The weather angels

DSCN0655       That wet stuff is always clogging my fur.  Why is our kingdom so wet at the moment Sir Winston?

DSCN0643       I`m not sure but it does help to keep our kingdom nice and luscious.  Don´t you think our little patch of kingdom looks gorgous at the moment?

DSCN0672       Well it´s certainly nice and green although I suspect it´s wet because of another reason.

DSCN0677       And what may that reason be?

MM-Avatar       It´s because of the humans again isn´t it.

SW-Avatar       You can´t blame  humans for everything Mr Midnight.  The weather angels must have something to do with it as well.

MM-Avatar       Precisely.  The weather angels always know what´s best.

Haven´t you noticed that the wet stuff usually falls out of the sky when most of the humans have their spare time and holidays?

SW-Avatar       I can´t say I have but when thinking about it, you do seem to have a point, although modern humans do seem to have a lot of spare time.  They don´t have as much free time as us cats but the probability of it getting wet on “spare days” will be quite high.

Why do you think the weather angels enjoy ruining  human  spare time activities?

MM-Avatar       It´s simple really Sir W.

Modern humans are always up to something.  They´re always doing things and can never seem to settle.

SW-Avatar       Perhaps humans have ants in their pants.  We cats can settle nicely because ants don´t like clinging to cat fur.

MM-Avatar       I think it gets wet simply to slow the modern humans down a little.  If there´s bad weather humans cannot get out of doors so easily. Therefore, the weather angels help humans to try and relax a little at home.

As you already know Sir Winston, there is a lot to learn by relaxing and doing nothinig.

If the modern humans aren´t going to take a closer look at us cats and adopt a bit more of our cat mentality then the weather angels will help sort things by slowing them all down a little.

I just wished humans would realise that journeying on the voyage of self-discovery is worth more than most humans seem to think.  That´s why the weather angels come in handy.  It´s a shame I have to get wet so often in the process though.

SW-Avatar       The air angels send us all that wind every now and again.  I suppose they do that to blow all of that “energy rubbish” away.

MM-Avatar      Yep, you bet.  The good old weather angels. They´re always helping to keep the planet in shape. We can´t rely on the human race to sort things out can we.  They´ve still got so much to learn.

SW-Avatar       Well I´m all up for it.  I like the weather angels and I like to feel the wet stuff on my body.

What a beautiful kingdom we have.  The weather angels certainly have green fingers!


(C) Copyright MAGS 2015



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