The most important things in life

Mr Midnight and Sir Winston were  huddled together under the hedge watching the passers-by.

MM-Avatar       I can´t make head nor tail of it  Sir W.  They all look terribly stressed up and importantly busy and they  don´t seem to be enjoying what they´re doing.

What a way to go about things.

SW-Avatar       They have to rush about like that otherwise they would not be able to get all of their things done. I must admit though, they do look rather funny don´t they, especially the way they rush about the place with their heads sunk into their modern gadgetry.

I have  heard rumours in the animal kingdom that the human species is now “on the turn” and instead of evolution, devolution is now the sign of the times.

MM-Avatar       I think you´re right there Sir W.  They have adopted a slouch because of walking hunched forward all the time.  Purrrhaps they want to copy  us cats and wish to walk on all fours again like in the old days.

Look Sir Winston!   Just look at that bloke trying to get out of that large, shiny, smelly moving thing.

SW-Avatar       That things called a “sports car” Mr Midnight and it costs an awful lot of printed numbered paper to own such an item.  Daddy hasn´t got a machine like that has he.

MM-Avatar       That´s possibly because daddy has to take care of the two of us.

Anyway,  surely that grumpy , sad-looking bloke should look a little happier.  After all, his “moving thing”  looks fancy enough.

SW-Avatar       I suspect he isn´t happy because of all of his illnesses.

MM-Avatar       I´ve also noticed the black holes in the poor chaps aura.  Humans shouldn´t worship their printed paper with numbers on them – it inadvertently makes them all ill.

SW-Avatar       They love the stuff don´t they.  They believe it gives them security.  They´ve also invented “Insurance” which is supposed to give added security.

MM-Avatar       Insurance?  What´s that?

SW-Avatar       It´s something humans pay-up front so that when things get bad, they get their money back with which to sort out their problem.

MM-Avatar       Sounds great Sir W.  Purrrhaps it should be called “Unsurance” because although hardly ever admitting it, humans are so unsure of themselves.

SW-Avatar       Or “Reassurance”, because that´s obviously the motivating reason for wanting to spend ones money on such a thing.

MM-Avatar       I still can´t get to grips with the fact that that sad-looking man should look so unhappy while owning such a machine.  He must have worked very hard to be able to buy such a thing. Purrrhaps he´s sad because he can´t take it with him when he goes on his final journey.

The universe doesn´t allow fast, smelly sports machines to be taken on that final journey.

SW-Avatar       If you ask a human what they most desire in life the majority would most likely say “money” because humans are obsessed with the stuff.

MM-Avatar       Whats the most important things in life for us cats Sir W.?

SW-Avatar       I´d say health, love and happiness.

MM-Avatar       And then there´s thankfulness and being allowed to be who we really are.

SW-Avatar       “Money” cannot buy any of those things.

A shame so many people  place so much emphasis upon money instead of them asking themselves what they really want from life.

MM-Avatar       If you can be who you are, have your health, are loved, are happy and satisfied, and possess a sprinkling of thankfulness in your soul, what more can you want?

Come on people, get it together and concentrate on the real things in life and discover what life has to offer.

You´d be a lot more happier if you did.

See you all later.  Bye for now.


(C) Copyright MAGS 2015

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