Around the bend.

??????????       What do you think is really out there at the end of the smooth flat thing which the smelly machines roll upon Sir Winston?

??????????       I´m not quite sure what´s around the long bend of the road Mr. Midnight.  It goes out of sight.

MM-Avatar       But aren´t you a little curious as to what´s out there Sir W.?  After all, you are a cat and curiosity is our middle name.

SW-Avatar       To tell you the truth, I´m really not bothered what´s further a field.  We have a nice, comfortable kingdom and I´m quite happy to keep it that way.

As you´ve already mentioned, I´m a cat and cats like to stay put in their territory.

MM-Avatar       Oh I know about all that but my inquisitiveness seems to take the better  of me.

Because life is always changing, doesn´t it make sense to want to adjust ones habitual path with which to “go with the flow” of life.  In my opinion it would make life that much more easier.

I love to explore and tread new paths.

SW-Avatar       Well you can tread as many new paths as you like Mr. Midnight.  You are a free soul and you may roam wherever you wish.

MM-Avatar       I can´t roam wherever I wish for two simple reasons.

The first is because I´m frightened to venture further than my known territory and the second is because that miserable old man living on the edge of our territory doesn´t seem to like me in his green patch.

He doesn´t own the kingdom you know.  Kingdoms are for every living soul.  Still, it´s better to keep out of his way.

SW-Avatar       Try to ignore that unpleasant human. He just hasn´t understood that all souls are the same.  After he´s visited our planet a few more times he may eventually understand the real meaning of life.

And as for you being frightend to venture further than your own known territory – that´s normal. Cats are suppossed to stay put in their little kingdoms.

I think it has something to do with that ancient, basic, underlying intuitive guidance system which has been emplaced within every living being.

What is unknown, frightens us.

MM-Avatar       Which explains why the “modern” humans have so much trouble with their ways of life doesn´t it.

SW-Avatar       That´s correct Mr Midnight.

It was a good idea at the time, but their Social Systems are rapidly crumbling because they haven´t adjusted to the fact that “the times are a changin”.

I´ve heard daddy  mention that in our neck of the woods,  taxation is at a record high, utility costs (electricity, water, gas) are one of the highest in Europe and Industrial labour costs are one of the highest in the world.

At the same time the population continually moans it has “no money in its pocket”.

Perhaps one could try and look around the bend in the road instead of rigidly adhering to systems of yesteryear with which to get by in the 21st century.  You are humans – us cats cannot go further than our own territory.

MM-Avatar       Obviously humans are just the same as us cats.

Do humans really believe they can master all of their problems with ancient models of yesteryear?

Poor humans.

If I were you I´d try and get some new input. Don´t listen to what your so-called, wise politicians tell you.  Most of them seem to live in the past as well.

The only truth is your own truth, so before you all go round the bend, why don´t you broaden your horizons and attempt to look further than what you´re all being told.

Although I haven´t been around that bend in the road I do know that there are many answers for you all to be found if you just open your minds for new possibilities.

SW-Avatar       Come on humans – your more intelligent than you think you are.  Get your act together, leave your victimhood mode behind  and start to think for yourselves.

2 thoughts on “Around the bend.

    • My two lads always inspire me. Mr Midnight, Sir Winston and myself thank you for commenting. If Mr Midnight finds out you liked his piece then I´ll have to give him an extra food stick – AGAIN! 🙂
      Best wishes from the Black Forest.

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