The quiz

10559817_908418939172062_2675612140325727190_n       Must we Sir Winston?   I´d much sooner read my magazine if you don´t mind.

??????????       And I´m not so keen on Sir Winston´s word quiz games either.  I´d rather lounge about on this comfy chair and watch that wet stuff falling from the sky through the window.

??????????     Come on the both of you. Don´t be  spoil sports.  It´s a good way to pass the time.

DSCN0964  10559817_908418939172062_2675612140325727190_n   Oh very well. If we must.

SW-Avatar       I´ll help give you both some clues.  The word I´m thinking of has something to do with a number, the topic of music and seems to be a characteristic of the times.

MM-Avatar       They´re not really clues are they Sir Winston.  They could mean anything.

author-Avatar       How about the number 9 and the song “Love potion number 9”.

MM-Avatar       I haven´t the foggiest idea what you´re going on about daddy.

Cats have 9 lives (apparently).  That´s the only thing I know about the number 9.      🙂

SW-Avatar       Daddy´s close with the number but try a bit harder with the music.

MM-Avatar       The number “8”.

SW-Avatar       No. Wrong.

author-Avatar       Then it must be the number “10”.

SW-Avatar       Correct.  And now add the “music” part.  It´s something one does to music.

MM-Avatar       Fall to sleep.  😉

The same way I´m going to go when I carry on with your astounding, exciting quiz game Sir Winston.

SW-Avatar      Come on lads. What else can you do to music.

author-Avatar       “Dance” ?

SW-Avatar       Fantastic. Great way to go daddy.

MM-Avatar       Does that mean we can stop now?  We´ve solved it.

SW-Avatar       I haven´t finished yet Mr. M.  What do we get when we add the two words together.

author-Avatar       “Ten Dance”.

SW-Avatar       Precisely.  I´ll help give another clue.

The word we´re looking for is the  “tendency” of modern day society.

author-Avatar       A play on words. How very nice.

MM-Avatar       I understand something else about “playing”.  For example, playing with a ball of string.  Sir Winston´s word games are not my bowl of milk.

SW-Avatar       What´s the Greek word in the English language for “ten”.

author-Avatar       “Deca”.

SW-Avatar       And the thing you do to music?

author-Avatar       “Dance” ?

MM-Avatar       “DecaDance”.

author-Avatar       I think Sir Winston´s word is “decadence”.

SW-Avatar       Yes!!!!   You´ve got it.  Well done!

MM-Avatar       Thank goodness for that.  I´m glad you worked it out daddy because otherwise we´d still be racking our brains.  Sir Winston doesn´t give up easily.

author-Avatar       So you´re implying that modern day society tends to live in decadence?

SW-Avatar       To a certain extent, yes.  Most “modern” humans  will naturally disagree with me but if one opens ones eyes, one will see what I mean.

author-Avatar       Such as?

SW-Avatar       Modern day society´s behaviour  for displaying low morals and a great love for money, superficial pleasure the search for fame.  In other words, there seems to be a decay in  values.  Although most will not be aware, the human “modern” world is full of many examples.

MM-Avatar       I know of another negative human attribute.  People are often unconsciously rude to one another – for example, in their choice of words and their inabilities to keep their emotions under control.  If one is not balanced and “in ones centre” then  instability is on the cards.

I should know, I nearly fell off the fence the other day because of feeling imbalanced.  😉

SW-Avatar       Most modern humans always want more and more money.  Humans greedily devour so much of the stuff.

Just because humans have  “created  their laws”  and  made something “legal” doesn´t necessarily make it a humane act  to believe that one should possess  so much money.

Many of you humans earn loads of money and you all seem to think that you have “earned” it.  There are “natural” boundaries though.

In a sense, your passion for money and obsessions for hoarding the stuff is a decadent characteristic of human development.

author-Avatar       I am sometimes of the opinion that  Germany has the most rules and regulations than any other country in the world but you wouldn´t believe it when watching some of the “natives”.  I suppose it´s the same all over.

What´s the point in having rules if hardly anybody  abides by them?  In my neck of the woods most seem to  believe that they have their “rights” no matter if they are caught committing an offence or not.  For example,  some love using  loud machines on Sundays (it is prohibited on Sundays in Germany) or when people  aggressively drive their motor vehicle and blindly ignore speed restrictions (often with a mobile phone glued to their ear).

There doesn´t seem to be any point having  laws  if the majority wish to ignore such laws.  It all seems to be another case for decadence.

MM-Avatar       And what about how humans treat their natural environments?   The “modern” human is set in their ways believing it to be an automatic birth right to be able to travel around  the world however many times they need or to take part in your consumer frenzies.

author-Avatar       There´s also  many other  cases for decadence and ignorant behaviour.

SW-Avatar       But human ignorance and intolerance is usually based on human “fears”.  That´s right – fears.  You´re all scared to death of one another and of life.  You just don´t admit it – because it´s too painful.

Just look at many of your societies world views. You only seem to sort your fears out  with your wars.  That´s a very decadent trait.

author-Avatar       Our behaviour seems to be part and parcel of human development.  We do not know any better.

MM-Avatar       If your decadence makes you happy – carry on with your behaviour.

SW-Avatar       Although, shouldn´t some of you attempt to amend your habits. After all, what one sows, one reaps, as one of your famous religious books so wisely states.

author-Avatar       We are all on our separate paths and I believe eventually, we will all discover the real reason for our time on this planet.

Come on. Let´s change the subject.  We can talk about “manners” and the concepts of possessing style next time.

Who wants a round of milk and some cat biscuits?



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