Illness and quality rest and play

Daddy has just driven off to his hair salon for another days work and Mr. Midnight and Sir Winston watch his car disappear around the bend.

DSCN0661       (The boys watching daddy drive off into the distance)


DSCN0673       Daddy was in rather a cheerful mood this morning wasn´t he Sir Winston.  He must love working in his fur repair shop.

DSCN0674       Well apparently he hasn´t got much work on this week.  He informed me that it´s a little slack at the moment and probably has something to do with the fact that “everybody” is either on holiday or they are “all” ill again.

He said that he cannot do much about the situation but he feels “the salon” occasionally needs “a breather” in which to recharge the batteries.

That must be why he´s feeling rather cheerful and chipper at the moment.

MM-Avatar        Christian humans have just had their Easter holidays and now, a week later, they´ve also  got their May bank holiday to look forward too.  It is indeed, a good time for humans to take off and to look for new pastures green.

SW-Avatar       Pastures green?  They´re not cows Mr. Midnight and they´re only off on their holidays.

The holiday season must be the explanation for daddy´s light workload at the moment.

MM-Avatar       Or the fact that humans always tend to have some kind of illness.

SW-Avatar       They can´t help it you know.  Many of them appear  to  be not “switched on”  to life with most of them believing that illnesses just come out of the blue.

Humans do believe in “rest and play” but most of the poor darlings  can´t seem to live by a rest and play philosophy.

MM-Avatar       Well the “modern” human seems to do alright for taking holidays.  They´ve got loads of free time – in fact, nearly as much free time as us cats!  😉

SW-Avatar       That´s true.  Not counting the time it takes to travel to work, the average “modern” working human will work a third of a day, five times a week.

MM-Avatar       So what do humans do with the other two thirds of the day?  From what I´ve seen, they  don´t seem to spend their time  wisely.

SW-Avatar       I think they have to attend to their duties.  You know, like trying to keep their families in order, maintaining and updating  their electronic gadgetry,  taking care that they have enough social appointments and trying to “soak-up” as much superficial activity as possible.

MM-Avatar       Blimey, no wonder most of them have that “burnout syndrome” thingy.  Modern humans are always doing things. They do not look after their body and mind properly.

SW-Avatar       Ah yes, Burnout Syndrome.  Most “modern” humans conveniently believe that burnout syndrome occurs because of bad working conditions. The workplace does have a contributing factor towards Burnout, but is not the only reason for the  illness.

If stress levels at home or in ones spare time are not reduced, “the body” will not be able to function properly at the workplace. We cats are lucky – we don´t believe in working.    🙂

We just eat, rest and play.  Humans have to go to work in which to sustain their lifestyles and they seem to place far too much emphasis  upon avoiding quality rest and play.

MM-Avatar       They do “play about” a lot but not necessarily in the right areas.  You also mentioned that they were not properly switched on or tuned in to life but they are definitely switched on to their mobile devices.   I think it looks rather funny when they walk down the road not looking where they are going.

Quality rest and play appears difficult to find.

SW-Avatar       And when quality rest and play is avoided, illnesses can easily take hold.

Actually, contrary to human belief, illnesses are in fact good for the body.  Illnesses show signs of  negative disposition within the body. If being truly “switched-on”, we  would be thankful that our body is sending us a message  because if we  act accordingly, we can  remedy many illnesses ourselves.

MM-Avatar       What, you mean one doesn´t need to swallow any chemicals and things?  Humans love their pills, medicines and whatever.  They´d feel lost without them. Obviously, if one has a major illness such methods of combating disease will be necessary, but if observing the little messages our body emits by taking ones health seriously , one could stamp out many illnesses before the “warning signs of the body” become more intense.

SW-Avatar       Some illnesses remain silent and one may not be aware of them but a trained, positive thinking  “mental mind” can also help eliminate many tragic illnesses. One doesn´t necessarily have to wait until an illness turns nasty.

MM-Avatar       What do you think are contributing factors towards human illness Sir W.?

SW-Avatar       Well a remedy for illness would be to go  “consciously” through life.

MM-Avatar       Come on;  what do you mean when you say “go consciously through life”?

SW-Avatar       Well, the humans should attempt to go through life as we cats do. You know, intuitively. If they hadn´t lost their intuition then they wouldn´t have so many problems in life.

For example,  humans should eat better products (and with proper eating habits), drink enough fluids, avoid any sort of drug as much as possible (cigarettes, alcohol, etc.),  acquire proper sleeping habits, adopt a general positive frame of mind,  move around on their own two feet more often and take more  time-out for themselves (without modern gadgetry glued to their ears).

MM-Avatar       For the majority of “modern” humans, such notions will appear very boring.  Most like to consume as  cheap as possible and require their drugs and superficial entertainment to get through the day.  Any thoughts about spending time with “oneself” will be quickly banished from the mind for  fear of discovering too many truths or because of plain old boredom.

SW-Avatar       How can one be bored with oneself?  Something is obviously missing in life if you can´t take your own presence.

Anyway, I feel a hole appearing in my stomach and I would like to fill it.  Are you going to join me for “elevenses” Mr. Midnight?

MM-Avatar       How´d you know it´s eleven?

SW-Avatar       My tummy is rumbling and the sun is not at its highest.  Come on, lets get some food before we become ill.    🙂


(C) Copyright mags 2014



3 thoughts on “Illness and quality rest and play

  1. Again lads you are on the money! I am listening to my body just these past few days…it’s telling me to remove the things I am unbalanced in…I am taking a mental inventory and weighing things up…my body is very good at stopping me when I don’t listen…today’s last burst of crazy activity sees me taking back my need for the things that fill me with health…wildlife watching creeping around the property taking snapshots of other creatures listening to their intuition..they keep me healthy get me active and remind me to listen to my self..have a great day boys and I am sure the fur repair shop will soon let dad come back home again to concentrate on the more important things in life….Mr Midnight and Sir Winston…who by the way look particularly dashing 🙂

    • Blush Blush!! (If cats can blush) 🙂
      Nice to know you appreciate our last piece. It was fun writing it (with guidance obviously!). The lads love to be called dashing. It´s a word they haven´t heard before. Thank you for posting!

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