What you sow, you reap.

MM-Avatar       Oh my goodness Sir Winston, I´ve just had the fright of my life!

There I was, curled up nice and snug on the doormat of the main door to our domain when all of a sudden, this great verocious, aggressive, smelly beast approached me at full speed, yapping its mouth off.

You should have seen the size of its teeth!

SW-Avatar       You mean you´ve just encounted a dog?

MM-Avatar       Yes.  And you should have seen the size of the damn thing.

After having spied me it went  totally beserk.  The thing had no control over itself.  Honestly, dogs are really crackers.

SW-Avatar       Perhaps it was frightened of you.

MM-Avatar      Oh sure.  A great big doggy like that being afraid of a little Mr Midnight like myself.

SW-Avatar       Or perhaps it was excited to meet you.  You know how popular you are with the community.

MM-Avatar       If it was happy to see me, it has a funny way of showing it.  Those razor sharp teeth didn´t look too appealing and the horrible drooling  at the mouth was enough to put any cat off making friends with such a beast.

Haven´t dogs any manners?

SW-Avatar       Well the main thing is that you are alright now.  The dog couldn´t help it.  It was acting within its instincts.

MM-Avatar       I´ll remember that the next time you come running to me when you´ve seen a dog.

SW-Avatar       If you think about it; we´re not any better in our behaviour you know.

MM-Avatar       What do you mean?

SW-Avatar       Do you think those mice we sometimes trap or the birds we play about with are any less frightened than we are of dogs?  They must be terrified but we cannot help things.  Our instinctive nature takes the better of us all the time and small beings are often made to suffer because of us.

MM-Avatar       Well if you put it like that I suppose you´re right.  I don´t really like catching small beings but I seem to have no control over what I do.

SW-Avatar       And it´s the same with doggies.  They know not what they do.  They only act how they have been programmed.

I suppose we must suffer from dogs ocassionally because we terrorise other little beings.  I think that´s how the universe works.

MM-Avatar       I´ve heard about that phenomena before.

If a being  behaves badly towards another being then the universe automatically balances things out.  What we do to one another comes back to us at some later point in life. It´s logical really.

SW-Avatar       It´s the same with all things.  Energy  always balances itself.

That´s  why so many countries in the world also have financial problems.  The governments that rule the countries are often not fair towards their citizens and at some later stage, such countries will have to “pay” the consequences. For example, by having to spend even more cash than they really want to with which to get their house in order.

It´s the same with moonlighting or any other criminal activity.

The great thing is,  nobody can change the universal rules.

MM-Avatar       But we ALL have one great advantage.  If we act on our best behaviour we shall also attract good behaviour!  What a great universe we live in!

I´m going to try to and “think” before I “react” next time.

SW-Avatar       A good idea Mr Midnight.  Take responsibility for your actions and you´ll live a more satisfying life.

Christian people believe that “What you sow, you reap”, so the universal wisdom has at least been noted at some time or other.  Perhaps humans (and us animals) should put that wisdom to the test more often.    🙂

(C) Copyright MAGS 2015




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