How to stop complaining, grumbling and moaning.

Mr Midnight had started  wearing a purple latex band around one of his legs and he was now proudly parading around the garden so that Sir Winston could see it.

SW-Avatar       What have you got tied to your leg Mr Midnight? It looks quite funny.

MM-Avatar       It´s a new therapy I´m practicing.

As you already know, I`m not too keen on bands around cats necks and things like that, even though they sometimes have little bells attached to them, but I wanted to start this therapy thing I read about.

SW-Avatar       But why the colourful band?

Does it help your blood pressure or something?

MM-Avatar       In a way, I suppose it does help my blood pressure Sir W.

You´re aware that I have a tendency to moan about things a lot, especially what the humans manage to do to our planet, and so the band helps me to cool down a little.

SW-Avatar       I`m not quite with you Mr Midnight.

Can you explain yourself a little better?

MM-Avatar       The other day I was lolling about, killing 8 or 10 hours before daddy usually makes the evening meal, when I happened to notice a book by daddy´s bedside.  I didn´t have much else to do so before I had another little nap I thought I would try and read a few words of it.

SW-Avatar       I´m not quite sure you should have been in daddy´s bedroom Mr Midnight. You know what a fuddy duddy he is about us cats going into his sleeping quarters.

MM-Avatar       Well if you don´t tell him I won´t.

SW-Avatar       Won´t he think it odd that you´re wearing a band around your leg, especially if its been quoted in his book?

MM-Avatar       I´ll cross that bridge when I get to it.  Anyway, don´t you want to know what the book is all about?

SW-Avatar       Oh yes, please do go on.

MM-Avatar       The book is called “A Complaint Free World” from a Mr Will Bowen and is about how to stop complaining and to live the life you always wanted.

Basically, it´s a 21 day challenge and you know how much I love challenges.

SW-Avatar       Too right Mr M.

MM-Avatar       It´s all about creating a positive lifestyle.

Moaning and complaining about things attracts negative energy and negative energy blocks the body, even attracting and reinforcing our negativity which in the long run, often creates all sorts of illness.

Although most of us are not aware, we all complain quite a lot – even us cats!

So according to the book,  everytime I moan, complain, nag or groan I have to swap my leg band onto the other leg with the goal of not swapping the band for 21 days!

Everytime I swap the band it makes me aware that I´m complaining again.

Obviously, human beings swap their band from wrist to wrist.

Because these strap things are not really made for cats I have to cheat a little sometimes. I hope Mr Bowen is alright with that. If I moan or complain about something then I catch myself moaning and will therefore moan a second time so that I may keep my band on the same leg! I think the main idea is that I´m conscious of the fact I´m moaning.

SW-Avatar       So if we can get rid of our complaining then we help our bodies to detox from negativity in which to become happy again.  It sounds like a great idea and a lot of fun is involved.

MM-Avatar       Here´s the website incase any of you out there happens to be interested:-

or  (As I´ve already said, he´s the chappie who set the whole thing in motion).

SW-Avatar       It looks like I´ve got to go and get one of those bands. They are a pretty colour aren´t they.

It´s up to you folks. Do you want to live a happy life or not?

If you ask me, you´ve nothing to lose.

All our love from Mr Midnight and Sir Winston.


(C) Copyright MAGS 2016


28 thoughts on “How to stop complaining, grumbling and moaning.

    • Hope they can deal with “the wisdom”. My two are still struggling with day 1! They love to send their wisdom on the internet but they´re sometimes not very good at doing what they preach. 😉

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    • Wow. We´re all over the moon about you liking our work so much. Mr Midnight is now begging to my left, Sir Winston to my right, for some extra portions of food-sticks since they believe without them you wouldn´t like our blog so much. They could be right iin their assumptions! 😉
      Thank you very, very much for your recommendations. We are humbly honoured! 🙂
      The very best regards from the three of us. We´ll try to carry on writing our stuff in the hope that it inspires occasionally.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, I actually recently read a book that mentions this exercises too and it inspired me to give it a try but I quickly gave up!
    So thanks for reminding me that detoxing (at least from time to time) from negativity is not only useful, but necessary for us human beings (and maybe our animal friends too)!

    • Great stuff. I`ve managed to get to day three, Sir Winston to day four and Mr Midnight hasn´t managed a single day yet! We´ll keep trying and thank you for replying to our little blog. 🙂

  3. I really need this challenge in my life….Problem is I cannot go even 24 hours without moaning/complaining…What am I saying…not even 5 minutes. Will start from there 🙂

    I truly believe in the magic of this because it looks so simple, which of course is a deception. It is actually quite hard, but if done, can create miracle!

    • You can bet it creates miracles!
      If not taken too seriously it truly reminds ourselves to conciously stop those irritating thoughts and feelings that float around our head every so often. Personally, I´m still struggling myself to get past one week but that´s all part of the challenge and challenges are a part of life. This one is a fun challenge. Thank you for your kind words. 🙂

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