and was the error  “Storchennest auf Turmdach” (Storks nest on Tower).


author-Avatar    What a great find Mr Midnight. Well done. It´s a remarkable piece because it´s still joined to another 75 Pf stamp not  showing  the error.
MM-Avatar   Storks seem to be quite popular at the moment. Little pieces of paper collecting is not such a bad idea after all. Can we show the readers my find daddy?
author-Avatar   Oh all right. I don´t wish to bore them but your discovery is a remarkable find.  By the way,  just in case as  Sir Winston has already  pointed out,  you can´t see so well, the “nest” is on the right stamp on the top  of the right tower.


SW  Sifting through piles of postage stamps is quite  exhausting. I think I´ll crash-out on this nice plastic bag if you don´t mind.

MM-Avatar   And I`m going  to dream about  storks and electricity pylons.  🙂

(c) mags 2013

Are we aware of our actions?

author-Avatar On Sunday I went for a small walk around  Lake Titisee in the Black Forest. For obvious reasons, my two cats displayed no interest towards my planned outing and both decided to stay at home.   The place was thriving with tourists;  and as I walked through the busy tourist street I noticed quite a few  signboards standing outside coffee shops with the words  “Herzlich Willkommen” written upon them. When  literally translated, “Herzlich Willkommen”  means  something like “Heartily Welcome”.

It reminded me of the many times that I had visited localities having also  displayed such a sign at the entrance but sadly,  through bad service,  lack of motivation and the resulting  absence of  “Herzlichkeit”, they had failed to act out  the message they had been trying to transmit on their signboard.  If one genuinely wishes to heartily entertain ones guests, should one not show it?

Naturally, being “Herzlich Willkommen” is understood in some professional restaurants.

MM-Avatar What is he talking about?  It all sounds rather weird to me.

SW-Avatar I think I know what he means Mr Midnight.  It has something to do with the fact that human beings tend to do things, or say things,  and often do not live by what they preach.Can you remember that television commercial the other day where daddy commented upon him having visited that supermarket and his  food had been  literally thrown along the conveyor belt at the cash till?

MM-Avatar I can´t remember having seen a television commercial or him having complained, but there again, I may have been having a small nap at the time 🙂

author-Avatar   But I can remember. It was an advertisement for a large “quality” supermarket (not a discount store) . It´s called “Edeka” or “Neukauf” (depending upon  ones place of abode ) and their advertising slogan is called “Wir lieben Lebensmittel”. Translated this means “We love food”.

MM-Avatar Well if its true what you say about them just throwing the food along the conveyor-belt at the cash-till, then they obviously do not  love food as much as they wish to believe.

SW-Avatar I think that humans like to believe that they go about things the right way; and they may even believe in  what they say, but reality seems to paint a different picture. They appear not to be aware of their actions.

MM-Avatar Still it´s a shame that I missed the food commercial. I really like food.

author-Avatar Mr Midnight, we are not here to discuss food preferences.

SW-Avatar I can also recall having heard that humans love animals – but then they eat us. This appears cruel and is  rather  sad. If they love us – why do they eat us?

author-Avatar But you eat birds and trap mice. That is just as bad.

MM-Avatar But daddy, hunting mice is a part of our natural instinct. We can´t help doing it – I sometimes wish I could.

author-AvatarWell I suppose in a strange way, eating animals is also  human natural instinct.

SW-Avatar Possibly, but as a human being, you do have other possibilities with which to sustain yourselves. Many humans  believe that they will get ill if they  do not eat meat but by opening   ones horizons and discovering ones own truth, one may find this “wisdom” to be invalid.  Humans seem to do things simply because they have always done it and because they like doing it, regardless of the consequences toward other beings.

MM-Avatar Once again, It all sounds whacky to me. I don´t want to become a pair of house  slippers just so that humans can  warm their feet.

author-Avatar Don´t worry Mr Midnight – nothing´s going to happen to you.

I suppose that the human race  will never be able to live in Peace (something we all seem to desire) because deep down in our souls, we seem  not to live in peace (natural instinct?). We may believe that we are peaceful beings (and at our core we most likely are!), but prejudice, greed  and jealousy seem to rule our lives ( at least in small doses) and “Herzlichkeit” towards strangers  is seldom  evident. Our  trait towards destroying things  is possibly our  natural instinct and therefore, we are  not supposed to live in peace.  Our trackrecord would certainly prove this point.

SW-Avatar Not  living life  in peace  possibly helps  the human race find new solutions to problems, thus helping make the human race   become more cleverer (at least technologically) but most certainly, the human race appears  not to have  become wiser.

Perhaps only when all  humans live in respect and find peace in their own hearts will they  all be able to live in peace on this wonderful planet.  It really is no good just wishing for peace on earth when one is   not prepared to do anything about the “state of peace”   oneself.

Social peace is desirable. Personal peace is a necessity.

MM-Avatar You should  not all take life so seriously. Just chill out a little and take time to discover life for yourselves. Sir Winston and myself do it all the time.

Daddy, I believe it´s now time for something to eat. Have you got anything left in the cupboard from that nice supermarket where they apparently, love food?