Allan Gilmour was born in Nottingham, England, in 1967.  In 1987 he sought new horizons and left England´s green and pleasant land for a life in the Black Forest of South Germany.

He possesses a German Masters degree in Hairdressing, is self-employed  and is a lecturer in Hairdressing and Business Studies.

When not playing about with his keyboards, cataloguing old German philately or sifting  through his collection of old vinyl recordings, he loves to jog through the rolling-hills of the Black Forest which creatively inspires him for future projects.

Allan Gilmour lives with his two furry friends, Mr Fred Midnight and Sir George Francis Winston,  in the Black Forest of Germany

Nice place, shame about the human race is his first non-fiction work.

67 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you for commenting. We do not have any plans at the moment to publish another book although it has been suggested that we publish our blog as either an ebook or in traditional book form.
      It´s too early yet (we need a bit of feedback before taking any further steps). However, the “lads” would be very happy to have their blog printed in book form.
      By the way, we enjoyed your blog.

      • Oh no haha! I didn’t really proofread before publishing it (and after reading the quick tip on The Daily Post), so I thought it will be kind of ‘draggy’/difficult to read.

        Really? I never thought I’ll receive such a comment– really inspires me to keep writing!

        Thanks and welcome. 🙂

  1. Hi Allan, glad you liked ‘a different drummer’, that Thoreau quote is one of very favourite quotes! From what I’ve read about you on this site, sounds like you ‘step to the music which you hear too’. Very interested that you have relocated to Black Forest. We were near there when we visited Bavaria as a family last August and hope to go back some day. Just need to save up again! Good luck with all future writings and best regards also to MrM and SW 🙂

    • Thank you for writing back. I found the Thoreau quote refreshing (if one can call a quote refreshing!). Thank you for posting it. Glad you also liked your visit to Germany last year. As of all countries, there are many nice places to visit. Save your pennies (especially if visiting as a family!) and try and visit our corner of the world again sometime. It´s easier for me to travel because I only have a partner and two cats as a family. (Less expense but not always less trouble!).
      Thank you for liking our blog and the best of greetings from “the lads”.

    • You´re very welcome. I enjoyed reading it and will do so in the future. It´s nice to be able to make a few people happy just by writing. All the very best from Mr Midnight, Sir Winston and myself.

    • “The lads” were very happy to have received kind regards from Oscar. It looks like they may have a new “internet” friend 🙂
      Thanks also for landing on our blog! 🙂

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the like 🙂
    Yes Pickle is very like Mr Midnight (great name!) and is a ‘he’ cat. ( I’m very lucky to share my home with 2 cats Pickle and Ee-up and Valerie a loving American Cocker spaniel.)
    Love reading Mr Midnight’s and sir Winston’s blog.
    Best wishes to you from

    • Everybody has something to tell but most decide to not publish. I wish you all the best with your ventures and thank you for appreciating our blog.
      “The lads” suggested we follow your blog because what you wrote was interesting and they want you to publish somethiing in the future. 🙂
      All the best from Mr M, Sir W. and myself 🙂

  3. It’s really a nice place, gilmours-nice-place, Allan, so I keep coming back. My thanks (with loving strokes) to Sir Winston and Mr Midnight for the long, intelligent, savvy, witty, and heartwarming words they keep expressing in their own creative feline way. 😉

    I can count from the fingers of my hands the blogs I follow–these are all what I really want to visit every now and then. But I’m having a hard time looking for your icon on my post, so I’m hitting the Follow button.

    The rolling-hills of the Black Forest should now be accessible to me, especially the wits of your beloved furriends and your creative insights. Thanks so much for sharing these things. 🙂

    • We are all totally honoured. Thank you very much for appreciating “what-we-do”. Mr Midnight asked me if I could give him an extra portion of dinner tonight and Sir Winston was so delighted, that he forgot to eat his dinner.
      Problem solved. 🙂
      I also appreciate your words and am very thankful to have such a kind follower interested in our work.
      Thank you very, very much.
      All the best from Mr M., Sir W. and myself 🙂

    • We thank you very much for your kind words. I´ll inform them what you said but it. looks like I´ll have to give them both some extra food as a reward. It´s always the same – when they find out somebody likes them they think they should receive something as a reward.
      Oh well, ….

      Best regards from the three of us.

