Christmas time again :)

MM-Avatar       Here we go again Sir W.   It´s that time of year again.

SW-Avatar       You mean when the majority who belong that Christian organisation thingy attempt to be nice to one another?

MM-Avatar       That´s right.  They obviously seem to forget the message from the previous year.  That´s most probably  why they have to keep on repeating their festivities every so often.

SW-Avatar       But I thought this Christmas thingummy was all in honour of that Jesus chappies birthday or something.

MM-Avatar       I believe it is; and the fact that one should spread good news and great joy at this festive time.

Love is in the air – at least for a week or so.  😉

SW-Avatar       Well I think many humans seem to have lost “the spirit of Christmas”.  Modern human lifestyles seem to have erased the magic of life.

MM-Avatar       How´d you mean Sir Winston?  Don´t be too harsh with the humans.

SW-Avatar       Daddy was only saying a couple of days ago that he remembers having seen some of that Christmas cake and Christmas biscuit stuff  in the shops as early as September.  Now I don´t know what “September” is but it seems to be quite a long time ago.  If Christmas goodies get sold so early it´s no wonder people aren´t “up to it” when the time is ripe.

MM-Avatar       Daddy was also saying that many of the people he spoke with said that they were not buying any pressies this year.  People wanted to give those flimsy piece of paper things with numbers printed  on them as presents.

That´s not really very nice is it.  I mean, humans love their paper with numbers on them but it´s not exactly “Christmassy” is it.

SW-Avatar       It´s not romantic and doesn´t really have anything to do with style, but if it´s what makes  people happy.  You know modern society is obsessed with all things commercial and material.

MM-Avatar       I don´t think the idea is to receive large presents or wads of paper stuff but they could still show appreciation for one another buy giving a small gift as a token of their love for one another.  That way, it could help   some Christmas magic to come back into their lives again.    Still, as you´ve already said,  if it makes them all happy.

SW-Avatar       It doesn´t though does it.  From my vantage point on the fence, most people seem to be rather  unhappy in life, although they would rarely openly admit such a fact.

I believe most “modern” humans live their lives spoilt for choice and because of all of their possibilities, the magic of life seems to get left behind and  disappears out of their lives.

MM-Avatar       I found it nice the last time we had Christmas because daddy picked me up and allowed me to plonk that angel figure thingy on top of the shiny, bright spikey thing.  The combination of his warm hands supporting my body and the joy of me placing that “thing” on the top spike gave me a warm glow inside.

SW-Avatar       You experienced what humans call “love” Mr. Midnight.  I get that all the time when daddy strokes my fur or when he opens one of those tin things with food inside.

By the way, the spikey thing is called a Christmas tree Mr. Midnight.  It looks the same as those growing outside in our kingdom, but it doesn´t smell quite the same.

MM-Avatar       I´ve noticed that as well Sir W.  It smells a little fusty doesn´t it.  It´s about time daddy purchased a new one.  He´s had his “tree” for years.

SW-Avatar       Daddy is from a place they call England and he therefore,  seems to  love artificial Christmas trees.

MM-Avatar       But we´ve got loads of the things growing  here in the Black Forest.  He could lob one of those down and stick it in the living room.

SW-Avatar       I think he believes in preserving the planet as best he can.  He finds it a shame when two weeks later, all the “rubbish” (Christmas trees) have to be collected  from the local refuse company.  He finds it all a waste I think.

MM-Avatar       So we´ll just have to make do with our English artificial tree.  I suppose the main thing is that “love is in the air” in our house.  That “fusty smell” from the tree will dissipate with our strong love for one another.  🙂

SW-Avatar MM-Avatar       In daddy´s name, and from the both of us, we want to wish all of our loyal following a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.  Take care of yourselves and spread the magic!


20141019_111527  M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S   T O   Y O U   A L L  ! ! ! !




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