The decline of good manners

DSCN0634       I was always of the opinion that humans loved their rules and regulations Sir Winston.

Come on. Let´s go inside and ask daddy what he thinks about it all.

MM-Avatar       Daddy, daddy.  We were both outside, basking on the boulders over-looking the place where you humans put your smelly machines by the school, when we happened to notice how selfish  you humans sometimes can be.  I mean despite all of your rules and regulations, most of you avoid abiding by them.

SW-Avatar       What´s the point in creating rules when you don´t abide by them?

Oh yes, most of you believe that you are correct in your actions but because most of you are  busy and  rushing about all the time you all seem to forget one very important aspect to living in a community – that of possessing decent manners.

author-Avatar       Has something attracted your attention?

MM-Avatar       Well we find it quite interesting that you humans seem to expect things from everybody else but you hardly manage to live by those standards yourselves.

SW-Avatar       Actually, the scenes we  observed were really quite comical.

Your motor vehicles were all “parked” at the school at strange angles;  some  owners obviously requiring two parking spaces in which to park their vehicle.  All of a sudden,  the humans who drive those smelly things all tried to leave at the same time with hardly anybody  happening to show respect or  courtesy towards the other.  From our vantage point atop the boulders it looked like mayhem and madness.

MM-Avatar       I would have thought that thoughtful behaviour would be common decency in such a situation but you humans appear to be frightened of being the last or frightened somebody else could get the better of you.  No wonder most of you only seem to think about yourselves most of the time.  We cats are much more considerate towards one another. 🙂

author-Avatar       You both could be correct in your assessment.

The “modern” human world does seem to have sadly  lost most of its principles as to what is to be termed as having good manners.

MM-Avatar       Well a good start towards setting the right tone would be if you could  all manage to smile a bit more when in public – that is if you could steer your eyes away from your mobile phone thingys.

We cats can´t smile very well although Cheshire Cat did have a go once by grinning all the time.

author-Avatar       I think human beings should all take a refresher course in how to behave properly in public. Here´s part of an article I found on the internet the other day. I found it on Daily Mail online.  Here´s the link:-

And here´s what they had to say:-

“Emma Soames, editor-at-large, Saga Magazine, said: ‘Despite many of us saying we judge others by their manners it seems that we all need to take a refresher course in acceptable manners.

‘It’s startling that so many people avoid holding doors open and giving up seats on public transport and don’t seem able to detach themselves from their smartphones to give people, even their friends, the courtesy of their undivided attention.’

More than a third of adults say they would tell people off for bad manners, with that figure rising to almost half of over 55s, this age group is also most likely to judge someone on the standard of their manners.’

1. Chewing with your mouth closed

2. Not having your phone at the table

3. Thanking people who have invited you to dinner

4. Not playing on games consoles at the table

5. Waiting for all meals to arrive before starting

6. Using your knife and fork correctly

7. Not clearing up plates while someone is still eating

8. Bringing wine or flowers to a dinner party as a gift to the host

9. Making an effort to make conversation

10. Keeping elbows off the table

11. Asking to leave the table when you’ve finished

12. Finishing all food before you leave the table

SW-Avatar       Well at least some of you humans are on the ball.

As we have already mentioned, we cats don´t need any of your human manners but then again, we´re still in contact with our intuition.  You humans should use your manners more often because you are very social creatures and you would all make your lives a bit easier if you were more polite and respectful towards one another.

author-Avatar       I must agree that it is nice to know that some people ARE strong believers of good manners.

To finish off, here´s a small diagram from the Daily Mail Online feature which illustrates “Manners” in the UK.

blog manners

If you can´t read it properly, either click on the diagram or  insert the Daily Mail link into your browser.

MM-Avatar       Don´t get too down-hearted folks.  Just let it all hang out and show the folks YOUR decent manners.  You´ll be amazed at the results!   😉


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