Merry Christmas to you all!

MM-Avatar  SW-Avatar  author-Avatar   We want to thank all those lovely people out there who have helped support us this past year.

SW-Avatar       Thank you very much.

I suspect it wasn´t always easy reading our posts because we love to write meaningful things about life and we realise we´re not always much help.

MM-Avatar        If you manage to stick around next year, we´ll try and get better. Us cats are not keen on “giving-up”.

I also wish to purrsonally wish you all a Merry Christmas, whatever that is, and a Happy New Year 2017!

author-Avatar       You must have forgotten, again, Mr Midnight.

I`ve told you so many times that Christmas is a human, Christian festival which celebrates the birth of Jesus.

Gifts are exchanged and the message about  “Peace on Earth” is spread.

MM-Avatar       Peace on Earth?

From what I´ve seen, there´s not much evidence about “peace on earth” taking place.

Are you sure your Christmas thingy is working properly.

SW-Avatar       The good people are trying there hardest Mr Midnight.  These things take time.

Anyway, I thought you liked a good party?

MM-Avatar       I´m always up for a Pawty!

Are we also allowed to celebrate this guy´s birthday?

If so, let´s Paaaawwwwty !!!!!!!

author-Avatar       My two furry friends wanted to spread a bit of christmas cheer so they have decided to post a Youtube video from their friends.

Enjoy and once again, all the best wishes for the coming New Year!


16 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to you all!

    • Thank you Nina. My holiday hasn´t yet started (I work until the 23rd) and Mr Midnight and Sir Winston as you already know, are always on holiday!
      I´ll send on your kind holiday greetings. I know they´d like that.
      All the best to you personally and have a great festive season and New Year Pawwwwty!
      Also many thanks for your kind words and comments this year. We really appreciate your input. Bye for now and Meow and purr purr!!!!!

  1. Merry Christmas to you and of course to Mr. Midnight and Sir Winston! May the catnip and fish treats be plentiful and perhaps a large adult beverage for yourself. 🙂

    • We did say PAWTY! Mr Midnight and Sir Winston believe that there is no better time to party than now so let´s paaaawwwtttyyyyyy!!!!
      Sir Winston asked me what “kibbles” are and I had to tell him that I haven´t the foggiest. Mr Midnight suspects that they are something like crisps or kitty nibbles or something so I´ll certainly get my two furry friends a few snacks in the house.
      The three of us wish Lucy and yourself a very festive season and all the very best for 2017! 🙂

      • Kibbles are some savoury crunchy snacks that come in different flavour such as anchovy. Came back for a rerun of the vid. I think Mr. Midnight and Sir Winston have the right idea how cats celebrate Christmas. Oh Yah, happy new year, too. L&M

      • Thank you Pilgrim for your nice words. Very much appreciated and thank you for the little info about kibbles. We´re not quite as far as you lot yet over here in the Black Forest! 😉

    • Mr Midnight and Sir Winston say that they´re not quite sure if they have infinite wisdom but they do love informing human beings of their frolics and observations. They are so modest sometimes! 😉

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