Tend to your body – you only have one!

DSCN0652       What are you up to Mr. Midnight?

DSCN0678       I´m just resting after having completed my “energy block release” exercises.  I´ll be with you in a sec.

SW-Avatar       Oh I love practicing the art of “energy flow”.   What´s your favourite position Mr. Midnight.

MM1       I don´t have a specific favourite position. I love doing them all.

I suppose if I were pushed for an answer, I´d say the “lying on my back and slowly rolling left and right” exercise was one of my favourites.  It´s nice for my spine, keeps me flexible and allows  energy to flow freely.

DSCN0630       And what about the “bum up in the air, tail pointed towards the sky, weight distributed towards the rear and front  paws stretched forwards as far as they can go” exercise.  That´s a classic. That really gets one in the flow.

MM-Avatar       That´s not a bad one Sir. W.  It´s a little bit like the “standing on all fours technique with the aim of hunching your back as high as it can go with which to  stretch the leggies” exercise.  It works wonders for me.

There´s also the “left leg wrapped over the right shoulder blade and pointed upwards towards the sky” technique. One can alternate legs just as one feels. It´s not quite as popular but it works all the same.

One can also lay on ones side to stretch leggies and paws in opposite directions as far as they will go”   The energy release is fantastic and the  free flowing energy one feels afterwards is amazing.

SW-Avatar        I love doing my exercises on some sort of comfy mat or something but then again, I am a very sensitive cat.

It´s a shame most humans haven´t  yet copped on to the ancient wisdom of “shaping your body for your health”.

Humans seem to believe that they get ill out of the blue and that there is nothing they can do about it – apart from swallowing some of those  small white pills or whatever every so often.

MM-Avatar       Leaving hereditary disorders aside, I think most humans believe they get ill out of the blue  because they observably,  often avoid self-responsibility and they love  wallowing in their role of “victim of society”.

SW-Avatar       Well there´s that, and then  there´s  the modern human races fascinations and obsessions for money. As long as somebody can earn something somewhere then most of the time, logic and intuition will often be thrown out of the window.  The main thing seems to be that one has enough money in ones pocket.

They are so easily distracted by the stuff with most having numbed themselves to the real reasons for a happy life.

MM-Avatar       It´s a good thing we cats don´t have any pockets. We don´t need money.  Daddy has a pocket but he doesn´t seem to fill his pockets very often.

SW-Avatar       But how can humans be so silly?  Everyone knows that blockages occur in the body if one doesn´t look after oneself properly.  The energy has to flow.  One only has one body.  Humans seem to believe that they have no control over their bodies.

I thought that humans were supposed to be so intelligent.

MM-Avatar       I don´t think they have much time.  They are all too busy with their gadgets.

Humans are not really fond of looking after themselves are they.

From my observations on the fence; they hardly move anywhere (always using those smelly machines), they eat a lot of rubbish with bits of chemicals added, they avoid getting a good nights sleep (TV and Internet more important), create stress wherever they go and unconsciously, destroy our environment.

When having lived such a life and the illnesses eventually start to  creep in, they then complain about their aches and pains and swallow even more chemicals in which to make themselves feel better.

SW-Avatar       What a life eh.  The poor modern humans seem to live their lives totally out of contact with their bodies and their environment.  It´s no wonder they´re all ill.  I do feel sorry for them though.

MM-Avatar       Well they only have to amend their beliefs about “as you get older you become ill” and take more responsibility for themselves.  PURRRhaps they should just observe animals more often.  We´re  “switched on” to life.

SW-Avatar       Don´t be too harsh on them Mr M.  They´ll learn one day.  In the mean time I´m going to get on with some of my exercises and then I think I´ll go and have 40 or 60 winks.

MM-Avatar      Aah, the magic and power  of regenerative sleep!   I think i´ll come and join you in the basket.  🙂


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2 thoughts on “Tend to your body – you only have one!

    • We´re all glad you like our stuff. Mr. Midnight is starting to think that we sometimes irritate with our stuff. We don´t want to bore the readers. Thank you fro your much appreciated comment. All the best from the Black Forest. 🙂

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