The best sofa in the world

The garden was a great place to be for recreational activities at this time of year and Mr Midnight and Sir Winston  had decided to take a break from playing and lolling about and were both now laying next to one another near the shade of the large tree in the corner of the garden.

10410704_944554975568075_5867472152594260223_n       It´s not a bad life we lead is it Mr Midnight.  I´m quite fond of this patch of the garden because it´s just so magical here.

DSCN0678      It´s not magical for me because I don´t like those spikey bits sticking in my bum. I much prefer lying on the path next to you.

It´s quite interesting that we both have diferrent ideas of where our favourite chill-out zones should be.

SW-Avatar       Well this part of the garden´s not bad for relaxing but there is another place much more comfortable than here.

MM-Avatar       And where is that?

SW-Avatar       In the house with daddy.

MM-Avatar       You could be right Sir Winston; there are many places one can wind down after a hard days slog.

I particularly like lying in that old chair in the bay window or if its cold outside, underneath the wash basin on the heated floor of the bathroom.

SW-Avatar       I was thinking of something else.  I was thinking about a soft, warm human sofa.

MM-Avatar       But I thought humans were not really into relaxing and taking care of their bodies properly.

You should see some of their sitting positions when watching that box with moving pictures.

It´s no wonder humans suffer with back pain half the time.

SW-Avatar       The human races addictions to the television set are well known among the animal kingdom but I suspect their back pain doesn´t just come from  sloppy sitting positions but also through their unconcious mental beliefs that they are frequently not supported in life – be it from their family, friends, workplace or society in general.

MM-Avatar       Still, purrrhaps they should adopt better sitting postions.

If you haven´t a clue humans you could try observing us cats every now and again.  We know how to take care of our bodies.   🙂

Now what were you going on about some kind of human sofa?

SW-Avatar       I love sitting on top of daddy.  Daddy is the best sofa in the world!

MM-Avatar       Ah I see what you mean. I must agree, humans are quite good to sit upon.

I especially like to dig my claws in deep when I knead daddy before I settle.

SW-Avatar       I can´t help doing that either, although I do wish I could stop doing it. It must be my instinct calling but daddy doesn´t seem to be too pleased about my actions.

When daddy lays on his sofa I love to stretch my body upon his and feel his warmth and happiness then spreads through my body.

MM-Avatar       I´ve noticed. Sometimes I can´t sleep in the chair next to you because your pur is so very loud.

SW-Avatar       I just love to feel daddy´s appreciation for me. I suppose it´s true love.

MM-Avatar       I know what you mean.  When I lay on him I feel exactly the same.

I must agree, humans make great sofas, especially when we have a sofa like our daddy.  🙂


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