Your own true self

DSCN0658       Can you remember anything at all?  It seems a very long time ago.

DSCN0664       I haven´t the foggiest idea of what you´re going on about Mr. Midnight.  I wish you´d ask things with a proper “lead-up” instead of just jumping in with half a question half the time. Could you kindly explain?

DSCN0663       You know what I mean. You know, before we came into this world as what English speaking people call “a cat”.

I have no recollections but I “feel” so much vibrancy and the flow of energy surrounding me is truly amazing.  I also  instinctively know that the  energy comes from a very long way back.

DSCN0652       Ah, I see what you mean.  You mean the soft, warm flow of energy radiating from somewhere within you which interacts with the energy surrounding us.

I´m not 100% certain but I do know that that golden glow is very ancient and guides me through my present life.

It´s wonderful isn´t it and it´s  nice to know that we´ll never really know for sure in this life.

DSCN0655       I can even taste the energy in my fur.

It´s something very special which exists in everything in the universe.  And to think that we´ve experienced it so many times before.

Do you think humans are aware of the energy and all the possibilities which surround them Sir Winston?

DSCN0631       I very much doubt it.  Humans are “too fixed in their ways”.  I bet some are still  open for other possibilities though.

Daddy tells me many stories about his experiences and some of those stories border on the exact same knowledge that us cats and other animals possess.

MM-Avatar       But the energies are truly fantastic.  If one is open to life, one becomes very susceptible to the wonders of life.  One has to be careful though.  Although one can protect oneself, one has to be careful that one doesn´t “soak-up”  too much negative energy generated from other beings.

SW-Avatar       Too right Mr. Midnight. Many of us so-called “domesticated” animals have to be careful we do not take-in too much negative energy from our human masters.

I think that´s why humans like us. Domesticated animals help calm humans by taking human negative energies away from them.   And then we animals get lumbered with their energy – that is, if one hasn´t protected oneself properly.

MM-Avatar       Daddy has also mentioned something about energy between humans.  He said that sometimes after having a conversation with somebody, he occasionally felt so tired.   That´s the same experience I often have.  Some “beings” tire me out with their energy.

SW-Avatar       That´s most probably because the “lower energy” will always be attracted to the “higher frequency” and will thus, unconsciously deplete the higher energies sources.

MM-Avatar       Well at least I know how to protect myself from such “bad energies”.

I just put my purple bubble around me and remain being my “true-self”.

SW-Avatar       That´s easy to say if you know who your true-self really is.

From my observations, many humans just seem to live life with a facade.  They live their lives how they have been told they should do, based on expectations from others, but are they really their true selves?  That is the question.

MM-Avatar       And that is probably why there is a lot of “negative energy” floating around at the moment.

The majority of people are not really satisfied or happy with their lives.

SW-Avatar       Then it´s time to start discovering oneself isn´t it.

MM-Avatar       Purrrhaps those feeling a lot of negative energy at the moment chose the experience before they came back down to Earth again.  If they did, then everything’s all hunky dory isn´t it.

Thank goodness I wanted to experience life as a cat this time around. My energies are totally switched on.

SW-Avatar       Well not everybody can choose to be a cat can they.

MM-Avatar      Give me four Sir Winston!  It´s great being a cat!      DSCN0621


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