What is YOUR truth?

It was a beautiful chilly autumn evening and Mr Midnight and Sir Winston were in the garden sitting atop the garden shed admiring the view.

SW-Avatar       The air angels are very kind to us this evening Mr Midnight.  The air is so fresh and invigorating. My whole body feels so alive with energy.

MM-Avatar      I think it´s a bit nippy. Mr whiskers are freezing themselves to death!

The warm glowing thing in the sky has gone away and they´ve now switched on the lights in the sky. They seem to switch them on a lot earlier these days.

SW-Avatar       Nobody switches anything on Mr Midnight.

When the sun goes away the bright things in the sky twinkle a lot better that´s all.

How´d you come by such “knowledge”?

MM-Avatar       Mr Russian Blue from down the road, you know, Vladimir, believes that the night twinklers have something to do with the humans.

SW-Avatar       Well he´s either having you on or he really does believe in what he says.

MM-Avatar       I thought Russian cats were very intelligent because Russian humans are often going up into the sky to explore what´s out there.

SW-Avatar       What he believes appears a little unorthodox for my ears.

MM-Avatar       But I thought the Russian people were Russian Unorthodox followers.

SW-Avatar       You mean Russian Orthodox!

That´s the main belief of Russian humans; at least I think it is.

MM-Avatar       So the “twinklers” in the night sky are not switched on by humans.

Well you live and learn.

SW-Avatar       The “twinklers” as you so finely put it are a natural occurrence. I remember reading a book not so long ago which informed me the “twinklers” are in fact, called stars and that there are many star constellations surrounding our planet.

I think the modern star constellations come to us from the ancient Greeks.

MM-Avatar       That sounds a little unorthodox Sir Winston.

So you´re saying the Greeks are Unorthodox?

SW-Avatar       Not at all!  Your´re confusing things again. The Greeks simply named the star patterns although the constellations are thought to be much older.

The Greek people believe in the Greek Orthodox beliefs.

MM-Avatar       Now you´re confusing me. The Russians are Orthodox, the Greeks believe in Orthodox.

Which belief is the correct one?

SW-Avatar       Well speaking as a cat, I´m not quite sure but I think that human religions basically all come down to the same thing. Namely that all is one.

Humans just like to make things complicated that´s all.

You see, as a rule, people go on believing what their ancestors taught them to be true.  In a way I suppose following such a strategy in life is comforting.

There isn´t necessarily any reference to the truth in what people believe but their beliefs help solve humans having to search for their own truths. Although I understand religion helps humans, religion can also often get in the way of “opening ones mind” to other possibilities.

There is a star constellation known as the Pleiades, or Seven Sisters, which is a star cluster in the constellation of Taurus.

MM-Avatar       Totally confused but go on anyway!

SW-Avatar       Here´s a  picture of the Pleiades with it´s Greek labels.

disasterarchpleiadesru       pleiades

Now take a look at this!

We happen to live in an interesting part of the world, namely the Black Forest.

Here´s a picture of the Pleiades which happen to be “reproduced” on earth in 5 mountains of the Black Forest. The mountains are in the exact location as the diagram of the Pleiades and are part of the highest mountains in the Black Forest.


Now some say that the mountains  are 5 stars of the Pleiades which have crashed to Earth thus pertaining that it will be the end of the world.

The Celts may have also used the so-called “Belchen-System” (5 mountains as a tripoint of France, Germany and Switzerland) as a solar calender so there may have been a lot goings off in our part of the woods all those years ago.

Here´s a picture of the Belchen System.


MM-Avatar       It´s certainly very interesting Sir Winston but I find it all very hard to believe. Especially because some people associate the layout of the mountains in a gloom and doom scenario.

That´s not how the Earth and the universe functions – or is it?

SW-Avatar       You see, we have many interesting things happening here on this planet but most seem to only believe in certain possibilities passed down from past generations.

Isn´t life there to explore?

Isn´t it exciting to want to discover ones own truths or are we all so conveniently time consumed that  “other options” are simply not important?

What is YOUR OWN truth?

MM-Avatar       At this present moment in time “my truth” is informing me that it´s time for something to eat! My tummy´s rumbling like mad. I only ate about 20 minutes ago!

(C) Copyright MAGS 2016


18 thoughts on “What is YOUR truth?

  1. Mr Midnight and Sir Winston have delivered some very wise words which have taught me a thing or two.. A particularly fascinating post guys teaching this ‘old gal’ a thing or two.. Can’t be bad!! Now I have to go as my dog Dolly isn’t happy about my interaction with you two feline friends… She’s growling grrrrrrrr….. I’m purring. purrrrrrrrr…. xx

    • Oh dear; Mr Midnight and Sir Winston get very worried when they upset the equilibrium of life. They love harmony. They send their regards to Dolly and hope that Dolly is good at forgiving.
      The kindest regards from the three of us. 🙂

      • Don’t worry Mr Midnight and Sir Winston.. please don’t be upset.. Dolly is just a ‘crabby old girl’ – she’s over it and is back to being her very ‘cheeky’ self… just had to shift her off the dining room table – I think for a moment there she thought she was a cat too! Have a great afternoon boys.. xxx

  2. I enjoyed reading this from your furry friends perspective. They’re quite clever. I enjoy star gazing and am starting to believe a few of those stars are “star” ships. But then again…I am a “character” myself. 🙂

    • Mr Midnight thought the same thing but didn´t let me include it in the blog!
      I´ll tell him that there is another human who thinks like he does.
      Thank you for your comment. It always cheers us up to have feedback (negative or positive!). 🙂

  3. After reading all that, I’d say I’d go with Mr. Midnight’s truth! hehehe… Kidding aside, those are some interesting facts they’re talking about. First time I’ve heard about Pleiades and the Belchen-System…

    On a side note, I am really entertained of the wise humor on Mr.M & Sir W exchanges. 🙂 Great job!

    • Oh wow, thanks a lot. We always try to write “quality” stuff and that is why we only post about once a month. Mr Midnight and Sir Winston have to whack their small brains as to what they want to publish and it takes so very, very long sometimes. I´m also not much help sometimes. 🙂
      Extra cat food-sticks all round! (Apart for myself) 🙂

      • Yeah I noticed that…reminds me of a good blogger/writer that I’ve come to know during my first weeks of blogging. He told me to always put quality first before quantity. That’s what separates good writers from those who just likes to write. Anyways, I’m not trying to patronize you but you do always come up with a great stuff! So I like coming back. 😉👍

      • We are truly, humbly honoured to receive such positive thoughts from you. We don´t really know what to say apart from that we post something later this week and hope you enjoy reading it.
        Many, many thanks. Meow, purr purr and kind regards. 🙂

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