      • An interesting life appears as observed through the eyes of two cats n human 🙂 Under different circumstances human part could be less of an intrest but then…we wouldn’t learn wisdom of Mr Midnight and Sir Winston without Mr D, seems everybody deserved an extra treat! Though Mr Midnight remains my fav, especially both of us like Depeche Mode 🙂 Does he play football by any chance? That would be so British or could be very much German 😉
        On a serious note it is a very good n engaging blog! Good luck to three of you with your book! 🙂

      • You write such nice words. It looks like I´ve got to arrange a party for the “two lads”, and invite Mr D. as well!
        I´m sorry, Mr Midnight is not a fan of football – especially because of him living in Germany. Everybody´s football mad over here.
        Mr Midnight has the same passion for human sport as Sir Winston – Rugby. As the saying goes – Football is a gentleman´s game played by ruffians and rugby is a ruffian´s game played by gentlemen. You see – they can only be fans of rugby. (I think because of the body contact) 🙂 They need so much stroking!
        Best regards.

  4. Hello Allan,
    Thank you for stopping by my little corner and Stirring the Caldron with me…Thanks also for the lovely comment on my post about our little Oliver! He’s very pleased that you liked it..I’m currently working on a piece starring Shadow (my Ebony Prince) It too will have photos…
    Mr Midnight and Sir Winston seem like Purrfect Gentlemen and I can’t wait to read about their escapades again!

    • The three of us wish to thank you for your kind nomination. What a surprise!
      We will be posting our answers next week when the three of us can get together at the weekend to plan our “course of action”. Best wishes from the Black Forest.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog, Allan. Sir Winston & Mr Midnight are quite astute with a wry sense of humor. Both of which I appreciate. I will have to peek over from time to time to observe their antics.

  6. Thank you for visiting our blog so we could meet you. We can tell that you understand the furry mind! We’re anxious to share “tails” and tales with you.
    Shakespeare was my dear kitty that I lost a couple of months ago. I got Steinbeck as his replacement and I do see so much of Shakespeare in him. He is carrying on the blog that Shakespeare started with Hemingway.
    Tiny purrs…….Steinbeck
    Giant purrs………Hemingway
    Hugs………Pam (The Mom)

    • Nice of you to reply to our little comment. Shakespeare can now rest for a while (until the next time around?) and his soul will always be present bless him. Mr Midnight and Sir Winston are also excited about having met Hemingway and Steinbeck.

  7. Your lads are adorable and lucky to have a dad so loving and caring; you, a bit sarcastic on human nature, but over all, a nice way of viewing the world together with them! Have fun!

    • Sarcastic, but in a loving way.
      I believe that if we humans opened our eyes to our living environments a little more we could enjoy our lives a little better.
      I find the “fluffy,soft” approach doesn´t seem to benefit a society very much (in my opinion a lack of self-responsibility) but naturally, everybody is entitled to go through life as they so wish.
      Thank you for your reply.

      • We are all shaped with a different ” mold”; some have compassion, some don’t. Thank God for the ones that do – the “fluffy, soft” approach works for me, together with your sharp, more aggressive one! Whatever works is fine, keep on going! I am with you and everybody that loves and respects the animals and their well being. I have three “lads” of my own: Cleopatra, Cookie and Bobitza.

      • Thanks for you reply. The mixture of “characters” upon the planet is whiat makes life so diverse and exciting. Indeed, if we were all the same how bland life would be. One of the main things is that one shows respect for one another regardless of which direction one travels through life.
        You have great names for you boys. Sir Winston and Mr Midnight also love their names. Mr Midnight asks if “Cleopatra” is really a “lad”. I told him that it was a figure of speech which completely baffled him. All the very best. 🙂

  8. I called them “my lads” as I would refer to kids of all gender – no wonder Mr. Midnight was baffled! As a matter of fact, two of my lads are girls and only one a boy. Please tell Mr. Midnight to relax and not worry about trivial things; I’m sure he enjoys more the grass than human philosophy. Isn’t that right, Mr. Midnight?

    • Very well spoken. As a matter of fact, Mr Midnight doesn´t really have a clue to “gender”. He knows he´s a cat and that´s enough for him. Thank you for your kind words. I´ll give him a stroke from you. 🙂

  9. Thank you so much for visiting our blog and liking it. Mom says to tell you that your blog is great. We love the names of your fur people. We look forward to learning more about your life in Germany. 🙂
    Hemingway, Steinbeck and Mom (Pam)

    • Many kind regards from the three of us for appreciating our little blog! We loved visiting you and will get back to you shortly. All the very best out of the Black Forest! 🙂

    • A great part of the world to live! We visit (not my pussy cats!) the Alsace on short trips three or four times a year because I absolutely adore the area. It´s great for hiking and for recharging the “old” baterries. Thank you for replying! 🙂 Kind regards from my furry friends.

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