What have you got there Sir Winston? You look as though you need a little help.

Sir Winston placed the small twig he was holding in his mouth onto the grass and replied:-

       I´ve just found this small woody thing underneath the hedge. It was among others but this is the only one I could comfortably fit in my mouth.

       For a moment I thought you had turned into a dog Sir W.  Doggies like carrying long woody things in their mouth. Whatever were you thinking?

       It smelled so beautiful; you know, so fresh and somehow, so appealing. It is part of our kingdom and I thought it would be nice to have it near me for a while. Our kingdom is so wonderful!

      I can understand your fascination with our little kingdom Sir W. but it is not very cat-like to carry long, woody things around in your mouth.

       And who makes the rules in our kingdom?

       We do. Well, daddy does a good job of shaping our kingdom for us so I suppose he makes some rules as well, but we are free to do what we like and roam wherever we want within our beautiful, green kingdom.

       I was just appreciating how nice it is to live on this beautiful planet. The wooden, sticky things help remind me of how lucky I am to be able to live here.

      I love the air angels deep within my body. When I breathe deep they send energy and rejuvenate my soul. The air angels are so majestic. One has to appreciate them, doesn’t one?

      I suspect that not all creatures of our planet are as lucky as ourselves. I really do appreciate my life and all that surrounds me, even though sometimes, life appears difficult. It makes me feel so happy to be a part of this world.

       And when we are happy, we purr positively, which attracts good things to our soul. Appreciation is indeed, a wonderful attribute and certainly helps us cats get through life that much easier.

       Do you think human beings are so appreciative of their present life situations Mr Midnight?

From what I’ve seen on that picture box in the corner of the comfy room, the human world appears to be in turmoil and dissatisfaction at the moment.

      Speaking as a cat, I believe that even when things appear to not go right in our lives, appreciating what we still have will help change the energies for a better situation. Even though we may be in dire straits, appreciating the positive things that still surrounds us will help alleviate our negative situation to a certain degree. Of course, I am only a pussy cat and therefore, sometimes naive.

       Well, I`m just happy that I live here with you and daddy and am able to enjoy my life in our small kingdom.

Life really is truly remarkable if we allow it.

Hope to see you all next month. Kind regards from Sir Winston.

       And big meows from small Mr Midnight!

     Boys!  Dinner is ready. Come and get it.

Yummy Yummy Yum!!!!!

(C) Copyright MAGS 2022

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