The “D” words and living a life “in lack”.

??????????       Daddy, why do so many human beings choose to live their lives “in lack” instead of watching us cats and choosing to live life to the full?  So many modern humans believe they are victims.

10559817_908418939172062_2675612140325727190_n       A jolly good question Mr. Midnight. I´ve also often wondered about that same question.  Perhaps it has something to do with “human programming”.

??????????       Speaking from a cats point of view, I think I can give you a good reason why modern humans choose to live “in lack”.

It has something to do with being concious about your surroundings.  From what I´ve heard and seen, modern humans are not very good at “living in the moment”.  They´re not very concious about how all things are connected.

MM-Avatar       And what about all those poor refuges from war-torn places who seek asylum in our neck of the woods?  They have to live a life “in lack” and can´t seem to do anything about their sorry situation.

Amd what about all those poor cats in such terrible parts of the world.  They don´t have a chance in hell of getting a bit of piece and quiet.

author-Avatar       I do have an answer to your question Mr. Midnight about those suffering refuges (and cats!) but I think it´s too long to mention in this blog posting.  If anybody´s really interested I can get back to that topic in a future posting.

MM-Avatar       You´re just evading the issue daddy.

SW-Avatar       But I can understand daddy´s thinking.  You know how much he tends to waffle on and on Mr Midnight.  Let´s try and keep this posting as short as we can for a change Mr. Midnight.

As I have already stated, modern humans tend to go through life unconcious of their actions and surroundings.  They´re just not switched on are they.

MM-Avatar       They´re often switched on to their electronical devices though.  You´d think the things were glued to their ears.

author-Avatar       As is the case with most addictions, it´s terribly difficult to kick the habit.  We seem to need contact with our fellow humans all the time in which to feel comfortable.

SW-Avatar       If you ask me, I find all this electronical hype just a Distraction.

author-Avatar       A distraction of what?

SW-Avatar       A distraction to avoid spending time with oneself.  There are many answers to be found by being in-touch with oneself you know.

MM-Avatar       Yes daddy, you´d never find a cat getting bogged down with all those interferring electronical gadgets.  We rely on our own metal.

I didn´t realise  you humans were so insecure that you had to keep virtually a 24 hour vigil of your lives.

I think modern humans living their lives  ” in lack ” has something to do with the inability for humans to readily adapt to change and also, something to do with the “D” words.

author-Avatar       The “D” words?   What do you mean?

MM-Avatar       Disease, Death (someone elses!), Disaster, Divorvce, Devastation, Despair, Depression. . . . .

SW-Avatar       . . . .Distraction, Debt, Decadence, Degeneration, Demise, Dementia, Denial, Destortion, Disconnection, Discontent. . . . .

MM-Avatar       Dismay, Displacement, Dissastisfaction, Doom, and so on and so on.  I think you get the picture.

author-Avatar       Sorry lads, I don´t quite get the picture.  Why all the negative “D” words?

MM-Avatar       All of the “D” words are opportunities to chage something.  Without all those negative things going on the human race wouldn´t change anything.  It would simply take a comfortable lie down and accept that it was a victim to such things.   Usually, a human being will only change something after it has experienced some of those nasty “D” words stated above.

SW-Avatar       It´s rather an odd way to go about things (from a cats purrrspective) but you humans obviously love to suffer. . The “D” words are opportunities to sort ones life out.

Most live “in lack” because they believe they are victims but that is where most are wrong.

Humans should try and live life like a cat and at long last, make the decision to be A CHOOSER in life instead of habitually, a victim.

MM-Avatar       One can use the “D” words to ones advantage  and contrary to popular modern beliefs,  Discover (a nice “D” word)  🙂   that a persons life is only a creation of his (or her) own thoughts.

SW-Avatar       Believe in yourselves and forget about living your lives “in lack of”.

SW-Avatar MM-Avatar       Life´s up for grabs so take it and enjoy yourselves a bit more!


(C) Copyright MAGS 2015



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