Have you heard the news?

Mr Midnight and Sir Winston were curled up in their baskets in the cellar. It was the time of year that they hated the most. It was usually wet and very, very cold and today was no exception. The winter months made sure that they stuck to the perimeters of the house and only occasionally did they venture out into the freezing cold in which to quickly visit the toilet facilities. To pass time, Mr Midnight decided to have a conversation with Sir Winston.
MM-Avatar        Have you heard the news Sir W?
SW-Avatar        What news? There´s always news going off somewhere, especially when humans are involved.
MM-Avatar        It´s the talk of the town, well in our case, the talk of the village.
SW-Avatar        And what is this special news?
MM-Avatar        Apparently, we´re being taken over by other cats!
SW-Avatar        What are you talking about. I haven´t seen any evidence of a take-over.
MM-Avatar        It´s what they´re all saying. Our kingdom is peacefully, being invaded.
SW-Avatar        And who are they?
MM-Avatar       I´m not sure but I hear murmurings wherever I go. I hope things don´t suddenly change and we have to forfit our lifestyles. Our part of the world felt quite safe up until now.
SW-Avatar        Well just like all cats, I´m also not one for change, but I´m sure there´s nothing to worry about Mr Midnight. Can you enlighten me as to where you managed to find this titbit of news?
MM-Avatar       It´s just general murmurings among the cat population. I´ve heard something been mentioned about the droves of exotic cats now reaching our shores – something about Purrrsian cats I think.
Are Purrrsian cats happy creatures, thus needing to purr a lot?
SW-Avatar        You mean Persian cats. They are our brothers and sisters from the Orient. I´m not sure if they have a loud purr but their name originates from their original kingdom of residence; a place humans used to call Persia. Daddy´s books say that Persia is now called Iran.
MM-Avatar        A nice name for a kingdom.  It´s better than being called Youwalked.
SW-Avatar        I get it. I Ran; You Walked. Quite hilarious Mr M.
MM-Avatar        And what about all those neat looking Russian Blues? I´ve heard they started settling in our neck of the woods years ago. I can´t understand a word those two Russian cats down the road say. It´s all gobbledegook to me.
Are they called  Russian Blue cats because they´re often feeling down or something. I have the blues sometimes but not to the extent of Vladimir and Olga down the road.
SW-Avatar        Haven´t you noticed their colouring? They´re  blue cats. They are no more “down” than we are sometimes. As a matter of fact, I think they enjoy the freezing cold climate we´re having at the moment. Their ancestors come from Russia and Russia is not generally known for its warmth.
MM-Avatar        And what about the hordes of Orientals arriving day after day. They say they´re all over the place.
SW-Avatar        You mean the Siamese and Burmese cats. They´re also our brothers and sisters.
MM-Avatar        Why are they called Siamese and Burmese cats Sir Winston?  I´m just a normal cat and have no particular name.
SW-Avatar        Humans call them Siamese cats because they come from a country which humans used to call Siam. It´s now changed and is called Thailand which basically means “land of the free”.
MM-Avatar        That sounds like a great place to live, especially for a cat.  Cats love their freedom.
SW-Avatar        And the Burmese is called a Burmese because . . . . . . .
MM-Avatar        . . . . . don´t tell me, let me guess! – because Burmese cats used to come from a country called Burmese.
SW-Avatar        Not quite, according to daddy´s history book, they used to call the country Burma. Humans then changed the name of the country to Myanmar.
MM-Avatar        Sounds logical.   😉
All this chopping and changing!  I suppose it´s all for the best. After all, we get to know new feeding habits and can learn new languages, you know, different ways to purr, and we don´t have to deal with the problems of differing religions like the humans do because we cats don´t need  religion. We just know how the universe works.
SW-Avatar        Humans have been changing their boundaries and names of their kingdoms since they walked the planet so you see, I don´t think you need to worry about our brothers and sisters from far-away places settling in our kingdom. The planet is large enough for all of us. Change is a natural thing Mr Midnight, we just have to accept the fact.
MM-Avatar        If I manage to see a few exotic new cats in the neighbourhood I´ll give them a helping paw.
Let’s get a bit of shut-eye. I think I can sleep a little better now.

© Mags January 2016

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