author-Avatar       I´ve just finished tidying that part of the garden.  Do you have to sit right in the middle of where I´ve just planted those seeds?

DSCN0672       I thought you were making a nice bed for me daddy.  I was only tidying up your work by padding the soft brown stuff. Now it looks all nice and cosy for me to lay in.

author-Avatar       I can see that that you´ve had your paws all over the place – you´ve disturbed all the earth.  There´s not much point planting seeds if you´re going to rake everything up again.

DSCN0673       But  contrary to popular human belief, the brown, warm stuff is supposed to be for everyone.

DSCN0674       Yes daddy, the  earth belongs to nobody because it belongs to everyone.  I thought you would have known that by now.

Human beings are a little bit like us cats.  We love to create our territory as much as you do but the human race, especially powerful so-called “modern countries”,   often seem to act very heavy handed in their greedy attempts to “pinch” even more land than is really necessary.

No wonder your cultures invest so much time and effort into creating wars.

author-Avatar       You´re quite right in your assessment Sir Winston but casting the sad truth of human existence aside;  I´ve  put so much time and effort into getting that part of the garden nice and tidy. It´s a little frustrating when Mr. Midnight decides to “plough” everything up again with his paws.

DSCN0663       I was only bedding your plants in daddy.  Anyway, I think that part of the garden looks quite nice without any human help.

DSCN0652       Our garden looks somehow natural and that´s how things are supposed to be.  Just look at all of those strange gardens in the neighbourhood.  They are often either sterile or  artificial looking.  Gardens which look like that are not my cup of tea.

DSCN0658       And they´re not my bowl of milk either.  🙂

author-Avatar       Everyone will have a different perception as to what is to be termed as being “nice” , “artificial”or “sterile”. It´s all a matter of opinion.

DSCN0661       How right you are. I suppose the most important thing is that everybody is satisfied and happy with what they have created.

author-Avatar       Quite true, but at this moment in time I´m not satisfied with my efforts.  I was satisfied until Mr. Midnight decided to lend a paw or two or three.

SW-Avatar       Don´t be so grumpy daddy.  It´s only a garden. I´m sure you´ll find a solution.  Just chill a little.

author-Avatar       Thanks for your advice Sir Winston. I´ll bear that in mind next time you wish to sleep and then you moan at me for using the vacumn cleaner.

SW-Avatar       The solution is easy daddy.  Let´s make a compromise.

MM-Avatar       I´m all up for it.  What do you propose we do Sir Winston.

SW-Avatar       It´s quite simple really.  Daddy digs another part of the garden and Mr. Midnight promises to try and stay there whenever  he wishes to chill.

MM-Avatar       Well I could give it a go but my natural instincts may call and then I´ll have to probably rake up another part of the garden as well.  Still, it´s worth a try even if it is only to make daddy a little happier.

author-Avatar       Your solution sounds quite reasonable Sir Winston although I don´t give it much hope.

SW-Avatar       Remember the old wisdom daddy.  You know, the philosophy of what we believe, will be.  Think positive and things will turn out positive.  If you´re going to take such an attitude of not giving our compromise a chance then Mr. Midnight will walk all over YOUR nice garden.

author-Avatar       OK.  I´m game if you two are.  We both have differing viewpoints so our only chance is to meet somewhere in the middle and to make a compromise.

DSCN0661       It´s a shame humans don´t make more compromises in their lives.  The world would most probably be a better place if they did.

DSCN0660       We´re both off to test daddy’s new piece of garden.

Come on daddy. Hurry up. Get digging.  We want to get our paws to work and later rest our weary heads.  😉



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