“The Party” – Which Party do you belong?

??????????       Apparently, human beings call them “political parties”.

??????????       meeeooooowwwwww!!!    That´s fantastic.  I love to pawwwwty !!!

At least human beings have got something right Sir W.

SW-Avatar       Well I don´t really think they  have Mr. Midnight.  You see it´s not “that kind” of a party.

From what I gather, they´re  often quite boring and  full of human-beings telling tall stories.

MM-Avatar       What do you mean Sir Winston?  There´s no beautiful Greek yogurt to lap up or any cheese on stick things being passed around?

SW-Avatar        When they hold their large conferences, some of the larger, more wealthier “parties” have edibles circulating, but usually,  the topic of food is usually forbidden from their agendas.  They only talk about food when they want to change human food laws or when they want to ban something.

MM-Avatar       What kind of a party is that Sir W?  I think you´re right. Such a party does seem rather dull and boring.

Who needs parties like that.

SW-Avatar       Precisely,  That´s just what I was thinking.

At these party things, humans tend to sit around large tables and  discuss things.  At the end of a meeting, they usually manage to find some sort of consensus upon their chosen topic and then they try and put their words into practice.

Most of the time the outcome is usually the same.  After all have  half heartedly  “agreed” on a political agenda,  political parties  then often  set out on the other foot (or paw as the case may be)  as to what they have already  agreed upon.  You see, the people who voted for these powerful human-beings obviously love being lied to.

MM-Avatar       Sounds like a great bag of laughs.  What a strange party. If they are usually  dull,  boring and they misuse their power, what´s the point in having such parties?

SW-Avatar       I´m not really sure Mr. Midnight. We cats do not need  such parties.  Perhaps people need someone to tell them what to do. You see, all political parties have an underlying message which they try to communicate to their followers.

MM-Avatar       So there´s lots of them is there?  Can you name a few of the political parties in our neck of the woods Sir W.?

SW-Avatar       Of course. Not in any order of special preference;  we´ve got the SPD (Labour Party), the FDP (Liberal Party), the CDU/CSU (Conservative Party), die Grünen (Green Party), Die Linke (Leftist Party) and many other splitter parties to represent the masses.

MM-Avatar       Well if you ask me, they all seem rather dreary, especially if there´s no Greek yogurt up for grabs.

Why people need such parties  i`ll never know.

SW-Avatar       They´re supposed to organise and keep the peace within a country. At least that´s what I think they´re supposed to do.

MM-Avatar       But wouldn´t one big party be enough Sir W.?  Fancy wasting so much time and effort on creating so many different parties.

SW-Avatar       Many countries on our planet still have one Party and they ALWAYS get in a right mess. The people they represent often have to suffer. Humans call such a constitution a dictatorship.  Believe me Mr. Midnight, one big party is not really what humans need if they wish to move forward.

MM-Avatar       So what do the above mentioned Parties supposedly represent Sir Winston?  At least give me a rough idea please.

SW-Avatar       The main political parties of our country all share the same Western values but tend to place emphasis in differing areas.

For example, one of the Parties people vote for is a party  for people who want to look after our kingdom and make sure that  the plants and grass stay nice and healthy. They´re also trying to make our kingdom acquire equal status for it´s inhabitants (animals not necessarily included).

Another of the Parties humans can vote for is one which has been created for  people who tend to  go through life living in fear, especially in fear of change.

MM-Avatar       Well surely that includes the whole of the human race.  They wouldn´t admit it but they´re always frightened of change.

SW-Avatar       I know that, you know that and the whole animal kingdom knows that Mr. Midnight but the human race still has to get to grips with the whole idea of change.  The human race will see the light one day.

By the way, the party representing those who love fear of change also helps quash creativity.

MM-Avatar       A great Party.   😉

SW-Avatar       And then there´s the Party for those who love to live in true  freedom and who see “change” as a chance. They´re also all up  for “self-responsibility”.

The last Party on the list is the Party responsible  for those who believe that they are a victim of life or society – the victims party.

Most of the other Partys available on a voting list are either satellite Parties or those expressing a stronger view of what the “main” Parties represent.

Obviously, my short assesment only scrapes the top of the barrel. Political Parties  are much more complex than my short statements.

MM-Avatar       Well I can well do without such parties.  I never thought I would ever be able to say that.   As you know, I am a pawwwty animal.

SW-Avatar       Nearly half of the voting community shares your opinion Mr. Midnight. Voting numbers are dwindling year for year. Trust in the “ruling” echelons appears to be getting rather short.


MM-Avatar       I can well believe it.  Who wants Parties like that?

By the way, is there any milk left in that barrel you were scraping Sir Winston?


(C) Copyright mags 2014

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