On the go.

      Daddy, why is the human race always on the go?  You can’t seem to stay in one place for five minutes.

I know you call yourselves the “human race” – but why are you all often racing about? Life isn’t a race you know.

      I guess we are just as yourselves, inquisitive creatures, and we just follow our instincts searching out territory unknown.

      But when one is always on the go, one hasn’t the time to delve into the really important things in life – namely, to discover oneself. Surely, finding out one’s true identity is worth while.

      I suppose that if we genuinely wanted to discover our true selves, then all sorts of skeletons would come out of the closet. I suspect that most of us would understandably, be frightened to death of discovering our true identity. It appears much easier to adopt a persona who is likeable and who fits in with what our environments and society wish to make us believe who we are.

     Mr Midnight, we cats are also often on the go. We often wander aimlessly in and out of our living quarters all day.

      But, that’s what pussycats do. We sit at the door, waiting patiently for it to open. We then stick our heads out to see what is happening and then, we return to where we were before. And then we do it all again.

When I asked why humans were always on the go, I meant, why do human beings always have to travel the world so much. After all, they seem to be worried about climate change and the planets resources becoming scarce. No wonder illnesses easily spread and the human world appears to be in chaos at the moment. It’s not all due to their incompetent world leaders.

If I was a human being, I would like to think that even I could make a small difference to our planets chaotic changes.

      Our planet and nature does not appear to have a problem with change. The planet balances itself out by adapting to its surroundings. It is we humans who have problems with all this sudden change. Change is always difficult for humans.

      Then why don’t you get yourselves sorted? There is no better time than at the moment to get started.

Does your evolutionary path somehow, stop you all in the process to adapt to your surroundings? I know some of you are trying, albeit at a very slow pace, but if you wish to live comfortable lifestyles as we cats do, then the modern individual must start to get their act together.

      Purrrhaps the path the human beings are on is the correct path Sir Winston. Maybe the path they have taken is supposed to become difficult and hard. There is perhaps something for them all to learn at the end of it all.

      It all seems a bit daft to my cat logic.

I’m sure you’ll all sort it at some point. I still believe in the human race because I am of the opinion that you are an intelligent species.

Time will tell.

Copyright (C) MAGS 2022

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