It’s all in the moment

MM-Avatar      Hi daddy!  What’s going off?

author-Avatar       I have decided to try and get a little further with building my family tree, Mr Midnight.

MM-Avatar       Isn’t that one of those flashy green things which move about when the air angels touch them in the green kingdom?  You wouldn’t get one of those things in this little room, daddy.

You humans are sometimes baffling.

SW-Avatar       I don’t think daddy means a real tree, Mr Mids. I think he’s planning to build a tree on paper.

author-Avatar       Well, not exactly, Sir Winston. You were correct in your assumption that I am building a tree on paper, but because you are a cat,  it is not a tree which you will know much about.

Basically, a family tree is a kind of chart showing all past members of a family from their descent in history.

MM-Avatar       So you don’t have to water it then?

author-Avatar       If you did, you would spoil it, Mr Midnight.

In a way I suspect that I am a little bit like you two cats – inquisitive.  I am trying to find out where my anscetors, or past members of my family,  come from, purely out of inquisitiveness.

MM-Avatar       Well, that seems like a complete waste of time to me, daddy. The good people are not here anymore.  What a strange way to pass the time.

SW-Avatar       Well, I find it most interesting.

MM-Avatar       You would, Sir Winston. You are somewhat of a fuddy duddy, aren’t you.

SW-Avatar       How far have you managed to get, daddy?  I’d like to know.

author-Avatar       Up until now, among many others, I have managed to find a Morton Clarke who was born in England in 1420.  That’s quite a long time ago. That’s 21 generations ago.

MM-Avatar       We cats do not know what generations are, daddy. Is a generation something to do with your “time” measurement thingy? That chappie you mentioned appears to be an old gent.

author-Avatar      Generations are different age gaps relating to our ancestors. Mr Clarke would be 600 years old if he still lived.

SW-Avatar       You human beings do like living in the past. Pussycats enjoy living in the moment because it is in the moment where life happens.

MM-Avatar       Sir Winston is correct, daddy. It’s the moment which matters. Not the past. We pussies can’t remember a thing about our past and we don’t need a tree thingamabob to try and remember. Still, if it gives you pleasure.

By the way, Mr Dog next door obviously still needs a tree, but obviously, for other reasons.  😉

SW-Avatar       Doggies could learn a thing or two from us pussycats!

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