I find that Saturday afternoon has always been something special to me. Although I have always worked Saturday mornings, when I get home in the early afternoon, there always appears to be some kind of magic in the air. Perhaps it´s the knowledge that the “working week” has finished for me and I have a few days ahead; or perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I can now take my time attending to my many household chores with the conservative knowledge that Sunday will be the day of rest (at least in our part of the woods!).

Such an afternoon had once again, crept up on me, and I had decided that I would go into the garden to dig up a piece of the lawn in which to make a flower bed and plant a few small bushes.

       What on earth is going off daddy. You´re ruining our little patch.  Are you allowed to just go and change our kingdom like that?

       I thought I would make the garden a bit more interesting. You´d have another area in which to sit.

       Well, I was quite fond of our green kingdom as it was. I know the garden off by paw – what with its many pleasant smells and adorable features.

Now it´s going to be different – AGAIN!

       What´s he up to now Mr Midnight?  The kingdom looks a right mess. It was all nice and pretty before daddy got his botanical gadgets out of the shed.

       Boys please! I thought I would tidy the garden up a bit and make it a bit more attractive for you.

       I bit more attractive?  It looks a right mess.

       I have just started Mr Midnight. I know it doesn´t look much at the moment, but if you would try to be a little bit more patient, it will look a lot better in a couple of hours.

       But why put all the time and effort into it daddy? It looked fine before you started. The green kingdom has always looked how it has. I liked it as it was before.

       Don´t you feel we could do with a little change sometimes Sir Winston?

       Change?  A cat who wants “change” must be ill somehow.  We cats are not so keen on change.

       I can vouch for you Sir Winston. Why change something when you´ve got used to something? It´s nice keeping things just as they are.

       Well, I am quite aware that the modern human race has a big problem with “change” and adapting to new environments but I never thought you two would adopt such a stance.

I am only attending to this small piece of garden. It´s not going to change your lives. You never know, in a few weeks you may even like what I have done.

       We´ll see daddy. We´ll see.

       You carry on then. You can´t leave it like it is. It looks terrible. What will Mr Dog from next door think?

       I´m sure Mr Dog will be over the moon when I have finished. Unlike you two, he´s very flexible to adaption.

Life is always on the move and never stays put, so a small change in the garden isn´t going to do any harm.

We´ll see how you like it when the garden is in full bloom. I think you´ll be surprised if you accept “change” as a chance for something better.

(C) MAGS 2018

17 thoughts on “Change

      • You´re right there Marilyn. Still, I wouldn´t want to be without them. In the cutest of ways, they do inspire me. Mr Midnight asks how your cats are keeping and Sir Winston asked me if that colossal, loud moving piece of metal still runs past your house. Not having ever seen a train, Sir Winston was curious. I told him that they run all the time of which he replied;- oh dear. 🙂

      • Oh dear, is right!! 🙂 For some reason, the train has been really active this whole week — morning, noon, and night! Tell Mr Midnight and Sir Winston that all my furry critters are doing so well!! Loving their new house with all its many windows. :-0

      • Glad to hear that things are turning out right. Cats (and some humans!) are quite adaptable to new circumstances. Mr Midnight and Sir Wiinston are sure your lovely furry friends will get used to the railroad. Mr Midnight pointed out that windows are great places. He believes human beings tend to take windows for granted but he absolutely loves the things. So much to see through the comfort of ones own home!

      • Yes, I love all these windows! I keep hoping that having all the windows will be enough for these cats. Since they are feral, I can’t let them go outside. If anything should happen to any of them, I can’t get a vet to take care of them, since they are still “wild” animals and will attack. 😦 And with 8 of them (!!) fleas quickly become an expensive nightmare!! So they must admire the world from the windows. Enjoy your day with Sir Winston and Mr Midnight!

      • Mr Midnight says that it must be comforting for your pussy cats to admire the world from the windows becazse outside, it is very stressy. Although Mr Midnight is allowed to go outside he finds it sometimes rather stressy. As for Sir Winston, the world through windows is also quite appealing. 🙂 Thank you for your replies. The three of us enjoyed reading your comments.

    • I am trying to uphold such wisdom Lauren, although sometimes, it is rather difficult. But hey, life doesn´t always have to be easy does it! The authority bit does seem to be lacking on my part. 😉

  1. Lol, cats definitely do not do change very well! Dogs, however as you state will welcome anything with unbound joy as long as people are around to admire them.

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