Take a break and discover yourself !

It was a dry, but windy day, and Mr. Midnight and Sir Winston were both sitting next to one another in the middle of the garden. They just sat there,  gazing at the sky and  dreamily watching “life go by” as the wind ruffled their fur. After about 15 minutes of sitting silently  (a very long time when sitting motionless!) Mr. Midnight decided it was about time he broke the silence.  He quickly licked his paw,  attending to an itch behind his right ear, and spoke to Sir Winston.

MM-Avatar       It´s not bad for the time of year is it Sir Winston.  The “air angels” feel great ruffling my fur. I love it when they massage my body.

SW-Avatar       You´re getting to be like daddy – an Englishman.  People from that country also love talking about the weather, but yes, it´s certainly a fine day.  A pity the humans can´t slow down like us cats because then they would also be able to notice how much is actually “going on” in life.

MM-Avatar       I don´t think the humans have much capacity left to observe how wonderful life really is.  Most of them are too stressed up to even notice the beauty of life what with their electronic gadgetry, their obsessions for that flimsy stuff with numbers printed upon them and their fascinations for habitually living their lives as “victims” of society.  Oh yes, they love wallowing in their victimhood role.

SW-Avatar       “Modern” humans never seem to be satisfied either.

MM-Avatar       I suppose that’s because they are unable to live their lives in true freedom.  Their societies, especially their Governments, are very good at destroying possible avenues to live life in “true freedom”.

Most humans seem to be scared stiff of “change” and love being told what to do.  Their Governments have an easy task of manipulating their people because they continually use the theme of “fear” to be able to do what they want with them.

For example, fear about terrorists – hence the craze for monitoring everything with their obsessions for total electronic observation.

SW-Avatar       George Orwell´s 1984 here we come !!!

MM-Avatar       Fear about not being able to decrease debt levels is another example,   hence the German Governments stringent act of maintaining high tax levels for the majority (but not for the really rich or large international companies!) even though the German tax revenue  breaks taxation records year after year.

There´s fear about foreign human beings taking jobs away from local residents – hence the growing unease and troubles in modern society.

And there seems to be a lot of fear that one may have to work a few years longer than in the past, and so on and so on, to name just a few areas of “living in angst”.

SW-Avatar       My goodness. Do you think “modern” humans are really so insecure Mr. Midnight?

MM-Avatar       It looks that way to me.

SW-Avatar       Perhaps humans should also go and sit in the garden for 15 minutes every now and then.  They would soon find out how to calm down a little.

MM-Avatar       You´re right there Sir Winston.  As a rule, “modern” human beings are not very good at taking care of themselves are they.  If they could only grasp the importance of at least creating a small island once a day in which to slow down and to discover who they really are and what they really want from life.

SW-Avatar       Some humans do seem to be on the right path but sadly, the majority are too engrossed in their modern  gadgetry or of tending  to their busy schedules.

You´d never see a cat madly running around all over the place.  We´re aware of how to lead a satisfying life!

MM-Avatar       And that is to live life in the moment because in the moment is where life happens!

SW-Avatar       Exactly.   Humans – please take a break, enjoy your lives and take the time to discover yourself.

You only have one life (in this life) you know.    🙂



(C) Copyright MAGS 2015

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