All is One and the law of Nine

SW-Avatar       Cop your eyes on this Mr. Midnight.  I didn´t think humans were as far as that.

MM-Avatar       What do you mean Sir W.?  I don´t think you should be sifting through daddy´s papers.  I´m not sure  he´d like it.

SW-Avatar       My inquisitive nature got the better of me – but just look at all this ancient writing.  I don´t know where daddy´s got it from but it means that some humans are much further than I thought.

You know how the universe works, I know how it works, as does the whole of the animal kingdom – but the human race?

MM-Avatar       Gosh!  That´s amazing. It´s all been put into numbers. Humans love their numbers but this time the numbers have nothing to do with  bank notes.

This means that some humans have managed to grasp that ALL things are genetically connected to the divine universal cycle.

SW-Avatar       Blimey – some of them are actually aware that what happens outside in the universe also happens within them.

Let me try and read more of this stuff.

It says that the sun and her subjects evolve around a central sun in an orbit of millions of miles.  25920 years is needed to complete a cycle which some call The Great Year.

MM-Avatar       Look!    2 + 5 +9 +2 +0 add up to 18, and when adding 1 + 8 together we get 9.

SW-Avatar       Which is logical Mr. Midnight.  Allow me to carry on.

The orbit of the Great Year is called the Zodiac and is divided into 12 constellations of 2160 years. Each constellation has 30 degrees (30 x 12 constellations).

MM-Avatar       And 2 + 1 + 6 + 0 all add up to 9!  🙂

SW-Avatar       Thank you, yes you´re right.

I believe most human beings are familiar with the names of the Zodiac. At this moment in time we are living  at the beginning of the Aquarius age.

MM-Avatar       And that Jesus chappie which everybody keeps going on about, lived in the Pisces age.

SW-Avatar       The papers also mention that it takes 72 years to move through one degree of the 30 degree constellation (which equals 2160 years).

MM-Avatar       7 and 2 are 9!  🙂

Sir Winston – whats all that stuff about those long years.

SW-Avatar       One Great Year = 25920 years.

A Great Age lasts for 432000 to 1 728 000 years and one complete full cycle lasts for 4, 320, 000 years.

MM-Avatar       Add the digits together folks!  I wonder what the single digit answer will be?   😉

SW-Avatar       The so-called Kali Yuga is the last and darkest period of four great ages and every brighter age is longer by 432000 years.  The Dwapara Yuga is 864000 years long and the Treta Yuga is 1,296,000 years long. The most divine age is the Satya Yuga with a length of 1,728,000 years.

Basically all this stuff means that every age is a chance for awakening or darkness.

Everything is connected.

MM-Avatar       Have you also added the above digits together readers?

Why did we start on this topic Sir Winston?  We´ll totally confuse our readers.

SW-Avatar       I found the date of daddy´s birthday on a slip of paper. Every person on the planet has a special combination of numbers for their birth date. Daddy has the numbers 22 / 7 – which when dividing 22 by 7 you´ll find you get approximately  PI, which is a mathematical term for the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

MM-Avatar       I love pie Sir W.  My tummy´s rumbling now we´ve managed to get onto a tasty subject.

SW-Avatar       The digits of PI go on forever Mr. Midnight.

Anyway, the circumference of a circle has 360 degrees.

MM-Avatar       Keep adding those numbers folks.

SW-Avatar       And when a circle is continually bisected the degrees will always reduce to the number 9. For example 180  degrees, 90 degrees, 45 degrees, 22.5 degrees, 11.25 degrees and so on and so on. It never ends and always reduces further inwards.

MM-Avatar       Ah ha!   The circle of life.  The never ending path of life. That´s great isn´t it.

The number 9 plays such an important role in the universe and the very idea that when bisected, the angles of a circle will always reduce to 9,  could  also suggest that instead of humans so often reaching out into the vast emptiness of the cosmos for answers to life that they should possibly, go the other way and travel on their journey inwards.

If humans occasionally dared to avoid blindly following  what others may say or believe then they may one day, be amazed to  find their God in the centre of their being.

All things are connected.

SW-Avatar       There are other relations to the number 9.

If one adds all the singular digits together (excluding 9!) – added together and reduced to a singular digit one will get 9.

There are eight planets in our solar system but if reclassifying the planet Pluto, one actually has 9 planets.

The heart of an average, healthy human being beats 72 times a minute (7 + 2 = 9 and is the length of 1 degree of the Zodiac).

MM-Avatar       You said the “heart of an average normal, healthy human being”.  Are there any healthy human beings? Are there any normal human beings?

SW-Avatar       Don´t be cheeky. There are a few healthy ones still roaming the planet.

A human pregnancy usually takes 9 months and the fetus in the womb has the form of the number 9.

MM-Avatar       Well if the fetus looked like a number 4 then something must have gone terribly wrong Sir Winston.

I suppose a cat having 9 lives is also important is it?

SW-Avatar       I´d say so.

Perhaps you humans should look within yourselves occasionally and there you will find your answers to many of your problems.  Your God is with(in) you all the time.


(C) Copyright MAGS 2014



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    • From our experience, its not very often one manages to find somebody with a similar mindset to our own but we must agree with you. Thank you for replying and all the best from the “two lads” and myself. 🙂

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