Change and inflexibility

Mr Midnight and Sir Winston sat patiently on the doorstep waiting to be let in.  However, Mr Midnight was starting to lose his patience.


MM-Avatar      Get on with it Sir Winston and stop faffing about.

Meeoowww a little louder.  Your voice is a lot stronger than mine.

SW-Avatar      Meeoowww,  Meeoowww,  Meeoowww!

It doesn´t seem to be working Mr Midnight.  He´s taking his time.

MM-Avatar      He´s sometimes as deaf as a doorpost.  I know he´s not getting any younger but this is ridiculous!

SW-Avatar      You know that humans don´t hear as well as us cats.  He might be in one of the back rooms or something.

MM-Avatar      He´s most likely upstairs in the study sifting through  those old piles of postage stamps again.  I´m sure he´s slowly getting senile.

Fancy leaving us poor fellows out on the door mat – again!  He knows we like to lounge around the nice, warm house.


Twenty minutes later the door  finally opened and a familiar voice cried . . . . .


author-Avatar      Hi boys, I thought I heard you at the door.


Both cats darted up the porch steps and into the house with Mr Midnight thinking to himself,  “he thought he heard us at the door.  We´ve been waiting ages.  He´s a right comedian!” .

Sir Winston  suddenly braked with all fours  and came to a grinding halt.


SW-Avatar      Stop Mr Midnight!   Somethings changed. He´s been moving things again.  I don´t like the look of those slippers.  Do you think they belong to daddy?

MM-Avatar     To tell you the truth Sir Winston, I haven´t the foggiest and I´m not particularly bothered either.  I´m famished. Let´s grap a few food-sticks in the kitchen.

I´m a little curious myself but I  don´t want to waste  time examining newly positioned objects at the moment, especially when my tummy´s rumbling.

SW-Avatar      But they weren´t there this morning. Things have changed – again!

How can you think about your tummy when your surroundings have been meddled with. You know that most of the time, we cats like things to stay just as they´ve always been.

MM-Avatar      Well there´s little hope of that happening Sir Winston.

Life is always on the move.  Don´t tell me you´re now getting like the “modern” humans – they love to believe that they´re important and that they live on the cutting-edge of life.  They obviously like the wool to be pulled over their eyes – poor humans.

SW-Avatar      How´d you mean Mr Midnight?

MM-Avatar      I think that humans like to deceive one another.  Not necessarily conciously, but all the same, humans don´t seem to want to dig too deep into the true concepts of their surroundings.  They love avoiding reality and the fact that “life” is always on the move.

Just look at the political shambles of their modern societies.  It seems most humans live in a trance or “dreamlike-state”, brain-washed by their so-called, political elite and wisdom of yesteryear.

SW-Avatar       Ah, I see what you mean Mr Midnight.  Apparently the “Brain Drain” illness is quite widespread. I´ve heard there´s a lot of it about.

Modern humans  also love bathing in their victim mode instead of themselves, actually trying to do something about the predicaments that surround them.

author-Avatar      Don´t you want anything to eat boys?  Its nearly lunch time.


Mr Midnight and Sir Winston started circling daddy´s legs in apprehension of what was going to land in their “dinner bowls”.


MM-Avatar      I hope he doesn´t dish-out that stuff he gave us the other day.  It tasted yucky.  It must have been out of the red and yellow tins.

SW-Avatar      Well you´re the one who´s  apparently up for “change”.  Maybe he´s changed the menu today.

MM-Avatar      All  animals are aware  that modern human beings struggle with the concepts of genuine change.  Humans are too inflexible. They much prefer to stay-put in  their dreamlike living styles.

Cats on the other paw, are very flexible.  We go with the flow of life and can creep through  small openings with no problem at all.

SW-Avatar      Quite true Mr Midnight.

Most modern humans seem to  be concerned about the state of the planet but nobody it seems, is prepared to do much about it.

MM-Avatar      Well the modern human race will have to learn quite quickly because the systems of modern society are chronically ill.

SW-Avatar      Daddy mentioned that the other day.  He talked about  the European money crisis and about many “advanced” countries being on the verge of bankruptcy. He also mentioned the disastrous crumbling European social system and how modern standards of living were mostly, conveniently built upon artificial environments.

Modern society should at some point, accept the fact  that its highly-praised systems are falling apart.  Modern lifestyles  cannot be sustained by continually piling up huge mountains of debt.  It´s irresponsible and  totally unfair towards future generations.

MM-Avatar      And that´s why the human race should seriously accept “change” as  a friend, and not a foe, if it is to successfully progress into the future.

Ummmhhh . . . . I can smell the food coming.  I re-programmed myself to expect the best and it´s certainly worked today.  🙂

SW-Avatar      I still don´t know who the slippers belong to.

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