To have time

The two “lads”, Sir Winston and Mr Midnight, were lying next to one another in the garden.

After such a long period of grey, cold weather, they both now enjoyed the sudden change in natures mood.

       Oh what a beautiful day Sir Winston.  It´s so nice to feel the delicate rays of that warm-ball-thing in the sky on my fur.

      Fantastic isn’t it.  What a grand life we lead.

       The life of Riley!

But I think we’ve earned it, after all, we do take care of ourselves don´t we.

       We´re supposed to take care of ourselves Mr Midnight. We´re pussycats!

       I love lying on my back in the garden and staring up at the blue above, watching all the white, fluffy stuff move about. It´s so relaxing.

       It´s another cat meditation technique. I wonder if humans occasionally glanz up into the sky to watch those white objects moving about. I`ll have to ask daddy when I next see him.

       And can you hear the green stuff beneath us move. It´s ever so slight but it feels alive.

       Grass cannot communicate how we do Mr Midnight, but it´s still alive and growing.

       Look; towards the house beside daddy´s bucket!

Can you see that fly thing hovering about?  He´s enjoying his day as much as we are.

       Most probably because he´s enjoying life. All animals have the ability to enjoy the “moment”.

       I just think it´s fantastic that we are pussycats this time around because we have a lot of time and we know how to use it; namely, wisely – doing as we so please.

       Indeed, spending time wisely is an art in itself. We are both very lucky to have so much time for ourselves because I feel that “time” is akin to a  commodity.

One should trade with commodities wisely and “time” is a very important characteristic in life.

       I believe that the best medicine in life is indeed, the art of using ones “time” wisely.

Having enough time is balsam for mind and body and if you humans don´t quite know how to spend your time – just watch us cats every now and again.

We´ll gladly show you how it´s done!   🙂

(C) MAGS 2022

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