Be yourself!

??????????       Have you heard the latest news about Mr. Dog Sir W?

??????????       Do you mean Mr. Dog from next door Mr. Midnight?

If you do, I haven´t seen him for ages.

MM-Avatar       Precisely!

I´ve heard the poor fellows had a hell of a rough time. That´s why we haven´t been able to have a chin wag with him for such a long time.

SW-Avatar       Why, what happened to him?

MM-Avatar       Apparently he got very sick and his master nearly had to allow him to go back on his journey home again.

SW-Avatar       That would have been a shame because he hasn´t been on the planet this time for too long has he.

MM-Avatar       But if you´ve learnt all of what you are supposed to learn this time around then it´s simply time to go.

SW-Avatar       So why is he still with us then?

MM-Avatar       He obviously either unconciously wanted to feel the experience of suffering a little or he still has something to experience in this life.

All souls are aware of what their mission is all about.

SW-Avatar       So how did he manage to get so poorly?

MM-Avatar       That´s simple really.  His soul chose to be a dog in this life and you know what dogs are like.

All living beings use the energy that surrounds them and we animals will often take on energies from humans but if you also happen to be a dog, then you will usually obdiently always follow instruction from your human master.

SW-Avatar       Thank goodness I´m a cat this time round.  We´re not very good at behaving how the humans wish us to behave.

MM-Avatar       Well it´s not a catty attitude is it.  One is not supposed to obediently obey what others dictate.

One has ones duties towards others but one shouldn´t have to bow down to anothers will.

Such a notion is more of a human thing.

SW-Avatar       But how do you think Mr. Dog managed to heal his illness?

MM-Avatar       Apparently, Mrs. Sparrow said that Mr. Dogs master believes he saved his life by pumping chemicals into his body. I´m not quite sure what chemicals are but they sound quite frightening but because I´m a cat, I know the real truth to his recovery.

SW-Avatar       I think I know what you´re talking about but please go on.

MM-Avatar       Mr Dog decided to stop taking in all that instruction and all those thousands of rules and regulations from his master and he started to BE HIMSELF.

SW-Avatar       That´s roughly what I thought.  If one is allowed to be ONESELF then life is that much easier.

Although I bet his master´s grateful that Mr Dogs still around I bet he´s now baffled as to Mr Dogs sudden “strange” behaviour.

MM-Avatar       You can bet he is.  His master thought he knew his dog and now Mr Dog´s not the same as he used to be.

Mrs sparrow said that Mr Dog still obeys a few commands but he also now “listens” to the intuition from his soul.

His master must be quite irritated that Mr Dog has “changed”.

SW-Avatar       Well that´s all part and parcel of being ONESELF.

Nobody said that being oneself would always be an easy task.

Not all souls have had as much practice at being themselves as us cats.

If one manages to discover ones true self one can lose many “friends” but one can also gain many valuable, new friends.

MM-Avatar       Yes, the very idea about change will frighten most humans but it is important to live life as ones true self otherwise the door is open for all sorts of illness.

SW-Avatar MM-Avatar       Please people, take care of yourselves, you only have one life in this life you know!


(C) Copyright MAGS 2016

4 thoughts on “Be yourself!

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    • Sir Winston says “thank you very much Mrs daisy inthe willows”. Mr Midnight´s now running about like a mad cat because you linked his post and to tell you the truth – I absolutely chuffed as well. We are all over the moon here.! 🙂 Thank you very much.

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