The important things of life

DSCN0664       Daddy, what are the most important things in life for humans?

DSCN0658       I think I know the answer to that question Sir Winston but I will listen to daddy´s answers first.

author-Avatar       I would expect that humans wish to be loved,  healthy and are able  to live in  peace.  I suspect that these characteristics  would be at the top of most peoples list of important things in life.

MM-Avatar       And what about the human races obsessions for money?

SW-Avatar        Sorry to butt in Mr.  Midnight, but that can´t be right what you said daddy.  Maybe you meant that humans “like to think”  that love,  health and peace  are the most important things in life.

author-Avatar       I´m not following you Sir Winston and as for you Mr. Midnight,  I seem to have forgotten about the obsession for money.

Many people seem to lack money and therefore, money will obviously be quite high on their list of “important things in life”.

SW-Avatar       If  humans believe that “love”  and “peace” are important things in life then why do they not display their  “love” and “peace” more often?  I also find it strange that you believe “health” to be at the top of the list of human preferences of importance.

Humans don´t really look after themselves do they.  How can a human being  say that “health” is important when “the individual” seems to not treat themselves properly?  You humans are quite puzzling.

author-Avatar       Well as you are both already aware,  we humans  seem to say and believe in things but confusingly, often act quite the opposite.

MM-Avatar       Which is hardly purrrfect.

SW-Avatar       Humans shouldn´t try to be perfect because “beings” do not have to be perfect.  If they were, they wouldn´t learn anything.  It just seems so strange that human emphasis is placed on “love” and “health” and at the same time, these areas are either taken for granted or often  neglected.

MM-Avatar       Purrrhaps humans do not feel connected to their “health” and that`s why they believe  their “health problems” simply come out of the blue and that they cannot do anything about it.  It would then be logical to hope for “luck” in health matters.

author-Avatar       A little bit like destiny?

MM-Avatar       Well it would explain human behaviour.

SW-Avatar       And “true love” is obviously  difficult for you humans to find because  humans are often afraid to show ” true love”,  in which case,   they will most likely be unable to  receive true  love in return.  Positive attracts positive as does the reverse.  It´s quite easy to show emotion and love to ones trusted inner-circle (family and friends etc.) but that kind of love, although at least a starting point and most important,  is not really “true love” or empathy for a better world.

MM-Avatar       So by believing that one is a “loving person” and at the same time, lovingly ignoring ones environment,  ones “love”  only remains  on a certain level.

author-Avatar       I suppose the same could be said for “respect”.  Most of us would admit that we go “respectfully” through life  but that “respect” often tends to only go as far as towards the  people we know. The majority would obviously, never admit what I´ve  just said,  but just because we are afraid to look at the truth doesn´t necessarily mean that what I say is wrong.

SW-Avatar       Give an example daddy.

author-Avatar       Does anybody really care from which country our “cheap” garments may come?  Are we really, really  bothered about our environment?  Most of us in the modern world  drive big, flashy cars, find it acceptable (and virtually a birth right) to  fly around the world on holiday as often as we do. There seems to be a craze for purchasing cheap (non-quality) food items and the modern  human race doesn´t particularly seem too concerned about  desecrating the planets surface with our thirst for new energy sources.  Do we believe that our modern societies are  functioning  properly if  casting our eyes upon the horrid amounts of debt we ALL seem to rake up?

If we were truly “respectful” we would at least attempt to soften the above mentioned problems.  As long as the “individual” continues  believing that somebody else, other than themselves,  is going to take care of things,  then a “better, respectful” world will be far away.

MM-Avatar       But it gives you all the possibility to learn and do something about your lifestyles.

author-Avatar       Which is the positive side to our negative lifestyles.  There is always hope.

By the way, what´s important for you cats?

SW-Avatar       I enjoy  clean air and water and I love  to run freely around the garden.

MM-Avatar       And I would place “food” at the top of my important preference list. Earths vibrations and the fantastic sense of “being” and living in the moment are also important for me.  I don´t need to worry about my health because as long as I attain a stable, pawsitive mind,  health issues will not occur.

SW-Avatar       Apart from if you get ran over by a large bus Mr Midnight.  You´ll become quite ill.

author-Avatar       You lads are quite cheerful.

MM-Avatar       If I get struck down, then that is how it is supposed to be.  My soul can then return and I´ll be an experience wiser.  🙂

author-Avatar       Life is a place to learn. It is up to us what we decide to learn from our lives.

Come on, I´ll give you both a bowl of (cat) milk for your troubles. That always helps to soothe the soul.

Life is to be enjoyed, so start enjoying!!!!!


(C)  mags 2013


8 thoughts on “The important things of life

  1. So very wise boys 🙂 indeed I have ideas of what are important and these change as life throws curve balls…humans tend to do that to..we spin on a dime….one moment in time can be the change for us..a few weeks back our Forrest was bitten by the world’s second deadliest snake..all else I had on a priority list fell away like dust..he was the only important thing on our list..he is lucky to be here snoring in the lounge now sleeping the sleep of a creature who values as important nothing more than a full tummy a pat a play and a feeling of security…and I think he pretty much has the right idea 🙂 Hugs Fozziemum

    • Good god, you must have been worried sick for Forrest. Thank goodness he´s alright now. Forrest would obviously have been top priority these last few weeks. Mr. Midnight says thank goodness we don´t have any vicious snakes in the Black Forest. Sir Winston, Mr. Midnight and myself send our love and thanks for commenting. We all look forward to hearing from you over there.

      • Thanks guys 🙂 yes we were very lucky..i looked out in time to see him with a 12inch Eastern Brown..deadlier when snake had to be dispatched and taken with us to the vets..his coagulation test showed he had been bitten so Antivenene and on a drip..we had him home in the afternoon! soooo lucky 🙂 it’s a damn painful way for a dog to die…the week before a wedge tail eagle or Kookaburra dropped a 4 and a half foot red bellied black snake in the back yard that Forrest was dead and I called him back before he could investigate it..the Black Forest sounds much more harmonious!! always lovely to visit 🙂 have a great day guys 🙂

      • Sir Winston says that life in the Black Forest seems to be a lot less stress than in your neck of the woods. Still, your part of the world never seems to be boring and is full of adventure. 🙂

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