Losing control

??????????       I´m glad that I´m a cat this time round daddy and not a human being.

author-Avatar       And why is that Mr Midnight?  Can you remember a disturbing event from one of your past lives or something?

MM-Avatar       Not really. I sometimes have strange flashbacks burning my brain but that could also have something to do with the fact that I haven´t drank enough fluids.

I don´t need to travel back to one of my past lives to be thankful that I´m a cat.

You human beings always remind me how good I´ve got it.

SW-Avatar       And I can vouch for Mr Midnight daddy.

The two of us are very thankful.

author-Avatar       I´m still none the wiser as to why you prefer to be cats than a human being.

??????????       That´s easy to answer daddy.

We cats lead relaxing lives AND we “think” for ourselves.  We´re not fond of being told what to do.

author-Avatar       You can say that again.  I´ve already noticed, still you wouldn´t be cats would you if you always did what we human beings wanted you to do.

MM-Avatar SW-Avatar       Too right!

SW-Avatar       I tried to flick through that science magazine you had lying around the other day but I didn´t get far reading it.  My paws kept slipping on the shiny paper and I didn´t want to puncture a hole through the middle of it in case you would be annoyed.

Still, I did manage to read a caption from a US biologist; Gerald Crabtree was his name, where he had proved that you human beings have apparently,  lost a little bit of your intelligence to solving simple problems.  Your brains need a little longer (50 milliseconds) to digest and process information as oppose to times past.

MM-Avatar        You poor humans seem to be slowly “losing it” as this Crabtree fellow seems to have pointed out.

Without being too rude, I´ve noticed this fact for quite a long time – and without having to do any experiments like Mr Crabtree had to.

That´s why I´m glad I´m a cat. My brain is still super efficient and my instincts are all intact.

author-Avatar       What do you mean you´ve noticed  we´ve been “losing it” for quite a long time?

MM-Avatar       Observation tactics daddy. Simple, old fashioned, cat observation.

SW-Avatar       It´s your devices daddy. You humans do not need to use your brains as much as you used to do because most things are being taken care of by your electronic devices.

Your smelly, moving machines now drive on their own and park themselves automatically. You can navigate your way around with your gadgetry instead of having to think where you are.  In fact, from what I´ve heard, modern humans are literally glued to their devices 24 hours a day.

author-Avatar       I know we over use our electronical equipment a lot but we´re not using them 24 hours a day Sir Winston.

MM-Avatar       But doesn´t it frighten you all.  I mean, not being in control of my life would scare the pants (if I had any) off me.

You have to wade through a  flood of information everyday and I suspect that most of it is useless garbage. Gadgetry seems to be so time consuming.

SW-Avatar       And you´re never free. I thought freedom was so important for modern humans.  You´ve always got your mobiles switched on.  I´m glad I´m a cat and don´t have to carry one of those things around with me all the time.

MM-Avatar       And what about your politicians.  They´ve got an easy time with you all because very few humans seem to be able to “think for themselves” these days.  Most human beings appear to blindly believe the propaganda which is served to them.

author-Avatar       We do seem to have the habit of conveniently switching our brains off. Perhaps you´re right and it does have soemthing to do with the fact that we have become too reliable upon our machines.  We seem to have become disconnected with reality and our environment.

SW-Avatar       Or modern humans have forgotten (thank goodness?) what its like to live difficult lives with REAL problems because most of your seem to have become sick on your prosperity of the last 50 years or so.  It´s such a shame because I thought the human race had something going for it.

MM-Avatar       Please people, don´t lose control of yourselves. I don´t want to appear rude again but please relax a little, put your thinking caps on and attempt to get a REAL LIFE.

The real life is out there and not to be had by addictively consuming your time by using modern gadgetry.

Afterall, how many cats have you seen running about the place with a box and antenna glued to their ears?

We cats worry about you all you know.   🙂


Copyright MAGS 2016

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