Everyone needs their space.

DSCN0665       It´s no good hanging around here all day Sir Winston.  It look like the wet stuff is going to fall out of the sky at any moment.  I hate that stuff clogging my fur.

DSCN0664       But daddy said he wouldn`t be long.  What do you think he´s playing at?

DSCN0663       I suspect he´s bumped into somebody again and they´re having a deep, meaningful discussion.  You know how long that can go on for.

DSCN0674       Daddy is a bit of a chatter box isn´t he.  When he starts, he sometimes never stops.  Actually, he´s a bit like you in a way Mr Midnight.

MM-Avatar       No way Jose (hosay)!   I´m not like daddy at all.  I often avoid contact with strangers if possible and I very rarely rabbit on like daddy does.  I sometimes think he likes the sound of his own voice.

When thinking about it, I like the sound of daddy´s voice – especially when he calls “food!”.  He has such a soft, warm voice when he calls “food!”.  Beautiful.

SW-Avatar       Well he´s no where in sight at the moment. I think he´s gone and forgotten us.

MM-Avatar       Don´t be daft Sir W.  Daddy wouldn´t forget us two.  We´re his favourite cats!

Look!  Over there!  Moving behind the old dilapidated woody building.  Is that a human creeping about?

SW-Avatar       That woody building thing is supposed to be called a garden shed Mr Midnight and yes, it does look like a human is creeping about  behind it.

MM-Avatar       The thing looks like it could fall down at any moment.  Daddy´s not really into repair work is he.

As a matter of fact,   should the person creeping about behind OUR shed actually be allowed to be there,  afterall, it is OUR Kingdom and part of OUR territory.  When daddy decides to come home i´ll have to inform him.

SW-Avatar       Although we cats (and humans!) love to guard our territory, nobody can really insist that a piece of land actually belongs to them.  Kingdoms all over the world are there for EVERYBODY.

MM-Avatar       Accordiing to daddy´s doomy daily newspapers, there are a lot of greedy kingdoms on our planet at the moment.  They terrorise their people and hardly ever show any respect towards us cats.

SW-Avatar       That´s because it´s some kind of human thing Mr Midnight.  Try not to get upset about it and don´t take it too seriously.  Humans have always taken over and claimed other peoples territories. It´s part of their development.

Everybody needs their space and some will take their space regardless what others say.

MM-Avatar       I don´t need space!  I knead daddy´s legs when I´m sitting on him!

SW-Avatar       By the way Mr Midnight, that figure lurking behind the shed IS daddy.

author-Avatar       Hi boys. What are you up to?

If I were you, I´d be making tracks into the house.  It looks like it´s going to rain any minute.

MM-Avatar SW-Avatar       You took ages.  You said you´d only be gone for “a tick”.  That was a very long tick.

author-Avatar       It´s nice that you missed me. I was cleaning behind the shed and it took a bit longer than I thought.

MM-Avatar SW-Avatar       And we know why!  You were talking to that nice neighbour of yours AGAIN.  Surely you´ve discussed everything between you. But still, if it makes you happy.

author-Avatar       I´m only keeping good relations as I tidy the shed up.  Talking to the neighbour helps make work that much more pleasurable.   It´s nice to have a bit of spare time to get on with things. Anyway, come on you two.  Let´s get inside before the heavens open up.


(C)  Copyright 2015 MAGS


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