Being purrrfect.

DSCN0631       What´s up with you on this fine, sunny morning?  You´re usually quite cheerful.  Are you feeling a bit under the weather Mr. Midnight?

DSCN0678       To tell you the truth Sir W., I feel a bit down and lethargic.

DSCN0636       But whatever for?  You and I have got a nice life.  You should be feeling satisfied and happy – just as myself.

DSCN0629       Well I feel as though I´m not perfect – as though somethings somehow wrong with me.  I know it´s quite silly but I can´t seem to help myself.  Purrrhaps I´ve taken-in too much human energy and got a dose of the human illness.

SW-Avatar       Don´t be daft Mr Midnight.  There´s nothing wrong with you.  I mean, just look at me.  I´m a little over weight, I´m frightened  of every stranger that crosses my path and I´m not as cool as you.    I still feel perfect though  because that is how I am.

MM-Avatar       In my eyes you are perfect Sir Winston.  You´re always by my side when I need you. You´re a barrel of laughs, especially when you get frightened and dart off into the cellar, and you love me for the way I am.  You´re like a rock to me Sir Winston.  Thank you for being “you”.

I just don´t feel  perfect myself.  Just look at my right ear.  A third of it´s missing.  I wonder where the other third got too because I really can´t remember.

SW-Avatar       You´re probably not supposed to remember.  The main thing is that you are not suffering.

MM-Avatar       But I am suffering today Sir W.  I seem to have lost my coolness and cheekiness.

SW-Avatar       It´ll come back just you wait and see.  Chin up boy.  Life is really not so bad. You´re just having one of your moments that´s all.  You´ll feel better at dinner time.

MM-Avatar       I really don´t know what´s got into me. I´m not usually like this.  I just want to be purrrfect.

SW-Avatar       For the last time Mr. Midnight,  you are perfect.  Our whole lives are perfect. Nature is perfect. The universe is perfect.

Look at that tree over there.  It´s heavy branches are nearly scraping the grass.  Now in my book, trees are supposed to grow their branches as far as possible towards  the sky.

MM-Avatar       I like that tree Sir W. because it spends a lot of shade in the warm times of the year.

SW-Avatar       Exactly.  The tree is perfect isn´t it.  What a beauty.  It doesn´t look like a tree in the traditional sense of things but it´s perfect all the same.

MM-Avatar       I bet the tree doesn´t think stupid things like myself.  It simply enjoys being itself,  however it appears to look for others.

You´ve really helped me this morning. Thanks Sir W.

One doesn´t have to be purrrfect for others because one IS PURRRfect anyway.

I can enjoy my day now.  Come on, let´s go next door to tell Mr. Dog about your pawsitive pyschological powers.

SW-Avatar       Well if you don´t mind Mr. Midnight, I´d sooner go off in doors to have a lie down.  Although I feel that I´m perfect,  I´m quite wary of Mr. Dog next door.  He has a strange kind of humour and is much larger than myself.

MM-Avatar       You mean that you´re sometimes scared of him?

SW-Avatar       Well to put it bluntly – yes, I am scared of him.  Still, I`m perfect all the same.   🙂


(C) Copyright mags 2015


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