Two cats ponder over electronic devices

Mr Midnight and Sir Winston were sitting in their favourite place upon the large boulders overlooking the street.  They noticed there was a lot of bustle today with people rushing to and fro in what seemed like  a frenzy to  get all of their tasks done at one time.

MM-Avatar       Good gracious.  Look at that one with those big ears  walking past our house.  He looks rather funny doesn´t he.

SW-Avatar       They´re not his ears Mr. M.  They call those things headphones.  I must agree though; he does look a bit perculiar.

MM-Avatar       And why does he use those headphone things Sir Winston?

SW-Avatar       I´m not quite sure but I think humans use them to drown out the sounds around them.

MM-Avatar       They must do because look – he crossed the road and nearly got himself knocked down from one of those smelly, fast-moving machines.  The silly billy  should look where he´s going.  You´d never see a cat wearing such ridiculous attire.

SW-Avatar       That´s because we have good hearing and we love living with our natural surroundings.

MM-Avatar       Look at all of those humans waiting by the bus stop.  Nobody talks to one another.  Do you think it´s because they´re listening to their mini ear devices?

SW-Avatar       You mean mobile phones?  They use ear plugs these days so that they can concentrate on their devices.  Humans don´t seem to like listening to their environment, most probably because most find it boring.  It seems  much more interesting to stay glued to ones electronic devices than to observe our beautiful surroundings.

MM-Avatar       Even to the extent of nearly getting ran over.  What a fool – still, he must find himself cool.

Humans seem to be addicted to their electronic devices.  Purrrhaps  humans have trouble thinking for themselves these days and need a programme to help them.

SW-Avatar       How´d you mean?

MM-Avatar       Purrrhaps they are listening to commands on their machines such as “move left foot forward, move right foot forward”, etc.

SW-Avatar       Or the message on their machine is saying “breathe in, breathe out!”

Who knows whats on their devices but it must be pretty important.  They all seem to be addictively chained to the things.

I´ve been thinking about the word “device”.  According to daddy´s books, “Vice” is defined as being  an immoral or evil habit or practice.

English speaking humans love plonking the prefix “de” infront of words. For example,  by adding the prefix “de” infront of the word vice, the word becomes “device”.  The “de” prefix stems from Latin and means “off” or “from”.

So there you have it.

MM-Avatar        Your explanation sums it all up nicely Sir Winston.

The definition for a “device”  is a thing made for a particular purrrpose but the human races addictions to  “devices” could  also  stem “from evil habits or practices”.

Oh dear, it explains a lot but I hope you´re wrong with your philosophy.

Poor humans – they don`t seem to have a hope in hell of recovering from their addictive illness.

Still, purrrhaps that´s the way things are supposed to be.


Copyright (C) 2015 MAGS


2 thoughts on “Two cats ponder over electronic devices

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. It cracks me up when people walk around shops staring at their phones, and my guilty pleasure is seeing them bump into stuff – and sometimes eachother! My favorite sound is the purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

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