A Cattitude of gratitude

??????????      Listen Sir Winston.  I think I can hear him coming down the stairs.  Purrrhaps he´s coming into the cellar to give us some nice food.

??????????       I wouldn´t bank on it.  The light shining through the cellar skylight in still quite bright.  My instinct tells me we´ve still got to wait a bit.

MM-Avatar       But my tummy´s rumbling so it must be dinner time, although I must admit, he doesn´t usually come down into the cellar at this hour.

SW-Avatar       It´s not necessarily daddy coming down the stairs. It could be anybody, but listen, the footsteps are getting louder.

MM-Avatar       Well I bet it´s daddy´s footsteps and when  he enters  our “daytime living quarters” he´s going to open one of those nice, round shiny objects which contain our evening meal.

I´ve had a go at opening one of them before but my claws just slide around the side.  It´s no use. I just have to be patient and wait for daddy to open one of them.  Fancy putting a cats  “evening meal” into a round, shiny object.  It´s no wonder I can´t open the bloomin thing.

SW-Avatar       I´ve noticed those things as well Mr. Midnight.  He´s stacked them all neatly in the corner.  Daddy calls the things “tins of cat food”.

There must be a tree or field somewhere where the tins grow.  That´s why daddy stacks them in the corner next to his potatoes.  He once told me  potatoes like dark places so that must also be the reason why he places those tins in the cellar as well.

MM-Avatar       Whoevers coming down the stairs  seems to be going into the loud machine room.  You´re obviously correct in your assumption Sir W.  It´s not dinner time yet.

SW-Avatar       I hate that room, although it does smell quite pleasant when the humans have finished using their machines.

Thank goodness we cats don´t need machines like that.  We wash ourselves all the time so that our fur doesn´t get into such a state as  humans clothes seem to do.

MM-Avatar       I´m used to being patient but I am a bit frustrated that he´s not coming down yet.  I´m starving!

SW-Avatar       Oh quit your complaining Mr. Midnight. Your life is nice and cushty.  You´ve obviously forgotten.

We´ve got a warm roof over our heads, we receive lots of stroking and we have a constant supply of food in our bowls.

MM-Avatar       But not at the moment we don´t!

SW-Avatar       Daddy will see to it – you don´t have to worry.  Honestly,  sometimes you´re such a fusspot.

You should adopt an attitude of gratitude.

MM-Avatar       Yes,  you´re right Sir W.  As a rule I am a very thankful cat but I do sometimes forget how good I´ve got it.  I must have caught a dose of some of that modern human illness stuff.

SW-Avatar       Don´t let that creep into your soul Mr. Midnight. It eats you up.  That´s why so many “modern” humans tend to life dissatisfying lives.  They forget how good they have it in life.

A gratitude attitude will save the day.  Modern humans (and some cats!) should never forget what they have already achieved in life and how nice they actually have it.

MM-Avatar       I guess we all sometimes become blind to our surroundings.

Thanks Sir Winston.  Even though daddy is not always punctual with our meals, I´m glad that he looks after us nicely.

What a life we lead!

I hope he comes soon though.  My tummy is rumbling overtime!.


(C) Copyright MAGS 2015


4 thoughts on “A Cattitude of gratitude

    • Ooops – I have to be very careful that Mr. Midnight dosent see “the F. Word” (food) in your comment because I´ll end up having to give him extra rations. He goes bananas when he hears or sees “the F. Word”. Thanks for commenting and nice that you liked our little piece. 🙂

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