The rapid slip of time

       I can´t believe that it is already the beginning of June. Christmas was not all that long ago and Easter has also already passed us by.

What´s happening.  Has “time” entered a time slip or something?

       I don´t know what you´re talking about daddy. My life is “passing by” as normal. I have lot´s of time on my paws.

       And that´s possibly why daddy seems to find that his life is shooting by so quickly. We have a lot of time on our paws – and he doesn´t!

       Can you remember that I left you both with the neighbours for a couple of nights not so long ago?

       I remember. It´s not quite the same when you´re not around daddy. I miss my fur being stroked properly.

       But the neighbours mean well Mr Midnight.

Anyway, I left you both for two nights because I made a journey to visit the Alsace in France. . . .

       Wherever that is.  🙂

       Let daddy continue Mr Midnight.

       As always, it was as quaint as ever, and those three days seemed to be like an eternity. You see, I hadn´t much to do, apart from hiking, reading and eating. You´re both most likely right in your assumptions. When one has a lot of time, time slows down.

       Precisely daddy. Didn´t you know that already?

       It´s easier for us cats Mr Midnight, because we do not go to work and we haven´t any hobbies. We just enjoy our lives and live in the moment.

       In which to slow down time, the trick appears to not cram our lives with so much stuff. It´s easier said than done but I am going to give it a try. It really did me good to have a few long days just enjoying life in the moment.

       You´d better be careful daddy. You seem to be following in our cat ways. I can thoroughly recommend you give it a bash though. You´ll find that slowing down will do you the world of good.


(C) MAGS 2018


19 thoughts on “The rapid slip of time

  1. Time can fly at an alarming rate! I recently moved out to the country (in Ohio, USA), and having a lot less distractions has been so beautiful. I think you’re right — not cramming our days & lives with stuff & things & noise, slows time down a lot.

    • We are trying to downsize, although as an avid collector of music items and philately, it is a difficult task. I´m still looking for a cure for my collecting madness and traveling into the country is so very appealing for me. My cats and I live in the Black Forest so there is a lot of possibilities to wind down but traveling to my favourite part of France (the Alsace is only a one and a half hours drive away) puts me into a totally different world. Nice to know that you feel happy about your move into the country. Ohio is such a large State. Kind regards from my furry friends and naturally, myself. Thank you for your feedback. 🙂

      • Yes, I know about the problems with downsizing…I thought I had downsized considerably and still my stuff wound up taking up a whole house! My ancestors were from the Black Forest region, going back to 1540. It seems so beautiful there! Regards to you and the furry ones!

      • Thank you for your reply. Fancy having ancestors out of the Black Forest – and from 1540. The start of the Renaissance – although I bet it was hard times it still would have been an interesting time. A shame you do not know from what village or town they came from. I bet your area is just as nice as the Black Forest. We have a lot of rolling hills and pine trees all over the place. Great for hiking and exploring and for European standards – not to cooped up with people either! Mr Midnight and Sir Winston say purr purr and give a loud meow! 🙂

      • I actually do have the exact town/region in the Black Forest written down somewhere. I will have to look that up and let you know. They lived there for a long, long time until the 1700’s, when one of the sons moved to America. He married and had a family and one of his sons fought in the Revolutionary War and another son helped Daniel Boone settle the state of Kentucky. That whole side of my family kept incredibly detailed records, considering the times they lived in. I thought of you and your cats this morning when the train rolled by at 7am and all my cats went fleeing from what had been a very peaceful breakfast! It was incredibly LOUD. 🙂

      • It is not the Black Forest, but the Pfalz region. Is that far from you? Callbach, Alsenz, Neiderhausen an der Nahe. There is a church in Alsenz, the Evangelische Kirche, that still has baptismal records of many of my ancestors who were baptized there in the late 1600s…

      • Rhineland-Pfalz is quite a way to drive from the Black Forest for European standards but for American standards, it´s just round the corner! 🙂
        One would need approximately 2 to 2.5 hours depending upon where Callbach exactly is. It´s great that records reaching so far back are still kept but Mr Midnight pointed out that he wonders it´s still possible to access them what with all the paranoia about data-protection these days. 😉

      • Yes, 2 hours gets me to work and back! Too funny. Mr. Midnight could be right about those records & data protection! What I saw were photocopies a relative took back in the 1980s, and she posted the photos online. They are not easy to read, being 400 years old, but it’s still amazing, considering that in the US, if something’s 50 years old, that seems really old!! LOL 🙂 (Perhaps I exaggerate, but not by much…)

