A life with humour

      Look at these funny cat pictures, Sir Winston. They are hilarious. I was trying to read that magazine thing daddy left on the woody flat thing in the living quarters when I came upon these wonderful captions.  It didn’t realise that human beings had so much humour.

      Let me take a look Mr Midnight. You know I love good old fashioned, humour.

      I know you do Sir Winston. Humour is the medicine of life. You would have thought the human world would soak more humour up into their lives, wouldn’t you?  Things are often taken so seriously.

      I’m happy to be a little pussy cat because we just live life in the moment and most of the time, we don’t take things seriously. Only when big doggies suddenly appear in our neck of the woods.

Anyway, show me a few of your funny captions Mr Midnight.

      Here you go. How’d you like this one.

      That’s quite good Mr Midnight. Not many animals have 9 lives, do they?

      I quite like this one as well. You know how suspicious human beings are of us cats.

      Some human beings don’t seem to trust us, do they.

Show me another Mr MIdnight. I quite like these caption thingamabobs.

The above caption has something to do with respect, I think.   🙂

      And here`s my favourite Sir W. A classic misunderstanding based on modern-day times. I love it.

      What great stuff Mr Midnight. I always knew the importance of humour but I didn’t think the human world had so much humour.

Perhaps there is a chance for the human world to sort all its problems. If you have humour – that´s a great start!  🙂


2020 MAGS

4 thoughts on “A life with humour

    • Thank you very much Lauren. We’re glad you liked it. My two cats and myself have been rather busy this past month but we won’t let you down – we will continue posting something at least once a month. Mr Midnight and Sir Winston mentioned we should continue our blog as long as a few people like reading it. 🙂 Nice to hear from you Lauren. 🙂

    • Oh, thank you. I will inform Mr Mindihgt that he has a secret admirer. 🙂 He’d love that because as you know. pussycats are such vain creatures. Thank you for your kind words. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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