Is it so serious?

MM-Avatar       Sir Winston, why do you think the older humans have to take life so serious?

SW-Avatar      Perhaps because they believe that as they get older, they must act out there role as adults in a more serious manner, otherwise they will not be accepted properly in their societies.

MM-Avatar      But, such a notion is just codswallop Sir Winston. Fancy believing in such a way. No wonder humans get their illnesses later on in life.

We cats, on the other paw, also get slower as we get older, but most of us still keep our playfulness and inquisitiveness in tact.

SW-Avatar       It is rather sad, isn’t it. Still, if believing in such a way makes them happy.

MM-Avatar       But it doesn’t, does it.  Most of the poor dears appear frightened to death in life as they get older. They wouldn’t admit to such a fact, but after my observations, they do make me feel sorry for them.

SW-Avatar       Life always poses us with difficulties but in my opinion, many problems in life can be better tackled when one takes life not too seriously.

I mean, take the other day for instance.  There I was, sitting on the porch, trying to turn over my food bowl which had somehow, turned upside down, when eventually, a nice gentleman in a yellow coat came to the door and sorted my food bowl out for me.  He informed me that the air angels must have whipped it over. I was starving and had been trying for ages to alleviate the problem.

MM-Avatar       It was very windy last week.

SW-Avatar       Although I had been trying to nudge it back over for a very long time, I kept my calm and thought of the escapade as being a game where I had to deactivate the little bomb before it exploded my bowl to bits. It was a great adventure and I even got to know a nice gentleman in a yellow coat.

MM-Avatar       That must have been the postman delivering daddy’s bills. He’s a very friendly chap towards us cats. He obviously likes us.

In a way, he’s also like a cat.

SW-Avatar       How`d you mean, Mr Midnight?

MM-Avatar       Well, he’s out in all wind and weather and he never complains. He just seems to take the day as it comes – a bit like us pussycats.

You wouldn’t see a pussycat fretting about what’s going to happen next week, next month, or whenever, would you?  We live in the moment and to a certain extent, the postman also lives in the moment. He seems to take things as they come.

SW-Avatar       That is, until he gets home. Then he most probably behaves like all the other adult humans. But that’s another story.

MM-Avatar       In the children’s book, “The Small Prince”, it states that “All great people were once children – but few can remember.”

SW-Avatar       What a wonderful saying.

Take life more playfully and not too seriously. Things are not always as bad as we make them out to be.

Take care dear reader.

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