      • I suppose I am quite spoilt as regards travelling to work – i only need 15 minutes each way (20 minutes if there is a diversion!). Old documents have always been fascinating for me (among other hobbies, one of my favourites is philately and all things connected with it), and documents associated with ones personal life are always interesting. I have many local German envelopes dating back 2 or 300 years and it´s sometimes fun trying to encipher the enclosed letter. Detective work is needed and it is especially comforting when Mr Midnight and Sir Winston sit purring next to me! 🙂

      • I only work 1 (long) day a week so I am adjusting to the long drive. I noticed that everyone out here in the country drives a really long way to work, unless they’re farmers. I’ll bet those letters are amazing! Even if it’s hard to determine what they say. If I ever found even 1 letter around here that was 300 years old, everyone in the entire county would be clamoring to see it! 🙂

      • As you are already aware, many things are ancient over here in Europe and when visiting an auction or local stamp/letter fair one can often discover hidden gems. It will appear crazy but most people like doing the crossword in a newspaper and I find it relaxing occasionally trying to decipher some ancient hand writing. When one manages to find out what one letter means given time, one can translate quite a lot. What a weird pastime I have but I much prefer to do such things than watching the rubbish shown on television. Thank you for your input. Meow, purr purr and kind regards from the three of us. 🙂

      • Yes, that does sound like a really wonderful way to spend time! I could see how the hours might fly by, trying to decipher those letters. I don’t have TV anymore and I don’t miss it at all. So much noise. I do stream movies online, though, once in a while. Hanging out with your cats sounds like it is probably more emotionally rewarding than with my little critters. My cats are still essentially wild animals (semi-feral) and barely willing to be in the same room with me. But we all really like the peacefulness of the country, that’s for sure.

      • But your cats still possess their natural instincts, as appose to my domesticated pair. I find the main thing is one gives ones “babies” love, however that may be. I bet your cats appreciate your attentions even though you are not allowed to get to close. to them sometimes. All animals have a calming effect on us human beings which I find in the present world to be an advantage. Mr Midnight cheekily points out that he´s not so sure if snakes or large spiders have a calming effect on human beings. 😉

  2. We’re Americans (hence my Yank spelling), and we moved from a metro area near Seattle to a little known little town in rural eastern Washington State (on the opposite side of the country from Washington, D.C., where we would never think of living). We were surprised at the indifference to the law (roaming, barking dogs, for instance). We were surprised at the high incidence of crime in a small rural town, and alarmed by the neglected children and high incidence of illegal drug use. Notwithstanding these surprises, we’re relatively happy here. Our cats are happy to have a house and a gated garden. My husband is happy as a public defender (attorney for clients charged with crimes who are unable to afford a lawyer). I am happy staying home with our cats and working at home. My husband plants and maintains a garden, vineyard, and orchard when he’s home, and loves it. It seems idyllic to us, and we have no regrets at escaping the urban corridor! I daresay you prefer your farm to urban Britain as well, Allan. Cheers.

    • Nice to hear from you. Your actual living environment really does seem idyllic and it´s nice to know that despite part of the living environment in the village or town, you feel settled now. When one puts a few cats into a home I find one always feels comfortable wherever one lives because they bring their magic into our lives. A lot of people are indeed, not as fortunate as ourselves, and their ways of living do appear rather sad sometimes so it is nice that there are people out there, such as your husband, who at least attempts to give them a little justice and help in their time of desperate need. I believe that hobbies, such as gardening or whatever, are a way in which to come back down to earth – into ones centre – which aid to calm our mental state in which to cope with the many demands society place upon us. Kind regards from Mr Midnight, Sir Winston and myself and thank you once again for your kind words. 🙂

      • Thank you, Allan. You would hear from me more if you posted more often! Your blog and Harini’s thelongview blog sustain my assurance that there are kindred spirits out there, even if they’re in India and Germany.

      • Wow, thank you once again for such kind words. Unfortunately, my time is quite limited as regards blogging (what busy lives we lead!), although I will release a small book this year entitled “A Helping Paw”, which is basically, similar to our blog. Mr Midnight and Sir Winston are quite excited about it all. It´s been 6 years since I last published a book. It´s nice to know we are able to keep your attention and I will try to write a little more often if possible. 🙂 Kind regards from Germany.

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